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Gateway Ultra Slim Notebook $139 Was $169

Dell Laptop For Sale

Why Buy:

  • Secure software

Offering everything you would expect and then some from an affordable laptop in this price range, the Gateway Ultra Slim Notebook keeps things simple while being an effective work machine. At its heart is an Intel Pentium Silver processor along with 4GB of memory. As is customary for cheap Windows laptops, storage is somewhat limited to a 128GB SSD, but thats better than the pared-down eMMC storage you usually find on Chromebooks. Theres still a bit of room here for saving files locally.

Alongside that hardware, you get a 15-inch 1080p display, which is better when it comes to screen size and resolution than the smaller 720p laptops that typically populate this price bracket. Theres also an HD webcam for taking video calls while out of the office or classroom. While none of these specs sound particularly exceptional, this laptop is designed to be practical above all.

It boots up quickly and has a battery that lasts all day so its always ready for action. A slim chassis is useful for carrying it around, but thats not at the expense of features. You still get USB-A and USB-C ports along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Other features include dual stereo speakers and a nice overall design. Throw in the built-in security that comes from having the latest Windows 11 operating system, and this laptop is an ideal starter system for kids or for yourself if you prefer to keep things simple.

The Best Laptop Deals For October 2022

Don’t wait until Amazon’s Prime Early Access sale. These laptop deals are live now.

We are about two weeks away from the Prime Early Access sale on Oct. 11-12, but you don’t have to wait for Amazon to lower its prices to get a fantastic deal on a laptop. PC makers like Dell, HP, Apple, and more have a number of machines to satisfy your computing needs, whether you need a traditional machine, a 2-in-1 touch-screen device, or a high-powered gaming laptop.

If its been a while since your last laptop upgrade, advances in screen resolution, memory capacity, processor power, and battery capability abound. If youre currently locked to the nearest outlet because your old battery no longer holds a charge, many models on the market today can last a full day or more on a single charge.

Best Laptop Deals: Get A Portable Workhorse From $99 Today

A new laptop isnt a small purchase for most of us, but you dont have to empty your savings account to get one provided, of course, that you know where to find the best laptop deals. Thats where we come in: Whether youre poking around the web in search of a no-frills Chrome OS laptop, a jack-of-all-trades Windows machine, or even a portable battle station for gaming, weve got what you need right here. This hand-picked roundup of the weeks best laptop deals has prices starting at around $100, so youre sure to find something to fit your budget.

Looking for more laptops that you can also use for playing video games? Weve rounded up some of the best gaming laptop deals as well.

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Laptop Deal Buying Tips

If youve shopped online before for laptop deals youre probably aware that theres a vast range of laptop configurations available.

A good place to start is with the processor. Buy laptops with Intel 10-series Core chips or higher, such as the Core i5-10510U, or the Core i7-11800H or go with an AMD Ryzen processor . Avoid laptops with Pentium or Celeron processors unless its a Chromebook . Youre going to need to pay attention with gaming laptops, too, as some GPUs, like the RTX 3050 Ti, dont offer much boost over their RTX 2xxx-series cousins, and Nvidia has dropped the Max-Q designation on certain low-power options. Our laptop CPU and GPU cheat sheet can help you shop smart.

Display resolution is a gotcha. If you see a laptop labeled as HD resolution that means 1366-by-768 and often isnt worth your time for a laptop under 13 inches unless the deal is absolutely standout. What you want is Full HD or FHD, which means 1080p.

Dont buy laptops with under 4GB of RAM or 128GB of SSD storagethough on a Chromebook, this configuration is acceptable. We have more explanation in our laptops versus Chromebooks buying guide, as well as in our primer on how to buy a budget laptop without getting screwed. Also watch out for eMMC storage, which is something we dont recommend for a Windows laptop but works fine for a Chromebook.

Dell G15 Intel I5 Rtx 3050 120hz Or G15 Ryzen 7 Rtx 3060 165hz

Toshiba Satellite L305D

For gaming on a budget, look no further than the Dell G15 gaming laptop. For less than $800, you get a 12th Generation Intel Core i5 12-core processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 GPU with a 120Hz 15.6-inch 1080p resolution display. It’s ideal for most high-resolution gaming at ultra settings.

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Computer Accessories Clearance Sale

Have no fear of the disappointment that comes from seeing your shiny new PC arrive, and realizing you dont have a mouse, monitor, or other necessary accessory to go with it. Lenovos accessory store is fully stocked and ready to meet your computer accessory needs. Get a new keyboard or mouse, headset, adapter cable, or anything else youll need to complete your PC purchase.

The Best Gaming Laptop Deals

If your old machine still has an old-school spinning HDD, youll love how snappy and safe an upgrade to a solid-state drive will be. If youre on a lot of video conference, pick a machine with a 1080p webcam so you look as good if not better than everyone else still stuck on a 720p lens. If all your old peripherals are still USB-A corded, note that most machines have moved up to mostly USB-C ports, so you might want to add a USB hub to your order if needed.

Finally, even though discounts on Apple laptops are usually neither common nor high-value, weve been seeing some sale prices on original M1 and M1 Pro laptop devices in the wake of the M2 release. With reports of a Mac-focused event in October, even more discounts may emerge soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Should I Buy Or Rent A Laptop In Ontario

Here at your Ontario Rent-A-Center, we work hard to ensure you get a hassle-free laptop shopping experience. Sure, we rent technology, but we’re not like any other electronics store. Maybe you’re thinking about upgrading your school laptop. If you don’t want to rent, purchase your new laptop at a competitive price, or opt for a rent-to-own agreement so you can own your laptop without shelling out huge amounts of cash upfront. We offer Same As Cash plans that give you the low price you’d get if you purchased outright, but space out your payments over a four to six-month period. During your rental period, your laptop is backed by our Worry-Free Guarantee so you don’t have to worry if issues arise with it⦠we’ll cover repairs and service.**

Laptops With Long Battery Life

How To Prepare A Windows 10 Computer For Sale With Full Erase

If 4K battery life is critical, a 12-inch MacBook sets the bar with eight hours of Retina display on a full charge. Whats more, the 8-cell Li-Polymer battery in the 14-inch Lenovo X1 Carbon gets 17 hours on a full charge at HD resolution.

Professional software for the creative professionsgraphic design, music & film production, architecture, engineering, 3D modelingdemands a laptop with discrete graphics hardware for optimal performance, and a multi-threaded CPU like an Intel Core i7 is purpose-built for creative suite applications that utilize multiple cores simultaneously.

Engineers and architects using a laptop for Autodesk, Solidworks, and other CAD programs want a CUDA core heavy NVIDIA Quadro graphics card. Certain models of the Dell Precision 15 and HP Laptop ZBook G3 come equipped with this GPU.

Graphic designers and video editors regularly buy a MacBook for work. Historically Apple OS runs pro design tools especially well. The MacBook Retina projects a top-notch contrast ratio which makes it ideal when color accuracy matters it has a brilliant 2800 x 1800 resolution and near-180 degree viewing angles. Both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have Retina displays. For compute-intensive tasks like running production software, MacBook Pro has a dual-core Intel Core i5 processor that reaches 2.9 GHz, and Intel Iris integrated graphics, ideal specs for Aperture and Final Cut.

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Keep Whats Private Pri

Apple silicon and macOS Ventura bring the most advanced security of any personal computer to Mac. Mac comes with built-in protections against malware and viruses, and it gives you the freedom to choose what you share and how you share it. Passkeys are a safer and easier way to sign in than passwords. FileVault encrypts all your data for added security. So no matter what youre doing, Mac helps your private information stay that way.

Clearance Sale: The Best Time To Get A Great Deal On Your Favorite Computers And Laptops

If you’re like most people, you love getting a good deal. And what could be better than getting a great deal on your favorite products? Clearance sales are the best time to stock up on all of the things you love. Retailers often offer deep discounts on items that are being discontinued or that didn’t sell well during the previous season. When stores put their products on clearance, you can find amazing deals on laptops, computers, parts, and more. So don’t miss out check out our list of computer accessories clearance sales and start saving today!

Why Do Companies Have a Clearance Sale

One of the main reasons companies have clearance sales is to get rid of old or unpopular inventory. When a product doesn’t sell well, it can be expensive for a retailer to continue stocking it. By putting these items on clearance, the store can reduce its inventory and hopefully profit from what’s left.

Companies may also have clearance sales to get rid of products that are being discontinued. If a product is being phased out, the store may want to sell as many units as possible before it’s gone for good. This can be an excellent opportunity to get a deal on a product you love.

Others may also want to make room for new inventory. Retailers often introduce new products in the spring and summer, so they need to clear out their old stock to make room.

Clearance Sale season

Clearance tablets

Computer desk clearance

Gaming laptop clearance

Clearance computer monitors

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Acer Aspire 3 12th Gen Intel I5 156 1080p Laptop

With a mid-grade processor thats suitable for most tasks and 8GB of system memory, the Acer Aspire 3 is a great laptop for web surfing, video streaming, and document editing. Its thin profile, 15-inch screen, and included Acer BlueLightShield make this the perfect travel companion. While not powerful enough for heavy gaming, the integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics are budget- friendly and suitable for casual gaming.

Get Almost 50% Off This Acer Chromebook

Dell Latitude E6410 Laptop FOR SALE

Best Buy

If you have basic computing needs, you dont a fancy, cutting-edge laptop. Instead, you can easily get by with an entry-level Chromebook. This Acer Chromebook 315 is just $129thats $120 off its regular price. It includes 4GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Using its 15.6-inch display, you can do all of the content streaming and cloud-based computing you need, for up to 12.5 hours per battery charge.

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Only Buy Used & Refurbished Laptops That Come With A Warranty

We don’t believe in buying a used laptop without a warranty. Stay away from retailers that sell used or refurbished laptops without providing an extended warranty and return policy! This is why Back Market is one of the best places to buy a refurbished laptop for sale. We’re serious about our warranties and we feature quality reviews for all our sellers when you click on a product, so you know exactly what youre buying! Were all about offering best deals, but not without trust and transparency leading the way.

Want to read more about refurbished laptops? Check out the following links!

  • Searching for the best laptop for college or online classes? Check out this buying guide to find the best used laptop for your studying needs!
  • Looking for a cheap laptop under $100 for a child in school? Learn all about the best refurbished Chromebooks that you can buy for around $100.
  • These days, theres an endless array of refurbished laptops floating around on the web, and it can be hard to know which one provides the best value if you don’t understand how to read laptop specifications. Dont worry, we are here to help! Learn more about laptop specs and what you need to look for here: What laptop specs do I need?

Dell Inspiron 16 Touch $600 Was $800

Why Buy:

  • Great build quality
  • 16-inch 1200p touch display

The new Inspiron 16 is easily one of the best laptops Dell makes, and this version offers a 16:10 1200p screen to make it even more appealing. It has an AMD Ryzen 5 5625U processor along with 8GB of memory and 512GB of solid-state storage. Thats all you need for being able to work without having to rely too heavily on cloud storage or without suffering from poor multitasking performance. Best of all, though, is its sleek and versatile design and nice big 16-inch touch display. It features suitably slim bezels that make the whole package more slender and lightweight, so you can see the screen without being distracted by a thick frame.

Impressively, this laptop crams all that hardware into a slim and travel-friendly form factor. That means you get all the benefits of a 16-inch screen while enjoying a laptop thats still light enough to carry around. The display doesnt miss out on quality because of this, either, with a color-accurate picture that always looks great, along with wide viewing angles so youll never miss a thing.

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Asus Vivobook Pro 14 K3400


Was: $749

Now: $599

If youre into creative work, the Asus Vivobook Pro 14 is a fantastic option. This laptop has a 14-inch 2880-by-1800 OLED display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. OLED screens are great, so you can expect a sharper, more vibrant image. The Vivobook is also packing a Core i5-1330H, a Tiger Lake CPU with four cores, eight threads, and a boost to 4.4GHz. Theres even 8GB of RAM, which is a good amount for some video editing. Onboard storage is a 256GB NVMe SSD, and youre getting Thunderbolt 4, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5.0.

This is a nice laptop with a very good display, but for storage youll likely have to rely mostly on the cloud. Speaking of which, you also get a free three month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud as part of the package.

Was: $389.99

Now: $332.99

We already have a similar model from the same series available in this roundup, but this one is a little cheaper and swaps a Ryzen 3 APU for an Intel Core i3 processor. This version of the Acer Aspire A5 still has a 15.6-inch 1080p display, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of onboard NVMe storage. Its also rocking Windows 11 Home in S Mode. You can do a one-way switch to regular Windows 11 Home if you prefer, but you may not want to given the CPU.

Was: $549

Now: $479

Was: $399.99

Now: $357

Now: $349.99


Now: $801.45

Now: $1,499.99


This is a hot ticket item, so we dont expect it to last very long.

Now: $1,249.99


Can A Laptop Rental In Ontario Help Me

Dell Computer For Sale

When you have a new laptop for school or work, the possibilities are endless! In any library or public working space, you’re bound to see laptops all over the place. Why? Because laptops are are super portable and always versatile. They work well for job searching, research initiatives, writing and journaling, graphic design, paying bills, applying for college, and even retail therapy. If you want to bring more efficiency to your job, a speedy laptop can help you finish presentations in no time. If you’re looking for an advantage online, check out one of our gaming laptops to ensure your experience is the best it can be. As a matter of fact, if you chat with other gamers, you might discover that your competition is already using a gaming laptop that will leave you in the dust!

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How Much Should I Spend On A Laptop

The answer to this really comes down to what you need the laptop to do.

If you just need a very basic device to check your emails, do a bit of light admin and generally browse the internet, then you should be find to spend anywhere less than $300 on a laptop. Devices in this price range usually come with lower-end components, but they will handle these light tasks without issue and have a good amount of in-built storage for all your key files and applications.

If it’s a device for a youngster for their school work, you can go even cheaper at $200 or less. Look out for a Chromebook in particular. These run the Chrome OS which is less demanding that Windows, plus, they often boast the best battery life so are good if you need a device that lasts all day without the need for charging.

For those after a general all-purpose device with a bit more power behind it, you’re looking at spending around $400 – $600. Laptops in this range come with more powerful processors and more RAM to give you a considerable performance boost over cheaper models that run faster and load programs quicker. Look for at least an Intel i5 / AMD Ryzen 5 and 8GB of RAM, here. If you’re at the upper end of that bracket, it’s worth paying extra to get 16GB RAM if you can to dramatically improve the device’s multitasking capabilities and overall performance.

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