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Laptop Liquid Cooling Pad

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Best For Gamers: Topmate C11 Laptop Cooling Pad

My Favorite Gaming Laptop Added Water Cooling!


  • Hight adjustable and includes phone stand

  • Some reviewers report durability issues

TopMates C11 Cooling Pad was seemingly built for gamers. The pad features a combination of four small fans and two large fans. C11s six fans are capable of peak speeds hitting between 1,250 to 2,400 RPM. The biggest fans can hit 1,250 RPM, while the small fans can hit 2,400 RPM, which is impressive.

Despite the number of fans, TopMates C11 still generates relatively low operating noise. While these speeds are not the highest on the market, the cooling pad sufficiently cools most laptops.

Gamers are often keen on appearances. For a stylish touch, TopMate ran RGB light bars alongside both sides of the cooling pad. The pad has seven unique lighting effects such as color breathing, monochrome, and other features. C11s can be adjusted as well across five levels.

In addition, TopMate incorporated a built-in phone stand so you can keep your device near you at all times, especially in the middle of a game. The phone stand particularly comes in handy if you need to charge your phone, since the C11 has two USB ports for pass-through charging and supplementary accessories.

Number of Fans: 6 | Number of USB Ports: 2 | Compatibility: Laptops up to 17.3 inches | Fan Speed: Max 1250-2400RPM | Adjustable: Yes

How Laptop Cooling Pads Help With Cooling

Any additional cooling the best laptop cooling pad can deliver will help in the battle against throttling. It could also potentially prolong the longevity of your laptop. That CPU and GPU will last longer if they arent being constantly run at overly hot temperatures.

So spending a little money on some extra cooling might save you a lot of heartache by avoiding the danger of your notebook giving up the ghost early. The best laptop cooling pad can also provide a convenient place to situate your laptop on those occasions when youre actually using it in your lap, preventing a warmer notebook from being unpleasantly hot against your legs.

Note that the mileage you get from any cooling pad may vary in terms of the cooling vents present on the bottom of your notebook, and their respective position compared to the location of the fans in the pad. As common sense would dictate, a decent amount of vents on the underside of your laptop is a good thing here and in general and preferably these will be lined up with the pads fans.

Although some laptop cooling pads run with one big fan or multiple smaller ones thatll hit pretty much everything, and there are even modular pads where the fans can be repositioned.

Even unfortunate notebooks with no vents on the bottom can benefit somewhat from having the underside of the chassis cooled as a little bit of help in terms of temperature management.

Vacuum Coolers Suck The Heat Away From Your Laptop

Vacuum coolers work by sucking excessive heat away from the internal parts of your laptop computer. Their peculiar design lets you attach them to the side of your laptop, next to the air outlet. Thanks to the power of the fans, most models can dissipate heat faster than your laptop’s internal cooling system. Some models have temperature sensors, so they can adjust the fan speed automatically. Many vacuum coolers are USB-powered, have a compact, portable design, and some also feature attractive LED lights.

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Cooling Pad Or Stand Whats The Difference

Many people think a cooling pad is synonymous to a cooling stand, but in reality there is a big difference between both. A laptop stand is something that you put on top of your desk, whereas you can put a pad on your lap while using your laptop. You can also find cooling stands online that can double up into cooling pads when the need arises.

Best Laptop Cooling Pad In 2022

Compare price to liquid cooling pad

Keep those laptop temperatures in check with the best cooling pads

For all their portability benefits, laptops have some pretty glaring limitations, not least when it comes to internal cooling. If you own a laptop, chances are it has felt hot to the touch under heavy loads, whether thats running graphically intensive tasks like gaming and photo/video editing, streaming video in 4K, or having one too many browser tabs open at one time.

Their design means they dont dissipate heat as efficiently as traditional tower PCs, especially with the trend of housing ever more powerful components in ever-smaller chassis. While these temperatures generally fall within an acceptable range set by manufacturers, as an owner, its difficult to shake off the idea that they may cause permanent damage, or less alarming, throttle performance, or lead to unwanted shutdowns and lost work.

Fortunately, third-party accessories are here to help mitigate all this, particularly the laptop cooling pad. Extra fans pumping fresh air to your device and heat-dissipating materials can do wonders to keep those laptop innards running cool. To that end, youll find a rundown of the very best of them in todays product guide.

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Best Laptop Cooling Pad

Fans: 1 x 200mm | Size: 18.54 x 13.96 x 1.83″

Your laptop likely has some little fans inside spinning as fast as they can to keep your system cool. And thats assuming its not passively cooled, in which case there would be no fans at all. Theres not much you can do to increase that cooling potential for your laptop on its own, but the Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB offers a way to push a bunch of that hot air away from your laptop. This ensures the device continue to chug along by staying cooler.

The Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB delivers its cooling with a mesh top and a single 200mm fan. That may not sound like much compared to coolers that pack in a ton of small fans, but a big fan has the advantage of moving plenty of air while spinning slower to keep extra silent. Thermaltake also lets you adjust the speed of the fan in case you want to keep it as quiet as possible or go for max cooling. As the name suggests, this cooling pad also comes with a stylish taste of RGB lighting all around the edge of the pad. And if you’re wondering about its ergonomics, you can adjust the height to three different levels for the ultimate viewing angle.

Laptop Coolers For Your Desk And Lap

A laptop’s portability is one of its greatest assets, but with the compact form factor comes some trade-offs. The cooling in laptops is generally not as robust as desktop PCs, where you can tinker around adding in CPU coolers. Laptops often only have tiny internal fans or rely on being passively cooled. Thus heat dissipation can become a problem in these compact machines, causing a noticeable decline in performance. A laptop cooling pad is a helpful way to handle a device that’s getting uncomfortably warm, and even your beefy gaming laptop can benefit.

In general, laptop cooling pads help ensure your device gets better airflow. Throwing your laptop onto a pillow or blanket can smother its air intakes and cause it to overheat quickly, but a laptop cooling pad prevents this. Most even include fans to blow additional air through your laptop, which can aid in cooling the internals and chassis. That extra cooling can help keep your device more comfortable to the touch. And, some pads can be especially handy for keeping your legs comfortable, as they offer cushioning and act as a buffer between your warm laptop and your skin.

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Best Overall: Thermaltake Massive Tm Laptop Cooling Pad

  • Temperature sensor to control fans

Thermaltakes Massive TM cooling pad gets the job done when it comes to lowering your laptops temperature. The pad is equipped with two large fans to provide a substantial airflow to engulf the laptops base.

Specifically, fan speed reaches a maximum of 1300 RPM. Thermaltakes inclusion of a temperature sensor helps you identify how hot your laptop is running. When your laptop starts warming up and becomes hot, Massive TMs temperature sensor will trigger and control the two fans.

If you have spent a considerable amount of time on your laptop, causing it to work over time, the turbo mode is available to support your computer during heavy-duty work. Even with the effectiveness of the fans, customers have complained of the fans being too loud. As such, the Massive TM cooling pad may not be suitable for quiet environments.

Depending on where you are using your laptop, you may need to adjust the cooling pad for comfortability. Fortunately, Thermaltake incorporated feet on the back of the cooling pad to raise your laptop to a more ergonomic level. Also included are two USB Type-A ports. One port will need to be occupied to power the cooling pad. However, you can use the additional USB port for whatever else you need to connect to your workstation.

Number of Fans: 2 | Number of USB Ports: 2 | Compatibility: Laptops up to 17 inches | Fan Speed: Max 1300 RPM | Adjustable: Yes

Active Cooling Pads Use Usb

Best Laptop Cooling System Cooling Pad VS Vacuum Cooler

Active laptop cooling mats look similar to the passive ones, but they have one or more built-in fans. Some models work by directing hot air away from the device, while others blow cool air toward the computer case. Most cooling pads draw power from one of the laptop’s USB ports. However, some models come with a power adapter or a built-in USB hub to avoid using up one of the ports. The most advanced cooling pads regulate the fan speed automatically, targeting the hottest areas of your laptop. However, there are also models that let you adjust the fan speed manually. The notebook cooling pads targeted for gamers feature beautiful LED lights.

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Buy Cooling Pads/cooling Stands Online At Flipkartcom

Today, as we are gradually embracing a mobile lifestyle, switching to laptops and notebooks from desktops is becoming the norm. Although laptops are enabling, they are also prone to many cons. Intensive gaming or extensive use of your laptop for a long duration can cause it to overheat, which leads to decreased performance and potential damage. This is when cooling pads and stands come in handy. They reduce the risk of overheating by artificially increasing the airflow to your laptop internal components.

Best For Super Quiet Fans: Kootek Liquid Cooled Laptop Pad

Not everyone likes to purchase a pad for their regular usage, but the Kootek Liquid Cooled Laptop Pad would be an anomoly. The kootek liquid cooledlaptop pad is very durable, works fine, it is stylish and has a good design. Built-in usb cable, you can connect it to the power supply to make the cooling fan run, and is equipped with 2 usb ports that can be connected to other usb devices. Further, it is very quiet, does its job and it is best for great results.

The pad is very sturdy, can vouch for sturdy construction, it is enjoyable and has a stable design. Lastly, the kootek liquid cooled laptoppad can make the cooling pad more stable on the desktop.

Almost all buyers agree that the pad is all plastic, so it is light weight but it is sturdy. In addition, a few also found that the pad is a nice unit that cools the laptop pretty well. And, they also found that the pad design is quite good and keeps the laptop cool. In conclusion, the tone of buyers is very positive and we believe that the pad suits the purpose.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • This can cause computer bootup problems.
  • This works as expected and it is great with a nice blue color.
  • This will continue to work well.
  • The mail delivery system s fault, not the manufacturer s.

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Best Design: Iets Gt300 Double Blower Laptop Cooling Pad


  • Efficiency contingent upon vent location

  • Awkward in size

The seven colors of light and four light modes of IETS GT300 laptop cooling pad were not the primary reason the pad made the list. The GT300 is one of our favorites on this list, but it is not our top pick for a sole reason. The cooling pad is not suited for all laptops, such as MacBooks.

IETS designed the pads two blowers to blow air up from the bottom. If your laptops cooling vents are not located on the bottom of the computer, even blowers with a maximum RPM of 4500 will not be very helpful. Moreover, GT300 is unable to support laptops larger than 17.3 inches. For compatible laptops, the combination of the blowers and rubber seal ring provides enhanced cooling.

Unlike most other cooling pads, the GT300 has a depression in the middle of the pad where the air can flow freely. To keep cool air flowing and avoid dust collection, the cooling pad is issued with washable dust filters. The involvement of these filters is critical as dust can create a lack of airflow. IETSs insertion of these filters was genius but does not come without hassle, being that the cooling pad is bulky and not easily transportable.

Although the GT300 is not the most transportable pad, you can alter the height setting wherever you set up shop. The cooling pad boasts seven grades. The pads front clips, which are adjustable, keep the laptop from sliding.

What To Consider Before Buying Cooling Stands And Pads

New M2 Universal Laptop Double Fans Computer Cooling Pads Cooler Base ...

There are various factors you should consider before buying pads or stands for your laptops including size, portability, material, functionality and price. For a cooling pad to be portable it should be made of sturdy and lightweight materials. You should also consider the size it should fit inside your bag easily. Many of these devices can be connected to your laptop via USB, so you dont need to free up space in your surge protector to plug them separately.

When you buy a laptop stand, look for the ones that allow for height adjustment and can be tilted to bring your laptop screen closer. Many of these stands are equipped with air vents that keep the air flowing below the laptop to keep it cool. You should also go for the stands that include cable organizers to keep the wires neatly tucked away. Foldable stands are great if you have space constraints. These can be easily folded and tucked into a corner when not in use.

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Best For Longevity: Iets Liquid Cooled Laptop Pad

The Iet line of pads comes in a pretty wide variety of styles, so you can definitely find one that suits your individual preferences and needs. The Iets Liquid Cooled Laptop Pad is great for huge fan, It is very effective and has a sleek design. Degree undifferentiated cooling, no matter where the cooling hole of your laptop is, the same cooling effect can be obtained. And, this is a well-deserved performance monster.

Most importantly, the iets liquid cooled laptop pad is great for noise level, It is used for power input and has a good design.

Most buyers opine that the pad is a bit loud but not crazy jet engine loud like some of the other reviewers have stated. Moreover, a few also found that the pad is a good idea for longevity. Moreover, they also found that the traditional cooling speed of the cooler does not exceed 1200 revolutions per minute.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • The low hum of this cooler gt500 is more pleasant to listen to too.
  • This is expected to be available for sale around 9-20.
  • This cooler actually works, at the expense of some noise.
  • This does not need to be replaced if there is no damage.

Best For Portability: Havit Hv


  • Can fit a 17-inch laptop

  • Only two height positions

  • Short power cord

Your laptop alone is probably enough of a hassle when you are on the go, so you do not need a bulky cooling pad to lug around too. If you are looking for a lightweight laptop cooling pad that you can easily carry, look no further than HAVITs slim, portable, lightweight HV-F2056.

Though the cooling pad is large enough to accommodate a 17-inch laptop, it weighs a mere 1.5 pounds. Within HV-F2056’s sleek design, HAVIT inserted three 110mm fans that can produce up to 1300 RPM. You will not even notice the 65 CFM of airflow stemming from the fans.

The cooling pads USB ports serve as a makeshift USB hub. For example, the HV-F2056’s two USB ports are located on the back of the pad next to the power switch. The switch on the back of the HV-F2056 controls both the lights and the fan, so if either the lights or the fan is on, they are both on at the same time. In situations where the lights may be distracting, the hub set-up is not ideal.

HAVITs addition of just two adjustable height degrees is another flaw in determining comfortability ranges across laptop and cooling pad users. It would have been more fitting to offer more settings, especially since the HV-F2056 can support bigger laptops.

Number of Fans: 3 | Number of USB Ports: 2 | Compatibility: Laptops up to 17 inches | Fan Speed: Max 1300 RPM | Adjustable: Yes

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