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Laptop To Desktop Conversion

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Mac To Mac With A Thunderbolt 3 Or 4 Cable

Convert a broken Laptop into a Desktop
  • 1Check for a Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4 port on your Mac. Most modern Macs from 2016 and later have this type of port. Look for an oval port with a lightning bolt near it on the laptop and the back of the Mac desktop.
  • Transferring files over Thunderbolt is a lot faster than transferring files over Wi-Fi.XResearch source
  • You can also visit to find out which Mac models have Thunderbolt 3 and 4 ports.
  • 2Connect the two Macs with a Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4 cable. You’ll want to make sure the cable you use is specifically labeled as “Thunderbolt 3” or “Thunderbolt 4,” as there are other cable types with the same style of connector.
  • If one of your Macs has Thunderbolt 2 instead of Thunderbolt 3 or 4, you can use a Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter.
  • 3Open System Preferences on one of the two Macs. You’ll want to complete these remaining steps on both the laptop and the desktop Mac. System Preferences is located in the Apple menu at the top-left corner of the screen.XResearch source
  • 4Click the Network icon. It’s the globe icon.
  • 5Select Thunderbolt Bridge. You’ll see this option in the left panel. Once choosing this option on both Macs, the status on the left under “Thunderbolt Bridge” will change to “Self-assigned IP.” Once you see this, you can start transferring files from one Mac to the other.
  • 6Connect to the other Mac in Finder
  • S To Convert Your Laptop To A Desktop

  • Connect the HDMI port of your Laptop to the HDMI port of the monitor using the HDMI cable.
  • Once the monitor, keyboard, and mouse are connected to the laptop right click on the mouse , go to screen resolution à multiple display à show display only on 2.
  • Put your laptop to sleep.
  • Press the spacebar on your external keyboard or click a couple of times with the external mouse.
  • Congratulations, your laptop has been successfully converted to a desktop.
  • For sound, you can connect the speakers to the monitor.
  • Also, you can use your laptop as a split display or a separate display concerning the desktop by setting it to portrait mode.
  • These steps were super easy and affordable for anyone to Convert Your Laptop to A Desktop with very little effort. But one can also go further and put some extra effort to completely change the laptop to a desktop by disassembling the internal parts of the laptop and again assembling them to produce a new CPU with the same configuration.

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    Laptop Stand: For Better Space Management & Potential Second Screen

    Another important step you need to take to turn your laptop into a desktop PC-like setup is to use a laptop stand. It will not only help you with space management on your work desk but also with a laptops thermals.

    There are two types of laptop stands: the ones that hold the laptop in a closed mode and the ones that hold the laptop in an open mode. If you are tight on space, go with the one that holds the laptop in closed mode. If you have an extremely small desk, you can keep the laptop stand behind the monitor as it will save you some space, but that will also make it harder for you to access the laptop while placing it on the stand or removing it.

    The laptop stand that holds the laptop with its lid open gives you the option to use your laptops built-in screen as a second monitor . Using two screens at the same time massively improves your productivity and work speed as you can keep two full-screen app windows open at the same time and juggle between the two.

    Whichever stand you choose, make sure that it is sturdy. Avoid the ones made out of plastic, and if you are going with a plastic stand, read its reviews and make sure that it is strong and sturdy enough to hold a laptop. I have personally used laptop stands made out of aluminium and wood, and both are working extremely well for me.

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    Chair & Desk: How To Have Correct Body Posture

    If you dont already have a desk and a chair, we advise you to get them as soon as possible. Choose a wooden or metal table that is at least four feet wide. That gives you enough space to place a monitor, a laptop, a mouse, and a laptop stand. You get enough space to move your mouse freely. Get a chair that is ergonomically designed and has armrests.

    If you want to avoid body pains from working for longer hours, make sure that you have the correct posture. Your back needs to be straight. You top part of your monitor needs to be in line with your eyes while your neck and head are looking straightforward. Your arms need to rest in line with the tabletop . Dont forget to get up and talk a short walk around the house and stretch your body at least once every couple of hours.

    Display: Switch To A Monitor

    Laptop to Desktop Conversion: Less Portable, but Less Trash Too

    If you have a computer monitor at your home, use it. If not, buy an affordable one. Trust me, it can do wonders to improve your productivity and posture. Make sure that the monitor is at least 24 inches diagonally and has a resolution of Full HD. It also needs to have at least 250 nits of brightness so that you can see the content on the screen even if it faces direct sunlight or any other source of bright light in the room. Prefer a monitor with at least one HDMI port, although two would be nice to have. You can view all the best affordable monitors you can buy in India in our dedicated article.

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    Why Aren’t You Using Your Smartphone As A Pc

    You have seven ways to turn your phone into a PC. So why do so few people use their devices in this way. Is it the complexities of wireless HDMI? Or the lack of a physical keyboard?

    Whatever the case, there’s a good chance you have a suitable phone that can be used like a laptop. Meanwhile, corporations with shrinking IT budgets are very interested in the handheld desktop form factor. If you’re not using a desktop-capable smartphone device now, you soon could be.

    While smartphones make versatile productivity devices in desktop mode, they don’t fulfill every purpose. Need something more powerful and just as portable? Consider a lightweight laptop instead.

    How To Convert Your Laptop/desktop Into A Server And Host Internet Accessible Website On It: Part 1

    You must have heard of AWS, Google App Engine, and Heroku. They provide web application hosting services. There are a number of such companies. In the nutshell, they abstract the intricacies of networking and make web application infrastructure highly scalable and available. When we put a web application in production then we must go with one of these service providers. But they are not cheap and can cost fortunes if not used with caution.

    When you start with an idea and start to build a prototype to test it then deploying on these service providers cloud platforms may be out of your budget. Or even if you can, then also a lot of limitations come into picture when using the free resources provided with a cap by them. For example, if we run a machine learning model on a server then it will require a large amount of RAM and CPU processing and these come at a huge cost.

    In this article, I will share the knowledge and hacks I did to convert my laptop into a server. Going forward, I must present my intentions for writing this Article. We as a developer work on a lot of applications may be web or mobile but we dont look at the underlying processes that making it happen. I want to bring forward that picture to broaden our outlook and at the same time appreciate the beauty underneath.

    Lets take a live demo of the end product that we will have after this learning process. For the sake of this article, I did the below-mentioned things.

  • I bought a domain from GoDaddy.
  • What is DHCP?

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    Use Your Smartphone As A Linux Pc With Ubuntu Touch

    Ubuntu Touch is a Linux-based operating system for smartphones. Managed by the UBports team, Ubuntu Touch runs on the various devices.

    Officially, Ubuntu Touch runs on:

    • Volla Phone
    • OnePlus One
    • PinePhone

    However, many other phones can run Ubuntu Touch. A key feature of Ubuntu Touch is the Convergence system. Like Samsung DeX, this is a desktop environment, activated when the phone is connected to an external display.

    When the phone is connected over wireless HDMI to a TV, the UI is a full Ubuntu desktop. The operating system comes pre-installed with various tools, including LibreOffice. Having a mobile phone that can be used as a computer desktop at a moment’s notice is excellent for productivity!

    Cables Peripherals And Setup

    Laptop to Desktop Conversion Project First Look

    Now comes the easy part. With the laptop off, connect your display cable from your laptop to your monitor of choice, be it via HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, or VGA. Then, from the USB ports on your laptop, connect a desktop keyboard and external mouse. If you dont have enough USB ports, then youll need to use an inexpensive USB hub or a keyboard with USB passthrough.

    Were pretty much ready to get going. If you plan on using your laptop as a second display, then place it on the right or left of the external displaywherever is most comfortable for you.

    For the best experience, make sure that the laptop display is at eye height. This is easy to do with a stack of books or a box. A fancier-angled laptop holder will also work, but it isnt really necessary, since we dont plan on using the keyboard.

    Now were ready to fire it up. Turn on your PC, make sure that the display is powered on, and wait to see what happens. Most PCs should just automatically start using the external monitor after you sign in to Windows.

    If you dont see anything on the monitor after you log in, wait a few more minutes to be sure. Then check that the cables are inserted securely. If that doesnt work, try to find out whether the PC is detecting the external monitor by heading to Settings > System > Display in Windows 10. Under Multiple Displays, click the Detect button.

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    How To Connect A Desktop To A Laptop

    This article was written by Jack Lloyd and by wikiHow staff writer, Nicole Levine, MFA. Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher.There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 1,293,002 times.

    If you need to access files that are stored on your desktop computer from your laptop , you can set up file sharing between the two computers to make file transfers simple. We’ll show you how to connect any Windows or macOS laptop to a Windows or macOS desktop computereven across platforms!

    Putting It Back Together

    Next you will need to find all those screws you have been saving and reassemble the LCD screen. I also added some surgical tubing to the top springs for added strength.By the way a store bought swing arm half the size of this one, I found, cost around $400.00. If you choose to use a swing arm like this one, go with the one that has a magnifier on it and dremel off the magnifier leaving enough metal to attach to your LCD lid. You need one of this caliber to hold the LCD screen. Swing arms with the light attached are not strong enough.

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    Or Try A Dock For Your Laptop

    These are the basics of creating a desktop-like environment for your laptop. DIY solutions are by far the cheapest to create, although they tend to involve a fair amount of wires that need to be well organized.

    Another option is to look at laptop docking stations that are purpose-built to turn your laptop into a desktop. Docks can make it easier to organize, as you just connect the laptop to the station while everything else remains attached to the dock. Laptop docks are usually generic, universal devices, but some laptops may have purpose-built docks, such as Lenovos ThinkPad line.

    In our opinion, however, a generic DIY solution without a pricey dock is the better option to go with.

    Pc To Thin Client Conversion Best Practices

    Desktop &  Laptop Repair

    The simplest way to make a PC into a thin client is to install your VDI client and put a shortcut on the desktop. This will give users access to their VDI desktop without removing their pre-VDI access. It’s a quick, easy and cheap conversion, but a dirty solution that leaves behind the old PC. Nothing stops employees from using their old PCs exactly the way they always have, which means you need to maintain the old desktop PC as well as the new VDI desktop. Unless you remove the ability to get work done using the PC, you still need to support that PC.

    To take away the user’s access to the PC, you’ll have to make the VDI client the only thing on the PC. There are a few applications around that will replace the usual Windows Explorer shell with something that provides the VDI client. These often still require that the user log on to the PC, but that logon also launches the VDI client. Shell replacement makes the local applications unavailable to the user only the VDI desktop is visible. This is the least you can do to ensure that everyone uses their VDI desktop.

    To get some of the support benefits of thin clients, you need to strip down the software inside the device on the user’s desk. You can do this with thin client conversion tools which use a thin client operating system in place of Windows on existing PCs. Naturally, this works best if the thin client vendor you have selected for when you replace the PCs also provides a PC conversion tool.

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    Samsung Devices Boast The Dex Desktop Mode

    Perhaps the best of all options to turn an Android phone into computer in 2022 and beyond is exclusive to Samsung owners. With a Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Note 8 or later, you have the DeX feature. Activated from the notification tray, DeX is essentially a desktop environment for Android.

    Simply connect your phone to a nearby wireless HDMI-ready display, connect the input devices, and you’re ready to work. DeX gives you access to all the usual Android productivity apps, in windowed mode. Our guide on using a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet as a PC explains this in more depth.

    Samsung DeX is the best way to turn your phone into a computer. If you own a suitable device, now is the time to check it out.

    How To Turn Your Phone Into A Pc: 6 Methods You Can Try

    Need to do work but your laptop is nowhere nearby? Learn how to turn your phone into a laptop so you can work on the go.

    You left your laptop at work, and you have an urgent report that needs completing and emailing to your boss. It’s the first night of your holidays.

    What should you do?

    Well, if your documents are stored in the cloud, you could finish off the report using your smartphone. But forget about tapping away at that little screen—you can connect a keyboard and mouse. Connect it into the hotel room TV, finish off the report, email it, and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

    It’s as easy as that—with the right device. Here’s how to turn your phone into a laptop.

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    How To Convert Your Laptop Into Desktop Pc Like Setup For Work

    If you have been working from home via your laptop since the pandemic, and are finding it difficult to get the work done as efficiently as you did from the office, you may need to make some changes to your current work setup. Using your laptop on the bed or your dining table isnt going to cut it anymore, especially with the possible lockdown extension. With a little investment and a few adjustments, you can transform your laptop into a desktop-like setup. This will not only improve your productivity but also help with your ergonomics and posture.

    We have collated some useful tips that would help you in turning your laptop into a desktop setup. These tips are also useful in cases where you can use an old laptop laying around in your home and turn it into a basic desktop for kids or for casual tasks like web browsing, media playback, or file management.

    Why Use Your Phone As A Computer

    Transform a Damaged Laptop into an ALL-IN-ONE desktop PC

    Having a portable computer in your pocket at all times—for any eventuality—makes sense. Unfortunately, pockets aren’t big enough for even the most compact ultrabooks. Smartphones, on the other hand, slip into a pocket with ease.

    This means that you can use a smartphone as a desktop a substitute PC for use in an emergency. The limits of the small screen are no longer a problem, thanks to wireless HDMI solutions like Chromecast.

    The real magic of this context-aware dynamic, however, is in the presentation of a desktop UI . Once displayed on a compatible TV, you won’t be looking at the phone’s current UI. Instead, a traditional, familiar desktop is presented.

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