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Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

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Laptop Messenger Bag by Hammonds Flycatcher | Genuine Leather Laptop Messenger Bag | Estella Films

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    5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars “Fast shipping and the bag is beautiful! Definitely recommend!”

  • 5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars “Great leather bag! Shipped extremely well!”
  • 4 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 stars “Nice leather messenger bag with personalised initials.”
  • 5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars “Communication with Bogdan is fast and easy ! The bag I bought for my husband is amazing. I would like to give you 10 stars, but there are only 5 to choose. Wonderful work and the material is amazing. Thank you so much.”
  • 5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars “I can’t believe how fast it got here! The leather smells and feels beautiful! Thank you..”

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What Are The Advantages Of Using Real Leather

Why use real leather? It is because real leather is strong and durable. It does not crack easily nor does it peel due to exposure to the elements. Real leather is also beautiful, especially when you have full-grain leather. They are dependable even through the test of time and abuse. Real leather is a great investment, both in the short and long term.

Best Leather Laptop Bags For Men In 2022

As we know that laptops have the advantage that you can sit and start to work anywhere either in the park, in your home or in any outdoor place. So, to keep your laptop safe and clean or make it easy to travel with your laptop you need a good laptop bag. We have given the best 8 leather laptop bags that might be best for you.

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Sony Playstation 1 Messenger Bag

A must have for 90s kids and retro gamers, the Sony PlayStation 1 Messenger Bag is a blast from the past like few others around. It doesnt boast the sophistication of other picks, but for the nostalgia factor, theres nothing better around.

It protects your notebooks, tablet, and other items with both the flap and the zipper, and there are additional pockets for extras. Its also waterproof and keeps your devices safe from heat in scorching temperatures. You likely cant take it to the boardroom, but as a reliable airplane carry-on or for running errands around town, it encapsulates your youth like nothing else.

Filson Medium Field Bag

Mens Leather Laptop Messenger Bags Uk

Youre packing more than a legal pad and a few pens you have the laptop, tablet, smartphone, and everything else in between. You dont need any messenger bag you need a field bag, something thats going to come with the storage space you need while maintaining the posh gentleman look youve been working on. The Filson bag comes with a water-resistant flap along the top to keep your electronics safe and secure while meeting carry-on requirements for the airport. Bridle leather straps, 100% cotton oil finishcome on, you know youre going to define this look.

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Buffalo Leather Messenger Leather Laptop Bag

If you are looking for a bag that has a large number of pockets and you want to carry files, laptop, its charger, tablet, notepads, earphones, and some other stuff then this might be the best option as it is less expensive and more practical.

This bag is made of buffalo skin which gives it a good look and comes with a flap that closes with the help of magnets attached to it. There is one zipper pocket at the back, one in the front behind the flap and two on the inside. Moreover, there are some open pockets as well where you can keep your card earphones and stuff like that.

Overall there is no downside of this bag as it is less expensive, more spacious, and good practically, furthermore, if you are interested in buying one visit the amazon website for more details by clicking here.

Types Of Leather Used In Leather Laptop Bags

Another important thing to know when you want to purchase a leather laptop bag is the material. Of course, if you are looking for leather laptop bags, then you may want to know a thing or two about leather. Like where does leather come from? Are there different kinds of leather? And most importantly, what leather to buy and what not to buy.

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Frye Mens Logan Top Handle Leather Laptop Bag

For the people who are into vintage style looking laptop bags then this bag might appeal to them as it has buckles to close its flap. In terms of space, it provides its users with enough space for keeping their laptop and some other essential items like power bank, cell phone charger, files and medium size notebook along with stationary items.

To carry the bag a handle made of leather is given at the top of the flap and also an adjustable and detachable strap is provided for this purpose. In terms of practically one can use it for their college and office use. Further if you are interested in buying one feel free to log on to the Amazon website by clicking here.

Cenzo Slim Leather Laptop Bag

Goat Leather Laptop Messenger Bag Review

Another laptop leather bag that might steal your attention is the cenzo leather bag that is slim but can accommodate an average size laptop. This bag has one main zipper pocket and inside the zipper pocket there are two small size open pockets which you can use to put your notepad, earphones, or pen and pencils.

The slim design and beautifully stitched leather give it a more premium look and it also comes with a de-attachable body strap. Overall, the bag is good, but it would be better if it had some more pockets inside for storage. To read more detail about this bag and if you are interested in buying it then visit here.

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The Measurement Conundrum With Leather Laptop Bags

When checking on the features of a leather laptop bag online, you often get to see different sizes mentioned for laptops that can fit into the leather bag. Always keep in mind that a laptop is measured diagonally to calculate its size that can fit into a leather bag`s laptop sleeve. Measure your`s before making that final decision on buying your category of leather laptop bag.

Why Choose A Laptop Bag

If you choose to buy a leather laptop bag you will not be disappointed because there are so many advantages. Here are five of the major benefits of owning a leather laptop bag:

  • Leather laptop bags are always stylish. No matter where you are, your beautiful bag will catch everyones eye.
  • Leather is extremely strong and durable. Your laptop will be well protected against damage, dirt or water. Your laptop bag will look beautiful for several years and you wont have to worry about it getting worn out or getting holes in the material.
  • Leather is durable but it is also soft and flexible which means your bag will be lovely to carry and to touch. It will also be easy to store in a small space when you are not using it.
  • There is nothing comparable to the smell of real leather.
  • Leather laptop bags come with special compartments that hold your laptop safely and securely. Most leather laptop bags come with extra padding. The padding inside this compartment will help to protect your laptop from damage. Because leather is water-resistant you will not have to worry as much about your bag getting wet and ruining your laptop.
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    Laptop Fit And Compartments

    When you are looking for the perfect laptop bag, you buy it because you want your laptop to be secure and protected from the inside. However, if your laptop is too big for the bag then it wont fit. Moreover, if your laptop is too small, it might move around inside and damage itself. You will want a bag with a compartment that your laptop can fit securely. You should therefore know beforehand how big your laptop is.

    Most laptop size will either be 13, 15, or 17 inches. You can measure your laptop with a tape measure. Measure it diagonally to get the full width. If your laptop is smaller than 13 inches you may want to purchase a laptop sleeve or case. A laptop sleeve will protect your laptop if it ever moves around on the inside. A padded laptop sleeve will be even better since it offers more protection. Laptop sleeves are also available for any laptop size. This however is merely optional.

    Where Does Leather Come From

    Best Laptop Computer Satchel Genuine Handmade Leather Messenger Bag For ...

    First off, where does leather come from? Leather, or more specifically real leather, is an organic material. It is animal skin that has gone through the process of molecular change. Typically, leather comes from either cowhide or horse skin. Other notable animal skins are from rabbits, foxes, pigs, crocodiles, and even kangaroos and stingrays. Turning animal skin into leather is a very time-consuming process. It requires skill, hard work, and most importantly, patience. To know more about the process of making leather, check out our full-length article on how to make leather.

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    Why You Should Buy Leather Laptop Bags For Men & Women

    These Leather articles are the best buy for men, as the usual bag market focuses more on women’s bags, leaving them with various bag styles. For the daily commute to offices or colleges, men rely upon the boring backpacks. These tear in no time and also do not complement well with any attire.

    For men, there is a very limited accessory and when it comes to formal attires or occasions the options come up to even very short. So for them to flaunt their style statement with Leather Laptop Bag is one of the best options. Leather Bags Not only are the best option for keeping the gadgets but it also looks classy with every formal outfit. There are various reasons that make it one of the best options to choose from for both formal and casual occasions.

    Also for the protection of gadgets, it is very important to buy a safe house. Our classy range of laptop bags are not only stylish but also provide full protection so you do not have to worry about any wear and tear. With a wide variety, there are many reasons that make it a worth buying option.

    Stylise Your Outfit:

    Wide Range Availability:

    Not only for men we have a beautiful option for women also. You can choose it accordingly and can explore our other categories also. You can also gift these to your buddies for any occasion.

    Here come Leather Laptop Bag for men & women, these prove to be the best pal for the following reasons:

    Bye-Bye to Space Issues

    Compartmentalize Everything

    Real & Genuine Deal

    Strength is Power

    Laptop Bags And Briefcases

    Practicality is key when thinking about purchasing your next laptop bag or briefcase. We all have different needs when it comes to school and work, that is why at Canada Luggage Depot, we have made a conscious effort to provide you with a wide variety of laptop bags, leather briefcases, briefcases on wheels, laptop messenger bags from brands like Mancini, McKlein, Samsonite and Travelon to make your lives a little easier and more organized.


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    Canada Luggage Depot gives you the best selection at the best price! We are continuously working to deliver you with the highest quality products of the industry at the lowest prices. A 100% Canadian owned company, our everyday low prices on bags & travel goods are what we pride ourselves on.

    Choose from our wide selection of backpacks, bags, briefcases, evening bags, handbags, luggage, travel accessories & umbrellas.

    We carry brands such as Samsonite, JanSport, American Tourister, Heys, Briggs & Riley, Air Canada, High Sierra, Baggallini, Delsey, The North Face, Eagle Creek, Pacsafe, Mancini, Ricardo Beverly Hills, Roots, Swiss Gear, Travelpro, Travelon, Via Rail, Victorinox & many more.

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    Samsonite Classic Leather Laptop Bag

    If you are a frequent traveler and often attend or chair meetings or give presentations, then this bag can be a best buy for you. This bag comes with three big zip pockets as in the middle one there is an ample space in which a regular size laptop can fit quite easily along with its accessories. In the other two zip pockets you can keep your notes, files, power bank, tablet and your stationary items.

    You can carry the bag using the handles given on the top or the strap that you can adjust according to your height. There is another plus that is you can fix your bag on your suitcase by using the strap provided in the back side of the bag.

    Overall, the bag is highly recommended in terms of practicality and the price tag as well but if you need a slim and small laptop bag this might noy be a best choice for you.To read more detail about this bag and if you are interested in buying it then visit here.

    Best Leather Laptop Duffel Bag 2022

    Crafted Laptop Canvas & Leather Messenger Bag | Pad & Quill Leather Messenger Bag Review

    What is a laptop duffel bag?

    If you do a lot of traveling a leather duffel bag is the perfect laptop bag for you. Leather duffel bags are designed to hold a lot of items, from your laptop to your clothes and toiletries. Some duffel bags are not made to store a laptop, the cylindrical shaped ones may not be your best bet. Instead, look for a rectangular-shaped duffel bag. They are similar to a messenger bag and work beautifully for your laptop and all of your other traveling needs.

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    Top Leather Messenger Bags

    Style is a big thing, obviously. How you present yourself to the world professionally is important. The good news is theres a huge variety of bags on the market, so you shouldnt have a hard time finding a color and style thats right for you.

    Dont worry, were not going to give you a lesson in fashion or tell you to match your bag with your belt or your shoes or anything else. You do you. Were just here to help you shop.

    Here are some bags we really liked:

    Difference Between Our Leather Messenger Bags Briefcases And Backpacks

    We offer a lot of leather bags for men, and while thats great, you may be wondering whats the difference between our leather messenger bags and a briefcase? Depending on your work environment, our leather briefcases are more polished looking for a professional environment than a messenger bag. If you can get away with a more casual option, then a messenger bag provides a little extra storage with a rugged, gritty look. If storage is important to you, trying to decide between our leather messenger bags and backpacks may come across your mind. If youre going for the most casual end of our leather bag spectrum, then a leather backpack is right for you.

    Plus, you can take this along for your weekend travels. However, if you still need to keep that middle ground of casual and versatile, we would recommend investing in a leather messenger bag.

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    Vertical Laptop Messenger Bag

    Carry your laptop and more with ease and sophistication in our 17 Vertical Messenger Bag. This piece is perfect for any businessperson or student in need of a bag to transport their computer along with books or papers. Youll appreciate the simple elegance of this meticulously crafted, full-grain South American Vaquetta leather bag, handmade in Colombia.

    Available in two rich colors of leather, the Vertical Messenger has ample room for your 15- to 17-inch laptop, secured in its own padded sleeve by a separate flap with hook-and-loop closure. A second main compartment section offers plenty of room for documents, files and books. The bag has two exterior slip pockets in front and a zip pocket in back, offering even more convenient and secure storage.

    Further outstanding features include an adjustable strap with shoulder pads, durable antique-finish hardware and attractive contrast stitching. Elevate your work or study today with this distinctive and exceptionally functional bag.


    • Premium Full-Grain Colombian Vaquetta Leather
    • Handcrafted
    • Adjustable leather Strap w/Shoulder Pad
    • Two Main Compartments
    • Padded Laptop Section w/Secure Velcro Closure
    • Fits Laptops up to 17″
    • One Exterior Zip Pocket
    • Two Interior Slip Pockets Under Flap
    • Contrast Stitching
    • Laptop Section: 16.5″ x 13.25″ x 2.5″
    • Dimensions: 17.5″x 14″ x 5″
    • Weight: 2 lbs.

    Berchirly Vintage Military Mens Canvas Messenger Bag

    Leather Bags Now Leather Laptop Multi

    Blending an 80/20 canvas/leather mix, Berchirly brings us an old-school United States military design on their messenger bags, bringing in the retro style that everyones seeking this year. When you go for a military look, you have to fit the bill and sneak in the same toughness that military bags promise. Beat this bag up, slam it in the car door, its not going to fail you. Large compartments are perfect for your laptop, smartphone, and even some overnight clothes if thats the route youre going. Military toughness for every rough edge of your life. Make sure you also check our selection of the best sling bags for men.

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