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Secondary Screen For Laptop

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Cables And Adapters For Your Second Screen

How to Use Your iPad as a Second Monitor (on Windows & Mac)

Most computers have the built-in ability to power a second screen. First, find the HDMI or DisplayPort socket on your laptop or desktop. If you own an older computer, you might be looking for a white DVI or a blue VGA socket instead. All four types of ports let you connect your computer to a television, projector, or other secondary screen.

If your computer has one of these ports, all youll need is the proper cable. However, some thinner and lighter laptop models lack a compatible port. For those, you may have to add an adapter into the mix.

For example, slimmed-down laptops like Apples MacBook Air and Googles Pixelbook rely on USB-C ports for data transfer, charging, and video output. A few monitors do accept USB-C, but not all do. In that case, youll need an adapter to covert USB-C to HDMI or to DisplayPort before you can plug the laptop into your monitor.

Some computers will require other dongles. Take Microsofts Surface Pro 5: it includes a Mini DisplayPort that accepts a Mini DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort cable , which will, in turn, plug into any monitor with a DisplayPort. Alternatively, if you prefer an HDMI monitor, you could connect the Surface to a Mini DisplayPort-to-HDMI dongle , then a standard HDMI cable.

Configure A Laptop As A Second Screen

On the laptop that youd like to turn into your second monitor head to Settings > System > Projecting to this PC.

Adjust the settings, striking a balance between security and accessibility as seen below.

On your main computer, press the Windows Key + P, and click the Connect to a Wireless Display link at the bottom. This may not appear if your PC doesnt have Wi-Fi.

Your PC will scan for available displays, and you will then have the ability to Extend or Duplicate once your PC has found the second monitor .

As the names suggest, Extend will treat the additional screen as an extension of your current setup, giving you more space to use. Duplicate will force the secondary screen to mirror your main one exactly, so youll have two displays showing the same content.

Make your desired selection, and your main PC will now be linked to the monitor in the style that youve selected.

If you do happen to have a spare monitor, weve also got a guide on how to connect a second display to your laptop or PC.

Or, if youre keen to add a second screen to your PC or laptop, take a look at our recommendations of the best monitors to buy, such as the space-saving Samsung S32:

How To Use A Portable Monitor

Using a portable monitor is relatively easy. All you need to do is to connect it with your laptop. The connection can be made using USB or HDMI. These data cables are included with almost all secondary monitors in the package. Internally at the software level, things configure themselves. You just have to make sure that the best portable monitor you are buying is compatible with your laptop OS.

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Requirements: A Suitable Connection

The majority of modern laptops and PCs support connecting a second monitor by default. All you need to consider are the ports on your end device and which monitor youd like to connect. Before you head out to purchase one, be sure to check the type and number of ports on the laptop or PC.

Additional monitors can be connected using the following types of connectors:

Testing The Vg1: Bright Panel Muted Colors

Give Your Laptop a Second Screen With This Innovative Monitor

I did our brightness, contrast, and color-gamut testing using a Klein K10-A colorimeter, a Murideo SIX-G signal generator, and Portrait Displays’ CalMAN 5 software.

ViewSonic rates the VG1655’s maximum luminance at 250 nits in our testing, it came very close to that, coming in at 245 nits. I measured its contrast ratio at 1,040:1, a tad better than its 1,000:1 rating.

In our color-coverage testing, the VG1655 nailed just 61.1 percent of the sRGB color space . The triangle represents the colors that comprise sRGBessentially, all the colors that can be made by mixing different percentages of red, green, and blue. The white boxes show where the data points would be for a monitor that covers the full sRGB space, and the circles represent our own measurements.

Several of our test points are well within the triangle, showing a crimped color gamut, particularly near the red/purple/blue part of the spectrum. Notice, though, that the blue circle is slightly outside of the triangle.

In looking at video with the VG1655, the effects of this limited color gamut were visible in that reds, purples, and greens frequently looked a bit dull. This was true in both the monitor’s default mode and in its Movie mode. In viewing our selection of test photos, the situation was similar, with slightly muted reds and greens.

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Two Displays Double The Productivity

Working on a laptop provides users with convenient mobility. Laptops are a great choice for mobile professionals who travel for business, students who need to take notes during their classes, and casual users who enjoy sitting in coffee shops to read the news. Whatever you need a laptop for, however, there is one obstacle that can affect your productivity: display space.

Sometimes, working with just one laptop screen can mean your work is cramped in a small field of view. And unfortunately, this cant always be solved by zooming in because some tools may become inaccessible or take an extra click to get to because of their blown-out size.

To solve this conundrum, a portable monitor connected to a laptop is a great solution. Youll just need the right connections, a cable, and an external monitor to extend your displays and enhance your workflow.

Showing The Second Screen On The Second Laptop

On the second laptop, use an app that displays the camera on the laptop screen in order to see the second screen from the primary computer. In Windows the easiest app to use is the built-in Camera app. Make the app full screen in order to see everything bigger. On the Mac I suggest downloading the Quick Camera app from the App Store because it shows the camera without any user interface covering up portions of the camera feed. The app will likely display the default webcam from the second laptop but you can change which camera is displayed.

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Asus Rog Strix Xg16ahpe Specs

8.9 by 14.2 by 0.46 inches

Incorporating strengths from previous Asus portable monitors including the Editors’ Choice award-winning ZenScreen Touch , while adding gaming-centric features like a high refresh rate and Nvidia G-Sync compatibility, the Asus ROG Strix XG16AHPE is a formidable, well-rounded portable display for gamers and multimedia buffs. Although it has a premium price for a 15.6-inch mobile monitor, it’s crammed with features such as a built-in battery, speakers, and kickstand, as well as an included soft carrying sleeve. It did well in our brightness and contrast testing, and its excellent sRGB color coverage makes it a good choice for viewing photos and video. The ROG Strix earns an Editors’ Choice nod as an excellent portable monitor if you’re looking for one on the larger side.

Connect To Your Laptop’s Monitor From Other Pc

How to use a Windows laptop or tablet as a 2nd screen

On the other PC that you want to project to your laptop’s monitor:

1. Press the Windows + P keys to open the Project widget and select Duplicate or Extend.

  • Duplicate: The PC and the external monitor will display the same thing.
  • Extend: This option allows you to extend the desktop to the connected monitor. Extending the screen allows you to have more screen space and different open windows on each of the screens.

2. Finally, select the laptop with the “shared monitor” from the devices available and connect to it. *

* Notes1. An additional way to connect to the laptop’s monitor, is to press the Windows + K keys and then to select your laptop to connect to it.

2. If you have selected the “Extend” option, then after connecting to laptop’s monitor, you can “rearrange” the monitors to meet your needs, or to set the laptop’s monitor as your main display, from the Display settings. To do that:

a. Go to Start menu > Settings and select Display on the left.b. Locate and click the Identify button. This will display the number on each display to help you identify them.c. Drag and drop displays to rearrange them if you want , or select the laptop’s monitor and check the box “Make this my main display” at the end of this page, to set the laptop’s monitor as your primary monitor.

That’s it! Let me know if this guide has helped you by leaving your comment about your experience. Please like and share this guide to help others.

Even $1 can a make a huge difference for us

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How To Use A Second Screen Or Monitor With Your Laptop: Setup

Since weve already discussed the connection for using an external monitor with your laptop, let us now proceed to the setup in your laptop so that you could fully utilize your second monitor.

To set up your second screen first, go to your laptops Display settings. You can find this in the settings, or you can simply put Display into the systems search box. Once you are in the Display settings, search for multiple displays settings or duplicate displays. Then, the whole display set up for your second screen will be presented.

After that, the multiple display settings will give you two options about what to display on both or each of the two screens, depending on your desired display setup.

The two display options are:

Check The Cable Connections

Connecting external displays should be straightforward if you own a Windows laptop. The first step is to determine which type of cable you need. Most modern laptops have an HDMI, DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort, or USB Type-C port capable of display output.

If the inputs and outputs on the monitor and laptop match, you can purchase a cable, such as this simple , and hook the two together. If the inputs dont match, or youve tried connecting your PC to your monitor and have no picture, scroll down for more information on adapters and converters.

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Best Dual Display Laptops To Buy In 2021

Its been like forever that we have seen a groundbreaking revamp on laptops. But, with the growing workflow in a fast-paced mobile life, a larger expanse of the screen seems an eventual outcome. While folding phones had the initial rage, the trend seems to switch sides to laptops. As such, the upshot appears to be Dual Display and Foldable Laptops!

To be fair, there have been some experiments, which were few and far between. While the decade-old Asus Taichi and Acer Iconia 6120 were far ahead of the times, the Asus Zenbook Duo and HP Omen X 2S of yesteryear felt like mere stepping stones. And then in the recently concluded CES 2020, the center stage was dedicated to Dual Display Laptops. Several brands showcased their multi-display lappies. Granted they were mostly fresh out of labs and their actual time to market might be long drawn.

So, the question looms whether you should be excited about the purposed shift in laptop design. Like any other technological transition, the inception stage will attract early adopters. But, before biting the bullet, you must be wary of a few things.

How To Use Your Laptop As A Second Monitor


ByBrendan Lowrypublished 27 August 21

As long as your PC and laptop support Miracast, you can use your laptop as an external display.

Adding a second monitor to your workstation is an excellent way to expand your productivity, and while the best computer monitorsare great for this, you can use your laptop as a second display, too. This is pretty useful, as you can save some money by using a laptop that you already own instead of buying a brand-new external monitor to use. You’ll be able to do this as long as both your main PC and your laptop support wireless Miracast connectivity.

In this Windows 10 guide, we’ll show you how you can successfully use your laptop as a second monitor.

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Do Portable Monitors Work With Any Laptop Computer

With the proper drivers installed, almost any portable monitor will work with almost any Windows PC or MacOS-based laptop computer. For the best user experience, position the additional monitor directly to the side of your laptop computers existing monitor, making sure theyre both at the same height. Or, choose a vertical portrait orientation, so you can see a document in a longer length, just as you can on a tablet.

How To Use A Second Screen As A Collaboration Point

You can use your second display laptop as a collaboration point and allow someone else to type and use the mouse on it if they pair with your main machine.

When you connect the screen, there will be a check box that will allow additional input. If you tick this box, this monitor will allow input from a mouse and keyboard when linked to another PC.

There arent too many scenarios where this is useful, but its there nonetheless.

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Set The Monitor Display Style

  • Right-click on your desktop and select “Display”. At the top of the resulting dialogue box, your available monitors appear as blue, numbered boxes. Each box represents a monitor .
    • Select “Duplicate these displays” to enable the secondary monitor display to mirror the primary monitor display.
    • Select “Extend these displays” to expand your desktop across each monitor.
    • Select “Show only 1” to disable monitor “2” and only use monitor “1”.
    • Select “Show only 2” to disable monitor “1” and only use monitor “2”.
  • When finished, click .
  • What If My Laptop Is Connected To A Docking Station

    Use Your Tablet As A Second Windows 10 Monitor (Twomon SE)

    In the case that your laptop is connected to an external docking station, there will video ports on the back of it to plug in a display. However, the type of ports will vary from brand to brand. While docking stations vary, the laptop may have to remain open for a dual monitor display to work correctly .

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    How To Fix External Monitor Connection Issues Via Hardware Troubleshooting

    When your computer does not detect the second external display, it could be a problem with the software, but it might also be an issue with the physical connection or the monitor itself.

    If the monitor does not show up in the settings, use these steps before messing around with the configuration settings on Windows 10:

    If the basic troubleshooting steps outlined above do not fix the second monitor, it could be a software-related problem, which you may be able to fix with the steps below.

    In the event that the problem is the monitor or you are in the market for a new one, the HP Z27 is our top pick right now. In our best 4K monitor roundup, you can find more choices.

    The best monitor for most users

    The HP Z27 is a 27-inch monitor excellent for creators and general-purpose tasks because of its slim design, fantastic picture quality, and USB-C connectivity alongside the usual DisplayPort and HDMI. The display even includes a built-in hub with USB-A 3.0 ports.

    Make Use Of Your Tablet Or Phone As A Second Screen

    One of our affordable tips on how to use a second screen or monitor with your laptop is making use of your tablet or phone as a second screen. Yes, you read it right. You can use your tablet to expand your workspace!

    If you have several important tasks to do and need to be completed on time, this method is ideal for you, especially if you lack the means to enlarge your workspace. With the use of a USB connector from your Table/Phone and a USB Port on your laptop, youll be able to do this and finish your work on time.

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    Using Your Laptop Screen As A Second Monitor

    If you want to use your laptop’s built-in screen as a secondary display, you need to set it in your display settings.

    All you have to do is to right-click on your desktop and choose Display Settings. You will see two boxes in the new window that will open representing your monitors.

    Click Identify to know which number corresponds to which screen. You can also rearrange the boxes so to match the physical arrangement of your displays.

    When you know the number assigned to which display, choose the screen you want to use as your primary screen. Scroll down to Multiple displays.

    Click on the dropdown menu and choose Extend desktop to this display. Don’t forget to tick the Make this my main display checkbox!

    Sometimes, when you do these, the computer will ask if you want to Keep changes or Revert. Click on Keep changes if you’re happy with it or Revert if you want to go back to the way it was.

    Set The Monitor Position

    Does a secondary monitor for laptop that attaches to top of the monitor ...
  • Right-click on your desktop and select “Display”. At the top of the resulting dialogue box, your available monitors appear as blue, numbered boxes. Each box represents a monitor.
  • If you want the mouse to scroll left to right across your monitors, make sure monitor “1” is on the left and monitor “2” is on the right.
  • To change the monitors’ position, click, drag, and place the blue, numbered boxes to your preferred position. If you are unsure which monitor is “1” or “2,” click the “Identify” link. The assigned monitor number will then appear on each monitor’s screen.
  • When finished, click .
  • Keywords: monitor, screen, dual screen, dual monitor, dual screen, dual monitor, setup, set up.

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