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Should I Buy A Laptop Or A Tablet

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People Who Could Buy Either A Laptop Or A Tablet

Should I Buy a Tablet or a Laptop? | The Sync Up
  • Artists: If you like to draw, you can do that on either a large-screen tablet such as an iPad Pro or on a 2-in-1 like the Surface Pro. However, if you’re going for a drawing laptop, a detachable is a much better idea than a convertible with a bend-back lid. You want to be able to hold the slate in your hand, without the added bulk of the keyboard and touchpad on the back.

How Much Can You Afford To Spend

Everyone reading this wants the best laptop or tablet that money can buy.

But thats not always an option.

So you need to be brutally honest here about what you can really afford, and how much bang you can get for your buck.

A high-end tablet + pen will set you back at least $1,200.

A high-end laptop can cost upwards of $2,000.

But if we get our focus here back away from gaming laptops and premium-priced tablets and back to what you actually need the device for.

Its for work.

Most likely some web browsing, answering emails, typing documents, sending invoices, etc.

All of that can be done on a $500 $700 laptop.

A tablet with equivalent capabilities will cost $1,200 $2,000.

Dont let your vanity get the better of your financial common sense.

Laptops Advantages And Disadvantages

A laptop chassis provides enough space to construct a more effective and productive system than a tablet. Laptops key advantage is their high performance and processing power, which can already be found in middle and upper-tier models.

Benefits of Laptops:

  • Comfortable keyboard Most laptops have a comfortable-sized keyboard. This makes it much more convenient and easier to type text and manipulate data
  • Able to use resource-intensive applications Laptops are generally, on the whole, more powerful than tablets. Laptops can be used resource-demanding applications such as graphical and video software
  • Larger screen Laptops can come in several screen sizes, providing greater since you do not have to focus on a small screen or use zoom
  • More connectivity interfaces Outputs to an additional external monitor, USB for connecting various accessories and devices, memory card readers, Ethernet port for wired Internet connection
  • Storage capacity While cloud storage has become commonplace, modern laptops frequently provide local storage capacity exceeding 1TB
  • Upgradability Most laptops can be upgraded somehow, such as memory, local storage, CPU, or graphic components. Small & lighter laptops may have integrated circuitry limiting the ability to upgrade the device.
  • Easier to maintain Most laptops casings can be opened, and therefore both the hardware and software are easy to maintain and repair
  • Drawbacks of using a Laptop:

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    Why Is A Laptop Better Than A Tablet

    Lets present a single list of the pros and cons of a laptop in front of a tablet.


    • More powerful hardware, work with resource-intensive applications
    • Computer games
    • Cheaper drives
    • Can replace desktop computer
    • Reduced functionality of computer applications
    • Unsuitable for most work tasks

    First Off: What Is A 2

    Should I Purchase a Laptop or a Tablet?

    Simply put, a 2-in-1 is a touch-optimized convertible laptop or detachable tablet with a both a touch screen and a physical keyboard of some type. When you need full-stroke keys and a touchpad, you can use the 2-in-1 just the way you would a regular laptop. But if you need or want full access to just the screen for an extended period of time, that’s an option as well. And you can flip back and forth between the modes whenever you wish, usually expending just a second’s effort.

    That said, you’re still buying a PC with a full operating system, whether that’s Chrome OS or Windows 10. In the future, macOS could be a player, but thus far Apple has pointed folks who need a touch screen and tablet/laptop convertibility toward its iOS-equipped iPad and iPad Pro lines, paired with an optional keyboard. A 2-in-1 running macOS just isn’t on the Apple menu yet.

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    Similarities Of Laptops And Tablets

    Both types of devices have much in common: autonomy, lightweight, and compactness. You can use your tablet and laptop on the street, on trips, and in situations where power supply problems arise.

    Unlike a computer, these devices are completely ready to use, without requiring the connection of additional accessories .

    IPS display with a resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels, an 8-core processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a storage of 256 GB what type of device are we talking about now? It may seem to many that this is a laptop, moreover, quite interesting for standard tasks. In fact, this is a 10.8-inch Huawei Matepad Pro tablet.

    If you do not delve into the specifics of the components and the principles of operation of the devices, then in most cases the characteristics of laptops and tablets look similar. However, in terms of functionality and principles of operation, a tablet and a laptop are completely different devices. For example, according to Wikipedia, a laptop is a computer that houses typical PC components, including a display, keyboard, and pointing device. A tablet is, roughly speaking, a smartphone with a larger screen , adapted for other tasks. Take a look at Best Laptop For 3d Modeling And Rendering.

    For Data: Network Storage Drive

    It is very rare to find someone who only owns one computing device, and even rarer to find a household that only has one device.

    With that in mind, the idea of keeping all your personal media on a single device is outdated. It makes backing up more complicated than necessary, it fragments your various collections, it makes managing your files a nightmare, and it means you can’t access exactly what you want whenever you want.

    A Network Attached Server device allows any of your devices to access the files saved on it, thus letting you create a centralized hub for all your personal media. It also provides a way to share printers, scanners, and cameras, while many NAS devices also utilize Redundant Array of Independent Disks technology to create automatic back-ups .

    Best of all, if you’re sufficiently tech-savvy, you can set up your NAS for remote FTP access. Guess what that means? Complete access to all your files and data from anywhere in the world—including on that aforementioned tablet!

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    Find A Tablet That Is Simple To Use

    Another very important thing to think about is how easy the User Interface is to use. Look for interfaces specially designed to make tablets easier for seniors to use like the Birdsong tablets .

    The two leading operating systems available today are iOS and Android . Each system has its own pros and cons. It would be best to have the elderly person try each of the systems before picking any certain one. The next section compares these operating systems to help you decide.

    Do I Need A Tablet Or A Laptop

    Should you buy a Laptop Tablet or Desktop?

    Tablets were originally nothing more than large versions of smartphones, without the same calling capabilities. In recent years, however, tablet technology has improved so that some models are powerful enough to rival laptops. If you’re wondering which to buy, you should look at the pros and cons of each to help you come to a decision.

    Although you can find some powerful tablets on the market, most don’t rival the processing power of a laptop of comparable quality. Tablets are generally best for simple tasks, such as watching videos, scrolling social media and browsing the web, while laptops have a big edge when word processing, while running multiple programs at once and for business use.

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    Laptop V Chromebook V Tablet: The Great Debate

    Is it really a debate at all? Its a question that often gets asked amongst those who like to talk about tech or, more importantly, those who are looking for their perfect non-desktop PC device. Whats the difference between a laptop, a Chromebook and a tablet?

    Its a great question, isnt it? But, really, it can be broken down a bit more: What is a tablet more useful for than a laptop? for instance. Or In what way is a Chromebook superior to an ordinary laptop?

    Each of the three devices can be perfect for certain situations or uses, and each of them is suitable for different users and their specific needs. In fact, its possible that a user may end up with one of each device, for different functions, needs or situations. So, here, were going to look at each of those devices and explain a bit about them and a bit about why they might be suitable for you. Or, in fact, whey they might not be suitable for you!

    Verdict: The Easiest Operating System For Seniors

    So, now you have an idea what to expect from each of the three main types of tablet operating systems. Almost all of the three systems allow you to do similar activities. The difference lies in how easy it is to do these various tasks.

    I think iOS is perhaps the most obvious choice of OS for the elderly given its ease of use and simplicity. Although iPads are priced higher than an inexpensive Android tablet, it provides a complete package of easy navigation with powerful built-in security features. iOS also offers millions of user-friendly apps.

    Android comes in second place. The newest entrant Windows 10 while good, is more suited for business applications than for casual browsing and light reading by seniors.

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    Dont Go Jumping On Trends

    Theres a kind of trend now around ditching the laptop and using tablets instead.

    Its like herd mentality kicks in.

    Some social influencer or marketer said they run their entire business from a tablet and everyone jumps on board with the idea.

    These are typically Apple users whove just dropped $1,200 on an iPad Pro.

    But nobody stops to ask, Heydoes this actually make sense?

    Can you run your entire business from a tablet instead of a laptop?

    Yes, but only barely and its going to cost you a fortune.

    Lets look at why thats the case and the pros and cons of each.

    Work laptops cost $500 – $700 Premium laptops cost $800 – $1,200

    Ios Or Android Or Windows: Which Is The Right Os For Seniors


    One of the first things you will need to decide when selecting a tablet is the Operating System . There are 3 main choices available. All three perform basic tasks quite well. But, each one also has a few pros and cons.

    Really though, there is no wrong choice. They are all much easier to use than past systems. A good idea might be to choose the one you are more familiar with so that you can help them out.

    Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each OS:

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    Help Me Laptop: Should I Get A Notebook Or A Tablet

    ByAvram Piltchpublished 14 October 17

    As 2-in-1s which can convert from clamshell to tablet mode have become more common, stand-alone slates have become less popular. However, many shoppers still wonder whether they need a tablet, a laptop or one of each.

    Forum user jchristempleton asks whether tablets will soon become obsolete, writing, “When do we get to the point where there is no point in buying a tablet because laptops have the power and programs to beat the consideration of a tablet?”

    Jchristempleton’s question is focused a bit on the future, but the answer is the same now as it will be for as long as we can foresee. There will always be a need for stand-alone tablets for media consumption, but the line between productivity slates like the iPad Pro and laptops is quickly disappearing.

    Here’s some advice for today’s shoppers who are trying to decide between a laptop and a tablet.

    External Devices With Laptop And Tablets

    Data input devices differ in appearance and capabilities: in a tablet, it is a touchscreen display, in a laptop, it is a keyboard. Alternatively, you can purchase a keyboard for the first one. But which is better a tablet with a keyboard or a laptop? What do the reviews say?

    Real-life experience shows that connecting a keyboard to a tablet with a screen diagonal of 8-10 inches does not provide the same typing convenience as on a laptop. The reason is obvious small physical size. If you have small hands, if the device is bought for a child or a fragile girl, this option can still be considered. If, for an adult with thumbs, it is better not to test the nervous system.

    The tablet can be used in mobile mode like a smartphone. This is useful when there is no Wi-Fi connection available. To connect to mobile Internet on a laptop, you have to buy a 3G / 4G modem.

    There is also a difference in the way the battery is replenished. The tablet is charged using a standard USB or Lightning cable. The laptop charger is not so versatile, so if you are visiting with a laptop without your own charger, it is not a fact that you will borrow from someone.

    You can connect a third-party mouse, keyboard, router , monitor, external hard drive, USB-flash drive, printer, TV, smart equipment to a laptop. The OTG adapter for the tablet only partially compensates for the lack of interaction. The possibilities of using a laptop in conjunction with other devices are much wider.

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    Are You A Typical Student Taking Common Courses

    Most students such as those studying courses like English, law or languages only really need a computer to research and type essays so have the most freedom of choice. Now, you may think that this is an ideal use case for an iPad but I would still argue that it makes more sense to get a laptop. Here’s why:

    One more thingmore students are starting to use the iPad and Apple pencil to go paperless with apps like GoodNotes. This is great, and I know it works for a lot of students, but it’s not something that I would use for all my notes.

    The simple reason is that I dont want to be stuck if I break my iPad.

    If your documents are backed up from your laptop then you could use a university computer but if your notes are all handwritten and something goes wrong then it becomes more difficult to continue unless your willing to print all your notes and start hand writing on paper which negates the point of digital note taking.

    What About Screen Size

    What Should You Buy A Laptop Or A Tablet?

    Does screen size matter? Tablet screens vary in size just like our laptop, they are measured from corner to corner and the size of your screen dictates how big your display is or how small it is and depending on your purpose why youll buy a tablet, screen size matters.

    There are three categories in terms of screen size which are compact that ranges from 5 to 8-inches, medium over 8 to 11-inches and the large category that is over 11-inches.

    Compact: Compact tablets are more portable, lighter and easier to carry. They are just like the size of a smartphone and they tend to be cheaper.

    Medium: Medium tablets are bigger and more pricey than compacts, they have larger screens and are usually used for productivity, gaming and web browsing.

    Large: Large Tablets are any tablet that is over 11-inches and is far more pricey than both as it is usually equipped with higher specs, most large tablets are 2-in-1 which means you can use it as a tablet or a fully functional laptop.

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    Should I Purchase A Laptop Or A Tablet

    To help us find the best deals and useful information for you, we may earn compensation from our advertising partners. See our advertising disclosure for more detail.

    If your budget only allows for the purchase of either a laptop or a tablet, youre probably wondering what will be best for you. With such a wide range available, it can be challenging to understand what you need and which device will support your needs best.

    Both laptops and tablets have come a long way in the past ten years. Both can offer features that rival the other. To understand which you should purchase, follow our handy guide to find out more.

    Reasons You Need To Buy A Laptop

    • Productivity: If you’re doing any kind of work, whether it’s planning a bake sale or number crunching in Microsoft Office, having a laptop with a keyboard, ports and a full computer operating system is important. I have a friend who does all his productivity work on an iPad with a keyboard, but that’s not the most comfortable scenario for most people.
    • Education: There’s a reason why most schools give their students Chromebooks instead of tablets. To do research and create content such as term papers, kids need a real keyboard and full desktop software.
    • Shopping / transactions: Yes, you can visit websites and make online purchases from a tablet or phone, but when you’re buying many items or making a major purchase, you benefit from being able to view the full desktop versions of websites on a large display.

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    How Easy Is It To Type On

    All laptops have a built-in keyboard and they always have.

    Microsoft, Apple and Android tablets do not, unless you want to count on-screen keyboards.

    And tapping away at a virtual keyboard all day isnt an ergonomically friendly alternative i.e. youre going to wind up with an injury.

    Tablets have built-in touch screen functionality and they always have.

    Most laptops do not even though Microsoft tried to push this technology with Windows 8.

    Remember Windows 8?

    Remember how bad it was?

    So the reality is that nobody really wanted touch-screen laptops.

    So we need to break it down to the basics here with a question:

    Can you get more work done with a multi-touch tablet screen or with a laptop with a keyboard and mouse?

    You can answer that for yourself.

    Laptops were designed as productivity tools.

    Tablets were designed for entertainment.

    P.S And yes, Ive tried using a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard. Not an enjoyable experience because youre doing double duty between typing and then touching the screen.

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