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Are Apple’s Refurbished computers any good?

Having a laptop with updated features is never a bad idea. If youve been meaning to replace your old laptop, eBays got you covered. Get yourself an Apple MacBook Pro laptop from eBays selection of new, used, and refurbished devices. Make sure to check all the specifications and features before you make a purchase. In case you are on a tight budget, you can check out the wide range of Apple MacBook Pro laptop refurbished devices available on eBay.

What are the different features of Apple MacBook Pro laptop?

Apple MacBook Pro laptops come with long battery life and speedy performance. The M1 chip in MacBook Pro laptops results in faster CPU performance and up to 15 times faster machine learning capabilities. You can find M1 Pro and M1 Max chips in different models, so you can choose the one that suits your liking. When it comes to the screen size, you can choose between 13-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch models. Unified memory and storage are some of the important factors you can consider before selecting an Apple MacBook Pro laptop. When it comes to storage options, youll be spoilt for choice. You can save projects, documents, and much more on your device. If you love playing games, this device will be a great option to look forward to. Depending on the model you choose, you can find various RAM and TB sizes.

What are the various accessories that come with the Apple MacBook Pro laptop?What different colors are the Apple MacBook Pro laptops available in?Quick Tips:

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Apple 2021 Macbook Pro De 14 Pulgadas


Pantalla Liquid Retina XDR de 14.2 pulgadas en diagonal resolución nativa de 3024 por 1964 a 254 pixeles por pulgada. Hasta 1,000 nits de brillo constante , 1,600 nits de brillo máximo. TecnologÃa ProMotion con frecuencias de actualización adaptativas de hasta 120 Hz


Sistema en chip . Chip M1 Pro de Apple. CPU de 8 o 10 núcleos con 6 o 8 núcleos de rendimiento y 2 de eficiencia. GPU de 14 o 16 núcleos. Neural Engine de 16 núcleos. 200 GB/s de ancho de banda de memoria

Gráficos y compatibilidad de vÃdeo

GPU de 8 o 16 núcleos de Apple

Carga y ampliación

Ranura para tarjetas SDXC. Puerto HDMI. Entrada de 3.5 mm para audÃfonos. Puerto MagSafe 3. Tres puertos Thunderbolt 4 . Compatibles con: Carga, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 4 , USB 4

Conexión inalámbrica

Wifi. Conexión inalámbrica Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax. Compatible con IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. Bluetooth. Conexión inalámbrica Bluetooth 5.0

Contenido de la caja

MacBook Pro de 14 pulgadas. Adaptador de corriente USBâC de 67 W o adaptador de corriente USB-C de 96 W . Cable de USBâC a MagSafe 3


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Understanding Model Year Calculus

One of the more interesting challenges in buying used MacBook Pro machines is understanding which model year you’re buying. When buying a used car, you always want to know its model year, but oddly enough, many Mac resellers seem to gloss over the production year in favor of specs.

There is a huge difference between buying a 16GB MacBook Pro from 2015 and one from 2009.

That said, you need to do a certain amount of OS calculus. According to Apple, the new version of macOS , which was released in October 2021, supports MacBook Pros and Airs going back to 2015, as well as iMacs and Mac Minis going back to 2014. If you’re looking to buy a used MacBook or iMac from these years, chances are they’re running macOS Mojave. If that’s the case, be warned: Apple’s support for Mojave ended on October 22, 2021. This means that while you can still use your MacBook or iMac for everyday tasks, you won’t be able to receive software, firmware, or security updates. Big Sur supports MacBooks and iMacs going as far back as 2013, so if you’re ok with using a slightly older version of macOS, you can pick up an older Mac on-the-cheap and still get regular software and security updates.

If you aren’t sure which version your Mac is running, Apple has a handy support page with step-by-step instructions for finding not only what OS the device is running, but also the version number and what hardware it’s using .

See: Which Mac to buy? 10 tips to help you decide

Whats The Oldest Macbook/mac I Should Buy

Christmas Sale: Apple Laptops

With the arrival of the new Apple chips you want to think carefully before buying an old Mac because Intel-powered Macs are likely to lose value much quicker than Macs with Apple silicon inside. But with the first M1 Macs being introduced towards the end of 2020 there will be plenty of older models available to buy refurbished. The question is should you?

If you can afford to we recommend sticking to models with Apple M1- or M2-series chips, but if thats too expensive for you we would suggest that you dont buy a Mac that is more than seven years old. This is because older Macs may not run a version of macOS that Apple supports with security updates. Even if the Mac you buy now is supported by Apple it may only be the case for a year or so. See: How long does Apple support Macs and MacBooks?

Heres an overview of the Macs that will run Ventura when it launches in fall 2022:

  • MacBook models from 2017 or later
  • MacBook Air models from 2018 or later
  • MacBook Pro models from 2017 or later
  • Mac mini models from 2018 or later
  • iMac models from 2017 or later
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Pro models from 2019 or later
  • Mac Studio

If you want a Mac you can comfortably use in three years from now dont buy anything older than these models.

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Acerca De Este Artculo

  • Devoluciones: Sólo productos dañados, inoperantes al primer uso o sin abrir en caja original sellada.
  • Chip Apple M1 Pro o M1 Max para alcanzar un nuevo nivel de rendimiento de CPU, GPU y aprendizaje automático
  • CPU de hasta 10 núcleos que ofrece un rendimiento hasta 3.7 veces más rápido para procesar los flujos de trabajo más exigentes con más velocidad que nunca
  • GPU de hasta 32 núcleos con un rendimiento hasta 13 veces más rápido para apps y juegos con gráficos avanzados
  • Neural Engine de 16 núcleos que permite un aprendizaje automático hasta 11 veces superior
  • BaterÃa de mayor duración: hasta 17 horas y memoria unificada de hasta 64 GB para que todo sea más rápido y fluido
  • Almacenamiento SSD superrápido de hasta 8 TB para abrir apps y archivos al instante
  • Espectacular pantalla Liquid Retina XDR de 14 pulgadas, con rango dinámico extremo y una gran relación de contraste
  • Cámara FaceTime HD de 1080p con procesador de señal de imagen avanzado para hacer videollamadas más nÃtidas
  • Sistema de sonido de seis bocinas con woofers con cancelación de fuerza

Should I Get A Refurbished Mac Or Macbook

If youre looking for a desktop computer, then a refurbished Mac or refurbished iMac is probably the best fit for you. These are better for more ergonomic sitting positions and have slightly more powerful processors. While refurbished Macs and iMacs make great office or home-office computers, a used MackBook is the perfect choice if youre a freelancer on the go, or if you just want that amazing Apple technology in a smaller, more convenient package. To find the perfect used MacBook, you can brush up on the two main models here:

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Used Versus Refurbished Macs

When shopping for any gadget in a secondhand store, youll commonly see these two terms mentioned often without much explanation of what each term means.

A used Mac, be it a Mac Mini or MacBook Pro, has had an owner who is most often selling it themselves. The device may or may not have a remaining warranty or AppleCare package attached to it. Theres no guarantee outside of the sellers word that the device works properly you have to trust whats said in the listing. Its not uncommon for used devices to have scratches or blemishes, pictures of which should always be included in an items listing. If a picture isnt clear, ask for better photos before completing the checkout process. If the seller doesnt want to take more photos, keep shopping. Used devices are typically sold on an as-is basis.

A refurbished Mac goes one step further. Most often a used Mac is traded in or returned to a company like Apple or Amazon. The company then goes through the Mac looking for any issues or blemishes, replacing the display or housing to make the item look brand-new. And if there are any issues with internal components, the computer is repaired to a like-new state. Most companies offer some form of warranty to guarantee their work.

Get A Refurbished Mac That’s Good As New

Top 5 Places To Buy Used and Refurbished Apple Computers

Commence your desktop publishing venture, mix an entire album, or design a cracking app with a refurbished Mac laptop. Before you make a purchase, read these questions and answers for key details, features, and benefits. You’ll want to know everything you can before making your purchase right here on eBay.

Which refurbished Mac laptop accommodates a hybrid drive?

Any of the refurbished Mac laptops on eBay are safe to outfit with a hybrid drive. There are many brands of hybrid drive to chose, with previous users raving about their success with the Momentus XT hybrid drive, a combination of an SSD and an HDD. Proof of successful hybrid drive upgrades in refurbished Mac laptops date back at least 20 years, and the practice continues successfully. Refurbished Mac laptops are also receptive to storage upgrades, meaning you can install a new SSD or HDD of your choice. You can also:

  • Partition a single drive
  • Connect a second optical drive via USB
  • Designate a specific drive for system files
  • Reserve an external drive only for data storage

What accessories come with each refurbished Mac laptop?

  • Battery
  • Headphone jack

What are standard specs for refurbished Mac laptop disk drives?What is the recommended RAM for 12, 13, and 15?

  • OS X

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How Much Cheaper Are Refurbished Macs And Macbooks

The price for reconditioned Macs on Apples Refurbished Store changes frequently but is typically 15 percent less than the original price. With Macs commanding a high retail price, this can be quite a significant difference.

Keep in mind that stock is limited on refurbished models from Apple, and youre unlikely to find every style of Mac at all times. Other Mac resellers might offer even lower prices than the Apple Refurbished Store, so its worth shopping around particularly during sales events like Black Friday.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Used Macbook

No matter what option you go with, Swappa is the best place to buy a used MacBook. On Swappa you buy directly with other users and cutting out the middleman means you get the best prices around.

Buyers and sellers transact safely and directly on Swappa using PayPal. Extensive buyer and seller protections keep both parties safe and we make sure sellers get paid fast.

To keep our marketplace safe, we dont allow broken items. Every product has listing requirements and an approval process to ensure confident shopping. Sign up and join the Swappa community today!

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What If I Have A Problem With A Refurbished Mac

If you buy from Apple you are in good hands. Apple states: All Refurbished Mac models include full functional testing, genuine Apple part replacements , a thorough cleaning, the original Operating System or a more recent version, a brand new box with all accessories and cables.

More importantly, a reconditioned Mac or MacBook comes with a one-year warranty . You also get the same sales and return procedure with Apple as you would with any new model, so you can return a Mac bought from the Refurbished Store within 14 days if youre not happy with it. .

Not that we think you will need to return your Mac. We have plenty of experience buying from Apples Refurbished Store and have yet to pick up a Mac from the Refurbished Store and find it wanting.

Why Refurbished Apple Is Good To Go

Apple MacBook A1342 13.3"  Laptop

Our Refurbished Apple MacBooks and Laptops are technically tested by our expert in house technicians and are in perfect working condition. Our refurbished Apple laptops not only look the part, but also perform just as new.

We understand that different people have different demands, which is why we stock a wide range of Apple MacBooks and other Apple products. Whether youre an avid gamer or a graphic designer, were confident our Apple Laptops will meet your needs. Plus, refurbished machines are eco-friendly and sustainable.

We provide you with a no-fuss warranty with our products, along with our impeccable customer support.

What are you waiting for? Take a pick from our range of Refurbished Apple MacBooks and Laptops today!

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Is Used Worth It

There’s a lot to like about some of the older MacBook Pro models, most specifically the wide range of ports built into the machines. As you get to 2016 through 2018, you’re limited to a few Thunderbolt 3 ports and a keyboard notorious for its problems. From 2019 on, depending on the model, most of the keyboard problems have been resolved. With the latest 2021 MacBooks, Apple brought back the SD card slot, HDMI port, and more, though you’ll have to pay a little more for the convenience.

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El growth hacking requiere, a partes iguales, el uso de la analítica web, el desarrollo, la creatividad y la curiosidad para obtener resultados que sean tangibles en el crecimiento de un negocio.

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Commercial Sellers Who Will Honor Returns

My recommendation is to only buy a used machine from a commercial seller who you know will honor returns. These include , OWC, and Apple Certified Refurbished machines. When you get your machine, you’ll have seven to 30 days to fully test it out. Make sure you know your return period. Once you get your machine , load them up fully and test them rigorously.

When it comes to Amazon, you can do a search for used MacBook Pros by model year, but the company doesn’t list them that way. Instead, it lists the model number of the Mac, which makes it harder to know what you’re looking at.

If you’re going to be buying a used Mac laptop, be sure to bookmark these pages:

MacBook Airs are fine machines, but they tend to be a little underpowered. Until 2019, they had older-style screens. I’d also stay away from basic MacBooks because they’re anemic out the gate.

Here’s my guide for making trade-off decisions on new purchases. The TL DR version is I recommend getting a MacBook Pro with at least 16GB RAM, an M1 processor, and an SSD of at least 256GB .

Where To Buy Refurbished Macs

Macbook Pro Laptop for Sale PRANK- Excellent Condition

Apple isnt the only company to resell second hand, refurbished Macs. You could also pick up a refurbished and reconditioned Mac from resellers listed below:

In the US:

Buying refurbished, even if its not from Apple, should mean that the Mac has been inspected by an authorised Apple technician and, if necessary, faulty parts replaced . Buying the same Mac second hand for less might look attractive, but its not guaranteed to work. Its worth paying a little extra for a refurbished model for peace of mind. Its like buying a car from a garage rather than someone on Gumtree.

Just be aware that you dont have to buy a refurbished Mac to get a good discount are not equal. Amazon, for example, often discounts previous generation Mac models, so you could buy a fairly new model at a discount. The difference is that while Apple could be selling a model that had been returned due to a fault , the other reseller could be selling an identical Mac thats never been used.

If you want to find a deal, check out our articles about the best iMac deals, best Mac mini deals, the best MacBook Pro deals and the best MacBook Air deals to look for the best discounts on new Macs and MacBooks. Make sure that the model that you find on Apples Refurbished Store isnt being sold as new by someone else.

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