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What Do I Do With My Old Laptop

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What To Do With An Old Computer

Things you can make from old, dead laptops

  • Use the computer for other things. Many people think once they get a new computer their old computer automatically becomes obsolete and can’t be used for anything else.
  • Give to kids or relatives. Most kids would love a computer in their room, even if it’s an older computer. See if any of your kids would like to have the families old computer for their computer.
  • Use it for spare parts or cannibalize it. Open the computer and take any spare parts you think you need for your new computer. Things you may want to keep include: fans, power supply, CD-ROM, floppy drive, hard drives, and memory.
  • Sell it. Selling a computer can seem like a lot more work than getting rid of it, but it helps you recoup some money that you can spend on your new computer.
  • Donate your computer. Several places that accept working computers as donations to be used for the less fortunate, schools, etc. If you are interested in donating your computer, see the computer disposal page.
  • Recycle your computer. If your computer is so old that no one would accept it as a donation, recycle it and don’t throw it away. A list of places capable of recycling computers and computer peripherals is found on the computer disposal page or by searching in your favorite search engine.

The Old Standby: Install Linux

This is perhaps my favorite option, because it accomplishes so many things at once. When you install Linux, it overwrites your existing OS, warts and all. In its place is a fast-booting, virus-resistant, Windows-like environment capable of just about anything.

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, Linux is an open-source operating system that can run thousands of programs — including, notably, office suites like LibreOffice and OpenOffice. It can run browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera games, like Civilization V and Minecraft mail clients, like Thunderbird and Photoshop-level image editors, like GIMP.

Need a program that’s only available for Windows? A tool called PlayOnLinux can probably run it within Linux.

If there’s a downside, it’s that some areas of Linux have a learning curve, especially when it comes to configuring certain settings. And you may encounter some compatibility issues with external devices like printers.

That said, I highly recommend giving your old laptop a Linux makeover. The only real question: Which version of Linux? There are lots to choose from, with Mint and Ubuntu being arguably the most popular, the former coming closest to replicating the Windows UI.

Not sure how to proceed? Stay tuned for a how-to guide on installing Linux.

Sell It To Fund The Next One

You might ask why you would sell your old computer when the whole article is about using it. Thats true, but it is always wiser to invest in newer technologies. They dont just look brilliant, they are greener and a beefier performer, designed to run better and safer apps. Selling it for quick cash is definitely better than just throwing it away.

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Connect It To An Led Projector For A Budget Home Cinema

LED projectors are super affordable and you can set up your very own cinema at home using nothing but the projector and your old laptop. An affordable yet decent LED video projector is capable of projecting an image up 130-inch in diagonal. Use your laptop to stream your favourite show to the big screen.

What To Do With Old Hard Drives Faq


What is the best way to destroy an old hard drive?pay for the data destruction serviceCan you destroy a hard drive with a hammer?How do I recover files from an old hard drive?How to Get Data off an Old Hard Drive? The Methods Are HereWhat should I do with my old PC?What to Do with Old Computers? 3 Situations for You Here

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Uninstall Programs You Dont Use

We often install huge programs without realizing how much space theyre taking up. If you think that might be the case, you can easily uninstall any programs you dont use. Even if its a program you do use now and again, if its particularly large, it might be worth simply reinstalling each time you need it.

To uninstall a program, head over to Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features.

Go though the programs and decide which ones, if any, you dont need. If youre unsure about a particular program, you could simply use a search engine to find out more. Alternatively, you can also use a tool like the aptly named PC Decrapifier to help you distinguish the good from the bad.

How Do I Dispose Of Old Broken Computer Monitors

If you have an old PC monitor that doesnt work, you may be wondering what to do with it. Computer screens contain materials such as lead, metals, and other chemicals that can damage the environment. Therefore, they do not belong in the trash.

Heres how you can responsibly get rid of your old computer monitor:

  • Unplug your monitor for safety and clean it with paper towels and rubbing alcohol.
  • Reach out to local computer retailers and ask out about trade-in, second hand buying, or recycling programs.
  • If you want to make a few dollars, advertise your old monitor online to potential local buyers
  • If you cant recycle, trade in, or sell your old monitor, contact local thrift stores and electronics charities to ask about acceptable donations.
  • When youre ready to drop your monitor off, place it in your vehicle face down on top of a blanket or towel to protect the screen
  • Transporting old, bulky monitors can be difficult to do on your own. Save yourself the hassle and reach out to 1-800-GOT-JUNK? today – well get your computer and any other unwanted junk out of your way in no time!

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    How To Recycle Your Laptop Desktop And Peripherals

    Getting rid of your old tech safely is easier than it might seem. There are government supported recycling services, charities and even independent businesses that will take your old gear off your hands. However, they are unlikely to accept hazardous or dangerous items.

    Recycling Near You

    Recycling Near You is one stop shop for all the e-cycling information you need. It’s an excellent, gigantic database administered by Planet Ark that lists recycling information, drop-off locations and curbside collection contact information relative to your postcode. This includes government-backed services, charities and private organisations. You can search each relevant database at these links:

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    Government services the NTCRS

    The National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme lets homes and small businesses dispose of their computers, computer components and TVs at drop-off points in each state and territory, free of charge. Under the scheme, any company that makes or imports TVs or computers into Australia is required to pay for the end-of-life recycling of their products.

    You can recycle most e-waste products at NTCRS drop-off points, including:

    • Laptops, notebooks and tablets
    • Desktop computers
    • Central processing units
    • Printers
    • Peripherals

    TechCollect partners with businesses to create e-waste drop-off points.

    Things To Do With An Old Computer: Donate It

    Should I throw away my old windows 7 laptop? How to make your old laptop run like new! Cheap upgrade

    Its always nice to give back, and a used computer is a valuable tool to a family without the resources to buy one. If youd like to donate a laptop to a family in need, the National Cristina Foundation and the World Computer Exchange can help you make that happen.

    It is also a great idea to donate old electronic devices because of the phenomenon of the digital divide. The digital divide is the economic, educational, and social inequality between those who have computers and internet access and those who do not. If a family doesnt have a computer, it makes it difficult for children to do their homework, write papers, do research and for family members to apply for jobs online.

    Even a five- or six-year-old computer can have a second life for a home in need. To locate a nearby nonprofit in need of equipment, you can check out the hundreds of pre-screened organizations listed on the National Cristina Foundation website.

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    Check Your Cpus Release Date

    Another way that can give you a rough estimate of how old your computer is is to check what CPU you have and then see when that CPU was first manufactured.

    This method wont give you a super accurate date of how old your computer is. New CPUs come out every year or so, but some computer manufacturers do use older generation processors in their budget-oriented systems and there is the possibility that the system you bought sat on a shelf for any given amount of time.

    But, generally, checking your CPUs original release date can at least give you a ballpark range of how old your computer isespecially if you cross-check it with the methods listed in this guide.

    Heres how to check your CPUs original release date:

  • In the Windows search box in the taskbar, type sysinfo and hit enter.
  • Your CPU will be listed next to Processor
  • Take your processor name and search for it in Google
  • Somewhere on that page, there should be an initial release date of your processor
  • For my processor , Intel lists an original release date of Q417, which falls right in line with when I built my computer.

    Again, this method isnt perfect, but it can help you narrow down hold old your system is.

    Have It Evaluated Locally Or Online

    There are at least two reasons to have a professional check out your computer first: one is to wipe or destroy anything that could contain personal information, and the other is to evaluate whether any part of the computer is worth selling as parts.

    A local computer repair shop may be able to help you with the part of the process or you can work with an online computer components recycling company.

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    Why You Choose Sell Your Laptop

    We understand that you have a choice and we aren’t the only company buying used laptops – so why choose us? Simple, we pay more than anyone else and our cutomers trust us! Other companies ask 3 questions about your laptop to give you a quick price but this does not get you the best value! We ask a total of 7 questions which can be completed in less than 1 minute to give you the BEST PRICE for your laptop!

    Data Wiping

    Your privacy is key. We use Ministry of Defence standards to wipe the data from your laptop so you can rest assured.

    CPU Finder

    Of of the key metrics in valuing a used laptop is the processor that its installed. For the less ‘tech savvy’ users out there use this tool with the laptop you’re selling and we will tell you what processor is in there!


    We take the hard work out of positng a laptop to us. We send you a postage label FREE OF CHARGE and all you have to do is drop the laptop off at ANY Post Office.


    Questions, questions, questions! Read our FAQ’s for our most common questions and answers, or call us to discuss.

    Why Is It Important To Recycle Or Properly Dispose Of Old Computers

    What can I do with my old computer parts?

    Recycling e-waste helps prevent harmful materials from negatively affecting the environment. Proper computer disposal can keep old plastic and metal devices out of landfills and reduce the need to use non-renewable, raw materials to create new products. This means using less energy, less financial resources, and having less of an impact on areas that would be mined and destroyed.

    Many computers contain harmful materials that can cause damage to the environment if not handled properly. These materials include:

    • Mercury
    • Radioactive isotopes
    • Cadmium

    Because of the potential danger leaving these materials in landfills can cause, many local dumps will not accept old computers. You may also find yourself facing fines if you put your old computers out with the trash.

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    Keeping Things Running Smoothly

    Once youve cleaned up your computer by implementing some of the tips above, no doubt youll want to keep it running at top speed. To avoid getting frustrated with lackluster performance, its a good idea to schedule a monthly cleanup. Use the above list of tips as a handy checklist and youre all set.

    Use It As A Digital Photo Frame

    To turn an old laptop into a digital photo frame, youll have to disassemble the laptop almost entirely. Remove any extra parts and plastic casing to fit the laptop circuitry and the LCD display into a shadow box. This is another advanced project it might take some time and you might need help.

    Once youve built the digital photo frame, you can use several programs to display a slideshow of your favorite photos. You can use software such as Windows DVD Maker and Photo Story 3 . These programs are easy to install and use, and they have a help section, should you find it a challenge to use them.

    Set the number of minutes or seconds you want each photo to display, then start the application to display your digital photo slideshow.

    For additional guidance, this video walks you through the process of converting your old laptop into a digital photo frame.

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    Refurbish And Return To Work

    Many older laptops can be refurbished. An increase in memory and a replacement of the old HDD unit with a faster SSD unit significantly improves the speed of the laptop. Applications load faster, your files open quicker, and you will be able to multi-task that bit better. It can be turned into a general purpose computer.

    However, before you do decide to refurbish your laptop, consider this not all laptops can be refurbished. Some are simply too old and parts that are compatible for it may no longer be available. Plus, if you are going to spend an X amount of dollars to refurbish your laptop, it pays to check whether the increase in life span is sufficient to justify that extra amount of money.

    Back Up Your Information

    11 Things to Do With an Old Computer!

    Before you get rid of your old computer, think about what important information you want to save. Do you have photos, videos, or important documents you want to save? How much storage space will you need to save that information?

    Knowing what you want to save and how much space youll need will help you choose the best solution. Here are some options for saving or backing up your information.

    Transfer your files to your new computer. If you bought a new computer, you can transfer information from your old computer to the new one. Most operating system manufacturers have support articles that tell you how to do this.

    Save your files to an external storage device. A USB flash drive is an affordable option that offers a moderate amount of storage. Another option is an external hard drive. It might cost a little more than a USB drive, but it can give you more storage capacity and transfer data faster. You can decide which files or folders to back up, and you may be able to schedule automatic backups.

    Save your files in the cloud. There are many cloud storage services that let you save files and data online. You may be familiar with some, like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, or iCloud, but there are many others out there. Many of these services come with some free storage space and you can pay for more storage.

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    Use It To Play Classic Games

    You can use your old laptop PC to run classic PC games. We dont mean console, handheld or arcade retro games, although those would be possible too with the right emulator. We are refer to old classic PC games . It will certainly bring back some nostalgia. Its time to dust off your old games collection and bring back that nostalgia of gaming on your laptop. You can find Classic PC games and MS-DOS games to download from Internet Archive.

    And, if your laptop is around 7 years old with a dedicated graphics adapter, it will be more than capable of running some of the more recent games and not just really old DOS games. Keep gaming separate from your work laptop and use your old laptop login and access free to play games on STEAM. Be sure to check the system minimum requirements before you download any games.

    What To Do With Your Old Laptop

    Instead of letting it sit idle in your home, why not try one of these four options?

    If you have an old laptop collecting dust in your home, you’re not alone. People who purchase a new model frequently let the old one linger under the roofunused.

    And that raises a good question: How do you go about finding a new home for an old laptop? With Earth Day approaching, here are a few eco-friendly options to consider.

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    Turn It Into A Digital Photo Frame:

    I found it on the internet and found it very interesting.

    In addition to using the entire laptop, laptop photo frames always use separate parts. You can use them in different ways.

    You can reuse your old laptop screen or old laptop parts in different ways.

    Digital photo frames can add freshness to your room!

    You can find many DIY videos on this topic by searching the internet or YouTube.

    You can also use it as a USB drive by connecting the hard drive to the case.

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