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What Do I Need In A Laptop For Video Editing

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Small but powerful: A workstation wonderfully shrunken down

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Lenovo dubs it ¨The industry’s smallest workstation¨ and it is. Powered by the deca-core Intel Core i9-10900T Processor that is more than apt for video editing thanks to its discrete GPU -a NVIDIA Quadro P1000 with 4GB of video memory- its ample RAM at 32GB and 1TB of fast SSD storage with room for another.

Many might be tempted to go the “Mini PC” route for video editing but as soon as you target a high-end Intel i9 CPU you´ll face either the lack of discrete GPU graphics card or lack of i9 processor as is the case with Miniforum´s PCs or with the Intel NUC11 Extreme which ships as a DIY kit and looks like a mix between a heater and a toaster designed for teens with an engraved skull plus led lights. Lenovo´s offering on the other hand speaks “professional” from every angle.

It measures an impressive 7 inches wide and it´s thin at 1.4 inches . Of course, if you stack it vertically it takes virtually no desk space due to its 1.4-inch by 7.2 inch footprint. Being an enterprise product shows at it sports security features like an onboard TPM chip and Windows BitLocker to encrypt data and a chassis intrusion switch. Internally it can fit up to two M.2 PCIe SSDs.

Expansion is provided via USB 3.1 ports but sadly no Thunderbolt and it features connectivity via wired Gigabit Ethernet or Wi-Fi 6.

How We Test The Best Laptops For Video Editing

To find the best laptops for video editing, we run every machine we review through a rigorous suite of benchmarks and real-world tests to gauge how it will perform during everyday use.

We measure the average brightness and color quality of each laptop’s display using our in-house light meter and colorimeter. For general performance, we run laptops through a series of tests that include Geekbench 5 , as well as various 3DMark tests to measure graphics capabilities. We also run a file transfer test to measure how fast a machine’s hard drive is, and a custom battery test that has the machine browse the internet over Wi-Fi until it runs out of juice.

Most importantly for video editors, we also benchmark the video editing capabilities of every laptop we review by timing how long it takes them to transcode a 4K video down to 1080p in Handbrake. Most laptops accomplish this in 6-20 minutes, and for the purposes of this list we only included laptops that could do it in less than 10.

Finally, when testing dedicated gaming laptops we also run benchmarks for popular games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Far Cry: New Dawn.

Essential Computer Requirements For Video Editing

What does a computer need to edit top quality videos? Youre about to find out!

Simple videos with a couple of minutes like those of social media feeds can be made with smartphone apps and even free websites. But cinema-like long videos with pro special effects and high resolution demand a lot from a computer to be created.

To solve this high demand issue, theres a list of 5 essential requirements that grantees a computer is ready to perform awesome pro video editing.

Theyre requirements both for software and hardware . Once your computer has those requirements, you can be sure you have all the tools at hand for high demanding video editing.

Lets see what are the essential computer requirements for video editing.

1. Hard drive storage of at least 256GB

One of the basic tech assets you need to achieve powerful editing is a hard drive storage space of 256GB minimum with at least 700 RPM . Thats a hardware requirement. The hard drive type can be either HDD or SSD, but SSDs are faster.

256GB is, literally, the minimum you need. The bigger storage space you have, the better. There are many HDD and SSD drives with different storage possibilities, such as 500GB, 1 TB , 2TB or even 10TB of space.

In case you want more space, you can combine two hard drives in the same computer, one of 2TB and one of 10TB to get a total of 12TB of storage, for example.

2. A modern operating system

3. One processor with at least 4 cores

4. Minimum RAM of 8GB

5. A good graphics card

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Which Is Better Laptop Vs Desktop For Video Editing

When performing video editing on a laptop or desktop you need more power and desktop are much better, here is why. Laptop performance is much slower than desktop, you can easily upgrade a PC depending on your project but not every laptop can be upgraded.

Editing takes longer hours which requires you to be seated and a desktop tends to be ideal for this. Laptops are good for traveling and work at the same time, they allow you to do quick editing on the move. A desktop can easily handle multiple screens, gives you more CPU power, more RAM, and much more HD space.

Why Desktop Pc And Not A Laptop

EaseUS Video Editor Pro

Thats a good question actually, and the answer is a well-built desktop PC will give you more bang for the proverbial buck than any laptop. Or to put it in a different way, youll get more computing power for less money in a desktop PC compared to a portable. And power is everything when choosing the best computer for video editing. We are aware of the fact that there are many cool out there, but the budget is always an issue in the real world, else wed all driving Ferraris.

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How To Choose The Best Laptops For Video Editing

But, what makes a great laptop for video editing? First, they need to be powerful. Video editing, especially when working with ultra high resolution footage, can be demanding, so you’ll want a laptop with plenty of RAM, and a modern processor, either from Intel or AMD, or if you’re after a MacBook, then Apple’s own M1 chip has proved to be an awesome bit of hardware for video editing. And Apple’s new 2021 MacBook Pros come with boosted M1 chips, known as M1 Pro and M1 Max, and these offer exceptional video editing performance, even at ultra high resolutions like 8K.

Video editors will also want a laptop with plenty of fast SSD storage space, as your video files can get pretty large, so you’ll want something that can open up your files quickly, or allow you to move them between the laptop and a backup drive, for example.

You may also want to invest in a laptop with a dedicated graphics card. For regular video editing, this won’t be necessary, but if you are looking to do some ambitious video editing and rendering complex graphical effects, then buying a laptop with a GPU could be a good investment. ‘Investment’ is a key word here, as laptops with dedicated graphics cards are often far more expensive, so you’ll want to make sure that you actually need that kind of power before you put down any money. When it comes to MacBooks, they no longer come with a dedicated GPU. Instead, the M1, M1 Pro or M1 Max chip have powerful integrated GPUs that work brilliantly.

How To Choose A Video Editing Laptop

Most video editing software depends on the GPU therefore, a powerful graphics card is necessary to edit effectively. Video editing apps are also heavyweight in terms of memory usage, so the more the better. To work with heavyweight video editors like Adobe Premiere you will need 16GB of RAM to plod away comfortably, although technically it can run with just 8GB. A fast GPU will also help once you get past simple chopping up footage and start adding transitions, overlays and other fancy effects.

Finally, the operating system should have a rather large solid state disk so both it and applications load and run quickly with plenty of scratch space. Ultimately though, it will be the resolution of your video production which will steer you towards your final system requirements, with screen size being one of the most important. In general, if your video production is “full HD” or 1080P any laptop will be adequate. However, once you move to 2K or higher, you will prefer a “higher than Full HD” screen resolution on your system, we’re talking QHD and UHD for working with 2K and 4K video, respectively.

Other good factors to consider are choosing a device that is expandable , one that comes with next business day warranty and a device that features ample connectivity as users are likely to transfer files via cloud storage or via external storage .

Reasons to avoid

Read the full review: MacBook Pro 16-Inch

Reasons to avoid

Read the full review:Dell XPS 17

Reasons to avoid

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Best Budget Video Editing Laptop: What You Get For Under $1200

The best laptops for video editing are pricey. Were not going to dance around it. Video editing requires a huge amount of power, and power doesnt come cheap. You can very easily spend upwards of $3,000 on a video-editing laptop. But not everybody has that kind of cash, and, luckily, that doesnt mean that those with smaller budgets are left out in the cold.

Youve got essentially two options for more budget-minded video editing laptops. One route would be to find a less expensive gaming PC, like Dells G15, and carefully max out the elements that are most important to video editing, namely the RAM and GPU. Youll likely be making sacrifices elsewhere, though, like in the build quality, screen quality, or storage.

Instead, we like the new Apple MacBooks, especially the MacBook Air. Youll get the remarkably fast custom-made Apple M1 processor, which has proven very, very fast at video editing, as well as other intensive tasks like gaming. And going for the Air is a great way to save a few bucks after all, youre getting the exact same processor and GPU in the Air as you would in the new iMac and MacBook Pro. One suggestion: get 16 GB of memory. It costs a bit more, but its worth it.

Best budget laptop for video editing: Apple MacBook Air


Take Your Video Rendering To The Next Level

Buying a PC for Video Editing: What You Need to Know!

It takes time to create a stunning video. From the first brainstorming session to scriptwriting, to actually filming it’s a lot of work. The last thing you want to do at the end of an edit session is to wait for your work to be rendered and ready to share with the world.

A speedy laptop for video editing is about more than just the latest processor. You’ll also want a powerful GPU to speed up exporting, but often that means you’ll give up some portability. Although, that’s not always the case, as you’ll see below.

The spec sheet of most video editing laptops reads a lot like a gaming laptop, with color tuned displays, RTX 20-series GPUs, and cooling systems to ensure everything keeps running. But that’s necessarily a bad thing. You’ll save yourself some time, and when you’re done working, you can open your favorite game and escape for a couple of hours.

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What Are The Best Laptops For Video Editing

Right now, we recommend Apple’s 2021 MacBook Pro as the best video editing laptop you can buy. We prefer the 16-inch model for the extra screen real estate, but it also comes in a 14-inch version that’s just as powerful and a bit easier to carry. The older, Intel-based 16-inch MacBook Pros are still incredible video editing platforms thanks to their discrete GPUs, but Apple’s latest round of MacBook Pros are surprisingly good thanks to the power of Apple’s M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. The older 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1 is a also great choice because it’s capable, long-lasting, and remarkably lightweight, albeit a bit less powerful than the 2021 MacBook Pros.

If you prefer Windows over macOS, we recommend the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 as the best all-around video editing laptop for most people. While it’s technically a gaming laptop, that means it has plenty of power for most video editing projects thanks to its beefy AMD Ryzen 9 CPU and discrete GeForce GPU. The 11-hour battery life is frankly incredible for a gaming laptop, plus its easy to carry, has a great screen, and is remarkably affordable to boot.

How Do You Choose A Video Editing Or Rendering Computer

We put this question to James Higuchi, Lighting Supervisor at Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies , a Toronto-based VFX studio.

Nearly every machine for use in production requires its own specifications to meet the needs of the artist using it. For example, editorial requires fast I/O, lots of RAM and now that most editing suites are making use of some form of GPU acceleration, having a decent GPU can go a long way. Lastly, high clock speed CPUs are a must to help keep encoding/transcoding times down. Typically you’re going for clocks over cores in this situation.

Rendering is not too dissimilar depending on what application you’re rendering in. CPU-based rendering requires as much processing power and RAM as you can fit into a single chassis. Obviously, there is a level of diminishing returns, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard “it has too much RAM.”

On the other hand, GPU rendering is dependent almost solely on the specs of the GPU/GPUs in the system and relies on CPU for specific processes . Another consideration for rendering, regardless of the processing unit, is parallelity. Since render processes are typically broken down to a per frame basis, the more frames you can have processing at one time, the better.

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How Important Is A Powerful Graphic Card In Your Video Editing Laptop

The graphics card is the heart of any video operation in a laptop, whether thats watching videos, playing games, or, yes, editing videos. Video editing is a particularly intensive process, so a video card is perhaps the single most important internal component you should look at. Youll want, at bare minimum, a discrete GPU, which means a graphics chip that isnt merely a part of the CPU.

This means, interestingly enough, that youll likely find yourself in the gaming PC aisle: the requirements are fairly similar for high-end gaming and video editing. As for specific cards, there are too many to really name and rank here, and they change often. At bare minimum, you want a discrete card from there, things only get better.

Best GPU in a video editing laptop: Alienware M15 R4


With Nvidias GeForce RTX 3080 on board, you can be sure you wont be lacking for GPU power in this Alienware laptop. The RTX 3080 is currently the most powerful laptop GPU out there, and this beast of a laptop also features plenty of RAM and storage. Its designed for gaming, so it only has a 1080p display, but you may not even notice, thanks to screaming performance.

The Perfect Combination Of Features For An Exceptional Experience Anywhere

Wondershare Video Editor v5.1.1 Full Version Portable [ No Need to ...

Verified designs for:

  • Boundary breaking 11th Gen performance with Intel® Iris® Xe graphics
  • Remarkable responsiveness
  • Premium visuals and sound quality
  • Built-in Intel® Wi-Fi 6
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    Acer Aspire E15 Laptop

    Best for the fast and smooth running of games and other applications.

    A laptop needs to check a few boxes to win the title of a great system for video editing. A wide enough screen, a powerful processor, adequate RAM, and sufficient storage space. Acer Aspires E15 checks all of these boxes with phenomenal grace.

    The first that definitely sticks out about this system is its speed, perhaps credited to its 256 SSD drive. Add to that a widescreen 15.6 display screen with MX 150 graphics make this laptop a champion among systems that can run video editing software efficiently.


    1970 X 1080 HD resolution
    Weight 5.76 pounds

    Verdict: Packed with the most powerful hardware specs, Asus Aspire delivers on all aspects of what a good video editing laptop should accomplish. It has a visually appealing display, sufficient storage space, long battery life and fast operational speed.

    Price: $876.22

    Best Video Editing Software Tools For Movie Making

    Shotkit may earn a commission on affiliate links. Learn more.

    This guide will help you choose the best video editing software to create amazing movies in less time.

    All modern cameras and smartphones can create videos that look great.

    However, youll need to use video editing apps to turn your film footage into engaging video content.

    I edit videos for YouTube regularly and have tried all the best video editing tools out there and trust me, theres a lot of them!

    Adobe Premiere Pro

    Familiar editing interface, powerful tools and seamless integration with Adobe apps caters perfectly to multimedia content creators. Works with Mac and PC.

    Searching for the right software can be confusing, so Ive written this guide to help save you some time and money.

    Youll discover free video editing software as well as paid options, and the pros and cons of each.

    Ill also tell you about the essential video editing tools you need, as well as the advanced features required to create content professionally.

    Whether youre creating movies for YouTube or just to enjoy at home, theres a great video editor out there for you, much like with .

    So lets look at the recommendations.

    If you want professional video editing features and a familiar nonlinear editing interface, Adobe Premiere Pro is arguably the best video editing software, especially if you use a PC or Mac.

    The user interface is clean and fairly intuitive .

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