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What Do You Need For A Gaming Laptop

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How Do You Use A Gaming Laptop

5 things you need in a Gaming Laptop!

This may sound like a stupid question, but theres more to this than meets the eye. A gaming laptop can be used like other laptops which we use for the usual day-to-day tasks and entertainment purposes. These laptops have the same operating systems which we use on our normal laptops or PCs.

Internet surfing, web browsing, emails, chatting, and other activities are pretty much like when you use a standard laptop. In addition, some gaming laptops have hard keyboards like PC keyboards due to the demands of gamers who like special keyboards and mice to control their play.

People who buy gaming laptops are buying them primarily for gaming, so they want a laptop which is going to deliver the best performance, with high-quality graphics, sound and speed. They possess advanced features, system specification, and durability make gaming laptops unique.

If youre a gamer, you cant run your games on standard laptops because they just dont have the power or speed you need. Gaming laptops are popular with professionals, such as graphic designers, as they possess high graphics / video cards which deliver high-quality results not just for gaming.

Razer Cortex: Game Booster

Another really clever little piece of free software is the Razer Cortex: Game Booster, which enables you to optimise your new gaming laptop for the better.

Despite being made by peripheral manufacturer Razer, the app can be used with any gaming PC or laptop and will automatically scan your machine and adjust your GPU, CPU and memory settings in order to configure for stronger performance.

Its really easy to use, and while there are the occasional adverts for Razers own products and premium services, you can easily ignore them and make the most of this little gem of a tool.

The Pros And Cons Of Gaming Laptops Against Normal Laptops


High Speed: Gaming laptops are designed and manufactured to give you speed. You need as much speed as possible when youre gaming so that you can overcome your opponents. Just like when you play games, there are lots of tasks being processed simultaneously which need high CPU to function effectively.

RAM: RAM allows your computer to perform many of its everyday tasks, such as loading applications, browsing the internet, editing a spreadsheet, or experiencing the latest game. Memory also allows you to switch quickly among these tasks, remembering where you are in one task when you switch to another task. As a rule, the more memory you have the better. And more memory also gives you speed a boost, as your computer can handle more actions effectively.

Graphics: Gaming laptops have high-quality graphics cards which provide

high-resolution quality images and are a huge contributor to the game experience. Graphics cards provide support to games and graphics related software so that without any interruption or hang, tasks can run smoothly.

Sound: The sound quality on gaming laptops is generally much better than on a standard laptop. Audio quality is really important when gaming. Its no good having razor-sharp, fantastic animation but tinny or lacklustre sound. Basically, gaming laptops have superior sound.

Durability: Gaming laptops are built to be sturdier and more durable than normal laptops.


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Do Gaming Laptops Look Different

There are lots of gaming laptops which look pretty much like a standard laptop, but gamers do tend to like to play on computers which have a gaming look about them. So more and more gaming laptops are decorated by bright colours, metallic finishes, large icons and prominent ridges which give that high-tech look. Gamers are increasingly going for a look which differentiates a gaming laptop from a standard one. Its cooler to be a gamer than an office worker isnt it?

Remember: Get Enough Memory

How to Build Your Own Gaming PC

Before we forget, let’s talk memory. In a gaming laptop, look for at least 8GB of RAM. That will give you some breathing room when switching back and forth between your gameplay window and your messaging app, but we’d save researching game tips for when you’re not playing, as each successive browser window you open eats into your RAM allotment.

For a high-end system, we recommend 16GB, so you can have more than one gaming session, your messaging app, several websites, a webcam program, and your video streaming program open simultaneously. A midrange gaming laptop should function fine with 8GB of memory, but be aware that many new laptops are not upgradable. You may be stuck with the amount of memory you order. For an investment-grade gaming laptop, 16GB is the ideal target for most folks who aren’t extreme streamers or multitaskers, more than that is overkill.

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Our Favorite Vr Headset

Get to questing with the Quest 2.

Into VR gaming? We recommend this VR headset from Facebook’s Oculus collection, which is the best one weve ever tested. The Oculus Quest 2 is a fantastic VR option, with great specs, a comfortable design, and a catalog of excellent games at its disposal. If you’ve been looking to get into VR and want options at a good cost, the Oculus Quest 2 fits the bill.

The only downside is that the Oculus Quest requires a Facebook login, so if you’re not on Facebook you might want to try one of the other VR headset options we tested and loved, like the Merge AR/VR Headset.

Things You Need For The Perfect Gaming Setup

Unlock hours of playtime with the best equipment.

Recommendations are independently chosen by Revieweds editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Gaming setups can be very personal. If you’re anything like me, your setup has been forged over countless hours on tech forums, seeking out ways to make the most of your current setup, and discovering what products you actually need for your preferences. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a full-time streamer, there are a few must-haves that can help you grow your gaming setup with the various bits and bobs you prefer.

If you have been looking to upgrade your gaming setup or build one from scratch, look no further. We’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite and expert-tested pieces of tech that you can use for gaming, as well as some of our all-time favorite gaming items that we’ve tried. Here is everything you need for the ultimate gaming setup.

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Maximizing Your Laptops Potential

Building the right setup at home enables your gaming laptop to function as both a commuting machine and a desktop-like gaming station. Once youve designed the right spacecomplete with external monitors, a full-size keyboard, and useful accessoriesall you need to do is plug in your gaming laptop to get lost in the latest titles.

Still looking for the ideal centerpiece for your setup? Check out our guide to picking the right laptop, or compare the strengths of new laptops and desktops before making a decision.

Our Pick: Asus Tuf Gaming A15

How Much do you REALLY need to Spend on a Gaming PC? (Build Guide 2021)
Tested battery life: 7.3 hours

Every cheap gaming laptop makes trade-offs, but the Asus TUF Gaming A15 doesnt sacrifice the things that make games enjoyable. Even on more recent games, it provides solid gaming performance for the price. It also keeps its most-touched surfaces cool during long gaming sessions, and it has a high-refresh-rate screen that looks good. It also has good battery life , and its easy to upgrade if you want more storage in the future. But its fans are loud during games, you have no way to manually run the fans at max speed for extra cooling if you need it, and some owners have reported issues with the A15s trackpad.

On its default fan settings, the TUF Gaming A15 kept the most-touched WASD keys the coolest among all the laptops with equivalent graphics we tested this year. After we played Shadow of the Tomb Raider for half an hour, these keys measured 87 °F, which felt neutral, not even warm, to my fingers. The A15s internals were on the warmer end in the same test, with the CPU at 104 °C and the GPU at 82 °C. We saw similar surface and internal temperatures in our Overwatch testing. Despite those high internal temperatures, we didnt experience any performance dips that would indicate thermal throttling in games, and the A15 kept cool where it counts.

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The Best Beginner Gaming Pcs

There are plenty of great beginner gaming PCs for those who want to enjoy the perks of PC gaming without paying an exorbitant price and without the hassle of having to build one yourself.

One popular pick is the Dell G5 Gaming Desktop, which packs solid specs into a compact design that you can upgrade over time. The starting configuration goes for as low as $685, which gets you a 10th-gen Intel Core i3 processor, an AMD Radeon RX 5300 graphics card, 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. Thats enough power for playing games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Gears 5 at smooth frame rates at 1080p, though we recommend springing for at least 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD if you can. Thatll give you better breathing room for multitasking and much better load times.

Another solid option is the HP Omen 25L, which starts at $799 and gets you an AMD Ryzen 5 3500 processor, an AMD Radeon RX 5500 graphics card, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD.

If your budget is higher, the Alienware Aurora is largely considered the best gaming desktop out there. It starts at an attainable $1,009 with modest specs for solid 1080p gaming, but those who want more future-proofed specs can check out the $2,339 model with an Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. Thats enough for consistent high frame rate gaming at up to 1440p resolution.

Living The Gaming Dream

So youve got your console or your PC, your screen, your games, maybe a good sound system- you have the essentials for your gaming setup. But what else can you do to enhance your gaming experience? Though you can have a perfectly good time with just these things, with just some more stuff, you can have the gaming setup of your dreams. In this feature, well talk about a few things you can do to that end- some essential, others, not so much.

NOTE: The images in this feature were used for representational purposes only.


This is probably the most obvious choice. Unless youre playing VR, youll be doing most of your gaming sitting down, so it goes without saying that you need a good, comfortable chair. There are lots of really great options out there for this purpose, chairs that have proper lumbar support and are comfortable enough for long gaming sessions. Maybe even look into getting one with cup holders or what have you.

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What Are The Minimum Requirements For A Gaming Laptop

Knowing the minimum requirements for a gaming laptop can help you choose one that matches your needs. Picking one with the right specs helps you achieve the perfect balance of both power and portability.

Gaming laptop manufacturers such as Asus, Origin PC, MSI, Razer, etc. produce laptops with different specs to meet the needs of different consumers.

But this exact reason also makes it hard for users, especially those new to pc gaming, to decide what will work for them. When it comes to gaming laptops, a one size fits all solution doesnt exist.

The minimum requirements you need depend on the demands of the games you want to play, any other programs you wish to run, as well as the type of gaming you plan on doing casual, mainstream, or heavy.

But generally, a decent laptop should meet at least the following minimum requirements:

Intel Core i5 H series or AMD Ryzen 5 H series equivalent
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060/AMD Radeon RX 480
USB Ports 1 x USB 3.0 port, plus 2 x USB 2.0 ports

Note: These specifications are not standard but a laptop that meets the above specs shouldnt have trouble playing most modern games smoothly.

Budget Pick: Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

What Do You Need To Build A Gaming PC?

Its easy and not too expensive to add more storage, but the Nitro 5s 256 GB of SSD space will fill up quickly with games. In addition, compared with our GTX 1660 Tiequipped top picks, the Nitro 5 and its GTX 1650 graphics processor will be unable to play equally demanding games for quite as many years, and it doesnt support VR. Even so, the Nitro 5 offers unbeatable gaming performance for the price.

The Nitro 5 comes with so much bloatware, and we recommend removing it all. If you opt to use the Windows Refresh tool rather than removing each program individually, search for your model number on Acers website to reinstall the NitroSense software for controlling fan speed and any drivers that you may need.

Like many cheap gaming laptops, the Nitro 5 suffers from mediocre build quality. Its lid flexes, so we dont recommend stacking things on it or putting too much pressure against it in a bag. That said, the Nitro 5s plastic chassis is good enough, especially considering its price.

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What Is Needed For A Gaming Setup

Gaming is not only a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Millions of people worldwide play games on their PC every day with their friends and having fun. Having a decent gaming setup to work with is essential, especially if you want to become more competitive. There are a few essential things that everyone needs for a gaming setup, so here is the list of all things you should have:

  • A Powerful Gaming PC
  • A Gaming Monitor With High Refresh-Rate
  • A Large Gaming Desk
  • Broadband Internet Connection

Besides these main components, there are also many smaller extras that can be added to the setup, like an external microphone, a proper gaming chair, or installing RGB lighting. However, making your gaming setup look better is another part, so lets dive into what is needed for a gaming setup.

Lenovo Gaming Laptops: Legion & Ideapad

We’ve spent decades thinking about what gamers need in a gaming laptop, but also, about how we can make laptop gaming fun for everyone. The result is a line of laptops and hardware designed specifically for gamers, Lenovo Legion, and a selection of regular laptops that can transform into gaming machines when the need arises, IdeaPad.


Our line of Lenovo Legion gaming gear is built by gamers, for gamers, and represents the very best in gaming laptops. The Legion Series is at the core of Lenovo PC gaming and has something for every type of gamer, including VR-ready models, rigs for eSports, and even affordable laptops. Every Lenovo Legion laptop comes preloaded with a version of the Windows 10 operating system, up to Windows 10 Pro. With features that will give you every advantage, like RGB backlit keyboards, variable screen refresh rates, DDR5 memory, and unrivaled NVIDIA® graphics cards, the kitchen sink is about the only thing we didn’t throw in!

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Minimum Requirements For A Gaming Laptop: Vr

If you plan on immersing yourself into VR games like Skyrim VR, Superhot VR, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew then the last thing you want is a laptop that holds you back. VR gaming is both GPU and CPU intensive.

While 60 FPS is the target frame rate for monitor gaming, VR gaming is designed to display at 90 FPS for the best gaming experience. Below 90 FPS you may experience undesirable effects such as motion sickness.

The frame rate is highly dependent on the CPU and GPU/video card. Popular VR headset brands, for example, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and Oculus Rift all demand a capable CPU, GPU, and the right USB and HDMI ports.

For VR gaming, your gaming laptop should have at least the following minimum requirements:

2 x USB 3.0

Higher Resolution Or Faster Refresh Rate Displays

Move To PC Gaming Part 2 – What Do You Need?

Gaming laptop displays will come with various configurations of displays. Some displays will be lower resolution panels at only 1080p but will support higher refresh rates of 144Hz, 240Hz or even 360Hz. A great GPU will also be required to make full use of these high refresh rate panels.

Alternatively, you can opt for high-resolution panels that will stick to 60Hz refresh rate. These include display options that go up to 4K panels.

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Audio: Get A Bark As Loud As The Bite

The sound is just as important as the visuals when it comes to gaming. Yes, you probably have a headset that you’ll use most of the time. But sometimes you just want to let your laptop’s speakers work. The MSI-exclusive, Nahimic audio software is one of our favorites since it offers some of the best surround sound in both headphones and speakers. It also provides several handy presets, Bass Boost and Voice Clarification software. Alienware’s Dell Audio software is a close second, while Dolby Home Theater v4, available in Lenovo notebooks, rounds out our top three.

Put The Gpu First: Graphics Are Key

The main attribute that makes or breaks a gaming laptop is its graphics processing unit . We don’t consider a laptop to be a gaming laptop unless it has a discrete graphics chip from Nvidia or AMD. A quick crash course for the uninitiated: In general, the higher the number in a GPU series, the more powerful it is. For example, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 will produce higher frame rates and higher-quality graphics than an RTX 3070, and so on down the stack.

Nvidia is the dominant player in the field right now, currently producing discrete mobile GPUs based its “Ampere” microarchitecture. Ampere GPUs sell under the GeForce RTX 30-Series name and launched on laptops in early 2021. This platform supplanted the previous “Turing” generation, though you will still find these 20-Series GPUs at online retailers in some laptops that released last year. Unlike prior generations, the top-end Turing and Ampere GPUs available on laptops carry an “RTX” designation rather than “GTX,” a nod to the ray-tracing technology that the platform offers for enhanced in-game visuals .

These remain relevant for the time being despite the new GPUs, especially in the lowest-end gaminglaptops, though the RTX 3050 and RTX 3050 Ti will begin to replace them in many cases. You will also see, for example, the GTX 1650 Ti utilized in small gaming laptops like the Razer Blade Stealth 13, and in non-gaming laptops that can benefit from some graphics oomph, like the Dell XPS 15.

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