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What Is A Good Laptop For A 10 Year Old

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Tanoshi Scholar Kids Computer

Best Laptop for 10 Year Old Daughter

This relative newcomer to the market of laptops is Tanoshi, but its building a solid reputation as among the best laptops for elementary school students. On the opposite end of the spectrum as a MacBook Pro, the Tanoshi Scholar Kids Computer runs on the Android operating system, meaning that most kids wont be able to inadvertently mess up their computer by error or customization. Built-in parental controls allow parents to control what the child is seeing from their phone area particularly a unique offering for this laptop. With a price point thats one of the lowest we surveyed, you will get your moneys worth. We recommend this as a first laptop or for kids who are 6 to 12 years old.

Best Laptops For Your 10

So your daughter or son just reached 10 years old? Yeah, congratulations!

Well, that might also mean its reached the point where you no longer want to share your work laptop for your childs school work and gaming exploits.

Or maybe their new school asks that all students bring a laptop to school or have one at home that matches those available in the classroom.

Whatever the reason, a 10-year-old with a laptop is hardly a rare phenomenon in the twenty-first century.

However, it can be pretty difficult to find the right machine for your daughter or son, especially with all the operating systems and styles available.

So, weve created this handy guide to help you find the right laptop for your child.

Who Should Buy A Laptop For A Teen

If your teen has been struggling in classes, then a laptop may be able to help with his grades. Not only will he be able to take more efficient notes in class with the use of a laptop, he wont lose them, either. In the same vein, completed homework wont be misplaced or left at home, and his essays will always be available for him to work on while he has his laptop on hand. Accessing the internet is all the easier with a laptop that he can connect to a wifi wherever he takes it and that means his ability to complete his homework is only dependent on access to the internet. Even if your teen hasnt been struggling, you may see a bump in grades and overall productivity with the addition of a laptop. Not only will your teen be better able to complete homework and projects, but the entire worlds knowledge will be just a few clicks away.

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The Final Word On Shopping For The Best Laptop For Kids

Back to school is coming whether the kids are ready or not. And after the pandemic-altered school year they just endured, they deserve a reason to be a little extra excited this fall. Finding the best laptop for kids in your life could be just the thing. Plus, remote learning during the pandemic made a laptop essential, meaning the device you may have once considered more of a fun toy has now transformed into a critical back-to-school tool.;;

The Best Laptops For Kids

10 Best Laptop For 10 Year Old 2020

Most kids don’t need an expensive laptop with the most powerful processors, graphics cards, or maxed-out specs, like a large hard drive or several gigabytes of RAM. What they really need is something portable, sturdy, and with a long-lasting battery.

But there are hundreds of laptops for kids to choose from, and sifting through them is about as difficult as helping your child with their math homework. So, shop our picks for the best kid-friendly laptops that are reliable, easy to use, and perfect for back to school.

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Choosing The Best Laptop For School

As the new school year draws closer, busy parents begin planning for term one and beyond. While shopping for books, pencils and other school staples is relatively straightforward, buying back to school tech can become a mission in itself. Here are tech expert Trevor Longs top tips for choosing the right device in 2018 from understanding what your child needs, to getting the best value for money this back to school season.

Best For Tweens: Asus L210 Laptop

  • 12 hours of battery life

  • No touchscreen

  • Number pad can be hard to use

At less than one inch thin and a mere 2.3 pounds, tweens will have no trouble toting around this pick. Theyll love the 180-degree lay-flat hinge feature, which is super helpful for group projects or working in collaborative settings.

When homework gets harder, theres a backlit keyboard and an innovative 6-inch number pad. Reviewers praise this choice as affordable, easy to use, and able to handle whatever task a modern tween can throw at it.;

Operating System: Windows 10 | Screen Size: 11.6 inches | Touchscreen: No |Storage: 64GB

  • Type cover keyboard sold separately

  • Limited battery life

Perfectly portable, this versatile option can be used as either a laptop or tablet. If you want the type cover keyboard, itll need to be purchased separately, but its a seamless connection. Additionally, this tablet works with a surface pen and mobile mouse, both sold separately.

This is a helpful option for families who may want the versatility of a tablet for streaming and the functionality of a laptop.;

Operating System: Windows 10 | Screen Size: 10.5 inches | Touchscreen: Yes | Storage: 64GB

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Should I Upgrade My Pc Or Get A New One

For laptops, the main components to upgrade will be the RAM and the SSD, as you dont have much opportunity to swap out the CPU or motherboard.

In most cases, the cost to efficiency ratio is skewed towards simply buying a full replacement with a laptop.

Note that a laptops battery also wont typically last as long as the other components. By the end of two years, the battery probably wont hold the same amount of charge as it did when the machine was fresh out of the box.

Replacing the battery can give you the boost you need if your main problem is that you cant use the laptop away from a wall outlet anymore.

While there are a handful of ways to increase the life or your laptop from RAM upgrades to performing a clean install of Windows these are stop-gap measures. Eventually the time always comes where a replacement is required.

Acer Chromebook Spin 11

How Good Is a 10-Year-Old Macbook Air?

This is another great laptop for 10-year old kids and they can use it both for schoolwork or play. It packs features such as an Intel Celeron N3350 processor, Intel HD Graphics 500 card, 32GB eMMC storage, and an 11.6 HDF touch screen.

Acer Chromebook Spin 11 sports a rugged design and is powerful enough to get your kids through their daily schoolwork or assignments. As a 2-in-1 machine, they can flip the keyboard and use it as a tablet to play games in their free time.

Other features it offers include two USB-C and two USB 3.0 ports, a snappy keyboard, two cameras, Wacom stylus, ChromeOS so it wont get viruses, plus access to Android apps.

While it shrugs off drops, knocks, and water spills, its display is a bit dim and its performance isnt that great. However, it makes up for this with its affordability, durability, and functionality.

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The Verdict: Laptops For Kids

For Windows machines, wed opt for Microsofts Surface range, such as the Surface Go: its immaculate build quality and reliability make it the best buy here. Other favourites include the HP 11-v001na Chromebook or Apple iPad and Smart Keyboard as they are comfortable for smaller hands.

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Make Learning At Home Easier

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While pencil and paper are still school supplies, these days, so is a laptop. Whether your kid is just starting school, learning virtually, or a high schooler with tons of homework, there will come a time in their academic life when a laptop will be helpful.;

There are so many laptops on the market. It can be tricky to find the right one for your budget, needs, and family lifestyle. To help you narrow down your choices, here are the best laptops for kids currently on the market.;

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Best For Teens: Apple Macbook Air

  • 15 hours of battery life

  • Reliable and long lasting

  • Expensive investment

  • Only runs macOS

The lightest, fastest MacBook available is expensive but worth it for older, more responsible teens, especially those that have art-inspired work or will be using the laptop for a few years to come. With up to 15 hours of battery life, this innovative powerhouse of a machine boasts a new M1 processor thats super fast and the lack of a fan makes this a silent computer.

Light and portable, the high resolution and bright display stands out among other options. Since MacBooks last a long time and tend to hold their value, this could be a wise investment for teens.;

Operating System: Mac OS | Screen Size: 13.3 inches | Touchscreen: No | Storage: 256GB

  • Expensive

  • 11 hours of battery life

An award-winning option, this laptop is a high-functioning machine with a high price tag. Its used best as a family computer thatll get a lot of use by everyone, which helps to balance out the high cost.

Lightweight with moderate battery life, the family-friendly machine has an embedded fingerprint reader and the convenience of Amazons Alexa built into the computer. Reviewers note the excellent performance and well-made construction as stand-out features of this machine.

Operating System: Windows 10 | Screen Size: 14 inches | Touchscreen: No | Storage: 512GB

Why Get A Laptop For Your 10 Year Old Kid

Today i resurected my 10 year old laptop with lubuntu ...

It seems quite counter intuitive.

Why would a kid want a dedicated laptop to himself/herself?

Well as it turns out, kids are working on;subjects in schools that are far more advanced than we ever imagined in schools. Subjects like basic robotics, working with raspberry pi etc are being taught in school at a very young age.

In this case, not having a laptop would only stunt your kids learning.

Plus, unlike with the previous generation, there is a;vast ocean of knowledge on the internet.;Kids can pick up hobbies that they want to expand via the internet.

A laptop can thus work as a;workbench;for testing out various new hobbies such as photo editing, drawing, programing etc.

Lastly, you have to factor in the peer pressure. If the majority of your kids peers have a laptop of some sort, then not having one will discourage your daughter or son to achieve social rewards.

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Here There And Everywhere

With a responsive 8th-Gen Intel Core Processor and nearly instant bootup that offers immediate access to your Google apps, the keeps you connected. At just 2 pounds and 13mm thin, and featuring a grippable rubber underside, the Chromebook is made for you to take everywhere. The battery can last up to 12 hours, and you can plug in for just 20 minutes to get two hours of life. Meanwhile, the 13.3-inch touchscreen offers a stunning 4K display, perfect for unwinding with a Netflix show once homework is done. The Google Pixelbook Go is designed to save most of your work on the cloud, but you can also find Go models with up to 256GB of storage.

Best budget laptop for kids: HP Chromebook 11A G8 Education Edition

How Much Ram Do I Need

We recommend 8 GB of memory for most people. That should be enough for web browsing, editing documents and spreadsheets, light gaming, and occasional video and photo editing. But consider stepping up to 16 GB if you regularly use high-end applications like Adobe Photoshop or Premiere, if you play visually demanding games, if youre doing 3D drafting, or if you work in web and app development. Many laptops cant have more memory added after you buy them, so be sure to get one with 16 GB of memory now if you think youll need it; that usually adds $100 or $200 to the price tag.

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Best Laptop For 10 Year Old Daughter In 2021

Congratulations! She is finally hitting a decade old. Raising a pre-teen may not be easy; she desires independence and that includes electronic independence.

At the same time as a parent you may feel that it is time that your laptop remains solely for office work. Hence, the need to look for the best laptop for 10 year old daughter.

With the advance in technology, school-going kids are increasingly required to own a laptop to facilitate school work and homework as well.

Using the laptop, your 10-year-old daughter can expand her knowledge and skills in subjects such as programming software, photo editing, writing, etc.

As they say, all work without play makes Jack a dull boy; she also needs to play some favorite games on her Chromebook.

Some of the considerations to look out for when purchasing a laptop for her include durability, laptop size, performance, etc.

Read on to find out thebest laptop for teenager, word processing, computer science, writers.

Best Laptops For Kids In 2021

GAMING on a 10 Year Old Laptop! – Actually Good? – Cheap Laptop Testing

Start your kids’ laptop life off right with one of these great options

The best laptop for kids may not sound crucial at first if they use a hand-me-down tablet or smartphone that might feel good enough for their digital needs. However, as we move towards the back-to-school season, computers are part of the curriculum for virtually every age group and familiarity with a laptop can be a real advantage.

The best laptop for kids presents some unique challenges due to their less careful handling of the laptop and at least initially fairly basic needs. That caused us to weigh durability a little more heavily than for most and ideally, it won’t be too expensive in case anything happens to it. For slightly older children or those that are abundantly careful, those are less relevant, so we aren’t eliminating all laptops that don’t fit those criteria.;

Regardless of your child’s needs after hours of researching and reviewing these laptops, we are sure that one will be the right fit after you make one big choice. ;

There are certainly some limitations to Chrome OS, for example, high-end gaming and video production are two categories that arent well served, still, a Chromebook is a great fit for most kids.

Once you have determined which OS is right for your child the hard work is over. Here are the best laptops for kids based on our reviews each of these is an excellent option for your child.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

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Laptops For Younger Kids Versus Older Kids

Some criteria make sense for all ages. Young kids need something sturdy that can handle drops or bumps, and older kids need something that can handle being lugged in a backpack alongside heavy books. Long battery life makes everyone’s life easier, too.

Processing power and storage will likely be your main deciding factors, and it all depends on what the kid will be doing on the laptop. Younger kids may do some light schoolwork, play games, or watch a movie, but there’s no reason to pay for RAM over 4 GB to run a few apps for school or a fancy screen to play Overcooked! 2. Faster RAM and increased screen resolution will be important for high school or college students who need a device that can multitask with power-sucking apps like PhotoShop or software for a statistics course. Ample storage space is a must to house things like schoolwork and downloaded textbooks.

Here are the best laptops for kids in 2021:

Use It As A Secondary Monitor

Your old laptop might be slowed down with the latest OS updates, but what many people dont think of is that the screen is still as good as it was the first day.

And if your old laptop is using Windows operating system, youll have a very easy way to turn your old laptop into a secondary monitor for your PC or primary laptop.

Weve written a post that explains everything in details, so we recommend checking it out since it might be a suitable option for many of you out there.

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How To Monitor Your Kid’s Computer Activity Without Smothering Them

Handing a laptop to your kid naturally comes with safety concerns. The already-huge screen time debate was forced into the spotlight when the coronavirus required schools to close, forcing caregivers to find a way to keep kids entertained and engaged all day, every day. Parents were told to not freak out about their kids staring at a screen while stuck at home, as the evidence connecting screen time and cognitive or behavior development is pretty meager. But if you’re worried that too much freedom will result in kids landing on an inappropriate site or going into technology zombie mode, parental control software steps in to strike a healthy balance.

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