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What Is A Touch Laptop

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HP Laptop 15z-gw000

TheHP Flagship High-PerformanceTouchscreen Laptop might be the best touchscreen laptop that you can get on a limited budget. Donât expect it to do everything, but this little 15.6 inch HD laptop can do quite a bit.

This user-friendly touchscreen offers 4GB RAM and a processing speed of 2.16GHz. 500GB of storage on the hard drive alone provides plenty of space, but you can always expand with the use of its USB ports.

touchscreen laptop-HP Laptop 15z-gw000

Benefits Of Using A Touch Screen Laptop

April 10, 2010 by Guest Writers

As the name suggests, laptops which use touch screens as input mechanism are called touch screen laptops. These laptops do not require the use of a mouse or touchpad. You can use your fingers or a stylus to open files, paste and copy, drag and drop and move or resize windows.

A laptop with touch screen has a comparatively reduced and compact size and so, is very easy to carry. However, it does not compromise on the key size. Since a touch screen laptop does not require a mouse pad, it allows the laptop manufacturers to increase the touch key sizes and ensure that the keyboard doesnât appear jammed. A touch screen laptop allows you to sketch using a stylus or take notes in your own handwriting. Most touch screen laptop computers also have efficient handwriting software, using which you can translate both cursive as well as printed writing into digitized form. Besides, the handwriting software eliminates the requirement for typing skills, as it simplifies the process of writing in cursive or printing on screen to execute commands. Thus, it provides a speedier and more productive user experience.

One of the best touch screen laptops in the market is HP Touch Smart TX2. It packs the punch of a regular laptop as well a multimedia machine. The touch screen technology used in this laptop enables the use of two fingers to navigate the multimedia applications. It operates on Windows 7 and has an AMD Turion processor.

Delcorians Debate So You Can Decide

Desktops and conventional laptops no longer rule the business world. In the last few years, weve seen three alternatives make headway in the traditional laptop market.

  • Laptop with touchscreenthe keyboard is attached like a regular laptop but the screen is enabled for touch.
  • 2-in-1 convertible laptopthe detachable or hinged keyboard is inactive when its in tablet mode.
  • Surface tabletMicrosofts iPad competitor, designed to replace your laptop.

If youre in the market for a new laptop or laptop replacement, listen in on a conversation I had with three DelCorians about the pros and cons of these devices.

  • Leigh Andreasen is a hardware acquisition specialist.
  • Diane Stoner, PMP, is testing a hybrid laptop.
  • David DeLorenzo, CAE, is using his Surface as a laptop replacement.

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Touchscreens Add Pen Options

The 2-in-1 Surface Pro is a prime example of what a laptop with a pen can achieve, but something like the HP Spectre x360 is not far behind, albeit in a convertible form. You have a standard laptop for typing and productivity, but you can also flip the display around and use the impressive HP pen.

Many Lenovo laptops also feature an active stylus, and while they don’t deliver quite the same experience as a full-fledged pen, they still do a great job of making you believe that you’re writing or drawing on real paper. If you like the idea of jotting down notes or quickly annotating documents, a touchscreen combined with a pen and Windows Ink is something to behold.

Inspiron Touch Screen Laptops

HP  Pavilion x360 2

With some of the best 2-in-1 laptops and touch screen laptops from Dell, Inspiron devices make it easy to stay connected whether you are streaming, socializing, working, or shopping online. Inspiron laptops are easy to use and combine the latest technology with thoughtful design and all the options you need for seamless interaction with your world. Screen sizes range from 13 to 17, making it easy to find a small laptop or a large screen laptop to meet your needs. Features of Inspiron touch screen laptops include:

  • AMD and Intel® processors
  • SSD, HDD, and eMMC storage drives up to 1 TB and higher
  • Options for 4K video resolution
  • Most Inspiron touch screen laptops are stylus-compatible

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Suitable For Drawing And Note

Graphic designers and artistsoften prefer a touchscreen feature. There are laptop models equipped with a touchscreen display and stylus so users can efficiently generate sketches of artworks on the go at their convenience. A touchscreen and stylus display combo can be a highly convenient feature package for students, as it eliminates the need to have to carry around several heavy notebooks for classes.

What Is A Laptop Touchpad

Related Topics

A laptop touchpad is a device that is built into laptop and notebook computers. The pad has functions that are similar or the same as an external mouse. It allows laptop users to work from the convenience of any small space. With the use of a touchpad users still have the control offered by using an external mouse for onscreen computer movements.

The movements that are offered by a laptop touchpad can also be completed through the use of several keystrokes however, keystrokes can be time consuming and difficult to remember. As a result of the difficulty of keystrokes, the touchpad was created for laptop and notebook users. The first touchpads were created in the 1990s, and the technology of the laptop touchpad has been advancing since then.

As a pointing device a laptop touchpad is a relative motion device. Like all relative motion devices a notebook touchpad translates user movements. It is made specifically to sense the movement of a finger, and it will not sense the movements of other objects. A touchpads movements are shown on the computer screen through the motion of the cursor. In fact, the cursor will move at the same rate as the users finger moves on the laptop touchpad.

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How Can I Make My Laptop A Touch Screen Windows 10

How to Turn On the Touchscreen in Windows 10 and 8 Select the search box on your taskbar. Type Device Manager. Select Device Manager. Select the arrow next to Human Interface Devices. Select HID-compliant touch screen. Select Action at the top of the window. Select Enable Device. Verify that your touchscreen works.

Why Are Touch Screens Used

Computers & Laptops : What Is a Touch Pad?

Below are the reasons a manufacturer may decide to use a touch screen, instead of another input method, such as physical buttons.

  • Touch screens are intuitive, especially to younger generations of users.
  • Having one touch screen instead of several buttons can make a device smaller.
  • Cheaper to design and manufacture a device with one screen instead of on with a screen and buttons.
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    What Is The Best Laptop Touch Screen

    What is the best touchscreen laptop? The Dell XPS 13 is the best touchscreen laptop. While swiping your hands left and right on the Dell XPS 13 screen, you will feast your eyes on a gorgeous, breathtaking display. Our writer who reviewed the Dell XPS 13 gushed about its bright and colorful screen thats absolutely mesmerizing.

    Touchscreens Drain Batteries Faster

    Touchscreens come with a whole other set of processing jobs for the hardware inside your PC, mainly due to the touch panel constantly checking to see if any of your digits are touching the display. The difference in battery life can be quite drastic, sometimes cutting out up to hours of life.

    Laptops are meant to be used on the go, and if you think you’ll often use yours while traveling, commuting, or in the field, consider staying away from a touchscreen. You never know when you’ll need an extra few minutes of battery life.

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    Microsoft Surface Go 3

    Why you should buy this: This 2-in-1 is an easy, durable choice when youre always on the move.

    Who its for: Students and professionals who dont need to get a Surface Pro.

    Why we picked the Microsoft Surface Go 3:

    The Surface Go 3 improves on the affordable 2-in-1 in several ways, notably with a faster 10th-gen Core i3-10100Y CPU option thats a real upgrade from the 8th-gen CPU in the previous model. It sports the same larger 10.5-inch touchscreen that improved its screen resolution to HD and enhanced the battery life to 10 hours. At only 1.2 pounds, its the lightest option on our list, too, ideal for carrying around with you throughout the day and one of the best laptops for college students.

    You can choose up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage, but we like the lower specs that keep the price down. At the base level, its the most affordable Surface device Microsoft offers, and well within a wider range of budgets. Perfect for those who dont need or cant justify buying a Surface Pro. You will need to buy the optional Type Cover to give this 2-in-1 full laptop functionality, however.

    We love that the Surface Go 3 comes equipped with a USB-C connection for the latest data connections, although theres also a Surface Connect port and a microSDX card reader.

    Read our full Microsoft Surface Go 3 review

    Diane Likes These Other Aspects Of The 2

    Ask LH: Why Would I Want A Touchscreen PC?
    • Responsive and precise touchscreen. In tablet mode, the convertible is useful for lighter work from any location, like browsing, lookups, reviewing email and documents, file management, and working in Word, Excel, and our CRM. Although I still find the keyboard essential for most of my work.
    • In keyboard mode, heavy work can be done with the convertible. Im more inclined to use the keyboard in a desk setting.
    • Boots up quickly, usuallymore on that later.

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    What Are The Most Important Attributes Of A Good Touchscreen Laptop

    A good touch screen laptop must be exceedingly bright and should support multiple form factors. In case, you are looking at clamshell models, never opt for anything that comes without a pen or stylus. For convertibles, you can always consider lightness of weight and rounded edges which arenât prone to chipping. Besides that, a touch screen laptop hardly encounters mechanical failures when keyboards are considered. Last but not least, these laptops feature tactile feedback which is a handy attribute if you want to be sure that the laptop has registered your command.

    Which Of These Budget Laptops Is Best

    Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop. If you are looking to get the most bang for your bucks,then the Acer Aspire 5 should be on your watch list.

  • Apple MacBook Air. Avid users of Apples MacBook models will appreciate the many upgrades this new release has.
  • ASUS VivoBook L203MA Laptop.
  • Lenovo Chromebook C330 2-IN-1 Convertible Laptop.
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    When Touch Screen Laptop Is A Good Choice

    A touch screen laptop is great for art enthusiasts and people looking to get a faster navigation feature. It allows you to use your laptop as a real-time board for creating art and making digital signatures. Remember, you can not rely on touch screens for typing and giving multiple inputs. The reviews of MSI GL65 Leopard gaming laptop suggest that it is good for multitasking and maintaining high efficiency.

    Chromebooks and tablets are portable gadgets with high performance and great battery life. We recommend you choose between Chromebook vsTablet after considering customer reviews, ratings, and all their features.

    Apple products come with durable build design and deliver standard performance. Our review of the Apple 2020 MacBook Air recommends it to be durable, efficient, and a high-speed gadget.

    How Do You Fix A Touch Screen On A Laptop

    Should You Get a Laptop with a Touch Screen?

    Follow the steps to reset Touch Screen Calibration data: a. Press Windows + X and click Control Panel . b. In the search option, type Calibrate and click on Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input under Tablet PC settings. c. Click Reset under Display options and select yes. d. Restart the computer and check.

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    Tap Swipe And Zoom With A Touch Screen Laptop

    From smartphones and tablets to kiosks and ATMs, touch screen technology is everywhere today and our laptops are no exception. With a touch screen, you have more ways to interact with your computer from tapping and swiping to pinching and stretching. A touch screen laptop has a more intuitive way to navigate screens and input information. Dells award-winning touch screen laptops combine stunning visual experiences, groundbreaking technologies, and best-in-class features to deliver screens that let you interact with your apps any way you choose.

    Explore must-have Dell laptops & 2-in-1 PCs. Find the latest models from XPS, Inspiron, G-Series & Alienware.

    The Best Touchscreen Laptops You Can Buy Today

    Reasons to avoid

    The Dell XPS 13 is a popular machine here at Tom’s Guide, and it’s the best touchscreen laptop because it’s a strong performer that packs a beautiful display into a slim, lightweight design.

    The 1,920 x 1,200 touchscreen on the 2020 model we tested felt accurate and easy to use. Plus, in 2021 Dell began offering the XPS 13 with an optional 3.5K OLED touchscreen that’s just as accurate and a lot more beautiful. If you can afford it it’s well worth the investment, as the OLED’s deep, inky blacks, vibrant colors, and high contrast ratios really shine when mounted in the XPS 13’s thin-bezelled InfinityEdge design. We like it so much we gave the XPS 13 the awards for best laptop display and best laptop overall in our Tom’s Guide Awards 2021.

    Not interested in OLED? Don’t miss our Dell XPS 13 review.

    Reasons to avoid

    With its beautiful AMOLED touchscreen, excellent battery life, and comfortable S Pen stylus, the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is the best 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop for creatives, students, and professionals who like to take notes or doodle.

    Reasons to buy
    Reasons to avoid

    And for the most part, it is all that: its 11th Gen Intel CPU and 16+ GB of RAM gives you enough power to tackle most work, and if you splurge for a model with the discrete Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU the Surface Laptop Studio also doubles as a decent machine for gaming or video editing on the go.

    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid

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    Top Choices For Touchscreen Laptops

    Razor Book 13 One of the best non-gaming laptops of the year. This ultraportable is one of the first touchscreen laptops that can compete with the MacBook Air. A top-of-the-line Core i7 processor and endless plugin features make this laptop all-around top-notch. USB Type-A, HDMI, and USB Type-C ports make this ultraportable an easy favorite.

    • Size: 11.6 x 7.8x 0.6 inches
    • Reference Price: $1,799

    touchscreen laptop-Razor Book 13

    HP Spectre x360 ThisHP laptopis back with more powerful components like Intel Iris Plus graphics and 10th-generation Intel Core processors and features their amazing Bang & Olufsen speakers and extra security. This laptop is for those who care about aesthetics as much as overall quality and performance.

    • Size: 11.8 x 8.7 x 0.7 inches
    • Reference Price: $1,299

    touchscreen laptop-HP Spectre x360 14

    Dell XPS 13 TheDell XPS 13holds a high ranking in every list of best touchscreen laptops and remains one of the best laptops on the market years after its first release. This luxurious device comes with reliable performance, and all-day battery life, and a streamlined design. While the price tag is on the higher end, the Dell XPS 13 is worth every cent.

    • Size: 11.6 x 7.8 x 0.6 inches
    • Reference Price: $1,700

    Touchscreen Laptops To Check Out

    New HP 15.6"  Touch

    Now, if you are set on going for a touchscreen laptop, then there are many different options out there for you to choose from. Some of them are available in both a touch screen and a non touch screen option.

    Heres just a few of the top options to look for if youre thinking about switching to using a touchscreen laptop.

    Dell XPS 13/15

    Out of the big name premium laptops , the Dell XPS series is the first one to release a touchscreen version that you can opt for. Its likely a sign of things to come, with the touchscreen XPS being pretty popular amongst users.

    This is generally due to its high quality display and responsive design, which make it one of the best touchscreen laptops out there. Although you do may a premium to get integrated touch features into the display, you dont sacrifice and picture quality or colour accuracy in doing so.

    Microsoft Surface

    The Microsoft Surface series is probably the most well known out there when considering touchscreen laptops and 2-in-1s its really set the standard for other brands to have to try and meet.

    Their laptops do tend to be expensive, but they usually come with a solid battery life and a high resolution which make it very visually impressive. Laptop models to check out are the Microsoft Surface Go, and the Surface Book 3, which has a display thats completely detachable from the keyboard.

    Razer Blade 15

    HP x360 series

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    Considerations For Selecting A Touchscreen Laptop

    • Operating system

    The majority of touchscreen laptops run Windows, but some run Chrome OS or even Android. At the time of writing, Apple hasn’t yet produced a touchscreen laptop, so if you’re a Mac person, you’re out of luck. If you use your laptop for work, we generally recommend one that uses Windows as an operating system, as Chrome OS and Android are more simplistic. Chrome OS and Android, however, are more than sufficient for general web-browsing and media consumption.

    • Screen responsiveness

    If you’ll be using your touchscreen a lot, opt for one that’s highly responsive. A significant lag between touching the screen and the screen response can ruin your whole usage experience. If you choose a laptop from a trusted brand, you’ll usually find the screen is adequately responsive. Lesser-known brands tend to be more hit and miss.

    • Screen size

    You can find touchscreen laptops with screens listed anywhere between 11 and 17 inches . Those with smaller screens are ideal for use on the go or for taking with you to work or school. Those with larger screens are better for doing certain kinds of work and for media consumption. Remember that smaller laptops will have smaller keyboards by default, so you may find them fiddly to type on if you have large hands.

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