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What Is A Windows Laptop

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How To Choose The Right Windows Laptop For You

Should I Buy a Chromebook or Windows Laptop?

While there are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right Windows 10 laptop, we advise that you start by figuring out how much display you need. Windows laptops are available in display resolutions ranging from 1080p to 4K , and in screen sizes from 13 to 17 inches. Many of these machines also offer optional touch displays.

We think a 13 to 15 inch laptop at 1080p is the sweet spot for most people, as youll get very good clarity and a decent amount of real estate within a machine thats still fairly portable and reasonably priced. This class of machine makes relatively few compromises and works well for most users.

Recommended specs

  • Storage: 512GB or larger solid state drive
  • Ports: At least two USB-C connections

A higher screen resolution means you can see more detail when using apps and watching movies, or get more screen real estate for apps , but it can also drive the price of a laptop up considerably. So a 4K display makes the most sense if you do a lot of graphics work or use your laptop as your main entertainment screen for movies and TV, . Also think about how youll be using your laptop a slim 13-inch notebook is ideal for working on the road, while a 17-inch machine isnt quite as portable, but will get you more screen space for working at your desk.

User Interface And Desktop

A new iteration of the Start menu is used on the Windows 10 desktop, with a list of places and other options on the left side, and tiles representing applications on the right. The menu can be resized, and expanded into a full-screen display, which is the default option in Tablet mode. A new virtual desktop system was added by a feature known as Task View, which displays all open windows and allows users to switch between them, or switch between multiple workspaces. Universal apps, which previously could be used only in full screen mode, can now be used in self-contained windows similarly to other programs. Program windows can now be snapped to quadrants of the screen by dragging them to the corner. When a window is snapped to one side of the screen, Task View appears and the user is prompted to choose a second window to fill the unused side of the screen . The Windows system icons were also changed.

Charms have been removed; their functionality in universal apps is accessed from an App commands menu on their title bar. In its place is Action Center, which displays notifications and settings toggles. It is accessed by clicking an icon in the notification area, or dragging from the right of the screen. Notifications can be synced between multiple devices. The Settings app was refreshed and now includes more options that were previously exclusive to the desktop Control Panel.

We Test Laptops More Thoroughly Than Anyone Else

Because Which? is independent and does not accept advertising or freebies, you can trust our reviews to give you the full, honest and impartial truth about a product.

We use a vast combination of objective and subjective examinations to ensure that the laptops we recommend truly are the best. As well as using light-monitoring equipment to evaluate screen quality, for example, we also have a panel of experts to see how each laptop’s screen looks in various environments, and whether it suffers from distracting reflections.

From battery life to the sound you’ll get from the speakers, we test every nook and cranny. Find out which machines flew through our in-depth tests by discovering all our Best Buy laptops.

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Best For Power Users And Creators

OS;;Windows 10 Home or Pro | CPU;;Intel Core i5-10400H, Core i7-10750H, Core i7-10850H, Core i9-10885H | GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q | RAM;;8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB | Storage;;256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB | Screen;;FHD , 4K/UHD 4K/UHD | Wireless;;Bluetooth 5.1, Wi-Fi 6 , mobile broadband option | Ports and slots ;2x USB 3.2, 2x USB-C Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0, RJ-45 Ethernet , 4-in-1 SD card reader | Camera;;HD , HD & IR option, ThinkShutter privacy cover | Audio;;Dolby Atmos Speaker System , 3.5 headphone/mic combo jack | Battery;;4-cell 80Wh | Dimensions;;361.8mm x 245.7mm x 18.4mm | Weight ;from 1.7kg | Price;;from $1,658 – $2,494

Laptops designed for power users and creators are always going to command premium prices because they need high-end features such as serious processing power, powerful discrete graphics, copious memory and storage, a high-quality screen and robust industrial design.

Lenovo’s top-of-the-range 15.6-inch ThinkPad X1 Extreme weighs in at a reasonably portable 1.7kg while offering professional-level features and performance. Displays range from a non-touch IPS panel with FHD resolution up to a 4K/UHD OLED touchscreen. There’s a 4K IPS screen option, too, with higher brightness than the OLED screen, but only the latter supports 100% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut, which is important in the video editing market.

How To Tell If Your Pc Can Run Windows 11

Acer Launches New Line Of Affordable Windows 10 Laptops ...

There are two ways to determine whether your PC can run Windows 11.

The Trusted Platform Module app can tell you if your PC has a TPM 2.0 chip inside of it.

First, to figure out whether your PC contains a TPM, you can just ask it.;If you type;tpm.msc into your Windows 10 PCs search bar, your PC will open the Trusted Platform Module Management app. Youll then be to scroll down to the TPM Manufacturer information and see whether a TPM is installed, and whether its TPM-certified.

Second, Microsoft is providing a free app to determine whether your PC is capable of running Windows 11: the PC Health Check app.

PC Health Check is already live on Microsofts site, and its worth downloading. Its a small Win32 app that provides a summary of whats on your PC. It also offers a one-click check of your PCs capabilities at the top of the window, to see whether you can run Windows 11. Microsoft said on June 26 that it updated the PC Health Check app to provide more information about what would make a PC ineligible for Windows 11.

The PC Health Check app answers the question: can my PC run Windows 11?

Theres also a third-party, unsupported tool called WhyNotWin11, which is available on GitHub. WhyNotWin11 is;not supported by Microsoft, and Windows SmartScreen will likely flag it if you run it. WhyNotWin11 was designed to provide even more granular information about your PC, and why it might not be eligible for Windows 11.

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How Fast Do I Need A Chromebook To Be

Buying a laptop is relatively easy: simply look for an up-to-date AMD or Intel processor, and look for the lowest price. But Chromebooks can have a variety of low-end microprocessors to choose from, some of which you may have never heard of.

PCWorlds Alaina Yee recommends buying a Chromebook with a Pentium or Celeron processorand thats a good place to start if you dont feel comfortable parsing Chromebook specifications. Anything more powerful than that, like an Intel Core chip, is just fine too.

Advantages Of Windows 10 Vs Chrome Os

Although Chromebooks have their place in the computer world and may be perfectly suitable for many users, there are situations where a Windows 10 laptop is the better option.

If youre a gamer, for example, a Windows 10 gaming machine is the obvious choice. The hardware required for serious gaming, including high-end processors and powerful graphics cards, are only available on Windows machines. In addition, Windows 10 offers a number of features specifically designed for gaming, including Game Mode that prioritizes processor and graphics card resources to your game, and DirectX 12, which produces higher frame rates and reduced latency for breathtaking graphics.

And unless your favorite game is available in a Web-based version or via the Google Play store, you wont even be able to load the software on a Chromebook.

When it comes to business, Windows 10 machines hold the edge, particularly when equipped with multi-core, multi-thread CPUs that enable extensive multi-tasking. And while Chromebooks are lightweight, the portable Lenovo ThinkPad X Series laptops are a great choice for those who live on the road.

On that note, many productivity applications such as AutoCAD or Statistica are only available in a Windows version. If your livelihood is dependent on one of those programs, a Windows 10 machine is the obvious choice.

Need more assistance in making the choice? Let the experts at Lenovo help!

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Should I Buy A Pc With S Mode

Because its easy and free to leave S Mode, theres no downside to buying a Windows 10 PC that comes with S Mode. Even if you dont want S Mode, you can easily switch out of it.

For example, Microsoft only sells the Surface Laptop in S Mode. But thats fineeven if you want a Surface Laptop that runs a standard Windows operating system, you can just buy it and take it out of S Mode for free.

Best For Mobile Professionals

What Version Of Windows Do I have ?

OS;;Windows 10 |;CPU;;Intel Core i3-1115G4, Core i5-1135G7, Core i5-1145G7 vPro ; Core i7-1165G7, Core i7-1185G7 vPro |;GPU;;Intel UHD Graphics , Iris Xe Graphics |;RAM;;8GB, 16GB, 32GB |;Storage ;128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB |;Screen;;13.3in. IPS, 1920 x 1080 touch screen, 400 nits; 1920 x 1080 touch screen + HP Sure View, 1000 nits ; 3840 x 2160 touch screen, 550 nits |;Wireless;;Bluetooth 5.0, 802.11ax , 4G LTE , 5G |;Ports and slots ;2x USB-C/Thunderbolt 4, USB 3.2, HDMI 2.0, Nano SIM |;Cameras;;HD + IR , 5MP + IR |;Audio ;3 mics , 4 mics , 4 stereo speakers, 3.5mm headphone/mic jack |;Battery ;38Wh, 56Wh |;Dimensions ;304 x 198 x 16mm |;Weight ;0.98kg , 1.13 |;Price ;G2 from $1,685 , $1,783 , $1,920 , $2,010 , $2,200 ; Max from $2,409 , $2,622

Mobile professionals ask a lot of laptop designers: a usable and performant combination of lightweight, flexible configuration, sturdy build, connectivity, security, battery life and design credibility. Of course, it’s a tall order to shoehorn all of that into one product, but HP gives it an exemplary go with the 13.3-inch;Elite Dragonfly. We were extremely impressed with the first-generation Elite Dragonfly, and at;CES 2021, HP announced the Elite Dragonfly G2 and Elite Dragonfly Max, based on Intel’s latest 11th-generation processors, which are both now available.

Read the review:;HP Elite Dragonfly review

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Is Windows 10 Sun Valley Actually Windows 11

After being left alone for years,;reports indicate that;Microsoft will finally release a major UI overhaul to Windows 10. Although initially just a rumor, it was given weight when the company opened a vacancy for a senior software engineer with the following description:

On this team, youll work with our key platform, Surface, and OEM partners to orchestrate and deliver a sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows experiences to signal to our customers that Windows is BACK and ensure that Windows is considered the best user OS experience for customers.

This job posting caused so much chatter that they removed it from their Careers page. But is Windows 10 Sun Valley just an update? Or is this a new OS altogether?

Alongside the speculation for Sun Valley update is the news that development for the Windows 10x OS has been shelved, possibly for good. This Windows OS, designed for the Surface Neo, Surface Duo, and other dual-screen devices, is optimized for touch input.

As we know, the market is heading in the direction of dual-screen devices. Could it be that instead of making a standalone OS, they’re incorporating its features into Windows 11 instead?

Hp Spectre X360 14 Laptop

The HP Spectre x360 14 is an evolution of the 13.3-inch model, bringing a 3:2 aspect ratio touch display and the latest 11th Gen hardware from Intel.

Buying the best Windows laptop for your needs should involve some careful shopping. You want to be sure that it’s perfect for your needs, and you want to be sure that you aren’t paying too much. You also want something worth your money that will last for years to come. Setting a price and sticking to it is a good idea when shopping for a laptop. If you can get a device that meets your needs, and you pay what you want to pay, you’ll be much happier in the long run.

Many premium devices in this list will run into the multiple thousands of dollars range, but you can also get many of them starting around the $1,000 mark. These laptops are suitable for plenty of tasks, and the more you pay for upgrades, the better performance you’ll see. Mid-range devices usually come in somewhere between $600 and $1,000, and while you can find something built well, the hardware inside may not be able to keep up with intensive tasks, and they likely won’t have as many features. Sometimes, though, you get something like the HP ENVY x360 15 that blows us away with its price and features.

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What Are The Best Laptop Brands

The best brands for laptops include Apple, Dell, Lenovo and HP, and they all have their strengths. For example, Apple make brilliantly-designed slim and light laptops, while Dell does a great range of high-end ultrabooks, as well as affordable devices and Chromebooks as well. Lenovo’s well known for making solidly-built business laptops , and HPs also been making some gorgeous laptops recently that are some of the best laptops in the world.

When it comes to gaming, the best laptop brands include Alienware, Asus and Acer.

How Much Should I Spend On A Windows Laptop

Windows 10 S review: Microsoft
  • Less than £200 Intel Celeron or Atom processors, 2GB of Ram and 32GB of storage. Wont be particularly fast, but fine for note taking and browsing the internet.;
  • Less than £400 Intel Pentium, Core i3, AMD Ryzen 3 and 4GB Ram. Fast enough for web browsing and research work. Aim for a Full HD screen and an SSD if you can.;
  • Less than £600 Intel Core i5, i7, AMD Ryzen 5, 7 and 8GB of Ram. Should be ideal for photo editing and some light video work. Look for a thin and light design, a Full HD screen and an SSD.;
  • Less than £800 As above, but in increasingly high-end designs. Look for great battery life on premium ultrabooks More than £800 Some stunning designs, great screens and good speakers. High-end laptops will suit more intensive tasks, such as video editing or playing games.

Find out more about thebest laptopand what to look for in ourlaptop buying guide.

Only logged-in Which? members can view our recommendations in the table below. If youre not yet a member, you can get instant access byjoining Which?.

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Which Windows 10 Laptop Is Right For You

The key question when buying a laptop — as with any product — is: ‘What do you want to do with it?’ Once you’ve established the use case, you’ll have a focus for your research and should quickly get a feel for the key features to look out for. For example, if you’re a mobile knowledge worker, you’ll want a usable and performant combination of lightweight, flexible configuration, sturdy build, connectivity, security, battery life, and design credibility. But if you’re a largely deskbound graphic designer or creator who occasionally needs to visit a client with a laptop in tow, your priorities will be different.

Once you have a long list of potential candidates, your budget will likely trim it down at the top end, while your cautionary instincts should kick in at the bottom end . However, armed with a well-researched shortlist, you should have a good chance of ending up with a laptop that will satisfy your requirements.

Different Versions Of Windows 11

Windows 11 is still in beta testing but comes in the same flavors as Windows 10. It introduces some big visual changes like a new Start Menu, Taskbar, and more rounded corners we compared Windows 11 to Windows 10 in a separate piece, if you want to learn more but the core of Windows 11 is much the same.

When it comes to Windows 11 editions, the differences are very minimal. Everything we mentioned above also applies to the new Windows 11 operating system. There is, however, one exception.

In Windows 11 Home, Microsoft mandates you to use a Microsoft account for login. This can be removed once you set up the PC and add a secondary account, but it will be required the first time you boot up the system. Using a Microsoft account gets you a lot of extra experiences like cross-device sync, the ability to download apps from the store, and more. Check out our Windows 11 hands-on if youre interested in trying out the new operating system.

Editors’ Recommendations

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The Best Laptop Deals This Week*

*Deals are selected by our partner, TechBargains

Increasing your budget to around $1,000 will unlock access to nearly all of the cutting-edge features modern laptops offer. These include slim, sturdy aluminum chassis, brilliant touch-enabled 4K displays, powerful processors and graphics chips, and batteries that will last all day and well into the night. The major caveat in this price range is that youll have to pick and choose which features are most important. You might be able to land a laptop with a beautiful 4K display or a cavernous terabyte of solid-state storage at this price, but probably not one with both.;

If your piggybank has $2,000 or more, you can choose almost any combination of features you want. Even the most powerful laptop that money can buy, though, must still obey the laws of physics. Powerful hardware generates heat, and the cooling mechanisms that such components require take up space. Hardcore gamers who want a 17-inch display and a screaming-fast graphics processor that requires bulky cooling pipes and fans cant expect to find it in a thin, light laptop.;

IT-manageable, security-conscious business laptopsmodels made primarily by Dell, HP, and Lenovohave their own pricing dynamic, and they tend to cost a bit more, all else being equal. Thats because of their premium warranty or support plans, enterprise-specific silicon focused on manageability or security, fingerprint or face-recognition login features, and more rugged build quality.

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