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What Is Better Gaming Pc Or Laptop

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Pros Of Gaming Laptop

Gaming Laptop VS Gaming Desktop :: Which should you buy?!
  • First and foremost, gaming laptops offer a portable form factor that is suitable for outdoor gaming.
  • Gaming laptops are readily available in the market, and you can easily choose the one which offers the specifications that you desire.
  • The new generation of gaming laptops offers the best processors and graphic cards to offer a desktop level of performance in a portable form factor.
  • Various payment schemes and offers are available on gaming laptops as they are available as a single unit.

Gaming Laptops Have Come A Long Way But Can They Really Replace Desktop Rigs

For a long time, many PC gamers scoffed at the idea of gaming laptops. After all, how could you fit all that power in such a small form factor?

And even if you could somehow squeeze it in, its got to be deafeningly loud or incredibly heavy, right? Well, the gaming notebook sector is advancing, and its doing so by leaps and bounds. So much so that big gray box companies are taking notice. HP, for instance, is jumping back in with its Omen gaming notebook.

Gone are the days when a modestly powerful gaming laptop had to be a back-breaker. Many arent much thicker than some of the sleek Ultrabooks out there now. But what of performance? The gap between desktop and mobile GPU performance is narrowing faster than a teens teeth with braces.

So can a desktop-replacement laptop now truly live up to its name? Theres only one way to find out, and thats by throwing them both into the Thunderdome. Let battle commence!

What Is A Gaming Computer

A few factors make gaming computers different from regular computers. These are things that most computers have , but in a gaming PC, youll find maxed-out versions.

You can play games on a standard PC, but you just wont reach the level of performance that most serious gamers crave. If you want to play the newest games online with your friends, a gaming computer is the only way .

Below are some of the defining features of a gaming computer.

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Desktop Vs Laptop For Work

If your primary purpose for buying a new computer is for work, then whether you should get a laptop or desktop all depends on what kind of work you are doing.

If you are a graphic designer, or you create/edit videos, or you undertake any other kind of demanding tasks, a desktop might be your best option as it will provide you with more power for your budget.

Or, if you are working from an office or from your home, and you dont need to leave your place of work often, a desktop will be a solid option.

On the flip side, though, if you need the mobility of a laptop, whether thats because you travel frequently for work, or you like to go to coffee shops to work, or even if you work from home and you like to be able to work from anywhere in your house, a laptop will be the better option for you.

Even if your line of work requires a lot of power from your system, there are high-end laptops out there that will work for you Just note, though, that youre going to pay exponentially more for a high-end laptop than you would for a high-end desktop.

But, overall, either a laptop or desktop could be the better option for work-related purposes. It just depends on whether youre a stationary worker or a mobile worker

Laptops Vs Desktops: The Pros & Cons

Whats Better for Gaming: A PC or a Laptop?

Both laptops and desktops serve the same purpose. They both give you a personal computer.

However, certain people, depending on their own circumstances, will be better off with a laptop instead of a desktop.

And, others will be better off with a desktop over a laptop.

The right choice for you will really depend on how you intend to use your new computer.

So, below, well go over the pros and cons of both laptops and desktops, as well as cover the types of use cases that each computer type is best for.

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Buying Guide For Best Gaming Computers

When it comes to video games, console platforms like Xbox and Playstation tend to get all of the attention but if youre looking for the absolute cutting edge of gaming technology, youll need to get a gaming PC.

Gaming computers are like gaming consoles on steroids: They can include a faster processor, a better video card, and can even work with headphones that support audio innovations like Dolby Atmos. Top-tier games, and even some exclusive titles, are easy to find for PC, and best of all, gaming computers can be easily upgraded, so you can always customize it to create your perfect gaming setup.

If youre ready to level-up your video gaming experience, or youre ready to take your first step beyond console gaming, youre in luck. Gaming computers are more powerful, and more affordable than ever heres what you need to know to find the ideal one for you.

Best For The Tightest Budgets


  • Not quite capable of 60fps gaming at high settings in AAA titles
  • Only 256GB of storage in test configuration is restrictive for gaming

Virtual reality demands anything-but-virtual hardware. Exploring the immersive, interactive worlds of today’s VR games and applications takes considerable processing and graphics power. That means that, with one notable exceptionâthe standalone Oculus Quest 2, our Editors’ Choice pick for cable-free virtual realityâyour VR headset must be tethered to or plugged into a high-end PC.

What kind of PC do you need? Beefy gaming desktops are a common option, but not everyone has the space or the desire for a bulky tower. Being able to move your VR machine from room to roomâor take it on the go, if you need to show off VR demosâis more appealing.

This is where a VR-ready laptop comes in. Unfortunately, the average consumer laptop is not suited to the requirements of virtual realityâchances are, it doesn’t have a sufficiently potent graphics processing unit , or it has an HDMI port for an external monitor when most VR headsets dictate a DisplayPort connector instead. You’ll have better odds of success with a specialized laptop designed for gamers or digital content creators. Most of all, you’ll need to know what you’re looking for to make sure your headset is compatible. What does it take to get virtual? We’ll tell you.

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Advantages Of Using A Laptop For Gaming

Because buying a gaming laptop can mean a dent on ones wallet, it is essential to think about the perks and make an estimation if the purchase is worth it. Below are some of the perks you will be enjoying with a gaming computer.

1. Specs Customization

Most people choose among a variety of specs when they purchase a laptop. However, when you buy a laptop for gaming, you do not just choose the specs. You decide them.

You have the license to dictate what type of hardware and specs you want for your unit then the manufacturer will comply with your requests.2

2. Audio

Audio quality is a huge part of the entire gaming experience. However, whether you are using the laptop for gaming for playing or otherwise, you will still appreciate the high-end sound that it offers.

Because of the clear and crispy sound, you do not have to carry headphones or speakers to enjoy maximum quality.3

3. Performance

Most people take an interest in laptop for gaming primarily due to its performance. Some people complain that laptop for gaming are heavy and have a weak battery. However, this only happens because lots of hardware and energy is needed for high-end performance.

Desktops And Laptops By Application

Gaming Desktop vs Laptop – Which Should You Buy? (2020 Edition)

Ultimately, the sole benefit of a laptop is mobility. If it wasnt for the mobility of a laptop, there really wouldnt be any reason to choose a laptop over a desktop. But, the reality is that mobility is a huge benefit for certain types of users. And, as such, laptops are a necessity for those individuals.

In this section, well take a look at the types of applications that laptops and desktops make the most sense in.

In my opinion, there are four main categories of application that one will be looking to use their computer for. They are:

  • Gaming
  • School
  • Leisure
  • Most computer owners will do some sort of mix of the above. But lets take a look at each of those categories to give you an idea of how laptops and desktops stack up against each other for each use application

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    Why You Should Trust Us

    Ive spent thousands of hours gaming on laptops since high school, and Ive personally tested and reviewed hundreds of laptops, including most budget and high-end gaming models released in the past six years. Ive also written or edited most of Wirecutters gaming guides, including our reviews of laptops, keyboards, mice, controllers, and headsets.

    It Doubles As A Work Laptop

    Gaming laptops tend to have more computing power than the average non-gaming laptop, so they’re a great option if you’re looking for a work/play machine. You’ll have more than enough speed to handle video conferences and creativity software, but when it’s time to clock out, you’ll be ready to play the latest AAA titles on the same computer. This is because gaming laptops are designed to handle cutting-edge graphics and processing tasks, whereas a normal laptop offers a less impressive experience overall.

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    Gaming Laptop Vs Desktop: Which Should I Buy

    When shopping for a gaming PC, gamers often find themselves asking should I buy a gaming laptop or gaming desktop?

    Choosing between the two can be difficult, especially now that advancements in technology have improved the performance of gaming laptops to rival that of gaming desktops.

    It is therefore important to know how the two differ in order to make an informed decision.

    In this article, we will look at the difference between gaming laptops and desktops. And hopefully, by the end of the article, you will be able to determine which of the two suits your gaming needs best.

    Best Gaming Laptops For 2021

    Best cheap Gaming Laptop

    Our picks for when it’s time to play.

    Gaming laptops have evolved to keep up with the needs of even the most intense gamers, who know that having the right equipment can often be as important as skill to raise your stats. A good gaming rig may cost you, but for those serious about their gaming experience — and with a budget to match — it’s frequently worth it to drop some serious cash to build the ideal gaming setup.

    There’s more to a decent gaming laptop than raw speed. You can pack it with the best graphics card, the fastest, most colorful display around, a gazillion-core processor, tons of fast solid-state drive storage to hold your games and a rock-solid hard drive for secondary storage, but it can still fall short. Those powerful components may overheat at the worst moments your battery may die or you might experience an instability that impacts your gaming performance. Or maybe you don’t want to always use an external mechanical keyboard with per-key RGB backlighting, but the system’s WASD keys feel like mashed potatoes under your fingers.

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    How To Find The Right Gaming Laptop

    When shopping for a gaming laptop, there’s a lot to consider. To help you choose a system, here are five key points to keep in mind when choosing a system.

    Budget: What you get for the money.

    You can find good inexpensive gaming laptops for under $1,000. However, more powerful mainstream gaming laptops are often priced between $1,500-$2,000. Premium systems typically cost more than $2,000 and come stacked with a host of high-powered goodies such as high-powered specs and tricked-out software.

    Screen Size: 15 inches is the go-to

    It’s very rare that you’ll find a 13 or 14-inch gaming laptops nowadays as smaller bezels and lighter frames have paved the way for seriously thin-and-light gaming laptops. That means the days of chunky 15.6-inch laptops putting a strain on your back are over .

    From there, you have the 17.3-inch desktop replacements that like their smaller counterparts are becoming super svelte. But there are still the big behemoths that don’t skimp on the specs. However, weighing upwards of 8 pounds, those big boys are made for your home gaming station.

    Screen Resolution: 1080p for high refresh rates, 4K for detail

    Refresh rate: 120Hz is the sweet spot

    Intel or AMD?

    Battery Life: At least 4.5 hours

    Specs: 1080p / Core i5 / 16GB Are Best Bets

    You can spend a lot of time delving into specs, but here are the key components to think about. If you just want really good mainstream performance, go for a Core i5 CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD and a 1080p screen.

    It’s All About The Gpu

    Laptops that rely on their processors’ integrated graphics are useless for VR applications. Just as when shopping for a gaming laptop or a mobile workstation, your first priority must be a discrete or dedicated GPU, and a good one. Even avid gamers are often satisfied with a GPU capable of showing 60 frames per second on a laptop screen or desktop monitor, but on a headset that frame rate can at best look choppy and at worst cause nauseaâa sustained 90fps is more comfortable.

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    Our Pick: Asus Tuf Gaming A15

    Tested battery life: 7.3 hours

    Every cheap gaming laptop makes trade-offs, but the Asus TUF Gaming A15 doesnt sacrifice the things that make games enjoyable. Even on more recent games, it provides solid gaming performance for the price. It also keeps its most-touched surfaces cool during long gaming sessions, and it has a high-refresh-rate screen that looks good. It also has good battery life , and its easy to upgrade if you want more storage in the future. But its fans are loud during games, you have no way to manually run the fans at max speed for extra cooling if you need it, and some owners have reported issues with the A15s trackpad.

    On its default fan settings, the TUF Gaming A15 kept the most-touched WASD keys the coolest among all the laptops with equivalent graphics we tested this year. After we played Shadow of the Tomb Raider for half an hour, these keys measured 87 °F, which felt neutral, not even warm, to my fingers. The A15s internals were on the warmer end in the same test, with the CPU at 104 °C and the GPU at 82 °C. We saw similar surface and internal temperatures in our Overwatch testing. Despite those high internal temperatures, we didnt experience any performance dips that would indicate thermal throttling in games, and the A15 kept cool where it counts.

    The Visuals Are Better

    Gaming Laptop Vs Desktop PC – Which is Best in 2021!?

    Its one thing to dominate the competition, but its another to see it happen in the most stunning resolution possible. Whether its with integrated graphics or with a graphics processing unit or graphics card, youre in control of how sharp the visuals are. On a PC, you can also game on multiple screens at one time.

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    What Are The Best Gaming Laptops Right Now

    The Alienware m17 R4 is currently our top gaming laptop. A formidable mixed of power, endurance and design, the m17 is a force to be reckoned with. The laptop has recently been refreshed with an overclockable Core i9 10th Gen octa-core Intel processor and Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 3080 GPU, making it an undeniable powerhouse on both the multitasking and gaming fronts

    Budget-conscious gamers will want to take a closer look at the new Dell G5 15 SE. The newly refreshed gaming laptop is and all AMD-production, sporting an AMD Ryzen R7 4800H CPU and an AMD Radeon RX 5600M GPU backed the full power of the Alienware Command Center. It’s also got a great battery life and a slew of ports. It’s a good gaming laptop overall.

    If you’re looking for a true on-the-go gaming laptop, you have to take a gander at the Asus ROG Flow X13. One of the few convertible gaming laptops out there, the notebook weighs a scant 2.9 pounds, has one of AMD’s new Ryzen 9 processors and comes with its own incredibly portable eGPU. And if you’re looking for a full AMD system, take a gander at the Asus ROG Strix G15 Advantage Edition that delivers stellar performance and longevity at a seriously competitive price.

    Budget Pick: Acer Nitro 5

    Tested battery life: 6 hours

    If you want the cheapest possible laptop that will play games decently, get the Acer Nitro 5 AN515-44-R99Q or AN515-55-53AG. At this price, no laptop will play the latest games as well as our top picks. But the Nitro 5 is powerful enough for older games or less-demanding modern ones. The cooling system remains effective without running the fans full tilt. The laptop has a responsive keyboard and trackpad, too, and its easy to upgrade. But compared with our top pick, the Nitro 5 has more downsides: a dimmer screen with a 60 Hz refresh rate, less storage for games, no support for VR, and too much bloatware.

    We tested the AN515-44-R99Q model with a six-core AMD Ryzen 5 4600H processor, but we also recommend the AN515-55-53AG model with a four-core Intel Core i5-10300H processor if the AMD variant is sold out or if the Intel model is cheaper. We didnt see any differences in gaming performance between those two processors on the other laptops we tested this year. Both models usually cost $700 or less, while most other laptops with similar specs cost at least $800.

    Like many of the cheap gaming laptops we tested in 2020, the Nitro 5 has a vent positioned toward the back of the laptops right side. This vent directed some warm air onto my mousing handbut since the laptop runs so cool, I didnt notice any discomfort during gaming sessions.

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