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What Is The Best And Fastest Processor For A Laptop

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What Should I Look For When Buying A Powerful Laptop

AMD vs Intel! – Whats The Best CPU For Your Gaming PC Build in 2021? (Ryzen vs 11th Gen Processor)

A powerful laptop comes in many shapes and sizes depending on what would best suit your needs. Right off the bat, you should look at naming conventions.Workstations are available as both desktop and mobile devices and are typically optimized for technical, demanding applications. If something is advertised as a workstation then it’s usually been creative for people who need the full power of a desktop PC condensed into a portable machine.

Similarly, gaming laptops and 2-in-1 devices also have their merits, with gaming portables packing fast processors, an abundance of RAM and of course, a beefy graphics card, all of which make them well suited for tasks like 3D rendering and video editing.

2-in-1 devices are usually less powerful, but things have come a long way in recent years, and the ability to edit high-resolution images using a stylus directly on a convertible laptop shouldn’t be sniffed at.

To pick the right device, you should consider what you need it for: are you always in the field, therefore need a lightweight device, combined with great battery life? Or are you happy to drag around a bigger, heavier laptop if you get a 17-inch display and some seriously beefy graphics?

Picking anything on our list is likely going to serve your needs well, but only you know what area you should be paying attention to when buying a new laptop. Photographers and video editors will want to prioritize the display, as well as ports and a new, capable processor.

Alienware M17 R: 29862

If you can get past its lofty price, the Alienware m17 R2 is essentially the perfect productivity laptop. Unlike most of its gaming laptop rivals, the m17 R2 is actually surprisingly portable and even gets decent battery life . If you’re wondering how it shapes up against the MacBook Pro, we can say with confidence that the m17 R2 has a much better keyboard and stronger graphics performance. When it comes to the CPU, the Core i9-9980HK inside the m17 R2 is an absolute beast at productivity.

Processor Power Ratings: It’s All In The Name

As mentioned earlier, AMD and Intel subclassify their processors by power rating. The power rating is important since it determines a processor’s clock speed and thus its performance. The rule is the higher the power rating, the higher the clock speeds, especially under sustained use.

Both chipmakers denote their highest-wattage i.e., highest-performing, most desktop-like laptop chips with an H suffix, such as the Core i7-12700H and Ryzen 7 6800H, denoting a power rating of 45 watts. AMD also offers an HX suffix and Intel an HK suffix for chips that can be run greater than 45 watts, which have overclocking features and are designed for extreme-performance gaming laptops and workstations.

The next rung down in power are AMDs HS suffix and Intels P suffix chips, a niche that has only existed for the past few chip generations. These chips produce less heat than the H-suffix chips because of their lower power ratings, offering a middle ground between them and the lowest-power chips.

The chips with the lowest power ratings have a U suffix theyre usually rated for 15 watts though they can be set lower. They have low base clocks and can maintain their high boost clocks only for short bursts chips with higher power ratings, especially those with an H suffix, can maintain their boost clocks much longer. But for tasks that use CPU power in spurts , a U and an H suffix chip can perform similarly.

A rendering of an AMD Ryzen 4000 series laptop CPU

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Y Series : Fanless Designs Mediocre Performance

Good For: Portability, Fanless Design, Light ProductivityBad For: Battery Life, Serious Number Crunching

When you’re shopping for a laptop, be wary of the Y series , which you may see branded with Core i5 / Core i7 . Intel Y Series processors have a very-low TDP of 7 watts, which allows manufacturers to use them in fanless, super-thin laptops. Unfortunately, most of those laptops also have low-capacity batteries or high-powered screens so they actually end up with worse battery life than competitors with more powerful U-series processors.

Common Intel Y Series CPUs

Making Sense Of What ‘speed’ Means

10 Best Processor For Laptop 2021

The idea of speed can be sliced a bunch of ways, but in practical terms, you can look at it in terms of CPU processing power and graphical prowess for tasks such as PC gaming, 3D rendering, or graphics-accelerated content creation. The two are very different things, and we benchmark-test all of the systems that we review with both kinds of speed in mind.

Some laptops are strong in one area and not the other. For example, it’s possible to have a notebook with a top-end processor packing lots of cores and threads, but paired with a minimal graphics solution. A laptop like this would net you great performance on programs and workloads that take advantage of lots of CPU resources, but little in the way of power for gaming or applications that rely on graphics acceleration.

Likewise, having a dedicated graphics processor, the beefier the better, is the key for speed in games. Most of the time, CPU speed will contribute to the gaming equation insofar as it isn’t a limiter or bottleneck for the graphics chip.

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What To Look In For A Cpu For Gaming

Below we’ve broken down the two types of processors youll find online or on store shelves, and some of the key specs you should look for in a gaming processor.

When looking for a gaming CPU, youll probably come across two types of processors: mainstream and High-End Desktop . Mainstream processors are what youll primarily find on store shelves and online catalogs, and these typically include Intels Core i3, i5, i7 and, more recently, i9 products as well as AMD Ryzen 3, 5, and 7-series chips.

HEDT processors are less prevalent and are easy enough to spot. All Intel HEDT CPUs come with an X or XE suffix at the end of their model names, meanwhile, AMD HEDT chips all fall under the Ryzen Threadripper brand.

So, if you have the money and the desire to build the ultimate gaming PC, HEDT is the way to go. But thatll probably be overkill for most users, so a mainstream processor should be what most users need.

The next thing you should be mindful of is how many cores a processor has. Cores are essentially the part of the CPU that receives instructions to perform calculations or actions, so the more cores you have the more you can do. Most entry-level processors should have two to four cores, four to six cores on mid-range chips, and at least six or eight cores on the highest-end CPUs.

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How Can I Know Which Processor Is On My Laptop

Every laptop runs on a processor that is either manufactured by Intel or AMD. If youre not sure about the model of processor on your laptop, heres how you can find it out.

If youre using Windows 10, just follow these simple steps. First, right-click on the Start menu and select Task Manager. Next, go to the Performance tab, and under there, you will find CPU. The name and the speed of your CPU will be displayed here.

Another method to find CPU information is from the settings menu. Go to Start > Settings > System > About. There you will find information about your OS, processor, and RAM.

For people using Windows 7, the control panel can find your CPU model and speed. Once youve opened the control panel, search for the system and security tab. Then, right-click on it and navigate to the System tab. You will find your CPUs model and the speed there.

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How To Choose The Best Laptop For You

Performance: If you only need something basic for surfing the web, consider a Chromebook or a cheap Windows laptop with an Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB of RAM. If you plan on getting more intensive work done, consider starting specs such as a Core i5 CPU, 8 to 16GB of RAM and a 256GB to 512GB SSD.

Graphics and gaming: Most mainstream laptops feature integrated graphics, which can handle lightweight titles such as Minecraft and Overwatch but aren’t ideal for intensive AAA games or heavy visual work. For that, you’ll want a laptop with a discrete graphics card, such as an Nvidia GTX 3000-series on the higher end.

Size: Consider how mobile you want your laptop to be. Machines such as the Dell XPS 13 and HP Elite Dragonfly are feather light with slim designs, while gaming notebooks such as the Alienware m15 R4 have more heft to them .

Operating system: Laptops typically come in three flavors: Windows 10 , macOS and Chrome OS . Windows 10 is the most common operating system, while macOS is more ideal for folks already tied into Apple’s ecosystem. Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system built to allow for cheap, fast systems, though it has gotten a bit more robust over the years with support for full Android apps.

Whichever system you decide on, you may also want to pick up the best mouse for your particular work situation.

Down And Dirty Specs: A Guide To The Very Latest Laptop Cpus

What’s The Best GAMING Processor In 2021?

We haven’t tested every laptop CPU on the marketlikely no one outside of Intel or AMD has, and maybe not even them. But with our general advice behind us, let’s wrap up with more specific laptop processor recommendations for various usage scenarios in the x86 aisle.

Beyond that general specification guide, you can get more granular with cheat sheets for the most common current-generation Intel and AMD laptop CPUs, along with their suggested usages and the kinds of systems in which you’ll find them. These final two tables should be very helpful when shopping the latest-model laptops.

You’ll still see plenty of notebooks on sale with last year’s or earlier chip generations, so an exhaustive list would be impossibly unwieldly. But if you look at AMD’s or Intel’s older CPU families, it’s usually easy to identify the parallel previous-gen versions of the chips listed below. You can safely assume in most cases that, if the core and thread count is the same, they’ll offer slightly lesser performance than the latest parts, but fit in the same relative place in the company hierarchy. If the price is right, don’t dismiss an almost-new CPU.

First, a look at the Intel lineup…

And now for the up-to-the-moment AMD lineup…

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How We Test The Best Laptops

To find the best laptop, we run every machine through a rigorous suite of benchmarks and real-world tests to gauge how it will perform during everyday use.

We measure the average brightness and color quality of each laptop’s display using our in-house light meter and colorimeter. For general performance, we run our machines through tests that include Geekbench 5 , as well as various 3DMark tests to measure graphics capabilities. We also run a file transfer test to measure how fast a machine’s hard drive is, and a custom battery test that has the machine browse the internet over Wi-Fi until it runs out of juice.

When testing dedicated gaming laptops, we run benchmarks for popular games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Hitman 2 and Far Cry: New Dawn.

Whats The Best Intel Processor

If youve already sided with Team Blue in the Intel vs AMD debate, then weve provided a rundown of all the best Intel processor options here, as well as multiple explanations if youre not well rehearsed in CPU lingo.

The first thing you need to know is that Intel is now in its 11th Generation for both laptops and desktop chips. 11th Gen laptop CPUs have been around for some time now, and are great for someone who wants a slim and light laptop that can do some light gaming.

11th Gen desktop processors are much newer, and a mixed bag. The higher-end chipsets disappoint, struggling to compete with AMD Ryzen rivals, and even Intels last generation 10th Gen CPUs.

But what are the best Intel processor options you should buy. Lets start with a few recommendations for different scenarios.

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What Factors Define The Most Powerful Laptop For Graphic Designers

While you could walk into any store or go to a website and just buy any laptop, knowing what to consider before you start shopping can help you make a well-informed decision so that you end up getting exactly what you were hoping for. This is what you should consider when youre looking for powerful laptops:

Special Intel Naming Conventions

Best Budget Compact Gaming PC Under $1000 â

Intel occasionally introduces different naming conventions for new features or special silicon. Its “Lakefield” CPUs, such as the Core i5-L16G7 in the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, forego the two-digit generation number after the brand identifier since they’re a hybrid of different generations. Fortunately, Intel’s most popular processors stick to its traditional naming scheme.

As mentioned above, several generations of late-model mainstream Intel processors ended with a G plus a number, with higher numbers indicating better-performing integrated graphics. That trend changed with the 12th Generation Alder Lake Core processors, though, with Intel reverting to its traditional U and H suffixes and adding the middle-child “P” series mentioned earlier.

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Which Is The Best Processor For Gaming

Gaming requires some of the best processors in the market. Unfortunately, gaming with intense graphics pushes your processor to the limit. If youre using a processor that is not cut out to handle overload, your laptop or PC may shut off or even start lagging. Heres a table to show you how different processors handle gaming.


It is clear the AMDs Ryzen 9-5900X is capable of handling both 1080p and 1440p gaming without any difficulties. It scored a perfect 100% on the benchmark test, making it a good option for game lovers.

Within Intels processor, the latest generation core performs the best. For example, the Core i9 in a 10th generation core beats out its predecessors in terms of benchmark scores.

What’s Next For Gaming Cpus

AMD has made a huge splash with its Ryzen CPUs, and theyve just continued to get better with each generation. With the Ryzen 5000 Series, theyre as strong as ever. AMDs graphics department has also been playing catch up with Nvidia and getting within striking distance. Now, AMD is introducing the latest meeting point of those two product segments with the latest Ryzen 5000 Series APUs, which combine AMDs processing cores with integrated graphics.

These will be coming in the form of the mid-range Ryzen 5 5600G and the higher-end Ryzen 7 5700G. Both are set to hit the market later this year on August 5 with the Ryzen 5 5600G coming in at $259 and the Ryzen 7 5700G at $359.

For PC builders on a budget, these could be very promising products. Both chips have a TDP of just 65W, making it easy to build a low-power PC around them. And, with their integrated graphics, they can help you get gaming while avoiding the graphics card shortage that has plagued the market for the better part of a year now. For perspective, AMD boasts the Ryzen 7 5700G averaging 78fps at 1080p in Rogue Company with graphics set to High. So, these could be a solid bet for esports fans.

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Why Should I Buy A

You can tell if you need or want a i5 processor for laptop by looking at your existing inventory. You probably dont need it and should reconsider buying it. If you cant get go of the old one, you could sell it and use the proceeds to buy the new one.This is a fun and easy approach to finish your task.

Final Thoughts

Lets face it, we all want to feel good about our purchases. But there are so many! How can you know which is best? You need not be concerned because Aids Quilt has your back. Our trained staff is here to help you find what works for you. Before making a final decision, you can take advantage of our free consultations. Let us show you how easy shopping for home audio equipment can be when you have an expert on your side!

Should I Buy A Laptop With A Core I5 Or I7 Processor By Intel

The Fastest Gaming CPU is Intel?

Processors within the same family share standard features. Picking a laptop with a good processor can be tricky. You first need to know which model offers better specifications and numbers.

If you compare the Core i5 and i7 that share the same generation, differences can be subtle. The Core i5 will have lesser capabilities than the i7. The Core i7 will perform better while multitasking, editing large media files, or creating media files.

Both Core i5 and i7 have multiple physical cores. Both these processors carry four or even more cores. A processor with more cores means youll have no problem multitasking. What matters is also the generation of the cores. If the Core i5 belongs to Intels 9th generation while the Core i7 belongs to the 7th generation, the Core i5 is the better choice.

The recent generation of cores offers better potential in terms of speed, effectiveness, and overall performance. Each successive generation has tweaks and adjustments lacking in the previous generations. But if youre comparing within the same generation, the Core i7 will perform slightly better than the Core i5.

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