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What Is The Best Apple Laptop For Students

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Lenovo Yoga 9i 14 Laptop

MacBook Air review! – Is it the BEST Laptop for students?

Lenovos Yoga i9 compact and convertible laptop comes with a more than respectable 11th Generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. And it not only sports a 14-inch full HD touch-screen display and a generous, backlit keyboard, but also comes loaded with an upgraded speaker system housing two woofers and custom tweeters as well as Dolby Atmos Speaker System software.

The Best Student Laptops Available Now

Reasons to avoid

The Acer Swift 3 ticks pretty much every box for what makes the best student laptops. It’s affordable, without making too many compromises, and yet it’s powerful enough to easily handle day to day tasks, including web browsing and document creation, making it perfect for students.

It’s also thin and light enough to easily carry around school or campus, but with a decent build quality which means it won’t easily break. The latest model brings some choice hardware upgrades, so it’s now a better performer than ever before, and battery life has been given a boost as well.

It’s not the most powerful laptop in the world, and it won’t handle games, but for an affordable and dependable student laptop, this one is hard to beat.

Reasons to avoid

Many of the best student laptops are Chromebooks due to their fantastic value for money. They run Chrome OS, which is less resource-hungry than Windows 10, which means Chromebooks can use lower-powered hardware and still offer excellent performance.

This means Chromebooks are often a lot cheaper than Windows 10 devices, and the Acer Chromebook 314 is in our view the best budget Chromebook for students. With a low price, it means you’re not blowing your student loan on a laptop, and it still offers great features including a bright and vibrant 14-inch display and 12 hour battery life. So, you can work on this thing throughout an entire school day, and you’ll still have battery life left over.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

The Best Macbook You Can Buy In 2021

ByAlex Blake19 August 2021

Whats the best MacBook you can buy? Weve compared the options to find out which you should get.

Buying the best MacBook can be a confusing affair at the moment. With MacBooks coming in different sizes, possessing different names, and powered by different chips, there are a lot of things to consider when looking for the best MacBook you can buy.

Part of the problem is that Apple is midway through replacing the Intel processors in its MacBooks with its own Apple Silicon chips. The first of these, the M1, massively ramped up the laptops performance, but Apple continues to sell older Intel models. The M1 offers incredible value, and you might ask why you should bother with an Intel MacBook, especially if you’re a digital creative. Yet there are some cases when you might want one, despite the fact its being phased out.

But theres more to consider beyond the performance. Screen size, graphical power, storage sizes, and more all come into play. Its enough to make anyones head spin. If all this leaves you more than a little confused, dont worry, as our buying guide is here to clear things up and show the best MacBook that you should buy today.

Well even help you grab some money off thanks to our round-up of all the latest Apple deals. And if youre not sold on the idea of buying a MacBook, weve also scoured the internet for the very best MacBook alternatives, the best cheap iMac deals and the best Mac mini deals as well.

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Macbook Pro Performance: M1 Pro Or M1 Max

The 14-inch MacBook Pro runs on your choice of either Apple’s M1 Pro or M1 Max processor. The former has up to 10 CPU cores split into eight high-performance cores and two high-efficiency cores. For graphics, the chip has up to 16 GPU cores or eight more than the M1 for 2x graphics performance.

Apple says the new M1 Pro delivers 70% faster performance than the M1 and up to 2x faster GPU speeds. RAM goes up to 32GB of memory at 200GB/s, an upgrade over the 16GB of RAM supported in the M1.

If you choose the more powerful M1 Max chip, you’ll get the same 10-core CPU but double the graphics with 32 GPU cores. This enabled 4x graphics performance over the M1 chip in the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. It also boosts memory to 64GB at 400GB/s and features an enhanced media engine with two ProRes accelerators for higher multi-stream performance.

Apple is also promising blazing-fast storage, with an SSD capable of hitting a blistering 7.4GB/s read speeds.

Keeping It Light: Why Weight Matters

Best college laptops in 2021: Best laptops for students ...

Not every student will agree, but depending on how far you’ll haul it every day, a big-screen notebook may not be such a good idea.

It’s nice to have a mini home theater in your dorm room or play the latest games in big-screen 1080p glory, but a 5-pound-plus laptop with a 15-inch or 17-inch screen will be a chore to haul across campus while you’re running from class to class. You’re better off with something that’s light: If screen size matters less to you than convenience, a super-thin ultraportable might be the way to go.

For most people, a maximum 13- or 14-inch widescreen panel is ideal, as it will make room for other items in your backpack and minimize the weight burden. Depending on your tolerance level, a smaller display works as long as you understand that full web pages and productivity applications will involve more scrolling, and fonts will appear smaller than they do on larger screens, assuming the same resolution and zoom level.

Essays, research papers, and chatting online with your classmates will take up most of your computing time, so a full-size keyboard and a comfortable touchpad are crucial. Also know: When you venture smaller than a 13-inch-class laptop, you run the risk of not getting the same typing experience. The easiest way to ensure that you have the best keyboard is to stop by a brick-and-mortar store and spend some time typing on prospective choices of different size classes.

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The Best Macbook To Buy In 2021

Apples M1 chip in the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 is the biggest improvement to the MacBook range in years, making them top laptops for 2021. This system-on-a-chip features an eight-core CPU and either a seven-core or an eight-core GPU . It increases the power and performance of Apples laptops in incredibly impressive ways and gives them an enormous battery boost to boot.

If you are in the market for a new MacBook, that means you have a lot to think about. Do you go for an M1 model or a laptop using an Intel processor? And if you do go for an M1 MacBook, which is the best choice? That is what our guide will explain. We have examined all of Apples current Mac laptops to find the best MacBook for your money.

How To Choose The Best Macbooks For You

We have a separate guide on how to decide which MacBook is right for you. The TL DR version is to consider how much power you need and what you are willing to spend.

For us, the MacBook Air is an easy choice. It comes in at $999 yet sports similar performance and endurance to the MacBook Pro thanks to its M1 processor. It’s also the most portable of the bunch, and the improved 13.3-inch display is great for watching TV shows or movies.

If you want a bit more endurance and better performance over longer periods, get the 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1. It lasts for a remarkable 16 hours and 32 minutes on a charge and scored benchmark numbers that blow away the competition.

It’s not so easy for us to recommend Apple’s other options. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with four Thunderbolt 3 ports and the 16-inch MacBook Pro are stuck with Intel chips that are less powerful than M1 and don’t support iOS and iPadOS apps. Apple is expected to release new versions with Apple Silicon in the coming weeks, so we suggest you try holding out until then.

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Best For A Solid Basic Classic Clamshell


  • Comfortable keyboard and touch pad
  • Multiple color options
  • Attractive styling and excellent build quality
  • USB Type-A port
  • No face recognition camera or keyboard backlighting
  • Internal storage tops out at 256GB
  • Middling audio quality

For students, a laptop is as essential as textbooks and a school IDand not just for taking notes and doing homework. It should also be able to handle your big extracurricular activities: keeping up with your social networks, streaming movies, listening to music, posting photos, gaming, video chatting with the ‘rents back home.

Laptops have been more essential than ever for students in 2020 and 2021, as many colleges and universities implement a mix of in-person and remote learning to meet social distancing requirements made necessary by the ups and downs of the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re learning from home a few days a week and heading to campus the rest of the time, a laptop you can use wherever you are is essential.

And especially in these trying times, a laptop for a college student needs to respect your budget while lasting for the long haul, preferably through four years of undergrad and maybe a year of grad work. Lucky for you, we have a bunch of recommended models that fit that description perfectlyand since most of them are below $1,000, they won’t drain your savings account in a big way .

Here are the basics you should keep in mind while looking for a laptop for college.

How We Test Macbook Laptops

The Best Laptop for Students Apple MacBook Hands-On Review

We put MacBooks through extensive benchmark testing both synthetic and real-world before they end up in the hands of our reviewers. We evaluate everything from speed and battery life to display brightness, speaker volume and system heat.

We use a Klein K10 colorimeter to detect the brightness and sRGB color gamut of a laptop’s display. For performance benchmarking, we run the laptop through a gauntlet of benchmarks, including Geekbench 4.3 and 5.0 and 3DMark professional graphics tests.

To determine real-world performance, we task the laptop to convert a 4K video to 1080p resolution and to duplicate a 4.97GB multimedia file. Our real-world graphics test is the Dirt 3 benchmark with medium settings and 1080p resolution.

We also run heat tests by playing a 15-minute full-screen video and our battery test consists of continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits of brightness. We consider everything over the category average to be a good result. Of course, these tests are complemented with hands-on testing from our reviewers.

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Ipad Pro The Mac Alternative For Education

If your coursework can be accomplished via a web app or you do not need any specific desktop-based applications, you may want to try an iPad for school. If you’re using an iPad for schoolwork, you’ll likely want a keyboard and trackpad as well, which does add to the overall cost.

Of course, there is also the option of buying the iPad as an add-on device and use it as a small note-taking tablet with Apple Pencil or as an extended display for your Mac with SideCar. However, should you decide to take advantage of the iPad, the device can significantly enhance any workflow.

As a reminder, the iPad can only run apps from the App Store, so you’ll need to ensure you can perform your classwork from the iPad before purchasing the device.

How To Optimize Document And Textbook Search

Learning is always associated with the need to efficiently save useful clips, drawings, photos, or graphics thats why every student needs a good scanner app.

Prizmo is the perfect way to quickly convert all those physical documents sitting on your desk to searchable digital material with very little effort. This smart app not only corrects the curvature of your photos and scans, but also has an incredible feature of translating any document to 59 different languages.

Here’s how to turn any picture into a document file with Prizmo:

  • Drag and drop a picture of a page into the new window

  • Use Curvature Correction to crop the area that you need

  • Edit the text if needed

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    Are Macbooks Worth It For Students In 2021

    Apple products have long had a reputation for being high-priced, and while they’re certainly not cheap, they’re also not overpriced a PC laptop that’s similarly thin and light while also offering high performance and specs would cost just as much, or often more.

    That’s especially true of the latest MacBook Air, which offers as much performance as a desktop PC, yet in a tiny fanless design nothing that runs Windows currently comes close to what it can do.

    However, there is a hidden cost to consider: most of Apple’s current laptops only use USB-C ports, which means you often need to buy adapters to attach regular USB hard drives or accessories. So that’s an extra purchase you’ll need to factor in another £30/$30 to £100/$100 depending on how many ports you want this adapter to have .

    On the flip side, though, there’s something that adds a huge amount of value to Apple’s machines: they’re extremely reliable and easy to get repaired if anything does go wrong. Apple is the only big laptop maker with widespread stores that all have a repair presence, where you can literally take the laptop in a talk to someone employed by the same people who made the machine. In terms of speeds of repairs and peace of mind when deadlines are looming, the importance of this can’t be overstated.

    How To Find The Best Mac For Education

    Best student laptops 2019: the 10 best laptops for ...

    The process of choosing the best MacBook for college depends on the kind of student you are, the type of assignments you get, and what youve generally come to expect from your computers. Apple is known for making their products to last, so even if you decide to buy a cheap Mac laptop for university, it should still be in good shape long after your graduation.

    Since your studies will include both theory and practice, its crucial for your laptop to be able to support all the apps necessary during your time in college. If youre not anticipating to be working on any complex projects over the course of your studies, then a cheap Mac laptop will be a reasonable purchase for you.

    To ease the process of finding the best Mac education pricing and quickly resolve the age-old question of whether to get MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro for college, take a look at the following aspects.

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    Best Apple Laptop: Macbook Air

    • Display: 13.3-inch Retina display at 2560 x 1600
    • Processor: Apple M1 with 7-core or 8-core GPU
    • RAM: 8GB / 16GB
    • Storage: 256GB / 512GB / 1TB / 2TB
    • Size and weight: 11.97 x 8.36 x 0.16 – 0.63 inches, 2.8 pounds

    Our top pick for a laptop isnt that surprising: the entry-level, M1-powered MacBook Air . It keeps the same exact build of the previous Air, including the Magic Keyboard thats truly a treat to type on. But this new model removes the fan and swaps out the Intel chip for the M1, the first Apple Silicon processor.

    Apples M1 chip sets a new standard with blazing performance, and its so energy efficient that it stays cool enough that the new Air doesnt need a cooling fan. Thats something we havent encountered on a Mac before. In our benchmarking, the M1 Air beats the previous Air and the Intel-powered 13-inch MacBook Pro, and ties the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Thats $2,399 performance for $999.

    But what about in everyday use? Well, its great for productivity and personal tasks like writing, emailing, messaging, browsing the web, streaming and even creative tasks. We were easily able to export 1080p HD and 4K videos at full resolution with no slowdowns. It can handle multiple instances of the same app several windows in Safari or Chrome with multiple tabs open and you can leave Photoshop open in the background.

    Best Tracking Device: Apple Airtag

    A convenient way to keep track of your things, you can attach an AirTag to stuff youre most likely to misplace, like keys, a wallet, or just throw one in your backpack. Using the Find My app, you can quickly locate them without having to turn your house upside down. The tracker can play a sound on the built-in speaker making it easier to hunt for lost items.

    Additionally, the geolocation feature lets you locate your item on a map as the tracker sends out a secure Bluetooth signal that can be detected by nearby Apple devices in the Find My network. These devices send the location of your AirTag to iCloud.

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    Mac Laptop Vs Mac Desktop For College

    Student life normally involves a far amount of mobility – travelling to lectures, libraries, the occasional coffee shop, and then possibly home for weekends and term breaks – so it makes a good deal of sense to consider a laptop rather than a desktop Mac.

    While the screen sizes in MacBooks are smaller than iMacs, you can always buy a cheap screen, or even your TV, and connect that to your MacBook when you need a larger display. Or, if you also have an iPad, you might be able to link your iPad to your Mac and use the iPad screen too .

    However, there are some benefits to buying a Mac desktop. The Mac mini, for example, is Apple’s cheapest Mac despite having some pretty impressive specs. And if you are looking for the most power for the lowest price then there was a time when the iMac would generally beat the MacBook Pro, although that’s not so much the case these days. At a push you could use an iPad for taking notes when you are at lectures. Speaking of which, we have this guide to the best iPad for students.

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