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What Is The Best Brand Of Laptop Computers

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Acer Aspire S 13 Touch

Best & Worst Laptop Brands: HP

Style: Touchscreen

Capacity: Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

Operating System Windows 10

6th Generation Intel Core i5-6200U Processor 2.3GHz

13.3 Full HD Multi-touch widescreen LED-backlit IPS display

8GB LPDDR3 Memory, 256GB SSD

Windows 10 Home

Up to 13-hours Battery Life

It is the most common laptop you can find in the stores. The window OS is well known for the inbuilt fingerprint reader, log-in, and security purposes. But the worst things are not fancy features of the modern era, like display, processor, etc.

We’ll Help You Find The Best Laptop With Reviews And Expert Buying Advice On How To Choose A Model That Will Suit All Your Needs

ByChris Martin, Reviews Editor| 02 Nov 2021

Laptops have thwarted the attempts of tablets to take over and remain a staple of the tech world. There are almost endless amounts to choose from with a complicated range of models and specs so we’ve reviewed and ranked the best right here.

We’ve tested and ranked 15 top laptops you can get right now and we’re adding more on a regular basis. You’ll find a summary along with our expert rating and where you can buy each laptop, but make sure you click through to each review for more details.

If none of the laptops we’ve listed here is quite right for you, let us arm you with the knowledge you need to help you chose what laptop to buy. Following the chart, you’ll find extensive buying advice that covers everything from what processor is suitable to how much storage you’ll need and whether or not you should be looking for a more portable option.

If value is your primary concern, we’ve also scoured the web for laptop deals and the best budget laptops.

Dell Xps 17 Battery Life

Typically, a laptop with a 4K display doesnt last past 8 hours on the Laptop Mag Battery Test. But after continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits of brightness, the XPS 17 lasted 9 hours and 5 minutes. It outlasted the Envy 17t and the premium laptop average . The MacBook Pro, however, was the last laptop standing at 10:55.

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What About All The Other Windows Laptops

There’s basically the best Windows laptop for every kind of user, including the one that wants to save money, spend a lot, or look forward to experimental form factors. Want to have a laptop to use just for work? There’s a model for you. Does your work involve intensive tasks like photo or video editing? There’s one for you, too. With all this in mind, the HP Spectre x360 14 edges out the Razer Book 13, Dell XPS 13 9310, and Surface Laptop 4 due to the design, display, and performance.

You get a strong performance from 11th Gen Intel hardware, and the 66Wh battery easily lasts through a full workday, so you don’t have to worry about plugging in. It has a larger Precision touchpad, comfortable keyboard, and top-firing speakers for excellent audio. The 13.5-inch touch display has a 3:2 aspect ratio and 3000×2000 resolution, making it one of the best on the market in terms of sizing, color, and resolution.

And if you’re in search of even more amazing laptops, we have a bunch of other roundups. Have a look at our picks for the best gaming laptops, best Ultrabooks, best laptops for college students, best laptops for high school students, and best upgradeable laptops.

What Should You Look For When Buying A New Laptop

Top 10 Best PC Laptop Brands in World

There are certain things you can look out for when buying a new laptop in 2021 that can ensure you get the best laptop for your money.

Make sure you take a look at the specifications of a laptop before buying. This is a good way of quickly seeing how powerful a laptop is, and what it is capable of as long as you know what youre looking for.

First of all is the processor. This is essentially the brain of the laptop, and a laptop will usually have a processor made by either Intel or AMD. Intel is by far the most popular CPU maker for laptops, though were seeing an increasing number of AMD-powered laptops as well.

As a general rule of thumb, Intel processors offer better performance, but AMD processors are better value.

To make things more simple, both Intel and AMD have numbered their processors to give you a rough idea of what sort of tasks a laptop with that processor can perform.

If youre after a budget laptop for simple tasks like browsing the web or watching Netflix, then a laptop with an Intel Pentium, Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3, processor will do that job without making the laptop too expensive.

If youre after something with a bit more oomph perhaps to do more complex task like editing your home videos or playing games then go for a laptop with an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor as a minimum.

A newer processor performs better and is more power efficient so battery life will last longer. They are more expensive, though.

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Hp Pavilion Thin & Light Laptop

This HP model is one of the best laptop brands in India that allows you to enjoy mind-blowing entertainment with a micro-edge screen. You can start your performance thats one step ahead with a laptop that can keep up with you with a premium 11th Gen Intel processor. A compact laptop that makes it easy to get work done on the go with a fingerprint reader. The long battery life and HP Fast Charge lets you keep moving. The battery life is long-lasting and efficient, where your battery can recharge up to 50% within 30 minutes while the system is shut down. It comes with B& O audio and a larger Screen-to-body ratio that maximizes your view. It is designed to impress and improve your performance.

  • Price – INR 66,990

The Best Laptops You Can Buy Today

Reasons to avoid

What do you get when you put one of Intels new Tiger Lake processors into a Dell XPS 13? Even more awesome. The latest Dell XPS 13 keeps all the things we loved about this years previous model, such as a smaller frame, four-sided InfinityEdge bezels and a larger keyboard. But this refresh brings Intels 11th Gen Tiger Lake processor and a host of promised features, including better CPU and graphics performance and longer battery life. You also get Thunderbolt 4 and Wi-Fi 6.

But does Tiger Lake live up to the hype? Absolutely. With the new Intel Iris Xe GPU you can play certain AAA games on an integrated GPU, albeit on low settings. And in many cases, the overall performance is top-notch as well. The battery life even surpasses Intels new Evo standards by two hours. Those looking for a laptop with equal parts beauty, power and longevity, the Dell XPS 13 is the laptop for you.

Reasons to avoid

Welcome to the new era of Apple computing. Apples M1 custom SoC marks the first step in Apples conscious uncoupling from Intel. The ARM-based 5-nanometer chip has 16 billion transistors, which is the most the company has ever put into a chip. In addition to all those transistors, the SoC features an eight-core processor, integrated graphics, a unified memory architecture, Apples Neural Engine, an improved image signal processor and Apples Secure Enclave. The result is a faster, more powerful laptop that’s a force to be reckoned with.

Reasons to avoid

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If Youre Spending Up To $750

With a budget of $750, youll be able to grab a laptop that will serve you well and be able to complete most of the tasks you throw at it. Serious gaming and heavy duty video editing will be out, but itll cope with anything else. Aim for an i5 processor from at least the 9th generation of chips, and go for a model with a solid state drive so that its speedy to boot and start programs. At this price range you can bag yourself a great laptop for work or pleasure.

Consider something from the Acer Swift or Spin ranges, or a Lenovo Yoga if you find the the idea of a laptop/tablet hybrid appealing.

Best Overall Laptop With Outstanding Reliability

What is the Best Brand of Laptop to Buy
  • Up to 64GB of RAM available and an 8TB SSD available.
  • AMD Radeon Pro 5000M graphics card.
  • Excellent built-in speakers and microphone.


  • The MacBook integrates nicely with the Apple ecosystem.
  • Apple has a pretty comprehensive warranty.
  • The laptop is super fast.
  • It has room for tons of storage.
  • The Retina display on the 16 inch model is the best on the market.
  • Excellent warranty through Apple.

Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch Review

As mentioned earlier, nothing compares to an Apple computer when it comes to laptop reliability. There are still plenty of people using 10 year old MacBooks.

The reliability of an Apple computer simply hasnt diminished.

I recommend the MacBook Pro 16 inch laptop if youre looking for a reliable laptop. For one, Apple includes a pretty decent 1 year warranty with your laptop. And you can upgrade this to a 3 year warranty through AppleCare.

Its really easy to fix any issues, too. Simply go to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. No need to worry about shipping the laptop to them or anything.

Of course, the MacBook Pro is just an overall great laptop outside of reliability. It has up to 8GB of SSD storage available, an AMD Radeon Pro 5000M graphics card making it a perfect laptop for watching movies and streaming, and up to 64GB of RAM available.

In terms of specs, there really isnt anything better than a MacBook.

The display is also nice. Its a Retina display with a 3072×1920 resolution, which is pretty impressive.




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Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Although it’s not the Surface Laptop, the Surface Pro continues to hit all the right notes if you’re looking for a do-it-all Windows tablet that doubles as a Windows laptop. Microsoft recently overhauled it for the Surface Pro 8, which has a larger 13-inch display, 11th-gen Intel Core processors and two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports. The Surface Pro 7 is still around for the time being at a discount, and an updated version called the Surface Pro 7 Plus will stay in the lineup, so you’ll still be able to get the classic Pro design but with new processors.

Lenovo Yoga 9i 14 Laptop

The combination of convertible design, 4K display, and soundbar convertible hinge make the Yoga 9i 14 a winner.

  • Charger is underpowered
  • Audio is just OK

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio employs a rare design that is essentially the spiritual successor to the Surface Book series. While the display no longer detaches fully from the rest of the chassis, the Laptop Studio’s design allows the screen to sort of pull forward. It can either remain vertical for stage mode , or it can lie flat for a unique Surface experience that should appeal to creators and designers.

The 14.4-inch touch display has a 2400×1600 resolution, 3:2 aspect ratio, 120Hz refresh rate, and excellent color reproduction and brightness. Dolby Vision is included for better movies and TV. If you’re into inking, the Laptop Studio pairs well with the Surface Slim Pen 2. A 120Hz refresh rate makes for seamless writing and drawing, and the new haptic feedback feature is available in select apps.

Intel 11th Gen H-series CPUs power the Laptop Studio, and you can combine them with a NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU. You can game on this laptop to an extent, though it’s far more comfortable being used for productivity work in the creative and design sectors.

You can expect the usual Surface premium level of design in all areas here, but the laptop doesn’t come cheap. Nevertheless, anyone who needs a versatile mobile platform for heavier work should take notice.

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Should I Consider A Refurbished Laptop

Every manufacturer and reseller has different standards for refurbishing previously used laptops. A slight discount on a rigorously tested MacBook Pro that Apple sells with the same warranty as a new one might be worth the cost savings, while a laptop refurbished by a third party youve never heard could be chancy. Its best to buy any refurbished machine directly from the manufacturers online store as opposed to from a reseller, especially a reseller that may be hawking refurbs from marketplace” sellers or third parties on its platform.

Some of these resellers or their third parties will rate their refurbished stock with a grade. Weve seen refurbished laptops being sold and rated with grades of A, B+, B, C, and so on, to reflect the relative amount of wear and tear on the machine. There is no universal grading system for refurbished PCs, however. Its generally up to the reseller what the grade means, and thus it can vary from seller to seller. Were wary of machines graded this way and strongly recommend insisting on an ironclad return policy in the case of purchases like these, if you decide to roll the dice. You could end up pleasantly surprised, but usually, a refurbished-laptop deal that looks too good to be true…is.

Best Windows Laptop In 2021

Best Laptop Brands of 2021
  • HP Spectre x360 14 Best overall: Premium convertible design, 3:2 display, modern hardware
  • Razer Book 13 Runner-up: Top-tier performance, design, display, and features
  • Dell XPS 13 Runner-up: Non-convertible Ultrabook perfect in almost every way
  • Surface Laptop 4 Runner-up: Premium quality Ultrabook with knockout touch display
  • Surface Pro 8 Best 2-in-1: Detachable keyboard, deployable stand, beautiful design, and display
  • Razer Blade 15 Best gaming: Loads of gaming power, sleek design
  • There are many great devices out there that we’ve been trying out and testing, and this is just a glance at the 19 total best Windows laptop options we’ve rounded up here.

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    How To Find The Right Gaming Laptop

    When shopping for a gaming laptop, there’s a lot to consider. To help you choose a system, here are five key points to keep in mind when choosing a system.

    Budget: What you get for the money.

    You can find good inexpensive gaming laptops for under $1,000. However, more powerful mainstream gaming laptops are often priced between $1,500-$2,000. Premium systems typically cost more than $2,000 and come stacked with a host of high-powered goodies such as high-powered specs and tricked-out software.

    Screen Size: 15 inches is the go-to

    It’s very rare that you’ll find a 13 or 14-inch gaming laptops nowadays as smaller bezels and lighter frames have paved the way for seriously thin-and-light gaming laptops. That means the days of chunky 15.6-inch laptops putting a strain on your back are over .

    From there, you have the 17.3-inch desktop replacements that like their smaller counterparts are becoming super svelte. But there are still the big behemoths that don’t skimp on the specs. However, weighing upwards of 8 pounds, those big boys are made for your home gaming station.

    Screen Resolution: 1080p for high refresh rates, 4K for detail

    Refresh rate: 120Hz is the sweet spot

    Intel or AMD?

    Battery Life: At least 4.5 hours

    Specs: 1080p / Core i5 / 16GB Are Best Bets

    You can spend a lot of time delving into specs, but here are the key components to think about. If you just want really good mainstream performance, go for a Core i5 CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD and a 1080p screen.

    Hp Best In Terms Of Reliability

    Hewlett-Packard, or HP for short, is one of the oldest and largest electronics companies. Asides from PCs HP also produces and sells devices like monitors, printers, and laptops.

    This old-timer of a company is best known for the reliability of their products as well as their service. This is one of the main reasons why HP is still going strong. Their laptops arent as high end as Apple laptops but they generally have better specs than brands that focus on affordability like Acer.

    HP is also starting to innovate with their newer models like the HP Spectre. The Spectre features a stylish 4K display and a very stylish design to it. It also features new innovations like switching to tablet mode and it comes with its very own touch pen which makes it a good choice for artists.

    HP laptops are one of the oldest brands on this list and theyre still around for a reason. That reason is that they are reliable and their laptops are usually cheaper than most brands. Think of HP as Acer but more expensive but with better specs. You should buy HP laptops if youre looking for reliable hardware and amazing customer support.

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    The Best Multimedia Laptop

    Most thin and light laptops share one significant weakness thin, tinny audio. Thats not the case with the Lenovo Yoga 9i. This 14-inch convertible has a rotating soundbar in its hinge, meaning that no matter how its positioned, the speakers face outwards. You can expect clear, booming sound whether youre using the 9i in tablet, tent, or clamshell mode.

    Theres a lot more to like as well. You get an excellent 1080p touch display and a built-in stylus for easy artwork and note-taking. The 11th-Gen processors deliver satisfactory performance and all-day battery life. The audio quality, screen, and convertible form factor all add up to an unbeatable machine for multimedia entertainment.

    Best Laptop Brands In The World

    Best & Worst Laptop Brands: Acer

    The computer industry is huge and competition among desktop and laptop manufacturers is tough. But still, there are some brands in the world that are ruling the PC Industry and are counted as the Top and Best laptop brands in the world. We have made a list of the best laptop companies.

    Laptops have replaced desktops because of their portability and performance. There are so many models of laptops from different brands and these laptop brands are dominating the PC market. It does not matter if you are purchasing 1000$ Gaming Laptop or 150$ Chromebook, the Brand matters. There are also so many factors to check like its functionality, Graphics, look, display, optimizations, and other specifications.

    We have made this list according to that particular laptop brands Innovation, Designs, Reviews, Tech Support and Warranty, Performance, Product Sales. Lets check out the list of Best Laptop Brands In The World:

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