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What Is The Best Laptop For A Teenager

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What About Security Features In The Laptop For Teens Like The Fingerprint Sensor

Top 5 Best Laptops for Kids & Teenagers 2021

Security is very much an essential requirement for laptops irrespective of the purpose it is used for. In the normal course, Windows-run PCs and laptops have a layer of security by a password or PIN to log in to the device. If an individual wants to have the fingerprint sensor, then a laptop with such a provision can be purchased. An effective antivirus has to be installed in the laptop to secure against any malware.

Hp 255 G6 156 Hd Wide Screen Business Laptop

Hewlett Packard offers its own affordable laptop for teens with the HP 255 G6 15.6-inch business laptop. At 2.65 pounds, this is a lightweight standard size laptop. Featuring an AMD processor and 256 GB of flash memory, this laptop is ready to power through any office application. This computer is perfect for students who need to access digital textbooks or online classwork.

The Best Laptops For High School Students In 2021

Hunting down the best laptop for your money can be a real pain. Buying for yourself is one thing: You and you alone must suffer from your decision. But when youre on the market hunting down the best laptops for high school students, making the wrong decision will produce an endless flow of complaints. Its too slow. Its too heavy. It wont run my programs. Painful, we know, so were here to save you from the horrors.

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What To Look For

Chromebooks are usually excellent little writing devices with very basic operating systems and web browser-centric software. That said, very cheap laptops struggle if they’re pushed hard, so make sure your course isnt going to become more technologically demanding in later terms.

It pays to buy the best laptop you can afford, especially if you know that you’re going to need extra performance later. See our guides to budget laptops and the best Chromebooks for more.

Want to kit out your desk even further? See our guide to the best computer monitors.

Best Laptops For Kids In 2021

15 Best Laptops for Teens: Your Ultimate Guide

Start your kids’ laptop life off right with one of these great options

The best laptop for kids may not sound crucial at first if they use a hand-me-down tablet or smartphone that might feel good enough for their digital needs. However, as we move towards the back-to-school season, computers are part of the curriculum for virtually every age group and familiarity with a laptop can be a real advantage.

The best laptop for kids presents some unique challenges due to their less careful handling of the laptop and at least initially fairly basic needs. That caused us to weigh durability a little more heavily than for most and ideally, it won’t be too expensive in case anything happens to it. For slightly older children or those that are abundantly careful, those are less relevant, so we aren’t eliminating all laptops that don’t fit those criteria.

Regardless of your child’s needs after hours of researching and reviewing these laptops, we are sure that one will be the right fit after you make one big choice.

There are certainly some limitations to Chrome OS, for example, high-end gaming and video production are two categories that arent well served, still, a Chromebook is a great fit for most kids.

Once you have determined which OS is right for your child the hard work is over. Here are the best laptops for kids based on our reviews each of these is an excellent option for your child.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

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Best Laptop For 13 Year Old Top 7 Picks That Teens Love In 2021

Thirteen is an interesting age that welcomes you to the teen life and gets you working for the seven years afterwards adulthood. This time period is full of experiences and learnings that lets us become our complete matured form in the twenties.

And so, your kids thirteenth birthday is a special occasion and you want to gift him or her something useful for the upcoming rough ride.

However, heres the list of 7 best laptop for 13 year old:

  • Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop Get 16 GB Ram with This One
  • How To Choose The Best Laptop For School College Or University

    How much should I spend on a student laptop?

    Depending on what your studies involve and whether you plan on using your laptop for play as well as work, you can spend anywhere between a couple of hundred and a couple of thousand pounds on a student laptop.

    If you’re on a tight budget or buying a laptop for your child to use for schoolwork, we recommend checking out our list of the best cheap laptops and the best laptops for kids.

    However, if you want a device that will last you a number of years and has the capability to support a spot of light gaming, we recommend spending between £500 and £1,000. In this price bracket, you’ll find laptops that offer impressive performance coupled with attractive build quality.

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    Do I need a fast processor and loads of RAM?

    Processors and RAM arent too important if you just want a laptop for writing essays on even a cheap Chromebook is good enough for Google Docs and searching the internet.

    However, if your studies require the use of more demanding software for photo or video editing, 3D design, or crunching databases, its worth putting money towards a more powerful CPU. Intel’s Core i5 and i7 processors are a solid choice, while AMD’s Ryzen range of processors often rival Intel’s in terms of performance but come with a smaller price tag.

    How much storage do I need?

    What else do I need to look out for?

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    Asus Vivobook 156 Inches Laptop

    View on Amazon

    This ASUS Vivobook model is a well-designed laptop with all rounded top-notch features for teens. It doesnt matter how tasking the tasks are, users would easily find their way through, using this awesome model.

    Firstly, the thin screen bezel border framework allows adequate space for screen size and output display. Note that this is an advantage, as far as screen specifications are concerned. The resolution is 1920 × 1080 pixel display, which is still within the range of good laptop resolution displays, for the regular teen.

    Another tendency that should draw intending buyers to this product, is its high durability. Now although the laptop is comparatively not light weighted, it compensates for this demerit with a high standing on its ability to remain intact and functional, for as long as you have it.

    While its durability still depends on the user, it is not wrong to state that this product would last longer than some others in its category, when subjected to the same use conditions.

    Its features include a 256GB SSD storage, working alongside its 8GB DDR4 RAM provision. Hence, users are assured of function and information processing speeds.

    Other features are HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1, micro SD card slots. All of these facilitate ease of information and data transfer/sharing between connected function modules.



    Make Learning At Home Easier

    Best Laptops for Teens in 2021

    Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

    While pencil and paper are still school supplies, these days, so is a laptop. Whether your kid is just starting school, learning virtually, or a high schooler with tons of homework, there will come a time in their academic life when a laptop will be helpful.

    There are so many laptops on the market. It can be tricky to find the right one for your budget, needs, and family lifestyle. To help you narrow down your choices, here are the best laptops for kids currently on the market.

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    Top Five Student Laptop Considerations

    To start, here are five of the top things to think about when buying a laptop to use as a student:

    • Battery life: If youre going to be out at lectures and seminars all day, and you cant guarantee youll have access to a plug socket, youll want a laptop that can achieve at least eight hours of battery life in our tests.
    • Weight: If you sling your laptop into a light bag or satchel, youll want one that weighs less than 1.5kg, so it doesnt start dragging you down late in the day.
    • Screen size: If you dont plan on taking your laptop out of halls, go for a bigger screen size, from 15.6 inches up to 17.3 inches.
    • Fast wi-fi: Some laptops have better wi-fi connections than others, so check our reviews to see whether we comment on particularly slow wireless connectivity that could affect your work.
    • Performance: Dont overspend on a laptop thats far too powerful for your needs. If youre only going to be working on basic essays, you dont need to spend £1,000 on an ultra-premium high-performance laptop. Similarly, you dont want to underspend on a laptop that won’t deliver the performance you need if youre going to be editing videos. Our guide on how to buy the best laptop explains more.

    Go to our full list of independent laptop reviews.

    An Inexpensive Pc Can Be A Powerful Educational Tool For Your Child Here’s How To Shop For A Kid

    PROSHandy tablet gestures and Android phone integrationDecent cameras

    Only one USB port and no headphone jackCramped keyboard

    PROSThin, light design with excellent build qualityNifty built-in kickstandFace-recognition camera with 1080p qualityFanless, silent operation

    PROSHigh-refresh display with support for AMD FreeSyncPotent Ryzen 4000 series processor16GB of RAM in under-$1000 test configurationGood battery life and speakersWi-Fi 6 support

    Single-color keyboard, versus RGB keyboard of the Alpha 15CPU runs hot under loadCan’t quite match gaming frame rates of GeForce GTX 1660 Ti notebooks

    PROSPleasing light design, with aluminum constructionBacklit keyboardSolid port and slot selection, including USB Type-C and microSDEight-hour battery life

    PROSComfortable keyboard and touch padMultiple color optionsAttractive styling and excellent build qualityUSB Type-A port

    No face recognition camera or keyboard backlightingInternal storage tops out at 256GBMiddling audio quality

    PROSLong battery life and snappy storage


    PROS2-in-1 versatility on the cheapResponsive keyboard and touchpadBoth USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports

    CONSSmall, low-resolution display with thick bezelsMeager 32GB of internal storageBrief battery life

    PROSWelcoming 3:2 aspect-ratio touch screen.Comfortable keyboard.Convenient ports and optional stylus.

    CONSA tad pricey given the CPU and screen size.Dim display.

    PROSThree USB ports, HDMI port, and full-size SD card slot



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    Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop

    View on Amazon

    Now, this is one of the most significant Acer brand products that would continue to top the markets- at least as far as the best laptops for teens 2021 is concerned.

    The product has high-value tendencies and has been specifically designed to fit in for heavy computing activities like software application gaming. Hence, if youre looking to buy a laptop for that teenager that loves to play video games, then you should consider getting them an Acer Predator.

    The Acer Predator Helios is a 15.6-inch laptop, with all the specifications that make it suitable for that down-to-earth teenager that loves to do digital exploring. The drive storage is a fair 256GB SSD, while the accompanying RAM is 8GB and DDR4.

    It has an inbuilt i7 7700HQ processor, which together with the other storage features, qualifies it for high-end gaming purposes.

    Asides from the gaming use, it would also work well for video display and video editing activities, since it allows an input pixel of a maximum of 1080p. In fact, the laptops NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics, is fully attachable and usable by a VR module.

    Note that because of the fact that users of this laptop are likely to press more demands on its regular processor processing abilities, the laptop, in turn, has excellent overclocking abilities that override any possible ill-effects to its functioning components.



    Best For Tweens: Asus L210 Laptop

    The 50 Best Laptops for Teens in 2019
    • 12 hours of battery life

    • No touchscreen

    • Number pad can be hard to use

    At less than one inch thin and a mere 2.3 pounds, tweens will have no trouble toting around this pick. Theyll love the 180-degree lay-flat hinge feature, which is super helpful for group projects or working in collaborative settings.

    When homework gets harder, theres a backlit keyboard and an innovative 6-inch number pad. Reviewers praise this choice as affordable, easy to use, and able to handle whatever task a modern tween can throw at it.

    Operating System: Windows 10 | Screen Size: 11.6 inches | Touchscreen: No |Storage: 64GB

    • Type cover keyboard sold separately

    • Limited battery life

    Perfectly portable, this versatile option can be used as either a laptop or tablet. If you want the type cover keyboard, itll need to be purchased separately, but its a seamless connection. Additionally, this tablet works with a surface pen and mobile mouse, both sold separately.

    This is a helpful option for families who may want the versatility of a tablet for streaming and the functionality of a laptop.

    Operating System: Windows 10 | Screen Size: 10.5 inches | Touchscreen: Yes | Storage: 64GB

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    Microsoft Surface Pro 4

    View on Amazon

    Notable for its convertible and sleek design, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 ranks amongst the loveliest products, that is suitable for teens. Asides from its beautiful structural design, the product also displays top-notch features- which would provide just what the high school and college students need for their everyday activities.

    One good reason why teens should love this product is that it can serve well as a laptop, as well as a tablet- depending on whichever the user wants per time.

    In addition to these, it offers a number of applications that are useful for bringing out productivity in young high school children. The screen size is put at 12.3 inches, while the maximum screen resolution display is a comparatively larger 2736 × 1824 pixels.

    Its processor is the 6th generation Intel core i5 basically, while Intel Iris and HD graphics card serve as a coprocessor for graphics and image display. Depending on the buyers indicated specifications, the product comes in either 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1 terabyte storage space provided.

    Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 that earned it a spot in our list of Best Laptops For Teens to get in 2021.



    Best Very Small Windows Notebook


    • SD card slot for storage expansion


    • Only 32GB of internal storage inhibits app installs
    • 1,366-by-768-pixel screen makes text fuzzy
    • Poor camera quality


    The question of whether to buy your son or daughter a smartphone is fraught with concerns over responsibility, online safety, and much more. The same goes for buying a laptop, except for one very important difference: Many elementary and middle schools consider them essential educational tools, and equip classrooms with machines for their students. Other schools require parents to purchase laptops, offering a selection of recommended models.

    The upshot is that your kid might need to use a laptop at school or for school whether you like it or not, especially in these uncertain times that may mandate distance learning. Regardless, they will almost certainly want to use that computer at home, too, both for fun and homework .

    Kids being kids, the list of factors to consider doesn’t end there. Don’t forget about parental controls, durable plastic, and water-resistant keyboards. At least you won’t have to worry about the cost. Buying a kid-friendly laptop need not break the bankâall of our recommended models cost less than $700, and most are well under $500âand the even better news is that just because they’re inexpensive doesn’t mean that they are necessarily slow or poorly made.

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    Best Laptops For Teens: What To Consider

    Now, have known some of the best laptop products for teens, it is equally important that you carefully weigh the options and decide- based on the intending users type of activities and laptop use inclinations.

    This would help you settle for the best option that would truly serve the peculiar user, without you having to spend any more money on this, in the near future. As earlier mentioned- at the start of this review, not every one laptop in the best category, suits every individual prospective teen user.

    The following factors could help you make a holistic decision, that is ultimately profitable for both the spending buyer, as well the utilizing teen.

    • The laptop storage capacity

    Most times, this is not a problem for many of the available suitable laptop provisions that there are. This is because even the laptop with the least storage space would ideally come with a minimum of 128GB space.

    This is reasonably an adequate space for such activities as internet surfing, music, and video playing, reading, and research etcetera. However, this would not hold true for other activities that require increased storage space provided.

    Hence, if youve decided that the teens activity is that which would require a lot of storage space, then you may go for a 500GB or 1 terabyte storage laptop. Otherwise, you may also buy an additional external storage drive.

    • What processor is best?
    • The best RAM for the teens activities
    • Laptop size and portability
    • Resolution display

    Who Should Buy A Laptop For A Teen

    Best laptops for students in 2019

    If your teen has been struggling in classes, then a laptop may be able to help with his grades. Not only will he be able to take more efficient notes in class with the use of a laptop, he wont lose them, either. In the same vein, completed homework wont be misplaced or left at home, and his essays will always be available for him to work on while he has his laptop on hand. Accessing the internet is all the easier with a laptop that he can connect to a wifi wherever he takes it and that means his ability to complete his homework is only dependent on access to the internet. Even if your teen hasnt been struggling, you may see a bump in grades and overall productivity with the addition of a laptop. Not only will your teen be better able to complete homework and projects, but the entire worlds knowledge will be just a few clicks away.

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