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What Is The Best Laptop For Making Videos

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Microsoft Surface Book 2

Top 5 Best Laptops for YouTube Videos Video Editing

Most versatile video editing laptop

Reasons to avoid

Both a powerful laptop and a portable tablet, the Surface Book 2 is the most versatile notebook you can use to edit video. It comes with a powerful 8th Gen Core i7 CPU and discrete Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU, as well as an incredibly vibrant 3240 x 2160 display. The Surface Book 2’s 3240 x 2160 display is bright and vivid, so it’s perfect for drawing, video editing or just kicking back and watching five or six too many YouTube videos.

It lasted over 12 hours on our battery test, so you can edit all day without fear of losing a charge. If the 15-inch version is too big or too expensive for you, there’s also a 13.5-inch option, but that steps down to either integrated or GTX 1050 graphics.

Reasons to avoid

The HP Spectre x360 is an elegant machine capable of completing the HandBrake benchmark in 10 minutes and 45 seconds. The Spectre x360’s 15.6-inch, 4K, glossy display is a mixed bag. On one hand, it’s ridiculously colorful and sharp, but on the other, this screen is annoyingly dim and comes with distracting glare.

Reasons to avoid

The HP ZBook x2 is pricey, but it gets you an adaptable tool for creative work. The matte, 14-inch 4K display lets you edit at any resolution, and, if you prefer a stylus, you can use the shortcut keys for quick actions or keep the Bluetooth keyboard nearby. The Quadro GPU could be stronger, but there are few devices that cater so directly to creatives.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

Are Gaming Laptops Good For Video Editing

Yes, gaming laptops can be great for video editing because they tend to utilize faster CPUs, GPUs, and RAM that creative applications can leverage for superior performance. Its no coincidence that our pick for the most powerful video editing laptop is a gaming system, the Alienware Area-51m R2. Gaming laptop displays, though, are aimed at different objectives than youll find on the best video editing laptops theyre tuned for speed rather than color accuracy and depth. And so youll need to keep that in mind when you make your purchasing decision. One alternative is to add an external high-quality display, to leverage the performance of the laptop and still have the display quality you need for final production work where youll want to see your video in all its glory.

What Should I Look For In A Video Editing Computer

Video editing is fairly demanding on most systems, so when looking into a new computer make sure you have a super-fast CPU, lots of RAM and a decent graphics card.

Encoding and transcoding will be better on a faster CPU, so you’ll want to look at clock speed rather than the number of cores. An Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processor released in the last few years should suffice, if you can afford to bump up to a full i9 or Ryzen 9 processor, your system will have a much easier time coping with demanding applications.

Rendering is a similar story, mainly using your CPU and RAM, so while most traditional desktop computers can get by with 16GB , you’ll want to stick as much in as you can afford. 32GB is the sweet spot, but the more the merrier.

The most important components for you to concentrate on are the graphics card and processor. If you’re looking to edit ultra-high definition videos or add complex video effects, then we strongly recommend buying a PC with a dedicated graphics card as this will ensure the PC can handle your video editing tasks.

There are popular products available from both Nvidia and AMD such as the GeForce RTX 3080 and the Radeon RX 6800 XT, but you’ll find that most GPUs released within the last four years should meet the standard for video editing or rendering.

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Best Laptops For Video Editing Motion Graphics & Animation In 2022

If you want to succeed editing videos in 2022, you have to have the best technology to do it. With our list of the best laptops for video editing and graphic design in 2022, we hope weve provided you with enough options so that when youre ready for your next laptop, the choice you have to make is an easy one.

Best Budget Laptops For Video Editing Under $800

Top 10 Best Computers for Music Production and Recording ...

At this price point, you will find laptops that have slightly less generous specifications for the processor, GPU, memory, and display, but for the most part, are still able to handle editing and rendering high-quality video projects and more.

Smaller to medium-sized video projects will run the most easily on laptops within this range, with some exceptions in models that have better specifications as far as CPU and GPU go.

The table below will give you a quick look at our selections for the 3 best laptops for video editing currently available on the market for under $800. To read a full review, simply click on review> > in the respective row.


  • Disappointing display quality

Our Rating: 9.8/10

The number one choice when it comes to powerful laptops under $800 is easily the Dell G3 15 3500a laptop that packs more punch than any other laptop in this price range. It ticks almost all the boxes, making it a superb choice for you if youre looking for a laptop for video editing and gaming that will last for years to come.

The processor in the Dell G3 is a 10th Generation Intel Core i5-10300H, which beats the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor in performance and speed. This processor is very fast, allowing you to perform editing tasks like adding transitions, importing new clips, and rendering video files at lightning speeds without interruptions.

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Are Chromebooks Worth It

Yes, they are, but they’re not for everyone. and Chromebooks — laptops that run on Chrome OS — are great for people who do most of their work in a web browser or using mobile apps. They are secure, simple and, more often than not, a bargain. What they can’t do is natively run Windows or Mac software.

How We Test The Best Laptops For Photo Editors

We test the best laptops for photo editors by, first, running tests on the laptop’s display. Our labs run sRGB gamut coverage tests, as well as Delta E accuracy, screen brightness and more.

We also test the graphics card performance by using the 3DMark benchmark to determine the laptop’s ability to run graphic-intensive applications. We also dive into processor performance using the Geekbench benchmark.

Our labs also test for how fast the laptop can transfer files, which is important information for impatient photo editors who have a lot of content to output and input on their laptops.

Multitasking muscle is another aspect of laptops we test. Photo editors tend to have multiple programs running in the background, and if a laptop lacks multitasking muscle, it will become slow and sluggish.

We also dive into tests that have nothing to do with photo editing, but may appeal to photo editors depending on their needs, including the image quality of the webcam, the crispness of the speakers and gaming capabilities.

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Asus Pb60g Mini Business Pc

Best value: Incredible power in a medium size

Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid

The Asus PB60 strikes a middle ground between a desktop PC and a Mini PC with some internal components from laptops like SODIMM memory and 2.5-inch HDD bays but with the CPU and GPU power of a desktop. We reviewed a previous model two years ago when it featured an Intel i7 as the highest configuration, luckily it has been updated to this year’s standards.

Inside you will find an eight-core Intel i9-9900T 16GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive with an NVidia Quadro P620, an apt configuration to run Adobe Premiere or your video editor of choice. You can also find a beefed up version with 64GB RAM and storage upgraded to a 1TB SSD plus a 2TB hard drive at reatail. Amazingly, this configuration upgrade will only set you back an extra $500.

It’s stackable design resembles two small pizza boxes stack on top of each other. The one at the bottom houses the graphics card. Air vents are located throughout the PC to keep it cool, and Asus provides accessories for mounting your PC either vertically or behind a monitor via a VESA mount.

When it comes to ports, it comes with everything but the kitchen sink: if four USB Type-A ports plus one Type C at the front aren’t enough then on the back you’ll find wireless antenna connectors, two USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.1 Gen 2 connector, two HDMI and two DisplayPort ports, Gigabit Ethernet and a user configurable port, which can be VGA.

The Best Laptops For 2022

Best PC Laptop for Video Editing? – 7 Video Editing Laptop Tips & Specs

Looking at specs is just the start: Whether you want a simple budget PC, a productivity workhorse, or a screamer of a gaming notebook, our deep-dive guide has the advice you need to find the best laptop for you.


  • Upgraded performance from Intel “Tiger Lake” CPU
  • Sleek styling


  • Users can upgrade RAM



  • Appealing 3:2 aspect ratio display
  • HDMI port
  • SSD instead of eMMC storage



  • Powerful graphics and computing performance
  • Compact chassis with easy access for upgrades
  • Expansive 3K display


  • Dazzling OLED touch screen with 3:2 aspect ratio
  • Handy shortcut keys and utility software
  • Rechargeable pen and carrying sleeve in box
  • Lively performance


  • No LTE mobile broadband option
  • No sign of the 007 SPECTRE octopus logo


  • Modern design with thin bezels and larger display
  • Superior 1080p webcam
  • Two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 support
  • Well-implemented kickstand
  • Perky performance in tested Core i7 configuration


  • Higher starting price diminishes entry-level appeal
  • Accessories and configuration upgrades are pricey
  • Keyboard base still sold separately
  • USB-C ports only


  • Good value, especially for a MacBook
  • Much-improved performance, thanks to Apples new M1 processor
  • Exceptional battery life
  • High-quality keyboard, touchpad, and display
  • Multiple color options
  • Port selection limited to two USB Type-C connections
  • Still no touch-screen option



  • Pricey as configured, in line with field-leading speed
  • Poor battery life




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Top 9 Best High Performance Laptops

  • LG Gram -With Thunderbolt 3
  • When compiling this list, I was paying attention to powerful laptops that come at different prices so you will easily find an option for your budget. Here, you will find portable Chromebooks, great gaming laptops and budget devices. Whether you are looking for an affordable model with decent specs or want to purchase a high-end laptop, on this list, you will find the best high-performance devices in 2021.

    Laptops For Video Editing

    An intuitive video editing tool, powered by a competent computer system has literally resulted in paupers turning into influential celebrities, small businesses being able to engage effectively with their customers, and audience being left with an unlimited supply of content to consume.

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    If you are someone keen on becoming an editor or becoming an independent creator, then you also need to settle on an appropriate system to perform video editing efficiently. Video editing is a time-consuming, memory-intensive task that needs to be executed with surgical precision. As such, you need a laptop that can give you the edge you need to carry out the process of editing without any hassles.

    In this article, we will be looking at some of the best powerful laptops that are often recommended for editors to do their job with perfection.

    Fact Check:

    According to reports published by Animoto in late 2018, 93% of marketers claimed that they were able to successfully land on new customers due to video content.

    Pro Tips:

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    Best Desktop Replacement For Video Editing

    Display: 17.3″ UHD 60Hz CPU: Intel Core i9-10900K GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super RAM: 32GB DDR4 Storage: 2TB NVMe SSD RAID 0 Weight: 9.04 pounds Size: 15.85″ x 12.57″ x 1.7″

    The Alienware Area-51m R2 may have the shape of a laptop, but it’s more akin to a desktop in some ways. This laptop is bulked up enough to offer the cooling needed by a desktop-class processor. Why is that? Because this laptop actually uses a desktop-class Intel Core i9-10900K. Combine that with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super and you’ve got a serious machine on your hands.

    The video editing capabilities of this machine are furthered along by the inclusion of 32GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. If basic PCIe SSD storage wasn’t already fast enough for video editing, you’ll be pleased to hear that Dell configured this to use two 1TB drives in a RAID 0 configuration for extra bandwidth.

    Acer Spin 3 Convertible


    Best for on the move video editing experience.

    This laptop is special for those editors or professionals who are always on the move. It is an ultra-slim compact laptop that packs way more firepower than what meets the eye. Once youre done admiring its 360-degree rotational screen, or the ingenious Full HD Touch IPS display, youll be caught off-guard by its hardware.

    It comes with an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, spelling a processing speed of up to 4.6 GHz. Add to that a 16GB DDR2 RAM, 512 GB SSD, and battery power of over 12 hours make this laptop a robust system to run editing applications that deliver exemplary results.

    The screen despite being small is loaded with a full HD 1970 x 1080 resolution display, thus making the process of editing videos all the more compelling.


    Weight 3.75 pounds

    Verdict: Stylish by design and a powerhouse by performance, Acer 3 Spin Convertible is a perfect blend of both design and robust technology that delivers a system that is simply too good for video editors to ignore. So if you are someone who is on the road a lot, then this laptop can be your perfect travel companion.

    Price: $776.99

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    Buy A Best Laptop For Video Editing Tasks

    Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned professional in video and film editing, you must buy a good laptop with respectable specifications and features. All the ten laptops mentioned in the list above will not need any up-gradation for the next few years. You can definitely find the one laptop that will be meeting your budget since the list consists of laptops ranging from low to mid to high budget slabs. You are free to post your queries in the comments section below.

    What’s The Best Operating System For Video Editing

    Apple laptops and desktops were once the industry standard for graphics work, and there are still many reasons to edit your videos on one, such as a MacBook Pro. Not only do Macs have the right hardware, but software with all the options you need is also readily available. However, operating system technology has changed such that laptops and notebooks with Windows and even Chromebooks now have the necessary hardware and graphics capabilities. Other than for compatibility with your other equipment, you’re not restricted to any one operating system. This opens up not only a range of features but a range of software as well.

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    Creative Laptops For Streaming

    Producing video isn’t all about feature-length movies and high-definition graphics. You may want to broadcast your video gameplay via a platform that lets you interact with your audience in real time. Or maybe you want to spice up your footage with transitions and multiple camera angles before making it available on a video-sharing site. Video editing laptops have the audio and video capabilities you need to stream your creations to your followers.

    What used to be the realm of the desktop now has room for the laptop in all its iterations. Whether you want to title a graduation video with a simple Chromebook or you have to use graphics-intensive software to make your own indie feature, find the computer you need at B& H Photo and Video.

    Apple Macbook Pro M1 Silver

    Did Apple Accidentally Make the Best Gaming Laptop?

    With the Apple MacBook Pro M1 chip, you can get more done. Everything you like about the MacBook Pro in one package. But with more strength.

    The Apple M1 chip allows you to take on the most demanding jobs and creative projects without exhausting your battery, from video editing to gaming. Its 2.8 times faster than the previous generation, and its eight cores deliver outstanding performance.

    Waiting for things to load is a waste of time. The MacBook Pro is really responsive and quickly wakes up. Youll also be able to save files, load programs, and view large video and image files in a flash thanks to the fast SSD storage.

    Touch ID on the Touch Bar

    The Touch Bar at the top of your keyboard substitutes the function keys, allowing you to display appropriate controls depending on what youre doing. Are you watching a movie? With the Touch Bar, you can go backwards or forwards in time. Is it possible to edit photos? The image can be adjusted, cropped, and filtered all from the Touch Bar.

    Touch ID adds an extra layer of protection to everything you do. Securely unlock your MacBook, use Apple Pay without having to remember a password, and access secret files with only your fingerprint.

    Razor-thin and light as a feather

    Take your MacBook Pro with you to the library, on your daily commute, or to a crucial business meeting. Its quite light, weighing only 1.4 kg.

    The Retina display is stunning.

    Your FaceTime calls will be more detailed.

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    Record Your Voice Over

    With your script in hand, its time to record the narration. Camtasia comes with a built-in, easy-to-use voice recording feature and can be an excellent option.

    But I also want to take this opportunity to introduce you to TechSmith Audiate.

    Audiate takes voiceover recording and editing to an entirely different level by transcribing your voice in real time as you record. Then, you can literally edit your audio just like you would edit text in a document.

    So, rather than staring at a wave form and trying to figure out exactly what you said and where, you can see it right on your screen.

    Audiate even automatically flags all your ums, uhs, and other hesitations so you can easily find and delete them. You can even delete them all at once.

    Already have a voice over recorded? Import it into Audiate and it will transcribe it for you.

    When youre done, save audio file and import it into Camtasia. You can even export the edited text as a transcript or as an SRT file for captions.

    Ive been doing video and audio recording work for years and Im quite comfortable using professional audio recording software like Adobe Audition, but if Im doing voice over work, you can bet Im using Audiate because its the best and easiest way to record voice overs.

    Next, if you can, get your hands on the best microphone you can find. Even a middle-of-the-road mic will provide much better sound quality than the one built into your computer.

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