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What Is The Difference Between A Chromebook And A Laptop

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The Bottom Line The Right Kind Of Laptop Dependson You

Chromebook vs Laptop – What Is The Difference? [Simple]

We wish we could give an easy, definitive answer on a case-by-case basis to every shopper, but more than anything else, whether you should buy a Chromebook or a Windows laptop really does come down to your particular workload or playtime needs. Everyone’s different.

The above guidelines should help you see which category you fall into, though, and those who need specific programs only available on Windows or macOS likely know who they are. If you can get through your work almost entirely in a web browser, or youre buying for a student, a Chromebook can be a good money-saving choice. For everyone else, look through our best budget laptops or best laptops overall to find one thats best for you.

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Is A Chromebook Or Laptop Better For Office Work

Productivity appsword processing, spreadsheets, and the likerepresent the majority of the working day. Here, both Windows and Chromebook users alike have several choices, and both are honestly about equal in this regard. Chromebooks can run Microsofts Office apps as Android applications, while Windows PCs can run Google Workspace apps on the web.

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You might think that Office would be restricted to Windows, but thats not true either:, also known as Office Online, runs in a web browser, andassuming you have a subscription to Office 365 offers nearly all the functionality that the Office 365 suite does. In fact, given that its powered by the cloud, youll find that Office Online sometimes gets updated with new features before they arrive on Microsoft 365. Office is typically used by most enterprises, and if your company administrator allows it, even shared corporate resources may be accessible via a Chromebook.

Theres one tweak: as of August 2021, Microsoft wont support the Android version of Office apps on a Chromebook. That doesnt mean you cant run Office on a Chromebook youll just need to use instead.

Office Online is accessible via a browser from either a Chromebook or Windows PC.

Chromebooks Are For Casual Users

Its not that Chromebooks cant take care of serious work. I have used them to edit professional photos and write articles for Android Authority. Theyre just not meant to take on certain tasks extensively.

Chromebooks will work amazingly if most of what you do can be done with a browser. Email checkers, Netflix bingers, social media buffs, and web surfers will have a blast using these machines. You can use Google Drive for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Google Drive can also harness the power of the cloud for your storage needs.

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While Chromebooks have the Google Play Store and its wide portfolio of apps, I am not a fan of depending too much on these. Android apps are usually not well designed to work on larger computer screens. The UI can be a bit messy, and bugs are common. These Android apps work, but the experience isnt as refined as it should be.

If you decide to rely on Linux apps, given that your Chromebook supports them, you will find that the portfolio of available apps is not as wide. Windows and macOS still have Linux beaten on this department.

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Pros And Cons Of Chromebooks

With all the advantages Chromebooks have compared to Windows laptops, its hard not to prefer this form factor, which brings the best parts of a laptop with the best parts of a Chromebook. One major advantage of a laptop is that you can easily attach external storage. A Chromebook doesnt have any slot that you can attach anything to.

On top of that, a Chromebook has more memory and internal storage than a laptop. When it comes to what you cant do on a Chromebook, its easy to argue you can do the same things you can on a laptop without a Chromebook. One of the major differences between Chromebooks and laptops is the lack of a port to connect an external display, mouse, or anything.

Is A Chromebook Or Laptop Best

Difference Between Chromebook and Laptop

Buying a device mostly depends on needs, and this applies to whether a Chromebook or Laptop is best for an individual user. For tasks that can be done within a browser, such as sending emails, editing a document, typing a blog post, writing assignments, online learning, video/voice meetings, or even playing games over the internet, a Chromebook is going to be sufficient. Chromebooks are also great devices for those on a tight budget or require an inexpensive device as a backup. Great battery life is also a common feature of a Chromebook and it is not uncommon to find even those priced between $200 and $300 boasting daily battery usage that crosses ten hours. This makes Chromebooks a great option for students in general.

However, for those often using special software or programs for work that do not need an internet connection and require more processing power, or those in need of a large amount of local storage on their device, then a laptop is likely to be the better option. While all of the tasks a Chromebook can handle can also be performed by a laptop, the entry barrier for a good laptop is higher than that of a Chromebook. This is particularly the case if in need of a 2-in-1 form factor or longer battery life, features that are commonly available even on budget Chromebooks.

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Chromebook Vs Macbook: Which Is Better For You

Trying to decide between buying a Chromebook or a MacBook? Let’s look at all the major differences between these two options.

When looking for a new laptop, both MacBooks and Chromebooks will likely be some of your first considerations. Each offers a broad range of features, but neither will perfectly fit everybody’s needs.

Before investing, it’s worth looking at both devices side-by-side to get a clearer picture. And if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to compare the Chromebook and MacBook’s price, features, and more to help you make the best possible buying decision.

Chromebooks Vs Laptops For Gamers

Similarly, Chromebooks are not an option for serious gamersnot that this should be surprising. Simple web games and Android games will run just fine on a Chromebook, but no serious AAA 3D title can play on one. Dedicated graphics chips are not a Chromebook thing, and unless they run in a browser, most mainstream games don’t get Chrome-compatible versions.

If your kid is asking for a gaming laptop and youre thinking about a Chromebook because they can do their schoolwork on it and its less expensive, don’t get your hopes up. Youll have to look elsewhere for a “real” playtime PC.

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What Is A Notebook

A Notebook is a portable personal computer with a significantly smaller size. It can perform all tasks that a conventional desktop computer can however the main difference between the two is the formers portability.

Think of a Notebook laptop as a miniature version of your computer which has an on-screen keyboard with track-pad/track-ball, and is powered by a battery. Mainly, a Notebook laptop runs on Mac or Windows operating systems. They are equipped to run all software and apps that can run on conventional computers. A Notebook laptop consumes less power to run and also comes with significant processing power and RAM to handle multiple tasks easily.

However, laptops usually come with a higher price tag, as compared to personal computers.

Can I Run Windows Apps On Chromebooks

Chromebook vs Laptop: How They’re Different, How to Choose

Yes and no. Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise is a new feature that on Chromebooks, but not all of them. Parallels provides quick access to legacy and full-featured applications, like Microsoft Office, locally on Chrome OSwhich means that theyll even work offline. However, Parallels is a managed solution for enterprises with IT managers, meaning that you wont be able to take advantage of this with a cheap Chromebook that youll buy from Amazon.

Instead, only very specific enterprise Chromebooks will be able to access Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise: the HP Pro c640 Chromebook Enterprise, the HP Elite c1030 Chromebook Enterprise and the upcoming HP Chromebox Enterprise G3, all powered by Intel Core i5 and i7 processors.

Could this capability to run Windows apps be extended to consumer Chromebooks in the future? Possibly. But right now its out of reach for most users.

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Chromebook Portability Vstraditional Laptops

Chromebooks are ultra-portable in terms ofboth size and weight. Most feature an 11.6-inch display and weigh just 2.5pounds. This can be compared to the MacBook Air, a 13.3-inch model that weighs3 pounds.

Chromebooks are also incredibly durable. Somecome in special ruggedized models that boast water and shock resistance.Combined with a full-body case, available for practically every Chromebookmodel Ive seen, these things are tough to break.

Another underrated feature about the Chromebook is how fast it boots up. In less than 8 seconds after pressing the power button, you can reach your browsers homepage.

If youre often on the move, this makes coming and going very painless. Combined with the cloud capabilities of Googlewhich you get 100 GB and 12 months of with every purchasestopping and starting up work again isnt a major inconvenience.

Laptop Or Macbook: Antivirus Program

On a Windows laptop, you need an antivirus program or virus scanner to protect you against viruses, malware, and spyware. At Coolblue, you get a free year of Norton antivirus if you buy a Windows laptop. MacBook models are less sensitive to viruses, but it’s a good idea to install an antivirus program. As MacBooks are becoming increasingly popular, the number of threats is also increasing. Apple’s built-in security doesn’t always protect against this.

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Who Are Chromebooks For

Chromebooks are designed with a few specific people in mind. At the forefront are students, as school administrations tend to favor Chromebooks due to their security benefits, sturdy build quality, and software limitations. That means youll find cheap Chromebooks in public schools all across the country.

Chromebooks go beyond just cheap, plastic laptops for kids. There are also higher-end options for professionals and college students. Because they tend to be lightweight with long battery life, they are great options for people who need to take their work on the go, whether thats from class to class or on long flights. Some of these include the Google Pixelbook, , and the Asus Chromebook Flip C436.

There are certainly those same options in the Windows 10 laptop world. However, in the cheaper price range, Chromebooks can sometimes provide a better value. For example, approximately $500 is where Chromebooks thrive, but Windows 10 laptops at this price tend to get bogged down with a thick chassis and clunky performance.

Is A Chromebook Or Laptop Better For School Work

Difference Between Ultrabook and Chromebook

A Chromebook is a good choice for a student that is primarily using the computer for web browsing, word processing, or streaming video and audio. Storage isn’t a problem if Google-focused students can store their files with Drive. They can also use SD cards and USB drives to keep hold of their documents.

A Chromebook is also a great low-cost option, with prices dipping as low as $100/£120/AU$140 during the holiday season for the low-end models. However, the price of a Chromebook can skyrocket to $1,000/£1,000/AU$1,400 if you choose a corporate or luxury option like the .

For school work, the Chromebook is a winner because it has so few features. Without extra games or a lot of applications, the Chromebook becomes a homework powerhouse, allowing students to access their lessons online with few distractions.

Students can write their papers with Google Docs and share their work straight from the Chromebook to their teacher or parent, no printing necessary. The Microsoft Office suite is also available online, so students can create Word documents with ease.

The Chromebook is also just a hard device to break. If your student is prone to installing virus-laden programs, the Chromebook can be wiped and reset with ease. If the child isn’t particularly tech-savvy, there are few confusing functions: the Chromebook is a plug in and play device. Some of the newer Chromebooks are a little more delicate physically, but most can take a tumble, as many of the parts are plastic.

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What Can A Chromebook Do

Chromebooks ship with their own operating system called Chrome OS, which is based on Linux and uses the Chrome browser as an interface. It has basic computing elements, such as a file manager and an app launcher, but most of what you use are web-based apps that require no downloading.

That might sound limiting at first, but many popular apps already offer web-based versions like Spotify, Netflix, Slack, and Evernote. Due to the prevalence of web applications, many people spend the majority of their time in a web browser anyway. If your typical workflow resembles this scenario, transitioning to a Chromebook will be relatively smooth. Just connect to Wi-Fi and proceed with your browsing as normal.

However, with the addition of the Google Play Store, you can also download Android apps to fill in any software gaps. Their implementation in a laptop setting might be a little funky in some cases some expand full-screen while others remain locked in smartphone screen mode but Android apps are available if you really need them.

Chromebooks also support Linux software. If you absolutely need desktop applications, setting up Linux is certainly an option. There are Linux versions of Audacity, Firefox, GIMP, OBS Studio, Steam, VirtualBox, and many more, but your favorite application may not offer a Linux-based variant. Check the developers website first before ruling out a Chromebook.

Chromebook Vs Windows Laptop: Speed Security And Safety

Chromebooks are mobile devices. They look like a laptop and act like a laptop, but everything about the software was designed for an always-connected mobile world. Windows is moving in this direction but there’s still work to do. That doesn’t mean you can’t use either operating system offline or at home, but features and settings are going to be designed for an always-connected environment.

You can crash a Chromebook if you try hard. Very hard.

Where Chromebooks shine is when your usage is more internet-focused. The Chrome browser on even a cheap Chromebook is remarkably more fluid and less resource-hungry than it is on most any Windows laptop because of the operating system’s overhead or lack of it. The Chrome operating system uses the same type of sandboxing the browser does, so any app you might use can’t access the data from any other unless you give it express permission. Applications designed for Chrome tend to be feature-rich and easy on resources, so the entire experience is speedy and fluid. You can crash a Chromebook or push it to a full-blown lag fest, but it’s not easy and won’t happen unless you try to do it.

Chrome was built to protect against the internet’s huge library of crapware that wants to live in your computer.

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Our Favorite Budget Windows Laptops

However, because Chromebooks are so web-focused, the limited amount of local storage should be okay, as your data will be synced and saved within the Google cloud, or in the individual app youre using. Meanwhile, the browser-focused interface means you dont have to worry about installing programs or moving around files on your desktop. Instead, your Google account is your key, allowing you to use Googles most popular programs and download Play apps.

SCREEN AND BATTERY. Outside of those nitty-gritty component details, Chromebooks are much the same as other laptops. They have displays that come in various sizes , most of which will be full HD . The lowest-end Chromebooks still use 1,366-by-768-pixel panels and are best avoided, at this point, except perhaps at the smallest screen sizes, on the smallest budgets.

Both laptops and Chromebooks offer varying chassis build qualities and materials by manufacturer and price tier, batteries that can last more than 10 hours to get you through the day, and basic ports like USB and perhaps an HDMI output. Battery life is where independent testers like our own PC Labs come in to gauge it, consult reviews with defensible comparisons, rather than relying just on vendor claims.

Whats The Difference Between A Chromebook And A Windows Pc

Differences Between a Laptop and a Chromebook

Though you probably already know what differentiates a Windows PC from a Chromebook, heres a brief refresher: Windows PCs run Microsoft Windows 10 , the dominant operating system for traditional PCs for more than 25 years. They run Windows applications, from Microsoft titles to a raft of third-party software. Windows PCs are available in desktop and laptop forms, and can be configured in infinite ways to accommodate needs from basic productivity to resource-intensive workstations.

Preston Gralla / IDG

The Start menu is command central for Windows 10.

Chromebooks are much simpler. They run Chrome OS, essentially a Chrome web browser vehicle, and are often priced several hundred dollars less than a Windows PC. The newest Chromebooks contain a bonus, however: the ability to run some Android apps . Another perk: the ability to run Linuxnot something that most users will care about, but a useful niche addition. Chromebooks may be cheap, but theyre surprisingly flexible.

In a Chromebook, many of the apps reside below the taskbar.

Microsoft Cortana runs within Windows, but the Google Assistant is only in Googles own Pixelbook devices.

Inside, the only real differences are the processor. Windows PCs have a wide range of microprocessors powering them, usually chips from AMD and Intel, or more recently, a Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Though the Chrome OS Files app within Chromebooks is a little rougher than Windows, its been designed with cloud storage from the beginning.

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