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What Is The Difference Between Gaming Laptop And Normal Laptop

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What Other Specs Should I Look For

Nvidia Studio Laptop Vs Gaming Laptops Benchmarks | Whats the Difference?

While the GPU is important, youll also want to be on the lookout for a good CPU, enough RAM and lots of storage space.

  • CPU: Depending on your budget, you can get a very powerful Core i7 CPU or even one that you can overclock such as the Intel Core i9-9980HK. You can also find laptops with desktop CPUs. However, most games benefit more from a quality GPU than a CPU so you can definitely get by with a Core i5 processor.

If you see something older than the most current Intel 10th Gen Core or with less power, consider saving a bit. CPUs usually arent upgradeable, so youre making this choice once. Intel launched its 11th Gen Intel Core H35 at CES 2021, while a 45W part will come later in the year.

Like memory, storage is often upgradeable in gaming notebooks. So if you need more space, you can toss in a 2TB or larger HDD.

The Pros And Cons Of Gaming Laptops Against Normal Laptops


High Speed: Gaming laptops are designed and manufactured to give you speed. You need as much speed as possible when youre gaming so that you can overcome your opponents. Just like when you play games, there are lots of tasks being processed simultaneously which need high CPU to function effectively.

RAM: RAM allows your computer to perform many of its everyday tasks, such as loading applications, browsing the internet, editing a spreadsheet, or experiencing the latest game. Memory also allows you to switch quickly among these tasks, remembering where you are in one task when you switch to another task. As a rule, the more memory you have the better. And more memory also gives you speed a boost, as your computer can handle more actions effectively.

Graphics: Gaming laptops have high-quality graphics cards which provide

high-resolution quality images and are a huge contributor to the game experience. Graphics cards provide support to games and graphics related software so that without any interruption or hang, tasks can run smoothly.

Sound: The sound quality on gaming laptops is generally much better than on a standard laptop. Audio quality is really important when gaming. Its no good having razor-sharp, fantastic animation but tinny or lacklustre sound. Basically, gaming laptops have superior sound.

Durability: Gaming laptops are built to be sturdier and more durable than normal laptops.


Difference In Keyboard Design:

The keyboard is one of the computers input devices. It connects to every laptop. While there is no visual difference, there is a difference between the functionality of a regular laptop and that of a gaming laptop keyboard.

Typically, backlit keyboards use in ordinary laptops. These are not as powerful as gaming laptops. Because of this, those who use standard laptops are ordinary business people and college students. Those who dont need to use too many keys.

On the other hand, gaming laptops require RGB backlit keyboards. Because gamers like to gamble in low light, these keyboards are more robust and withstand more stress.

The great advantage of backlit keyboards for gamers is finding and pressing the right keys without taking their eyes off the screen.

Some RGB backlit keyboards are programmable. These help gamers set a unique color on specific keys while running various applications, which is very helpful.

For example, gaming keyboards W, A, S, and D keys and arrow keys often display a different color than other keys.

The RGB backlit keyboard can create a wave and wave-like illumination, immersing gamers in more gaming. You can control the use of this illumination if you want. If these are off, the pressure on the battery decreases, resulting in increased battery life.

Gamers can get excited during gaming and apply aggressive pressure on the keys on the keyboard.

Some high-end gaming laptops use very advanced quality mechanical keyboards.

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What Is The Difference Between A Gaming Laptop And A Regular Laptop 14 Best Factors To Consider

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a gaming laptop and a regular laptop? Gamers have a lot of options when it comes to buying their next laptop, but there are certain factors that gamers should consider before they buy.

While many people may not be aware of the differences between a gaming laptop and a regular one, there are some important things to know about these devices before you make your purchase. This article aims to help answer those questions by explaining what makes laptops designed specifically with gamers in mind different.

Gaming Computers Have Better Graphics Card/gpu

Difference between gaming laptop and normal laptop

Gaming computers need to be process high quality HD graphics real time without any stutters or molding of images. This needs a powerful graphics card. Sure there are some regular computers with GPUs, but usually, they are not as powerful as the ones in gaming rigs. If your monitor supports 4K graphics, then make sure you have GPU with 4K capability. The most popular GPU makers are the Nvidia and AMD technologies. Graphics are seamlessly displayed on the screens because of this powerful tool.

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Are Gaming Laptops Inferior To Desktop Gaming Computers

Gaming laptops are sometimes criticised as being inferior to traditional desktop gaming PCs, but gaming laptops are advancing at a fast rate. So theres a growing number of gamers who are moving on to laptops.

As gaming laptops are smaller, the internal components of a gaming laptop are usually slightly less advanced and more expensive than similar parts for a desktop PC. Laptops are definitely more difficult to upgrade compared to desktop PCs due to a combination of lack of component variety and limitations with space. On the plus side, gaming laptops are portable, which is a huge benefit.

How Do You Use A Gaming Laptop

This may sound like a stupid question, but theres more to this than meets the eye. A gaming laptop can be used like other laptops which we use for the usual day-to-day tasks and entertainment purposes. These laptops have the same operating systems which we use on our normal laptops or PCs.

Internet surfing, web browsing, emails, chatting, and other activities are pretty much like when you use a standard laptop. In addition, some gaming laptops have hard keyboards like PC keyboards due to the demands of gamers who like special keyboards and mice to control their play.

People who buy gaming laptops are buying them primarily for gaming, so they want a laptop which is going to deliver the best performance, with high-quality graphics, sound and speed. They possess advanced features, system specification, and durability make gaming laptops unique.

If youre a gamer, you cant run your games on standard laptops because they just dont have the power or speed you need. Gaming laptops are popular with professionals, such as graphic designers, as they possess high graphics / video cards which deliver high-quality results not just for gaming.

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Main Differences Between Dell Gaming Laptop And Alienware

  • Dell gaming laptops are from the Dell company, meaning they are just a particular range of laptops in the Company. As for Alienware, it is a subsidiary of Dell.
  • The Dell G- series is equipped with a 15.60-inch and a resolution of 1920*1080. Alienwares basic models have a 17.30-inch and resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.
  • The dell Gaming Laptops do not come with an expandable SSD, but the Alienware comes with an expandable SSD.
  • The ROM of the Dell Gaming Laptop is of 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe drive, whereas Alienwares ROM is of 512GB PCIe M.2 SSD.
  • Dell gaming laptops are equipped with a fast processor, but the process of the Dell gaming laptops isnt faster than the Alienwares processor. Not only that, but Alienware is also best for multitasking.
  • Gaming Computers Have Liquid Cooling Tubes

    Can you tell the difference: RTX 3080 Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop?

    Some gaming computers, especially the high end ones, have cooling tubes for their liquid coolant. Now as much as this would be insane if found in a regular computer, it is not uncommon in gaming PCs. The more powerful the computer, the more heat will be released by the system. A liquid coolant is found mostly in very powerful CPUs to cool the GPU, CPU and the processor, and a case that supports liquid cooling is needed. As much as regular PCs heat up, it is rare to find one with liquid coolant.

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    Gaming Pcs Are Expensive:

    As graphics cards are expensive, with powerful GPUs gaming PCs cost a lot more than normal computers. Not only about the GPU, as I have said above gaming PCs also have other powerful parts which make them expensive than normal ones.

    On the other hand, in normal PCs, you can use APUs, budget GPUs, other budget parts to cut down the overall expenses significantly. As for normal tasks you dont need very powerful parts, you can easily get a normal PC at a good price.

    Gaming Computers Have Better Quality And Higher End Audio

    Since PC games tend to make audio as rich and realistic as possible, the gaming computer should be able to produce these sounds as they were intended to. The audio plays an important role in transporting the player to the virtual game universe. This is why audio quality cannot be compromised. Gaming PCs come with much better speakers than regular ones. Better yet, you can also get third party wireless speaker kits for improved sound quality. This coupled with the high end graphics take the gaming experience literally out of this world.

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    What Are The Components You Can Customize

    When you’re ready to build your gaming laptop, there are numerous parts you can customize for your unique style of gameplay. Custom components allow you to decide just how much power you want to get from your system, while also helping you plan your budget. The basics you need are a laptop case, motherboard, RAM, processor, power supply, GPU, HDD/SDD and optical drive.

    Are Regular Laptops Always Cheaper Than Gaming Laptops

    8 Key Differences Between Gaming and a Normal Laptop

    The price of any commodity depends on a variety of factors, demand being the prime amongst them. There is equal demand for gaming laptops with strong and heavy builds, and regular laptops with light and sleek designer builds. If the components in a regular laptop conform to the latest standards as in latest generation processors etc., the price difference might not be significant.

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    Superior Display And Keyboard Dynamics For Better Gaming

    In terms of Display, both types of laptops come with similar technology panels like 4KOLED as in the Razer Blade 15 Advanced gaming laptop. The gaming ones however, have a higher refresh rate and low response time, which is a must-have for proper gaming. A 60Hz-120Hz display is considered standard for regular use as there is no need to constantly refresh the display panel to accommodate rapid movement and face-paced action.

    For a gaming laptop, however, the refresh rate ought to be much higher than 60Hz. These laptops have a refresh rate beyond 120Hz and can go as high as 300Hz, as seen in the Acer Predator Triton 500 . Since gaming laptops come with dedicated graphics units that can process frames at high speed, the monitors refresh rate must be high to display the processed frames.

    The pixels in the display must change colors quickly to accommodate the new frames. For gaming laptops, an ideal response time should be below five milliseconds like the Alienware m15 R4 . High refresh rates and low response time go hand in hand in gaming by allowing the screen to keep up with the rapid movements of the characters in the game without causing screen stuttering and tearing.

    Many gaming laptops offer mechanical keyboards that are more durable and are designed to withstand repeated pressure and forceful strokes during aggressive gameplay. They can easily withstand the stress of repeated pressing and forceful strokes of aggressive gamers.

    Business Laptop Vs Gaming Laptop: What Makes Them Different

    Laptops come in many varieties and for various uses, going from basic computing machines that can run most of your basic tasks to high-end mobile workstations that are used for graphics and animation work. Gaming laptops is another category which, as the name implies are machines that can run newly launched AAA gaming titles without any hiccups or lag. They offer the latest hardware specifications available in the consumer market. One often asked question is how theyre different from business laptops, like mobile workstations. Should you choose a gaming laptop for your professional work instead of a professional device? After all, they do come with the latest hardware and therefore should be able to handle any kind of workload. While gaming laptops may be able to take on intensive workloads, there are many reasons why theyre not suitable for professional work. Lets understand why.

    Lastly, business laptops have been designed keeping specific needs of business users in mind. Weve discussed the specific features of business laptops elsewhere in this section, but the important thing to note is that business users need more stability, reliability, and security from their device. They might even like more portability, great looks, and longer life from their device, so that they can extract more productivity from their device for serious business work.

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    What Are The Disadvantages Of Gaming Laptop

    If youre considering a gaming laptop as your next purchase, here are five disadvantages to consider.Gaming Laptops Dont Have the Best Battery Life. Gaming Laptops Lack Upgrading Options. Gaming Laptops Are Hot and Noisy. For Console Gamers, Gaming Laptops Are a Lot More Expensive.More itemsFeb 27, 2021

    What Is The Main Difference Between A Gaming Laptop And A Normal Laptop

    gaming laptop vs normal laptop

    When you ask about do gaming laptops last longer than normal laptops then answer is YES. They are far better and excellent in performing certain tasks where other normal laptops fail to do.

    Lets take a look at some of the features that might intrigue you:

    • Gaming laptops come with great design and cooling system with high-speed fans to give an efficient performance.
    • They are only made to give intense performance compare to normal laptops at an average level.
    • Gaming laptops surely has high-end graphics compare to normal laptops.
    • The gaming laptops have sophisticated things like high-quality display, RBG keyboard, unique designs and much more.
    • Gaming laptops come with a high price compare to normal laptops.
    • They come with high power consuming processors with less battery life from 12 to 14 hours.
    • Gaming laptops are made especially for games and normal laptops are made for daily computing.
    • Some gaming laptops have a great screen and loudspeakers. They are designed to give immerse user experience for games.

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    Desktops Vs Laptops: What Wins

    Its frustrating, we know, but the various pros and cons to both gaming desktops and laptops mean that its impossible to pick one type of machine to always triumph. Instead, its best to evaluate exactly what you want from your new machine, and use that information to make a decision.

    There are several situations where buying a desktop makes more sense. If you want the ultimate choice for performance, a PC is the best answer. Also, if you dont need to move your machine very often, again, a PC will deliver better value and, similarly, a desktop is superior if you want to upgrade in the future

    If youre on a budget, too, a PC will prove cheaper than an equivalent laptop. Just be aware of screen and peripheral costs on top.

    A laptop is better if you want to game on the move, or travel a lot for work, or if you go to loads of LAN events. A laptop is also handier if you dont have much room at home as its small form factor means storing it away is as easy as putting a book on a shelf.

    A gaming laptop could also be better if youre a less-demanding gamer, or if you dont want to upgrade in the future. After all, if youre not going to take advantage of a desktops advantages, why pick one?

    So, while gaming desktops do still provide ultimate performance, that doesnt mean theyre necessarily right for you. What we can be certain of, though, is that Chillblasts range of desktops and laptops are superb so youll be satisfied no matter what you buy.

    Do Gaming Laptops Overheat

    All gaming laptops have both dedicated and integrated graphics, and if your laptop is overheating, its possible that your dedicated graphics is the problem. Dedicated graphics uses more power thus creating more heat, and if youre playing a hardware-intensive game, you might cause your laptop to overheat.

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    Are Gaming Laptops Good For Everyday Use

    Gaming laptops are excellent for everyday use. I can tell you, a gaming laptop costs a pretty penny but the sheer speed is great for everyday use. Of course, you can get a fast SSD for a normal laptop as well, and I recommend it if you decide to buy a normal one.

    But the fact that a gaming laptop isnt going to slow down after a few months, which I guarantee will happen with a normal laptop, and take forever to open basic apps like the browser, makes it worth its weight in gold.

    Let me quickly list some other gaming laptop advantages from my experience:

    • It has a backlit keyboard which makes it great for work in complete darkness
    • I can open the screen with one hand, which I could never do on normal laptops
    • It looks much cooler without looking too brash

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