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What Is The Difference In A Chromebook And A Laptop

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Chromebooks Are Different Than Laptops

Chromebook vs Laptop – What Is The Difference? [Simple]

First and foremost, lets set this straight while chromebooks look like a laptop, they are in fact a whole new variation of your typical laptop. They are sometimes compared to tablets. Well take a look at the main differences and similarities, but it is important to know that comparing a laptop and a chromebook is like comparing apples and oranges they are both a fruit, but theyre certainly different.

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Heres a video google released to explain exactly what the logic was behind the Chrome OS and how it works:

You definitely dont get as many options with a chromebook compared to a laptop, but the thing is, some people never use the additional functionality that a laptop offers. This makes chromebooks an especially suited product for those who are less computer savvy and just want to use basic applications and browse the net.

In a nutshell, a chromebook is essentially a stripped back laptop that is designed more for fast internet browsing, but can also handle tasks such as watching videos, and running office applications .

Do Chromebooks Need An Internet Connection

When Chromebooks first launched they basically became paperweights when they were offline — a real issue if you were in the middle of editing an important document you suddenly couldn’t save because your web connection dropped. Things have thankfully gotten better as Google improved offline capabilities and common apps like Netflix, YouTube and Spotify have offline options as well.

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For a regular laptop, being offline is a little less of a problem since you’re using installed software that saves to internal storage. While neither experience is great offline these days, Chromebooks are not a great choice if you’re not willing and able to be online most of the time. On the upside, Google has made it very easy for Android users to turn their phones into instant mobile hotspots and to have Chromebooks and Android devices work better together.

Chromebook Connectivity And The Internet

Keep in mind that chromebooks are designed to be used while you have an internet connection available. Chromebooks typically only have a small amount of local storage available , so most of your files and documents will be stored on the internet in the cloud.

While there are some apps that can be used in offline mode, the chromebook works best when its online, so its worth considering your internet connectivity and how available a suitable connection will be where you plan on using your chromebook.

One huge advantage of the chomebook is that your files are all on the cloud this means if your chromebook somehow gets broken or destroyed, all your files are still safe you simply just need to log back on to your google account. There is no need for backing up data manually, because of the way chrome OS works this all happens automatically for you.

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Die Schlsselwerte Eines Computers

Mit einem 4 GB großen Arbeitsspeicher bietet das Gerät eine zufriedenstellende Leistung. Mit einem Flash-Speicher von 64 GB ist genügend Platz für große Projekte mit offenen Daten. Flashspeicher gelten als besonders schnell beim Aufrufen von Daten. Mit 12,5 Stunden hält der Akku des Chromebook 15 auch für ausgedehnte Reisen lange genug.

Pros And Cons Of Chromebooks

Difference Between Chromebook and Laptop

With all the advantages Chromebooks have compared to Windows laptops, its hard not to prefer this form factor, which brings the best parts of a laptop with the best parts of a Chromebook. One major advantage of a laptop is that you can easily attach external storage. A Chromebook doesnt have any slot that you can attach anything to.

On top of that, a Chromebook has more memory and internal storage than a laptop. When it comes to what you cant do on a Chromebook, its easy to argue you can do the same things you can on a laptop without a Chromebook. One of the major differences between Chromebooks and laptops is the lack of a port to connect an external display, mouse, or anything.

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Performance: Chromebook Wins Among Low

  • Other laptops outperform Chromebook models based on processing power.

  • Windows doesn’t scale down well.

  • MacBook performs better than Chromebook but carries a larger price tag.

If you can buy a Windows-based laptop for the price of a Chromebook, why buy a Chromebook? The magic of the Chromebook resides in the operating system that powers it. Windows is designed more for the enterprise than for low-end laptops, and it doesn’t scale down well. Windows and desktop apps require more hard drive space, more RAM, and more processing time.

In contrast, Chrome OS is built around the Chrome web browser and brings us back to the days of terminals and mainframes. Those dumb terminals depended on the mainframe but had one advantage. Those dumb terminals didn’t need to perform well because the mainframe did the heavy lifting.

This is the same model that makes the Chromebook so popular. The internet does the heavy lifting, which means that a $250 Chromebook can perform as well as a more expensive laptop.

Chromebook easily wins the performance medal when it comes to low-cost laptops. If you’re willing to drop the cash, a laptop can run circles around a Chromebook.

Which Is Better For Web Browsing A Chromebook Or Windows Pc

Its not quite true to say that Chromebooks and a Windows PC are equivalent in web browsing, but this is probably the closest point of intersection. Browsing the web using Chrome on a Chrome OS device is virtually identical to using Chrome on a PC. A Windows PC will allow other browser options, however, including Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Firefox. However, Microsofts new Edge browser is also based on Chromium, meaning that Edge can use Chrome plug-ins beginning in the . Theyre almost identical!

Because of the simplicity of Chrome OS, some complex sites simply feel more responsive within a Chromebook. On a Chromebook, with the same ad blockers, the site can actually be more responsive. Chromebooks usually ship with less memory than a PC, however, so youll be able to open fewer tabs. You can use other browsers with Chromebooks, like Opera, but theyre typically the mobile version of the browser running as an Android app.

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The Differences Between Chromebooks And Laptops

A Chromebook is a special kind of laptop, different from standard Macs and PCs.

Its operating system the software that decides how the computer works and what programs it can run is called Chrome OS. It’s made and updated by Google.

As you might expect, Chrome OS is primarily built to run Google apps like , Docs, and YouTube, which are all installed on the Chromebook by default . You log into the device itself using your Google account and password, and will need an internet connection to use most of its features.

The keyboard also has keys you won’t recognize. Instead of a Caps Lock key, it’s got a button called “Search” or “Launcher” that lets you search your device or the internet for anything you type. And in place of the Windows or Command key, there’s a key that’ll bring up .

Finally, they’re not as powerful as most high-end MacBooks, and nowhere near as powerful as high-end PCs. If you want a computer for gaming, animation, or image and video editing, look elsewhere.

The chart below compares a top-of-the-line Chromebook with similarly priced PC and Mac models. The best of every category will be highlighted.

*Based on third-party benchmark tests, as Apple hasn’t released their own stats.

But when it comes down to it, a Chromebook is just another type of laptop. You can think of it like this: All Chromebooks are laptops, but not all laptops are Chromebooks.

If you mostly use Google apps, or are tired of Macs and PCs, Chromebook laptops might be worth a look.

Speaking Of The Cloud

Chromebook vs Laptop: How They’re Different, How to Choose

Chromebooks can live on low storage space because they rely heavily on the cloud, especially Googles own internet services. If you already use cloud storage for most of your files, stream music, watch movies online, and store your photos on the web, you may not even need that much local storage.

Bear in mind Chromebooks can operate offline to a certain extent. You can download emails and work on them offline. Similarly, you can edit documents offline too. Many Android apps can also run without an internet connection, not to mention Linux ones.

While everyone gets 15GB of cloud storage for free with , upgrading to more costs money. Luckily it isnt too much. A $1.99/mo subscription can get you 100GB of cloud storage. You can also pay $2.99/mo for 200GB or $9.99/mo for 2TB. There are higher plans for those who need them, too.

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Is A Chromebook Or Laptop Best

Buying a device mostly depends on needs, and this applies to whether a Chromebook or Laptop is best for an individual user. For tasks that can be done within a browser, such as sending emails, editing a document, typing a blog post, writing assignments, online learning, video/voice meetings, or even playing games over the internet, a Chromebook is going to be sufficient. Chromebooks are also great devices for those on a tight budget or require an inexpensive device as a backup. Great battery life is also a common feature of a Chromebook and it is not uncommon to find even those priced between $200 and $300 boasting daily battery usage that crosses ten hours. This makes Chromebooks a great option for students in general.

However, for those often using special software or programs for work that do not need an internet connection and require more processing power, or those in need of a large amount of local storage on their device, then a laptop is likely to be the better option. While all of the tasks a Chromebook can handle can also be performed by a laptop, the entry barrier for a good laptop is higher than that of a Chromebook. This is particularly the case if in need of a 2-in-1 form factor or longer battery life, features that are commonly available even on budget Chromebooks.

What Is A Chromebook

Lets start with what a Chromebook actually is a laptop equipped with the Google Chrome operating system. Chrome OS is built around Googles Chrome browser, which means it operates from the web. This is a fundamental difference from competing operating systems like Windows or MacOS, which run fully on the computer, not from the web.

What do you do if you dont have an internet connection? Well for a long time, the answer was ¯\__/¯. But over the past few years, Google has improved its offline capabilities, including adding its android app store Google Play which offers many apps with offline options like Spotify and Google Podcasts.

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Laptop Vs Chromebook: Performance

Those who want the speed to run serious apps will probably already have made up their mind when it comes to laptops vs Chromebooks. That’s because Windows PCs and even Macs have two serious legs up on Chromebooks: blazing-fast processors and powerful GPUs.

Yes, you can get a Google Pixelbook Go with a Core i7 processor, but that’s one of the rare exceptions to the rule. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many Chromebooks sporting MediaTek processors, which lag behind Intel CPUs in terms of speed and often deliver long load times when switching between tabs and Android apps. Over in the land of laptops and PCs, the MacBook Pro can be customized with Core i9 CPUs, AMD is impressing with its gains on Intel chips and Apple Silicon is about to make Macs even more efficient.

And maybe Android apps and Chrome don’t need a discrete graphics card, but not even the 4K AMOLED Samsung Galaxy Chromebook has a real GPU . Meanwhile, the folks running PCs can configure their laptops to have discrete or integrated graphics, giving themselves as much gaming power as they need.

Chromebook defenders would argue that the lack of need for serious speed is a notch in their favor, but real power users know where to go, and it’s not Chrome OS.

Winner: Laptops

How Is A Chromebook Different From Most Laptops

Chromebooks vs. Laptops

We look at: OS, software, hardware, cost, portability, security

If youre shopping for a new laptop and youreon a tight budget, a Chromebook may be the way to go. Before you jump in headfirst, though, there are many things worth considering.

The Chromebook first hit shelves in 2011 andwere manufactured by Acer and Samsung. It launched as a Linux-based machinerunning Chrome OS, an operating system that utilizes Google Chrome as its userinterface.

If youre a Google Chrome loyalist, navigatinga Chromebook should feel incredibly natural. However, Windows fans are going tonotice that Chrome OS is an extremely stripped-down operating system.Chromebooks give up on a lot of functionality in favor of affordability, easeof use, and portability.

Knowing if a Chromebook is right for you or aloved one is a matter of knowing what the exact use case is. For power users, aChromebook is borderline useless. For others, it might even provide advantagesover the typical Windows or Mac laptop. In this article, lets explore some ofthe most important differences between a Chromebook and your ordinary laptop.

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Chromebooks Dont Have Large Hard Drives

Another major reason that Chromebooks arent built for heavy-duty use is that they dont have large hard drives.

While laptops tend to have hard drives of 350 GB or so, your Chromebook is more likely to have a hard drive of 35 GB. Even downloading a single large file can take up a big chunk of your space.

As such, you shouldnt plan to run big downloads and should keep your hard drive as clean as possible. The Chromebook is set up to sync with cloud-based storage services, so you can always get a Dropbox or premium Google Drive account if there are some large files youd like to access.

5. Get Used to Not Having Some Favorite Applications

Chromebook is pretty new on the scene compared to some other brands, so you might not have access to applications that you are used to.

Most notably, Chromebooks are Google products, which means that they dont have Microsoft products. Rather than being able to use Microsoft Word or Excel, you will have to use the Chromebook equivalents.

While these software packages are still sound, youll need to plan for a bit of a learning curve.

Laptop Vs Chromebook: Scorecard And Winner

While PC devotees may be surprised by this turnout, I’ll couch Chromebooks’ win in the fact that this scorecard takes a wide range of users into consideration. Maybe you’re so far past school that you forgot about Pythagorus and his theorem, and now you’re doing graphic design work. Youll surely need that PC or Mac, and Ill happily nudge you towards our list of the best laptops.

But for those struggling to pick one side of the laptop vs Chromebook fence, we are more likely to recommend you get a Chromebook. As the old Apple motto went, “it just works.” And if you live in the Google ecosystem, as many schools and kids do these days, Chromebooks are just right. Not only do they come at more affordable prices and last a bit longer, but they don’t have all the headaches that come with managing a Windows 10 PC.


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Software: Other Laptops For The Win

  • Runs Chrome apps and Android apps.

  • Some Chromebook models can use web-based productivity tools, such as Microsoft 365, in addition to .

  • Wide selection of app options for Windows and macOS.

  • Fully installable versions of software such as Microsoft Office means you can work and play even when there’s no internet connection.

  • Unleash your creativity with design apps such as Adobe Illustrator that require significant processing power.

The biggest and best feature of Windows and macOS is the software. Windows and macOS have more software support and more sophisticated software options. These laptops run full versions of Microsoft Office, games that rival consoles, and a host of other software, from a music studio to drafting architectural plans and designing 3D animations.

At the start, Chromebook relied on the apps built for the Chrome browser and web apps. But now, Chromebooks have access to Android apps from the Google Play Store.

Chromebook Vs Laptop: Battery Life

Differences Between a Laptop and a Chromebook

Other laptops are also catching up in this department, thanks to low-power processors and other enhancements. That is the keyword, though: catching up. Its tough to beat Chrome OS devices in battery life.

Chromebooks usually get at least eight hours of juice. Those numbers are very rare in the Windows or macOS realm unless you pay up.

Of course, you can always get yourself a battery pack thats capable of keeping your laptop or Chromebook alive for longer.

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Laptop Or Macbook: Almost All Apps And Programs

On a laptop or a MacBook, you can download and install just about any application you want. If you need particular applications for work or school, a laptop or a MacBook is the best choice. When it comes to downloading apps from a store, you use the Windows Store on a Windows laptop and the App Store on a MacBook. Or install software from other sources.

Manage Projects Tasks And Calendar Events

Again, no need to install anything to manage your appointments, events, projects, tasks and reminders.

I use the following web apps, but there are plenty more around if you prefer another tool.

  • Appointments and events: Google Calendar
  • Projects: Smartsheet and Trello
  • Tasks and reminders: Remember the Milk

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