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What Kind Of Laptop Does K12 Give You

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Damage And Loss Protection Questions

What does what in your computer? Computer parts Explained

Q: How do I pay the $20 fee to enroll in the Damage Loss Protection Program?A: Families can use the District’s Online Payment System to pay this and other fees and fines. For any questions about payment, please talk with the school bookkeeper or office assistant .

Q: When should I pay the $20 fee to enroll in the Damage and Loss Protection Program?A: To enable students to have access to this technology on the first day or week of school, most schools will issue devices immediately at the start of the school year . Families are required to pay the $20 enrollment cost within 60 days from when the student starts school or is issued a device. Failure to pay within 60 days will result in a loss of coverage from the Damage and Loss Protection Program.;Fee payment is required prior to any damage or loss claims.

Q: What happens if I enroll in the Damage Loss Protection Program but don’t pay the $20 fee?A:;Failure to pay within 60 days will result in a loss of coverage from the Damage and Loss Protection Program.;Fee payment is required prior to any damage or loss claims.

Q: If I choose to not check out a device, how do I refuse the Damage and Loss Protection Program?A: Students indicate whether or not they’ll be checking out a device during the Online Verification process in ParentVue. Refunds will not be granted for students who enroll in the program but later decide to use a personal device instead of a district device.

How Am I Graded

Keystone uses several types of assessments including practice quizzes, short answer and essay questions, objective multiple choice exams, and oral examinations . This mix provides the independent learner with checkpoints to monitor his or her progress through each course. Students are also required to practice various styles of writing to help ensure learning and develop communication abilities that they’ll need after high school.

How Do I Change My Odysseyware Password

A: In Odysseyware, there are multiple ways to reset your password. If your admin has given teachers and superteachers permission to change passwords on their own, you will have a My Preferences link in the top right corner of the page. Clicking here will produce a widget where you can choose a new password.

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Is Virtual School The Same Thing As Homeschool

Not really. Virtual schools are online schools that are usually part of either a public or private school, therefore someone other than the parent is responsible for selecting the curriculum and ultimately the education of your child. In the case of virtual public schools, which are offered by many states and are usually free, its essentially public school at home. There are also many virtual private schools throughout the the U.S. that offer tuition-based, K-12 programs and are essentially private school at home. While virtual schools are a viable option for some parents and children, you need to remember that they will likely require you to adhere to a defined school schedule/calendar.

Laptop Procedures And Information

The code to success  East Lake Foundation

Rensselaer City School District Laptop Program;

The focus of the Rensselaer City School District Laptop Program is to prepare students for their future, a world of digital technology and information.; An atmosphere that provides students with immediate access to online resources, local network resources, online based information, and textbooks are essential to survive in the 21st century. Research indicates that students who have access to technology on a regular basis show a significant improvement in their learning skills over those who do not have this opportunity. With this in mind, every effort will be made to provide access to quality resources that will hopefully reshape how students learn. With the issuance of each laptop also comes the need to establish rules, policies, and regulations that will govern the use of the equipment. These issues range from the need to protect student access, to care and maintenance of the laptops.; Each student will be issued a laptop computer for their use at registration.; For those students registering during the school year, a laptop will be issued as part of the registration process.; The laptop will be assigned to a student in the same manner in which a textbook is issued. This means that the serial number of the unit, etc. will be recorded and students will sign for the equipment.;

Thank You,

David Howell Director of Technology

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What Kind Of Computer Do I Need To Take Online Courses

You can take our online classes using either a PC or a Mac. As of right now, Linux, iOS, and Android are not officially supported as an operating system by Keystone. If you are running a current version of Firefox and a current version of Adobe Flash Player, our courses should work just fine; however, there may be issues. If such issues come up, we cannot provide support for them at this time.

What Is The Time4learning 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Time4Learning offers a 14-day money back guarantee period. If our curriculum does not satisfy your familys needs within the first 14 days of membership, we will refund your money directly to the credit or debit card used to pay for your membership. This offer is only valid for new members and does not include reactivated accounts. Further cancellation and refund policies are detailed in our billing policy.

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Is A Laptop Or Desktop Better For Home Use

The answer will depend on your needs. If you mainly homeschool or use the computer in one spot in your home, then a desktop computer may be better for you. However, if your child likes to move around the house, work outside, and you want to be able to travel or be outside the home and still connect to studies, then a laptop is the better option.

North Clackamas School District

Why do computers slow down? (And how to fix it)
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  • North Clackamas Nutrition Services fuel body and mind of all students for success.Provide a positive experience and an inviting, inclusive environment.

    NCSD Community:

    We hope you will participate in a virtual opportunity to meet the finalists for the Superintendent vacancy. The Zoom forum on February 1 from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm. provides each candidate 45;minutes to introduce themselves and respond to questions.

    The North Clackamas School District values its volunteers, who support student success in various ways.;Before volunteering, please complete the confidential;Volunteer Application;with a background check included. Any volunteer can access;training;offered to staff and students.

    There may be opportunities to volunteer virtually. Those interested will need to have the following information in place:

    With the passage of the Student Success Act , North Clackamas Schools has been gathering feedback from our community, students, and staff to determine how to invest approximately $11-13 million in annual state funding.;

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    Do Students Receive Report Cards

    Support persons associated with a student account will receive a weekly progress report.; Grades and progress can also be monitored using the Keystone Support App where the Support Person and student can view an academic record or unofficial high school transcript at any time.; Academic records and unofficial transcripts can be requested by emailing .; Official Keystone high school transcripts can be ordered using our Parchment link:;.

    How Can I Get Laptop For Free

    How to Get a Laptop for Free

  • Contact Computers with Causes.
  • Get a complimentary or discounted laptop from World Computer Exchange.
  • The National Cristina Foundation.
  • Check out the On It Foundation.
  • Join an Online college.
  • Check with your local Salvation Army Chapter or Goodwill.
  • Check out PCs for People.
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    How Good Is K12 Online School For Your Child In

    In recent times, a new form of education has been picking up pace. This is online education we are talking about. Since the turn of the millennium, online schools have slowly grown and taken a respectful place in the education scene around the world.

    Today, over 3 million students attend online schools in the United States itself, with many more throughout the world. These provide a viable alternative to the traditional brick and mortar schools, and also serve as a supplement to home schooling, or in some cases, can even be the only home schooling required.

    Many parents ask how good is k12 online school. The answer is, different students have different experiences with online learning, as can be expected. However, the feedback is majorly positive, and the steady growth of online k12 schooling has only complemented this fact.

    This article is a comprehensive guide for parents and students looking to participate in online schooling, and the K12 online school in particular.

    Covered In This Article

    If My Child Decided To Go Back To The Public School System Will He/she Be Accepted Will Keystone Credits Transfer

    LMS for Schools

    The Keystone School’s middle and high school programs are accredited by Cognia, as well as the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. This means that these programs meet the academic and administrative standards required for admission to colleges and universities, and for transfer to other high schools.;

    Although students rarely have any problem transferring Keystone credits back to their local high school, Keystone cannot guarantee that every credit will transfer back to every high school. Should you have a doubt, you should contact your local school official directly or contact Keystone to work with you and your local school officials to determine acceptance of Keystone credits.

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    Does Time4learning Offer Any Assistance To Help Me Plan My Homeschool Year

    Yes! Time4Learning parents have access to many tools that can assist with planning out your homeschool year. We understand that there are parents who prefer to see a structured list of what their students should do and when, so this option does exists. And we also understand there are parents who prefer a more flexible, less structured approach. We accommodate this style as well. Whatever approach you prefer, Time4Learning has tools that support all parents.

    Will The Military Accept Keystone Graduates

    The Army, Navy, and Marines are allowed to accept 10% of enlistees from Tier 2 schools with a minimum score of 50 on the Armed Forces Qualification Test . The Air Force will only accept enlistees from Tier 1 schools. Keystone is currently listed as a Tier 2 school, and many of our graduates have gone on to start a military career. Schools can be re-categorized by the military at any time, so we recommend that you check with your local recruiter for specifics. Students can gain Tier 1 status by successfully completing 15 credit hours of college courses. Most students can earn this in one semester at their local community college.

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    Does Keystone Offer Support For Families

    Yes, besides academic support from our certified teachers, the Keystone Student Success Advisors are available to assist students to help get them started.

    Keystone Support persons will receive a weekly progress report, and access to the Keystone Support Application. The Keystone Support Application shows real-time student course progress and grades.

    Teacher Support And Feedback

    Computer Basics: What Is a Computer?

    To ensure that your child gets regular feedback on their progress and academic development, look for a school that has a high teacher involvement and guidance rate.

    The major differentiating factor in online schooling is the lack of student-teacher interaction. This can be really influential on the success of your online learning journey, so try to find a school that offers this.

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    Free Laptop For College Students From Government

    You cant really call the government and request a free laptop if youre a college student, no matter what your circumstances are.

    With that being said, there are some government-funded programs that provide loaner or affordable laptops to college students in need.

    In your local area, you can connect with:

    • Department of Social Health Services theyll connect students and potential students with programs and non-profit organizations that can provide assistance for getting a free laptop for college students or at least point them in the right direction.
    • This site will help you find government benefits that you qualify for.
    • If youve been a victim of hurricanes or other natural disasters, you may qualify for help from the government, maybe not in the form of a free laptop for college students from the government, but there may be other help.

    While we wish that the government would step in and provide free laptops for college students from the government for low-income or need-based students, they currently dont have a program in place.

    If the government wont give you a free laptop and the schools above dont fit what you need, you wont be stranded without a laptop.

    There are a handful of organizations that offer free laptops or heavily discounted laptops for low-income families that cant afford them on their own.

    16, 32 GB

    Why Am I Not Receiving The Progress Reports I Used To Receive Them And Now I Don’t

    We have found that some email services will reject our emailed Progress Reports as spam. To help avoid this we ask that Keystone families- regardless of the email service you use, add the email address to your email address book or approved list. By doing this you should no longer have any issues receiving our progress reports. However, If you are still not receiving the progress reports weekly you can call our Student Service Team at 1-800-255-4937 Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm Eastern Time or you can email them at .

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    Apple Keyboards Are Fixed Now But Macs Are Changing Soon

    In K-12 education, Macs are niche. But they have their advantages: Apple builds devices to last, makes support easy and simplifies syncing messages, photos and other files with an iPhone. Just know youll pay hundreds more for the privilege and Apple only offers its individual educational discounts to teachers and college students.

    If your family is in the Mac tribe, Apple also makes life simpler by giving you just three main laptop choices. Most students go for the least expensive, the $1,000 Macbook Air.

    The good news is that Apple has recently updated the whole line to replace the butterfly style keyboard that caused many people to complain of dust and crumbs killing keys. Ive been using Apples new magic keyboard on my own Macbook and am happy to report it feels fine and hasnt been foiled by my pandemic snacking.

    If youre considering buying a new Mac, just keep in mind that Apple announced this summer its going to begin switching to a new kind of processor later this year. That means a new generation of Macbooks is just around the corner that could boast better performance and battery life.

    How Online School Works

    Ransomware hits school district outside Tulsa, Oklahoma ...

    The nine California Virtual Academies use online curriculum and services provided by Stride K12. Learning can happen at home, on the road, or wherever an internet connection can be found.;While attendance, teacher interaction, and daily lessons are conducted online, our lessons use physical materials and offline tools as well.* For high school, California Virtual Academies use the Stride K12 high school program. Whether targeting a top-tier, four-year university, a local community college, or an immediate career, each of the academies prepares students to maximize their post-high school success through Stride K12-powered high school.

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    Students Looking For Modern Education

    Online schooling prepares students for this new age and time. This is something that the outdated schooling methods of traditional institutions still dont manage quite well.

    With K12 online education, children are encouraged to build their own routines and schedules, and become more disciplined and independent.

    Secondly, they have access to the whole internet for their research, which allows them to form their own opinions on a topic.

    Finally, the students also start to become more familiar with modern technologies with things like operating a computer and browsing the web. This can help build an aptitude for computers, which we all know is really important.

    Laptop Vs Desktop Pros And Cons


    Price and budget will obviously be a big factor. You can get laptops and desktops on the lower range of a couple of hundred dollars . As with anything, cheaper is not always better! Just remember: with a desktop youll also need to factor in the cost of accessories like a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. Additionally, a computer with higher processing, memory and other offerings will cost more, so understand your needs before purchasing.

    2. SIZE

    Clearly, a desktop is going to take more room than a laptop, which can be shut and put away in a computer bag when not in use. If youre limited on space, youll definitely want to go with a student laptop.


    Is your kid OK working in one spot? Or, does your kid like to move around the house and sometimes even do work outside? Do you travel? Do you want one child to be able to access an online class at the library while you have your little on in story time?; If you like to move around , your best bet is a laptop.


    Desktops require additional accessories , while a laptop pretty much comes with everything you need. However, consider other things that you need on a regular basisdo you have a class thats on a CD or thumb drive? Do you need to be connected to a printer at almost all times? If so, consider going with a desktop.


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