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What Laptop Brand Lasts The Longest

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What Causes Laptops To Break

How long does a laptop last? Life of a PC! Truth revealed.

Drops, knocks, spills, bumps, dents, heat, cold, pressure, and plenty more.

Of course, you are going to look after your laptop.

Unfortunately, no matter how good you are to your device, there are some parts which have a shorter lifespan than others.

  • RAM, motherboards, and batteries are prone to failing more often than other parts.
  • Some components, like keyboards, screens, and storage drives will last if you invest in quality, so do just that.

How Is Your Laptop Holding Up

Tell us about your experience with your computer

Older laptops, and more frequently used laptops, fail more often. The median brand-failure rate by the third year of ownership is 18 percent. And the great majority of the reported problems are considered serious or catastrophic.

While Apple laptops break down less frequently than Windows machines, the fixes are pricier, on average. Among repairs that Apple laptop owners pay for out of pocket, almost a third cost $300 or moremore than three times the expense for Windows-based laptops. Thats one reason why we recommend buying an extended warranty when you purchase an Apple laptop.

Also, for most laptop brands, the longer you use your computer each day, the more likely it is to have problems. Once again, Apple is an exception: Although Apple laptops are used more than other brandsan average 23 hours per week compared to the average of 20 hours per week for all laptopsthey remain the most reliable brand.

What about that extended warranty? Sixteen percent of Windows-based laptop owners buy a service contract or extended warranty. Apple users far exceed this, with 36 percent buying an extended warranty that lasts for three years from the date of purchase. In addition, Apple is well known for providing great technical support and helpful Genius Bars to go along with those warranties.

How Much Ram Do I Need

We recommend 8 GB of memory for most people. That should be enough for web browsing, editing documents and spreadsheets, light gaming, and occasional video and photo editing. But consider stepping up to 16 GB if you regularly use high-end applications like Adobe Photoshop or Premiere, if you play visually demanding games, if youre doing 3D drafting, or if you work in web and app development. Many laptops cant have more memory added after you buy them, so be sure to get one with 16 GB of memory now if you think youll need it; that usually adds $100 or $200 to the price tag.

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Will My Laptop Last For 10 Years

From a hardware point of view, I honestly dont expect anything to break in the next 4 years. After all, Ive seen plenty of 10 year old Lenovo laptops, and I have a ThinkPad E430 at home, which is now 7 years old. It still has all the original hardware, except for the storage drive, which I replaced with an entry-level 250GB SSD from Kingstone.

The E430 still works very well, and the SSD has brought fresh life to it. It runs Windows 10 Pro edition and is used by various family members for surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, light work, etc. Its still a fast machine for everyday use, and I havent heard anyone complaining about it being slow.

So, with that in mind, I fully expect my more powerful T440p to last another 5 years. At that point, Ill definitely need to buy a new laptop, but Ill keep the T440p as a media and file-sharing server. Ill most probably replace the Windows OS with Linux Mint Xfce or Linux Zorin OS, which are both lightweight Linux distributions and can run on computers as old as 15 years.

However, if the T440p breaks down sooner, Ill update this article to let you know.

What Is A Good And Reliable Laptop Brand In The World

Most Popular & Best Laptop Brands in The World 2019

The response to that will differ depending upon who you ask. Dell Latitudes , Samsung, which has good client feedback from, but it needs to be kept in mind that repair work parts accessibility for any Samsung product can be restricted. Lenovo, who purchased IBMs Thinkpad lineup back in 2005, were the favored choice of NASA for a good factor. The Thinkpad series of laptops is famous for their resilience. Hopefully Lenovo keeps that torch lit.

From my experience with laptop computer systems I discover that the name brand name ones are the very best like Dell, Acer, Asus, HP. I would certainly stay away from no name brands or brand names that youve never ever become aware of and if you ever have any questions do not hesitate to ask myself or anybody of us here and we can assist you out because theres a big selection of hard disks screens components inside so it can be a complicated task.

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Lenovo X1 Carbon Laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon UltraBook is all you need to upgrade your daily performance at work as its internal parts wear out after a long time. Whether you are at any construction site or in the middle of a dusty environment, this notebook, being designed with superb resistant features, will never trouble you in that way.;

This incredible notebook is a lightweight machine that could easily be carried anywhere. With a weight of 1.17 kg or 2.579 pounds and a dimension of 13.11 x 9.02 x 0.59 inches, the use of this laptop becomes very convenient. Similarly, the backlit LED display screen is 14 inches and a whopping resolution of 1920 x 1080p offers enough room for the viewer to carry out his daily tasks without having to suffer from eye strain. The panel technology used in the display screen is IPS technology which together with the Intel HD Graphics 520 promises a smooth and fast display result during gameplays or other work. Similarly, with such excellent display results, things like mining, splashes, shocks, and other natural hazards will definitely be unable to damage the system as its rubber lining or protection and shock tolerant abilities will keep it safe and sound at all times.;

Best Long Battery Life Laptops In 2021

Our choice of the top laptops with large batteries

If you’re on the hunt for a new laptop, battery life is likely to be a big factor in your decision-making. No one wants their laptop to suddenly shut down while they are in the middle of working, so we’ve put together a list of the best laptops for all-day computing.

The laptops in this list have large enough batteries that will last you the whole work day – and beyond. Laptops with batteries that last a full 24 hours are still some way off, but the laptops we have here will at least ensure you can go at least 8 hours on one charge.

Thanks to improvements in energy efficiency of components, modern laptops can still be mighty powerful while also boasting large batteries, so you don’t have to sacrifice speed for longer times between charges.

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My Lenovo Thinkpad T440p: 6 Years Later

I bought my Lenovo ThinkPad T440p in 2014. It cost around $1,300 USD and its a business-grade laptop, engineered for performance and durability.

I love it.

When I was looking for a laptop, I wanted one which I could use daily, use a lot, and would last 5-8 years . My personal checklist included:

  • A reliable brand
  • Socketed CPU

Longest Lasting Laptop For Business/general Use: Lenovo Thinkpad E15 I7

Which Battery Lasts the Longest?

Lenovo is at the top of the list when anyone asks me which laptop lasts the longest for business and personal use? .

ThinkPads have a fantastic reputation as a rugged, high-durability laptop range that are not only made to last physically but also tend to have great battery longevity and performance that retains over years.

Of course, you still need the ThinkPad to have decent specs, and thats where this E15 model comes in.

The specific capacity that were highlighting boasts a fantastic Intel Core i7-10510U processor & 32GB RAM. These specs will work together to handle pretty much any business/general use task you can throw at them .

We love the inclusion of a 1TB SSD too; not only will this mean the included Windows 10 Professional will run very smoothly, but youll have a huge amount of space for long-term file storage.

to i5-10210U 16GB 250GB SSD, this wouldnt be the same laptop as our original choice, but still offer great future-proofing over most other competitors).

The build quality, RAM, CPU, and SSD are the parts that really make this machine long-lasting, but the E15 has some other nice quality-of-life features we like to see in a premium laptop like a full HD IPS screen, 720p webcam + shutter for privacy and a USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 1 port.

Overall, if youre not doing lots of gaming or work that requires a high-end GPU , then this is easily our top pick for the best long-lasting laptop available today.

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Longest Lasting Touchscreen Laptop: Lg Gram Laptop 2020 Touch Edition

If youre looking for a high-performance touchscreen laptop that is as future-proof as a mid-range device can get, the LG Gram 2020 edition is a fantastic option.

The latest version of this classic flagship line from LGs laptop division has a lot going for it, alongside its 15.6-inch touchscreen is a powerful Intel 10th Gen Core i7 1065G7 CPU with 16GB RAM and 2;x 512GB M.2 NVMe SSDs .

With these specs, you can expect this to last a long time for personal use and general work; but the LG Gram excels in another type of longevity: battery life.;

With an awesome 80W lithium battery, powered alongside an efficient set of specs, we consider this one of the longest-lasting battery life laptops on the market today too.

If touch and/or battery are important to you, the LG Gram is a great pick up.

A Laptops Hardware Will Determine How Long It Will Remain Relevant

The main factor in determining a laptops average lifespan is what kind of hardware the laptop has inside of it.

The better the processor, and graphics card , and the more RAM and storage a laptop has, the longer it will remain relevant for modern tasks.

So, essentially, the more you spend on a laptop, the longer you should expect it to last.

Here is a general breakdown of how long a laptop will be relevant based on the price you pay for it:

  • Less than $700: 2-4 years
  • $700-$1,000: 3-5 years
  • $1,000 or more: 4-7 years

This, again, is a general breakdown of what you can expect out of a new laptop. The types of ways in which you use a laptop will play a significant role in how long your laptop lasts.

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Why Is The Battery Life Important

Remember, With time, the battery life of your laptop is only going to decrease. So, ifyour laptop runs for around 12 hours on battery when you first get it from thestore, it may run for only 6 hours three years down the line.

While some PC parts like the RAM can last for a very long time given the correctconditions, a large number of the most basic PC parts like a battery arentintended for long-term use.

The normal Life expectancy of a good laptop battery is usually around 3-5 years. However,different factors come into play when it comes to how long your laptop battery lasts.

For instance, how often you use it and how hard you push it, and even the weather,dust and residue can play a determining factor.

This article helps outline the factors responsible for the life expectancy of your laptop.

Properly Charging The Battery

Is Asus a Good Laptop Brand?

If you are planning to charge your laptop, then charge it till it is 90 percent charged. I have sene many fellows who just charge it for 10-15 minutes, do their task and then forget it. You should keep your laptop charge on a regular basis and with proper technique.

If you keep your laptop without charging it, this will be the beginning of the end for your laptop battery

You can buy a quality laptop charger .

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Lenovo Ideapad Miix 310

Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 310 is another best long-lasting gaming laptop that is packed with all the right features for a business person. It is a 2 in 1 laptop, which could easily be turned into a sleek Tablet.;

Being lightweight with just 1.3 pounds and super thin, Miix 310 is the best option when it comes to portability. Its super solid material makes it a high-durability laptop and sturdy against rugged surfaces. It has a detachable keyboard which allows the added weight of the keyboard to be removed easily.;

If you are asking yourself the question which laptop lasts the longest for business and personal use, then this is where you stop and observe. IdeaPad Miix 310 has 10.1 inches of display screen size, which too is made of LCD technology.;

With great battery longevity and a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels of IPS display panel, this laptop makes the ideal combo for business as well as personal use. The Intel Atom X5 Z8350 processor and latest Operating System of Windows add to the performance and productivity of the laptop which retains over years.

The RAM storage available in this device is 2 GB while the hard drive space is 64 GB. These memory details are enough for multitasking between lightweight applications. Apart from that, this laptop is also one of the tempting and cheap long-lasting laptops because of its incredible battery life. You can enjoy up to 12 hours and 24 minutes of non-stop battery after a full charge.;

Hp Elite Dragonfly 8265u

The HP Elite Dragonfly 8265U is a smart and sleek laptop by Intel with a 1.6GHz core i5 processor that is fast and efficient. The product comes in a stunning blue magnesium body, perfect to adorn your desk and workspace.

The lightweight and fine-quality design makes it possible for you to take your school or office on the go. The laptop weighs a mere 2.2 pounds, making it portable and easy to carry in your bag. With the current pandemic and the remote optimization of jobs and businesses, this might be your ideal solution to carry your world around with you.

The 13.3-inch touchscreen is an ideal size, helping you open multiple apps at once, arranging your tools on the screen without making it too cluttered. The highly sensitive touch mode makes you slide through your work in a smart, efficient way, making it more enjoyable than ever before.

Tired of bland images? The full HD display offers a solution to all your picture and photo editing needs by ensuring that you miss no pixels. The highly detailed, sharply bordered images with a smudge-free finish will let you enter a world of vibrant colors and dreams. The 1080p resolution makes sure that you never experience blurs or fogginess, enhancing your viewing experience.

The cherry on top? The multiple touch screen adds a vibrancy to your work life, ensuring accuracy and efficacy that you have not known before. The laptop can be folded upon itself for easy use on your desk, sofa, or even in the comfort of your bed.



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How I Use My Laptop

My laptop is mainly used for work. I boot it up at 9 AM and dont turn it off before 9 PM. The screen turns off after 10 minutes of idling, but the laptop is ready to be used at all times.

I have a set of programs that are open at all times. These are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Word, Excel and GnuCash.

Next to these, depending on what I am working on, I use other resource-heavy software for video editing , audio editing , graphical design , and VirtualBox for running virtual machines.

From time to time, I also play some games like Xenonauts and Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 on 3840 x 1600 resolution .

At the moment, no matter what I throw at my computer, it can handle it.

My T440p is 6 years old and, by taking good care of it and with some simple upgrades, its a still a modern and capable machine.

How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last

Top 5 Most Durable & Rugged Laptops | Long-Lasting Laptops

Okay, so you a gamer, a different breed of laptop user. You are not like the other users, and neither should your laptop be.

If you like to play the newest games on the highest graphics settings, then you can expect your laptop to have a shorter lifespan. As games are demanding more of your hardware, your laptop has a hard time keeping up.

Of course, if you dont mind lower resolutions and slower FPS rates, youll be fine for longer.

If you buy a mid-range gaming laptop, with advances in graphics and complexity of games, you can expect that laptop to last only a few years before it becomes obsolete.

If you want your laptop to be able to handle the newest games in a few years time, then you need to spend considerably more.

A $1,000 laptop will give you about 2 years. Spend up to $2,000, and you can get up to 4 years. Splash out and fork out over $3,000, and you can still be playing, 4-5 years later.

Of course, you want to factor in whatever else you are going to be doing with your laptop. You can also factor in graphics settings. Our estimations are based on the highest graphic settings, which give the best in-game experience but, you can also choose to use lower-quality graphics, and get a couple more years out of your system.

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