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What Laptop Do I Need For Music Production

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What Computer Specs do I need for Music Production?

There you have it, a basic music production set up if youve ever been wondering what do you need to produce music at your home, in your room, in the bathroom, in the park, wherever!

To recap, you need a:

  • Hi, Joshua. Yes, the post you commented on includes the option of using a USB microphone. You can check it out here.

    You can definitely use a USB microphone instead of an audio interface, so youre correct. This is given that the home studio owner is simply recording an acoustic instrument or voice into their DAW, and not something like electric guitar or keyboard synthesizer, etc.

    That being said, Ive noticed its not the most popular option around, even though you can do it. Personally, I think its because you can do more gear customization if your tool chain is segmented . But I think its a good option in terms of gear minimalism.

    Nice to hear about your new gear. Thats a good purchase. Seems your home studio is really coming along.

  • Whats The Difference Between 32 Bit And 64 Bit Operating Systems

    64 bit operating systems are the gold standard for most creative software applications.

    32 bit operating systems have become redundant as they are only able to run applications using a maximum of 4GB of RAM, which by todays standards is a no go. You could probably get by, but it wont be a very satisfying experience, especially once you get more than a few soft synths or guitar modelers up and running.

    Most laptops made after 2016 are most likely going to come bundled in with a 64-bit operating system by default. Regarding Macbooks, anything past 2008 Macbook Pro will come with a 64-bit operating system.

    Is A Laptop Or Desktop Better For Music Production

    Undoubtedly a desktop computer will give you better performance and enable you to run more tracks of audio, effects and virtual instruments. They are also less prone to incompatibilities and power issues because they are designed to run with full power all the time. Laptops are useful because they are portable and compact and that can make it more desirable than a desktop.

    Let us know which career you are most interested in. Start hereStart here

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    Best Laptops For Music Production: Buying Advice

    Choosing a laptop capable of running CPU-intensive audio production work can be tricky. Some options focus heavily on battery life. Others major on performance, and favour higher-grade processors to ensure operations run snappily. Add into that differences in screen sizes, aesthetics and any number of other variables and we can easily see how its hard to justify buying one model over another.

    You’re essentially looking for two major things on the spec-sheet above all others: the CPU and the available RAM. The CPU is what does the real work. So every time you load a new MIDI instrument, fill the piano roll with data, or bounce down audio to new tracks, you’re asking the CPU to translate it into sound.

    Adding extra effects or instrument plugins works the CPU. Exporting finished versions of your tracks works the CPU. You get the picture. If it involves processing, the CPU is your best friend so it pays to prioritise a solid model over most other features.

    Apple Imac 215 Retina 4k Display 30ghz 6

    What Computer Should You Buy For Music Production
  • 3.0GHz 6-core Intel Core i5 processor
  • Radeon Pro 560X graphics card
  • Two USB-C ports
  • Cons
    Price @ or Sweetwater

    The iMac 21.5 is a mid-priced iMac that ticks all the boxes when it comes to a reliable and stable studio computer. With a decent feature set and a modest but capable selection of components, this could be the studio centerpiece that you are looking for.

    Basic specs and useful features

    The iMac 21.5 boasts of a 6-core i5 CPU running at 3.0GHz. Turbo Boosting takes it up to 4.1GHz, but you probably wont need to do that for typical studio work.

    The graphics card is a Radeon Pro 560X, which has a pretty respectable 4GB of GDDR5 memory. Paired with the Retina 4K display, images are crisp and clear, with no hint of blurriness and jaggedness.

    The iMac 21.5 comes with only 8GB of RAM, which is a bit disappointing. You can add more RAM of course, but this particular model supports only a maximum of 32GB. While this should be enough for more modest productions, you should probably look into other options if you regularly work on epic orchestral scores.


    The iMac 21.5 3.0GHz is a decently specd machine that should suffice for most studio production and mixdown work. For the price, this model provides pretty good value for the money.

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    How Much Hd Storage Do I Need For Music Production

    Virtual instruments are more frequently incorporating high-quality flawless samples, even if theyre synths.

    One single virtual instrument can easily be 100GB with round-robin sampling.

    DAWs are also becoming larger and larger as more elements get bundled into their suites. Ableton Live 10, for example, is almost 60GB alone.

    What Is Music Production

    Music production is the process of developing, creating and refining recorded music for public presentation. Music production can refer to the entire lifecycle of a piece of musicfrom songwriting and composition to recording and sound design to mixing and mastering.

    Despite the broad definition, every workflow in modern music production has one thing in commondigital tools.

    Thanks to todays technology, music production is more accessible than ever before.

    For the lowest price in history any musician can set up a home studio and get started producing music.

    Heres all the basic information you need to start producing music.

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    Best Laptops For Music Production In 2021

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    In case you are looking to carve out a career in music production, it is important to understand the complexities of the profession, precisely from a technical standpoint. As a record producer, you need to create and edit relevant acoustic renditions, which validate the reliance on an adequately powered laptop.

    However, selecting the best laptop for recording beats and other relevant processes is anything but straightforward, but with a lot of laptop brands offering a variety of models, choosing the right one gets confusing. As a professional, you need to consider several primary factors, followed by a host of secondary aspects, before zeroing in on a suitable machine.

    As a rule of thumb, you must always start the search by identifying a powerful processor, precisely with exceptional single-core throughput. While a quad-core processor with a higher single-core turbo clock speed would suffice, you should never say no to hexa-core or , in case you are looking for an all-encompassing machine. Faster cores mean that mixes, effects, and chains can be rendered without any lag.

    However, if you also like to do other graphic-intensive tasks such as graphics designing, video editing or CAD modeling, then consider a machine that has a dedicated GPU.


    Up to 8 hours

    How To Make Music With Daw Software

    New Music Production Laptop – how powerful do we need?

    The only real hurdle is getting a free DAW. If you’re willing to pay for one at the beginning, then I recommend starting with FL Studio for ease of use on Windows or use the free Garage Band on Mac.

    Turns out Avid put out Pro Tools First which is a free but limited version. It’s good enough to get started for sure. It limits you to 16 tracks which is way more than enough if you’re clever and not wasteful.

    If you learn either of those, you’ll know how to use them all and can upgrade later once you know you’re committed and not wasting money .

    All you need to do is figure out how to:

    • Create a MIDI with a piano roll, or
    • Create an audio track enabled to record, and
    • Set the input source to your webcam if recording

    If you can play the keyboard and have one you can even enter MIDI data if you get a MIDI-to-USB cable. Otherwise you’ll click it in with your mouse. It’s extremely simple and often faster to use the mouse.

    As a singer-songwriter, you can create an entire song out of two tracks: one for vocals and one for your guitar track. You should be skeptical of anyone that tells you it’s more complicated than this.

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    Best Overall: Apple Macbook Pro


    Apples latest MacBook Pro was designed around delivering top of the line performance without sacrificing aesthetics or battery life. It runs on the companys custom M1 processor, which is significantly more powerful and energy efficient than Intels current line of chips. In our testing, the M1 handled intense tasks like 8K video editing and exporting without breaking a sweat, so you should have no problem producing dense, complex tracks without an issue. The only thing to keep in mind is that a lot of software hasnt been optimized for the M1 yet.

    In terms of specs, the new MacBook Pro has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. A 512GB model is also available if youd prefer internal storage to carrying around an external hard drive. While wed generally recommend using a computer with more RAM, the new MacBook Pros M1 chip is a lot better at memory management, so its less of an issue. There is a 16GB configuration of this computer if youd prefer additional memory. The computers 13.3-inch retina display has a high enough resolution that youll be able to make clear, precise edits without completely zooming into your track.

    The MacBook Pros healthy amount of power and portability makes it a great laptop for music production whether youre making studio demos, recording live shows, or mixing and mastering tracks.

    Best Laptops Of Music Production

    Music is like the ocean: it can change the flow of your entire mood, wash over you with emotion, and ease your body into a different state of mind, all with a few notes.

    The best laptops of music production are essentially ships – maneuvering, navigating, and taming the high Cs, and were here help you choose the perfect one for you and your audio journey.

    Below, well guide you through the best laptops of music production, discuss which factors you need to consider, and what music producers need in a laptop.

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    How Much Ram Do I Need For 2021 Music Production

    How much RAM you need depends on how long and complicated your projects are. The less RAM you have, the fewer tracks, voices and effects your Mac can handle.

    For simple projects, 8GB is usually enough RAM for music production. This is fine for casual use and for things like podcast recordings. Once you start to build up longer, more complicated songs, you may find your Mac starts to struggle.

    So for serious music production, you should be looking for at least 16GB of RAM. And if youre a professional music production user, then you could need more like 64GB of RAM. However, M1 Macs dont currently support more than 16GB of RAM, so thats not an option.

    We hope our guide helped you choose the proper Mac for music-making. Now go and grab your instrument or mic, plug it into your new Mac, and get rockin!

    Why A Laptop For Music Production

    Our Guide To The BEST Student Home Studio Setup!

    Laptops for music production are a necessity for digital producers.

    Being on the move is an important part of the job, and a laptop is a vital tool for the majority of music creators.

    In fact, a laptop is one of the most important pieces of gear in a music producers arsenal.

    Laptops allow us to work out of the studio, to the cafe, our bedroom, and any other location that strikes our fancy.

    They let us work on music anywhere we desire.

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    Bottom Line: Focus On The Music

    I hope I covered enough for you to get started in recording and producing music in your home studio. There would be an endless debate on which operating systems and hardware are better for producing music, but most importantly, you should focus on your music and skills.

    Dont waste time meddling with too much technical stuff when buying or building a computer. Get one that works for you then jump in right into producing.

    What is your current setup? What is some hardware or setup you can recommend? Comment below.

    What Are The 5 Best Laptops For Music Production

    Part of being a musician and producer is having great tools and instruments.

    Don’t get us wrong beautiful music can be made with a couple of sticks and an old bucket, but to be the best you have to play and create the best.

    This is especially true if you are in music production.

    Music producers need to utilize the best laptops they can get their hands on so their machines can keep up with their music.

    When you’re choosing a laptop, you’ll need to find one with a good processor and plenty of RAM .

    Those laptops will allow you to tackle multiple tracks.

    If you’re on the road a lot, you’ll also need a laptop that can handle a drop or two as well as wear and tear from being in a bag a lot of the time.

    Many music producers opt for thin and light laptops because they are easier to carry around.

    If some of what I just said seemed like it was in another language, or you’re overwhelmed at all of the available options, we’ve compiled a list of the top five laptops for music production below.

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    Best Windows Pick: Rog Zephyrus G15


    If you prefer using Windows instead of MacOS, Asuss ROG Zephyrus G15 is a great choice for music production.

    It was designed in gamers in mind, which means this laptop is extremely powerful. It comes with 16GB of RAM, 1TB of storage, and runs on an AMD Ryzen 7 processor that can run at up to 4.2GHz. These tech specs mean the Zephyrus G15 can hold hundreds of hours of audio files, and work through complex edits and long exports with ease. The PC also has 6GB of video memory courtesy of its built-in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 graphics card.

    The Zephyrus has a 15.6-inch 1080P screen, which gives you a wide canvas to work on while you record, mix, and master. Its a lower resolution display than the one on Apples MacBook Pro, but its still a great, big screen. Asus equipped this laptop with four USB-A ports, a USB-C port, and an HDMI port, so you should have no trouble connecting all of your accessories without needing an adapter.

    This laptop is an excellent choice for music production, but its high-powered graphics card also makes it a solid pick if you like video editing or gaming. Its a premium Windows laptop thatll serve any musician well for many years.

    Tools Needed To Record Vocals & Instruments

    The Best Computer For Music Production – What’s Needed And Why!

    It may be the case that you want to record guitar, ukulele, keyboard, etc. Maybe you’d like to toss some vocals into the mix. There’s a high chance you’re already ready to do that too.

    Most laptops have webcams built in that contain a microphone. All you need to do is set the webcam’s mic as the input source in the DAW and you can record any audio you want. This is more than enough to record full demos and at least get started and practicing.

    We’ll talk more about this further down the article, but your next step to getting a bit better quality out of your recordings will be an audio interface and a microphone . But neither of these are a must at the start.

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    Dell Vostro 15 5000 5510

    CPU and GPU

    Its 11th Generation Intel Core i7-11370H Processor speeds up fast which is great for running music production software simultaneously. This will help your laptop run more efficiently giving you the best experience possible when using it as your main computer or laptop while producing music.

    Its processor helps the laptop run smoothly and quickly, allowing its user to run multiple programs simultaneously without any glitches.

    The laptop comes with Intel Iris Xe Graphics which makes it great for playing videos or displaying music production software on a large screen.

    With its graphics card, you can play videos or display your music production software on a large screen, allowing for more space to work while still having all of the options and features that come with this great laptop.

    RAM and Storage

    Its 16GB of RAM helps you to run multiple programs simultaneously without any problems or glitches, and its 512GB Solid State Drive gives it a faster start time than most laptops.

    Its memory helps it run smoothly and quickly while you are working on your music production software, allowing multiple programs to be open at once so that you can work faster.

    The laptop also has a Solid State Drive with 512 GB of storage space for storing all of your files, pictures, or videos without taking up too much space on the laptop itself.

    Its SSD allows it to boot up quickly and ensures that your laptop is running as smoothly as possible without any hiccups or problems.

    Apple Mac Mini 32ghz 6

    Price @ Sweetwater

    Apple Mac minis for music production strike the perfect balance between cost and the trademark performance and reliability of a Mac. With the 3.2GHz 6-core i7 version, studio musicians and producers can get in on the action with one of the most affordable Macs yet.

    Basic specs and useful features

    Right off the bat, the Mac mini impresses with its 6-core i7 processor running at 3.2GHz. Sure there are many more powerful processors out there, but this particular configuration strikes a good balance between power and affordability.

    Slightly less impressive are the modest 16GB of RAM and the solitary 512GB SSD. The good news is that the Mac mini supports up to 64GB of memory, so a couple of upgrades are all that is standing between you and unbridled production capability.

    One thing we did appreciate is the availability of no less than four Thunderbolt ports onboard. Considering that many other computers dont even have a single Thunderbolt port, the availability of these connectivity options ensures a degree of future-proofing that makes the Mac mini a good choice for a music production computer.


    The Apple Mac mini isnt the fastest computer around, but its stability and reliability are pretty much a given. And with four Thunderbolt ports onboard, it is worth considering as a future proof studio option.

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