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What Laptop Does Linus Use

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Linus Tech Tips Review Build Giveaway

How to Buy a Laptop

Its nice to be able to read trusted reviews when shopping for PC hardware. In celebration of the thousands of customer reviews on, Linus Tech Tips used product egg scores as their guide when putting together their latest PC build. In a new video, Linus assembles a system based on the highest-rated components available, and comes away with a rock-solid system featuring an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, an MSI MEG X570 motherboard, and an MSI 2070 Super Gaming X graphics card.

And as a thank you to Linus and all the customers who have left helpful reviews over the years, Newegg is giving away a brand new fully-assembled PC, made with the top-rated components Linus chose! The only slight change to the system is a significant upgrade an EVGA 3080 XC3 Ultra Gaming graphics card in place of the 2070 Super. Whoever wins this rig will have their PC gaming needs taken care of for a long time.

Finally, as an added bonus, we have one more EVGA 3090 FTW3 GPU to give away to an additional lucky winner. Enter via the form above.

Yes The M1 Macbook Pro Really Is That Good

Right before Christmas, PetaPixel published its review of the M1 Macbook Pro, heaping praise upon the new computer, saying it was much further ahead than anybody expected. That review isnt alone: in this 17.5-minute video, Linus Tech Tips finds even better performance.

Linus ran multiple tests and showed the M1 Macbook Air and Pro performing extremely well, but made sure to include Geekbench as well since thats what all the cool kids are running. The result? Extremely impressive.

The only CPU with any hope of matching the M1s multi-threaded performance is a Ryzen 7, 8-core, he says.

Specifically for creatives, the M1 Macbooks performed insanely well against the competition in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Below are benchmarks in Photoshop from Linus:

Compared to the Photoshop benchmarks published in the PetaPixel review:

Bear in mind, PetaPixel tested the M1 Macbook Pro against an Intel MacBook Pro that cost $700 more and had 2x the RAM. Additionally, PetaPixel uses an older version of PugetBench that includes a photo merge test, which may explain the differences between Linuss results and the ones in its review.

Even running in Rosetta this is non-native code the M1 Macbooks both managed to smoke the competition, Linus reports. The only potential response to M1, at least in class, is in LuxMark, where the XPS 13s XE Graphics core puts up better numbers across the board, where the others languished at about half the performance or even less.

Artificial Market Segmentation May Have Suppressed Demand For Ecc In Desktops

by Jim Salter – Jan 6, 2021 9:56 pm UTC

This Monday, Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds went on a frustrated rant;about the lack of Error Correcting Checksum RAM in consumer PCs and laptops.

… the misguided and arse-backwards policy of “consumers don’t need ECC”, the market for ECC memory go away.

The arguments against ECC were always complete and utter garbage. Now even the memory manufacturers are starting to do ECC internally because they finally owned up to the fact that they absolutely have to.

If you’re not familiar with ECC RAM, it’s probably because you don’t build or spec dedicated servers using server-grade CPUs and motherboardswhich, unfortunately, is about the only place you actually find ECC. In a nutshell, ECC RAM includes a tiny amount of extra memory used for detection and correction of errors.

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Ncix And Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

Sebastian was working as a product manager for the now defunct Canadian online computer store NCIX. He was asked by the company to be the host for its technology channel, which was created to help demonstrate products. Sebastian was assisted by an unidentified cameraperson and editor, and worked with limited resources, shooting videos with a camera borrowed from the son of the company’s president. His first video was a demonstration for a Sunbeam processor heatsink.

Due to high costs and low viewership during the early days of the channel, Sebastian was instructed to create the Linus Tech Tips channel as a cheaper offshoot of the NCIX channel, to allow for lower production values without impacting the NCIX brand. He described TigerDirect and Newegg as competitors.Linus Tech Tips was created on November 24, 2008.

Sebastian did not develop videos full-time at NCIX. During his time at the company, he worked as a full-time sales representative, high-end systems designer, product manager, and category manager. He eventually left NCIX following a dispute regarding company inventory, negotiating an agreement in which he could keep the channel as long as he signed a non-compete clause.

Linus Torvalds Would Like To Use An M1 Mac For Linux But

What Does Linus Tech Tips Want with a Petabyte System ...

Yes, Torvalds said he’d love to have one of the new M1-powered Apple laptops, but it won’t run Linux and, in an exclusive interview he explains why getting Linux to run well on it isn’t worth the trouble.

Recently, on the Real World Technologies forum, Linux’s creator Linus Torvalds was asked what he thought of the new M1-powered Apple laptops. Torvalds replied, “I’d absolutely love to have one if it just ran Linux.

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What Does Linus Torvalds Think Of Rust

Linus Torvalds told iTWire in response to queries that Rust support was «;not there yet;», adding that things were «;getting to the point where maybe it might be mergeable for 5.14 or something like that;» Torvalds said that it was still early days for Rust support, «;but at least its in a this kind of works, theres

Linus Torvalds Thinks That C++ Sucks And Here Is Why

Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux expressed his love towards C programming language. It is a well-known fact that Linux kernel Is essentially written in C with a little of assembly code.

Even when it comes to Linux distros, C is used for many apps and libraries. C is compiled and is run on the processor. Some Linux distros do use C++ libraries to build front end applications.

C v/s C++

Well do you know what Linus Torvalds thinks about C++ programming language? He simply called C++ a horrible programming language.

Since Linus maintains the Linux kernel which mainly depends on C programming language, he doesnt need any other languages apart from it.

In a key note from September 2007, Linus shared his views on C++.

He rant against C++ stating:

When I first looked at git source code two things struck me as odd:

  • Pure c as opposed to C++ no idea why. Please dont talk about portability.
  • Its B*** S****.
  • Going further in the note Torvalds calls C++ programmers as substandard programmers.

    Its made more horrible by the fact that a lot of substandard programmers use it, to the point where its much much easier to generate total and utter crap with it. Quite frankly, even if the choice of C were to do nothing but keep the C++ programmers out, that in itself would be a huge reason to use C.

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    Bit Flips Arent Always Accidental

    Not every RAM error is the result of a hardware failure or unintentional EMF problem. In recent years, researchers have developed increasingly practical physics-based side channel attacks, using controlled, rapid bit flips in areas of RAM accessible to one application to deduce or modify the values of data in adjacent areas of RAM they shouldn’t be able to.

    Although ECC RAM can’t mitigate RAMBleed-style attacks that deduce the values of adjacent memory, it can generally stop Rowhammer;attacksin which rapidly flipping bits in one area of RAM cause bits in an adjacent area to change.

    Even when ECC can’t actively prevent a Rowhammer attack from having an impact on the systemfor example, when it flips multiple bits in one wordit can at least alert the system of the problem and, in most cases, prevent the Rowhammer attack from doing anything other than causing downtime.

    Memory Errors And Probability

    This Laptop Does EVERYTHING! Sorta.

    In most modern implementations, this means for every 64-bit word stored in RAM, there are eight checking bits. A single bit errora 0 flipped to 1, or a 1 flipped to 0can be both detected and corrected automatically. Two bits flipped in the same word can be detected but not corrected. Three or more bits flipped in the same word will;probably be detected, but detection is not guaranteed.

    Bit flips can happen for many reasons, beginning with cosmic-ray impact or simple hardware failure. A large-scale;study of Google servers found that roughly 32 percent of all servers in Google’s fleet experience at least one memory error per year. But the vast majority of these are single-bit errorsand since Google is using server CPUs and ECC RAM, this means the machines in question keep right on trucking.

    In consumer machines, even these single-bit errorswhich are over 40 times more likely to occur than multiple-bit errors, according to Google’s datago undetected and can introduce instability into systems and corruption into data.

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    Staff July 23 2019 At : 37 Am

    If youve spent even a little bit of time researching how to build your own gaming PC, youve likely stumbled across a Linus Tech Tips video. With 1000s of videos on PC hardware under his belt, Linus has slowly but surely become one of the best-known authorities on building PCs.;

    So who better to ask than Linus for advice on how to build your own computer? Below are his five golden rules for building a PC, all in his words. Whether embarking on your first build or piecing together your endgame battle station, his tips are full of insight. Happy building!

    Linus Torvalds A Diy Linux Developer

    Torvalds further revealed that his latest machine box is all-new built by himself. He really cares about his specs and thats the reason he doesnt let others build machines for him.

    Now if youre thinking about the total cost for this new developer workstation, it costs him around $3,500, which seems decent for such a high-end desktop.

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    Dell Xps 13 Wins The Day

    I recall my early days with Linux when buying a laptop needed a lot of research. We had;few choices because things like wireless, Bluetooth or even graphics would not work on Linux. Things have changed. Now almost everything works out of the box, thanks to the incredible work done by the Linux kernel community, most notably Greg Kroah-Hartman who maintains device drivers for Linux.

    It’s no surprise that when Torvalds was looking for his next laptop he found that there really were a lot of fairly reasonable machines out there now, and the XPS 13 was by no means the only possible choice. My thin-and-light kind of requirements used to mean that I had to compromise a lot just a few years ago, but that’s no longer the case.

    However, Dell XPS 13 was not the only contender. Torvalds was full of praise for Lenovo X1 Carbon, HP Spectre 13 and Lenovo Yoga 900. But the reason he picked Dell XPS was almost the same reason I like it, ;…the XPS 13 stands out due to the thin bezel, which really does maximize the screen size for the size of machine, wrote Torvalds, It just ends up hitting my two primary goals very well: small and portable, but with the biggest screen you can cram into that size.

    I said it before and I will say it again: Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition is the best laptop for a Linux user. If you are looking for a new laptop, look no further than Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition.

    You wont regret it. Trust me. Or, trust Torvalds!

    Next read this:

    Linus Torvalds Computer Specifications

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    A few days ago, Torvalds that with the release of Linux kernel 5.7-rc7 that after 15 years, he has now ditched Intel. To replace Intel i9-9900k with the best one, he chose AMD Threadripper.

    Now heres the full list of Linux creator Linus Torvalds PC specs:

    • Linux distro Fedora 32
    • CPU AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X
    • Motherboard Gigabyte Aorus TRX40 Master
    • CPU Cooler Noctua NF-A14 PWM, Premium Quiet Fan
    • Case; Be Quiet Dark Base 700
    • Extra Fan Silent Wings 3
    • Power supply unit Seasonic Focus GX-850
    • Storage 1TB Samsung EVO 970
    • Memory 4x16GB DDR4-2666

    Its not much of a surprise about Fedora 32.;Torvalds has already told in the past why he loves Fedora;and doesnt like Debian or Ubuntu. You may also know that Linus hates noise coming from his machine. He is very fond of silence and working alone, which led him to pick up extra fans and CPU coolers.

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    Linus Torvalds Reveals His Favorite Programming Laptop

    It’s the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition. Here’s why.

    | Topic: Hardware

    I recently talked with some Linux developers about what the best laptop is for serious programmers. As a result I checked out several laptops from a programmer’s viewpoint. The winner in my book? The 2016 Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition. I’m in good company. Linus Torvalds, Linux’s creator, agrees. The Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition, for him, is the best laptop around.

    Linus Torvald’s new favorite laptop is the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition.

    Torvald’s requirements may not be yours though.

    On Google+, Torvalds explained, “First off: I don’t use my laptop as a desktop replacement, and I only travel for a small handful of events each year. So for me, the laptop is a fairly specialized thing that doesn’t get daily use, so the main criteria are not some kind of “average daily use”, but very much “travel use”.

    Therefore, for Torvalds, “I end up caring a lot about it being fairly small and light, because I may end up carrying it around all day at a conference. I also want it to have a good screen, because by now I’m just used to it at my main desktop, and I want my text to be legible but small.”

    The Dell’s display is powered by Intel’s Iris 540 GPU. In my experience it works really well.

    The Iris powers a 13.3 inch display with a 3,200×1,800 touchscreen. That’s 280 pixels per inch, 40 more than my beloved 2015 Chromebook Pixel and 60 more than a MacBook Pro with Retina.

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    You Can Build Linus Torvalds’ Pc: Here’s All The Hardware And Where To Buy It

    Normally, Torvalds would pop into his local Fry’s. But in these pandemic times, he ordered everything from Amazon. Here’s the complete list of parts.

    | Topic: Hardware

    Linus Torvalds is the most famous programmer in the world, father of the Linux operating system, and maker of the near-universal Git distributed version control system. He also builds his own developer workstation and recently upgraded his PC to a speedy AMD Threadripper 3970x-based processor. But a computer is more than a CPU.;

    In an exclusive conversation, Torvalds revealed what he used in his latest programming PC. Total price? About $3,500, which, for a high-end desktop computer, is darn cheap.;

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    What Does Linus And Dave Mean That M1 Will 100% Be Replaced Next Year

    iPadified said:The Pro label is meaningless and I think it is so last century. I find that label misleading as well embarrassing. Apple is run by old men addressing old men making decision in the pro space so the label likely stays.

    Unregistered 4U said:Want 100,000 subscribers quick and easy? Pick a random thing to “hate” and dislike it in the most absurd over the top way. Even if you don’t really feel that way, there ARE folks that do and since you’ve shown an affinity for their worldview, they’ll stick with you for awhile


    The Dell Xps 13 Developer Edition Has Everything That Linus Torvalds Needs

    My Laptop DIED – Time to Pick a New One!

    A few months ago when I reviewed the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition , I wrote: This is the best Linux hardware I have ever seen. The polish, the feel, the look, the components … everything about it is great.

    I just discovered: I was not alone.

    Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, has also chosen the Dell XPS 13 Developers Edition as his next laptop. A few weeks ago,. When I met Torvalds during LinuxCon North America I asked if he had selected a worthy one.

    At that point he had not finalized the laptop but it was abundantly clear that his needs, as a programmer, were different from my needs as writer/filmmaker; it was different from the needs of many others who want a consumer laptop. Which meant that the laptop he would choose may not be the right one for me.

    It seems there is an exception. Its Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition. This laptop has something for everyone. Almost everyone.

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