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What Laptop Specs Do I Need For College

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How I Use My MacBook Academically For College!!

Many college campuses have computer stores that claim to offer the best discounts on student laptops. Make sure you do your homework before shopping, however: These stores don’t always have the best prices, and their selection may be limited compared to what you can find online or in a big-box store such as Best Buy.

The flipside is that buying from a campus store may entitle you to local tech support, which could be worthwhile for those times when a paper is due and the laptop is locking up.

Similarly, for any computer you’re considering, check the warranty terms and especially the company’s tech-support options. Students tend to keep late hours, so 24/7 phone support is definitely a desirable feature.

How Much Power Do You Need

Laptops offer a wide selection of processors across both budgets and usage casesyou can choose one that maximizes performance, or one that favors battery life. Or you can select one that plays to both strengths: Intel’s 11th Generation “Tiger Lake” Core CPUs confer the benefits of both power and battery efficiency. AMD’s Ryzen mobile chips are less common but are also emerging as a viable pick for ultraportable laptops.

If you desire all-day battery life, and spend almost all of your time in a web browser, you might want to consider going with a Chromebook. These typically run on low-powered processors , but these CPUs suffice for the kinds of workaday online tasks that Chromebooks excel at. If performance, on the other hand, ranks high on the list, a Windows 10 or macOS machine with an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 CPU gives you the most oomph.

The good news is that, in most other cases , integrated graphics solutions should suffice for the day-to-day tasks you’ll face. This is the graphics silicon built into the processors of most budget and midrange laptops. Today, that overwhelmingly means some form of Intel integrated graphics: Intel HD Graphics, Intel UHD Graphics, Intel Iris/Iris Plus graphics, or Intel Xe Graphics. Our reviews will detail their comparative performance levels, but none is a match for even a moderate dedicated GPU.

Computer Specs Explained What To Look For In A Laptop

When you’re choosing a new laptop or desktop computer, it’s important to understand the specs and features you’ll see listed by each model. That way, you can be sure to choose the right laptop for your own particular needs.

Knowing what processor to go for, how much RAM you’ll need and whether or not you require a graphics card are all questions will have a bearing on your setup, and your budget.

We explain some of the key components to look for when picking up your new laptop.

Just want to see the best laptops money can buy? Check out our recommendations for The Best Laptops of 2021

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Choose The Right Size

Before you look at specs or pricing, you need to figure out just how portable you need your laptop to be. Laptops are usually categorized by their display sizes:

  • 11 to 12 inches: The thinnest and lightest systems around have 11- to 12-inch screens and typically weigh 2.5 to 3.5 pounds.
  • 13 to 14 inches: Provides the best balance of portability and usability, particularly if you get a laptop that weighs under 4 pounds.
  • 15 to 16 inches: The most popular size, 15-inch laptops usually weigh 4 to 5.5 pounds. Consider this size if you want a larger screen and you’re not planning to carry your notebook around often. Laptops with 16-inch displays are rare but Apple might get the trend started with its 16-inch MacBook Pro.
  • 17 to 18 inches: If your laptop stays on your desk all day every day, a 17- or 18-inch system could provide you with the kind of processing power you need to play high-end games or do workstation-level productivity.

Hp Envy 14 Performance

Mac vs PC For College: Should I Get A Mac Or PC For College?

Buried beneath the aluminum, you’ll find the HP Envy 14’s Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor packed with 16GB of RAM. It bounced between 40 tabs and five 1080p videos without flinching.

On our Geekbench 5.3 overall performance test, the HP Envy 14 scored 4,761, flying over the average premium laptop . However, the Acer Book RSs Core i5-1135G7 , the Lenovo Yoga 9is Core i7-1185G7 and the Dell XPS 15s Core i7-10750H all did much better.

The HP Envy 14 transcoded a 4K video to 1080p in just 13 minutes and 20 seconds on our HandBrake benchmark, which not only surpassed the category average , but also the Acer Book RS and Lenovo Yoga 9i . However, the Envy was no match for the Dell XPS 15 .

HPs 256GB SSD had a measly transfer rate of 305 megabytes per second, which is nearly half of the average premium laptops speed . It did win over the Dell XPS 15 , but it couldnt keep pace with the Acer Book RS and Lenovo Yoga 9i .

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What Software Do I Need

Grand Canyon University provides its students with a lot of powerful free software that otherwise would be very expensive. For instance, you do not need to worry about buying Microsoft Office Suite or MS Access SQL Server, all development tools from JetBrains, including CLion for C/C++ language development and ReSharper for code editing. You will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat DC app for your Mac because you need that software to be able to view documents like your electronic textbook.

Searching For The Best Laptop For Online Classes

Just like any purchase you want to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for their buck. In particular, durability and mobility should be top priorities. It would be worth looking into laptop screen sizes as well, because laptops are often catergorized by their screen size. It’s not a bad idea to test the laptop out instead of shopping online for one. This way you can start typing and using the touchpad to getter sense of if it’s the best laptop for you. Ask yourself is the cursor too senstive? Is it easy to navigate? Here are some additional key features to look for when researching laptops:

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School Of Information Technology

  • Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps with standard RJ45 jack
  • USB Ports: 2 x USB 3.0 ports
  • 1 Apple OSX is not fully supported in certain applications. Users may need to bootcamp their Apple computers. Windows 10 is available free of charge for all Fanshawe Students. ChromeBooks are not supported.2 The IT Service Desk recommends at least a 7200RPM hard drive, or a Solid State Drive

    What About Windows 10 S Mode

    What Computer Specs Do You Need for Programming

    You won’t run across Windows 10 S Mode in your shopping travels too often, but it’s good to know what it is, since it’s most often encountered in education environs and budget laptops.

    Microsoft’s student-centric version of its operating system is a locked-down version of Windows 10, aimed at preventing malware from being inadvertently downloaded. It’s compatible with any app in the Windows Store, but it doesn’t allow third-party Windows programs unless you convert your laptop to full Windows 10 Home or Pro. You can easily switch to the full version of Windows 10 for free using the Microsoft Store, but you won’t be able to go back to S Mode once you convert. Also, this version of the OS supports only the Edge browser.

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    Look For College Student Laptop Deals

    Several computer manufacturers and tech stores offer special discounts and financing options for college students. Some schools may even negotiate pricing and payment options for learners. As with any offer, be sure you read the fine print and understand the total cost before signing.

    The following companies offer some of the best college student laptop deals:

    Why Should I Add A Care Plan To My Purchase

    We want you to get the best from your new PC. Our Care Plan gives you the peace-of-mind to use your laptop wherever and whenever you like.

    If your laptop breaks down outside of the manufacturers warranty or through accidental damage, well repair it within 14 days and give you a loan laptop to use in the meantime. If we cant repair it, well give you a brand new one at no additional cost.

    You also get a yearly health check, data recovery, virus removal, and 24/7 help and advice from the experts at our UK-based contact centre.

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    College Guide To Buying Computers

    Home> Students & Debt> College Guide to Buying Computers

    Complete reliance on a laptop is one of the most common shared experiences among college students.

    You stay up late in the library, pounding on your keyboard and thinking to yourself: Man, I wish I hadnt spent all day procrastinating on social media!

    The clock nears midnight when you finally reach the necessary word count on your paper, so you take a deep breath, click submit and pack up your best friend for the walk home.

    Once there, you unpack the laptop, click on Netflix and unwind your brain. Your stomach rumbles, so you open a new tab on the computer and punch in an order for a pizza delivery.

    Life is good again thanks to your laptop.

    From essays to social media to entertainment to online shopping, a laptop is essential in college and might be the single most important investment youll make.

    The cost of college tuition is at an all-time high totaling $20,090 for in-state public tuition plus room and board. The average graduate in 2017 left school with $37,172 in student loans. Thats a lot of money wasted if you dont have reliable laptop to get your schoolwork done.

    There are plenty of tips and tricks to save money in college and the same goes for purchasing a laptop. Dont buy a Cadillac when a Corolla will do. Be smart. Dont waste money. Do your research and somewhere in the description will be a list of specs that are just as important as the price.

    5 Minute Read

    How We Chose The Best College Laptops

    Laptops for High School Kids under PHP 15K

    When looking for the best laptops for college students, we pulled from a wide range of options both in price and features to give you the broadest spectrum of options available.

    Just like every college student is different, so is the laptop choice thats right for them. Some dont need a lot of power and prefer portability over everything else, while others might require a machine that can render 3D models and watch lectures streaming online at the same time. Because laptops go everywhere with their corresponding college student, every choice weve made here is durable enough to stand up to punishment for all four years theyre earning their degree, but also light enough to slide into a backpack quickly and easily without any hassle.A laptop for college needs to boot quickly, run smoothly, and be able to run almost any program you can think of . Ultimately the laptop thats right for you or your kids will combine all the best aspects of a laptop into one complete package at a cost thats manageable for your expectations.

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    What Kind Of Laptop Do You Need For College Work Really

    It truly depends on your major field of study

    You might be thinking about what kind of laptop you need for college work as you get ready to go back to school in 2021. It isnt as easy of a decision as one might think. A good student laptop has different requirements than a premium machine for a professional or a gamer. You may be tempted to buy a maxed-out MacBook Pro, for instance, but considering the price, it might not be the most ideal solution.

    A powerful laptop might be needed for college work depending on your major. Engineering students will need powerful CPU and GPU to handle their projects, as will anyone doing video editing or 3D design. However, a Chromebook with just 4GB of RAM should be more than enough for any student whose biggest projects consist of term papers.

    To help you figure out what kind of laptop you need for college work , weve gathered some tips to guide your search. That way, you can find the perfect notebook for your specific needs, especially since what works for one student might not work for another. In fact, you may end up saving some money by buying a more appropriate laptop for your specific studies.

    Which Best College Laptop For Students Is Right For You

    Need something powerful that can handle the demands from Photoshop and/or CAD? Then the Microsoft Surface Book and Dell XPS 13 are laptops that are right up your alley.

    Alternatively, if youre looking for something more humble for doing your everyday tasks at college and maybe a little media consumption when you have some time off, then the ASUS X551MA or HP Stream 13 are both laptops to consider.

    Choose a laptop based on what it does, not how it is marketed. For instance, some business laptops are great for school situations, but not all are.

    And, then there are Chromebooks, web-based best college laptops. Some are hesitant to jump on the Chromebook bandwagon, and might not consider them the best laptops for college students, simply because you cant use Windows-based software on it. You might be surprised, but more often than not, we just dont use the programs on Windows, strictly using web browsers like Chrome and Firefox for all of our computer use.

    Some popular laptops that you might want to consider are Lenovos Legion y530, the Legion y530 is solid, Chromebook x2, Zenbook Pro, Acer Nitro, Asus Vivobook, Acer Aspire, Macbook Air, Asus Zenbook, the Huawei Matebook, Envy 13t, the Macbook Pro 15inch, Lenovo ThinkPad, HP Chromebook x2, HP Envy 17, Lenovo Yoga, and the X1 Carbon just to name a few. These are some of the best laptops you can buy. Also some of the most powerful laptops.

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    What Is A Solid

    Unlike HDDs, solid-state drives have no moving parts. While they have lower capacities than normal hard drives theyre much thinner and run much faster, making them ideal for high-performance computing. However, they are more expensive than other drives, so tend to be featured on more premium or performance-focused laptops.

    Laptop Tablet Or Desktop

    Do Architecture Students Need Laptops? Should I Buy a Laptop for Architecture School?

    While laptops and desktops have advantages and disadvantages, most students find that a high-end laptop or tablet is more effective given their portability and the computational power available today. Laptops and tablets can be used in class to take notes, or to work with your classmates on campus. In the case of remote studies, tablets can be particularly useful for sharing your work with team members or with instructional staff.

    Students do need to keep an eye on their computers to minimize the risk of theft. Also remember that laptops may feel heavier day-to-day in your backpack than they do for the few minutes at the store. For laptops, a docking station and a full-sized keyboard, mouse and monitor for use in the dorm is beneficial.

    Tablets are also becoming very popular on campus. Many students use tablets for taking notes in classes, checking email, reading text books, surfing the Internet, and general communication they are also particularly useful for remote office hours and team projects. However, in most cases, a tablet will not replace all of the needed computer functions. Although tablet technology is changing quickly, and some of the new tablets are becoming as powerful as a laptop, software compatibility and ease of use must be carefully evaluated. A popular option today are the laptops that convert easily to a tablet format when needed .

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    What Is An Embedded Multi

    An embedded multi-media card is flash storage thats attached to a devices motherboard. eMMC storage is most common on tablets, but is featured on some laptops, 2 in 1s and Chromebooks. Its a great solution for smaller devices, although it doesnt offer the capacity and performance benefits that other storage devices do.

    Can I Save By Buying All The Software I Need When I Buy My Pc

    Instore and online we have software bundles that offer big savings over buying separately.

    You can also save if you buy Office or security software at the same time as a new PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet. There are too many offers to list here, so have a look at the product pages or ask in store to find out more.

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    Do I Need A Laptop With A Long Battery Life

    If you regularly use your laptop on the go, a longer battery life is useful. A laptop with 10 hours or more of battery life gives you the freedom to work all day without charging – ideal for taking notes in meetings, checking emails on the commute, or watching a film during down time.

    Best College Laptops In : Best Laptops For Students


    The best college laptops for students, from budget laptops to workstations

    If you’re a student, you’ll want one of the best college laptops so you can ace your exams then stream TV or play games when it’s time to relax. But with so many choices at so many different prices, it can be homework in itself to find the very best laptops for students.

    When you’re buying a laptop for school, make sure it has long battery life and fast CPU performance. You can find a lot of these units on our main best laptops page, which gives you a wide selection of the top notebooks to choose from. And if you prefer to take notes by hand, buy one of the best 2-in-1 laptops. We’ve also ranked the best gaming laptops for those who like to unwind after the coursework is wrapped up. We’re still in a process of reviewing some laptops that could find their way on this list, so be sure to check back in regularly for the latest and great laptops for students.

    Whichever laptop you get, you’ll also want to pick up a few extras, such as a comfortable mouse, a well-appointed backpack, and perhaps a . Without further ado, here are the best college laptops, including some budget picks for those dreading tuition payments.

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