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What Msi Laptop Should I Get

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How Many Cores Do I Really Need

The Fastest Gaming Laptop! MSI Raider GE76 After 2 Weeks!

How many cores do you need in a gaming laptop? For most people on a budget, a 4-core CPU with Hyper-Threading will function just fine in most games, especially when combined with a lower-cost and lower performance GPU.

Still, if you have the extra cash, a 6-core CPU with Hyper-Threading is likely the sweet spot for today and tomorrow. If you plan to stream your gaming live or edit it, investing in a 6-core is recommended.

Intels top-end 8-core CPUs will deliver the greatest benefit to those who might do other graphics-intensive tasks, such as 3D animation or video editing. If you also plan to record and stream video, the 8-core will offer a performance benefit there, too.

If youre thinking, great, let me buy a 4-core Core i5 CPU with a luxury laptop to save money, you usually cant, because PC makers typically only offer budget CPUs with other budget parts. Why? Well, most budget shoppers cant afford any luxury items, and most PC makers like to add in the extras to increase the profit.


What Screen Size Is Best For A Gaming Laptop

This will arguably have the most immediate impact on your choice of the build. Picking the size of your screen basically dictates the size of your laptop. A 13-inch machine will be a thin-and-light ultrabook, while a 17-inch panel almost guarantees workstation stuff. At 15-inches, you’re looking at the most common size of the gaming laptop screen.

Custom Built Msi Laptops

State-of-the-art brands such as MSI® are taking gameplay to new heights. Now, you can work, watch, and play at the same time by turning your MSI® laptop into a multi-tasking workstation at home or the office. Many of the custom MSI® laptops in our selection come equipped with MSIs signature Matrix display technology for seamless integration and endless possibilities. Most models also include lag and latency reduction, adaptive bitrate for uninterrupted streaming, high definition sound technology with audio boost, and other cutting-edge technology you wont want to play without.

Unlike other custom computer companies, we have the highly trained staff and resources required to provide an assortment of laser etching and painting options. Simply select the personalization options in the product configurator as youre building your own custom MSI® laptop and well take care of the rest. If you have any questions or concerns about our custom MSI® laptops, please contact XOTIC PC customer service for further assistance.

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The Best Gaming Laptop In A 14

The ROG Zephyrus G14 is the best 14-inch gaming laptop you can buy. We most recently reviewed last years model, which includes AMDs Ryzen 4000 series up to the eight-core Ryzen 9 4900HS and an Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU. Theres a brand-new model out featuring the Ryzen 5000 series and Nvidias RTX 30-series graphics, which were looking forward to getting our hands on ASAP.

For well under $2,000, the Zephyrus crams one of the most powerful mobile processors on the market into a super portable 14-inch chassis. With capable cooling to boot, the laptop delivers frame rates weve never seen in a laptop of this size before. It handled every game we threw at it without breaking a sweat.

But aside from its excellent gaming performance, the G14 makes a great daily driver. The keyboard, touchpad, display, and port selection are all excellent. Even the battery life is good something we almost never get to say about gaming laptops.

There are a few downsides to the G14, but theyre fairly small and user-dependent. The most significant note is that it lacks a webcam youll need an external one if you plan on taking video calls. Theres also some bleed in the backlighting, theres no Thunderbolt connectivity , and the fans can get louder than most under load. But these are very much nitpicks that wont have a large impact on plenty of peoples gaming experience. Overall, we have very few complaints.

Best Msi Laptops 2021

Get the MSI GL62M gaming laptop with GeForce GTX 1050 Ti ...

16 April 2021

These are the best MSI laptops that weve tested.

MSI has a massive lineup of notebooks that cover a gamut of uses. Although the company is widely known for its gaming notebooks, MSI also has workstations and multimedia machines in its stable. The company ranked fourth in last year’s Annual Best and Worst Brands report, jumping up three spots from the year prior. It’s plain to see that MSI has some serious momentum going.

But before you get overwhelmed by the sheer number of laptops and configurations that MSI offers, check out our list of favorite MSI laptops below along with our MSI cheat sheet, which explains the company’s different product lines by name and product number.

Every year, our editorial team reviews over 150 laptops covering every price point and use case. Whether youre looking for a productivity workhorse, a badass gaming system or a multimedia machine to kick back and watch movies with, we can help you find your ideal MSI match.

In order to make the Best MSI Laptops of 2021 list, each laptop must earn a score of at least 4 out of 5 stars when reviewed, delivering on the things shoppers care about most. In our evaluations, we focus on design, comfort, display quality, the keyboard and touchpad, overall performance, battery life and especially value.

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Is An 111315 Etc Laptop Too Big

This completely depends on your tastes and the work youre doing. Some people scoff at the idea of lugging around a 17 laptop while others think a 13 laptop is rather tiny to get any work done. 15 laptops tend to be the industry standard with the smaller laptops being ultraportable and larger laptops being desktop replacements.

While 13 laptops tend to be better for portability and larger laptops have their place in the gaming realm, you can easily get a 17 laptop and still use it for travel. I wouldnt suggest gaming on a small laptop but it isnt impossible. It really comes down to your personal preference. There is no too big or too small option.

Ridiculous Power: Msi Gt75 Titan

It’s large, thick, heavy, and utterly insane. That about sums up what you’re getting into with the GT75 Titan, one of the most powerful gaming laptops you’ll come across right now. You get either an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 or Core i9 processor, an RTX 2070 or 2080 GPU, 144Hz 17.3-inch display with G-Sync, 32GB of RAM, a ton of NVMe SSD storage and Thunderbolt 3. It’s not the most portable laptop you’ll ever see, but what a machine it is.

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Acer Predator Triton 300 Se

Why you should buy this: Its a great alternative to the ROG Zephyrus G14.

Whos it for: Gamers who want a small 14-inch laptop with great cooling.

Why we picked the Acer Predator Triton 300 SE:

The Predator Triton 300 SE feels like a revolutionary laptop, sporting both a 14-inch screen and a 35-watt Intel processor. Its certainly unique, though it comes after a goal the ROG Zephyrus G14 already accomplished on the AMD side of things.

Both sport an Nvidia RTX 3060 GPU, a surprisingly slim chassis, and a high refresh rate. The Zephyrus G14 outperforms the Triton 300 SE in some games, thanks to its more aggressive cooling. However, that also turns out to be a strength of the Triton 300 SE, which stays cooler and quieter during operation. That includes both while gaming and during work.

Its a tough choice between the two, but if youll be using your gaming laptop for work just as much as gaming, the Predator Triton 300 SE ekes out a win over the Zephyrus G14. If you like this design but want something larger and more powerful, the 16-inch Predator Triton 500 SE might be a better option.

Why should buy this: Its the best 13-inch gaming laptop.

Whos it for: Gamers who want the smallest possible gaming laptop.

Why we picked the Asus ROG Flow X13:

Special Features In Msi Gaming Laptops

5 Best MSI Laptop Deals You Should Check Out!

First, let us understand what MSI has going for itself when it comes to its gaming offerings.

  • Powerful, up-to-date CPU and GPU: MSI has always been highly performance-oriented when it comes to gaming machines. Nothing inferior or passable goes you will find only the latest processors and graphics cards to run the show.

For instance, several MSI gaming laptops are powered by Intel i9 CPUs and are fitted with NVIDIA RTX cards. The latter comes with enthralling features such as real-time ray tracing and images enhanced by artificial intelligence.

Let us just say this: the difference to gameplay is tremendous. Another major plus of going with a manufacturer who believes in staying updated is that you get great forward compatibility and future-readiness.

Note: Some MSI laptops tread on the side of bulky. But unless traveling is a key part of your lifestyle, this is a small price to pay for extreme performance.

Frequently, MSI gaming laptops also boast of terrific response times to the tune of 3ms. You will not miss out on any detailsomething that makes an enormous difference during competition on the arena.

The dragon logo is the highlight and lends the laptop a powerful, ahead-of-the-curve aura. New lines like the Stealth series have also been making significant triumphs as far as the thinness of the profile goes.

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Which Is The Most Impressive Laptop Offered By Msi

The MSI GE66 Raider is probably the most impressive laptop that has been manufactured by MSI. It is an expensive gaming laptop that can handle most of the needs of a creative aspirant. The 15.6-inch screen is powered by a Core i7-10875H backed up by a more than capable NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080. 32GB of RAM gives it buttery smoothness, and it comes with 1TB of SSD.

Best Msi Desktop Computers In 2021

BestMSI Desktop ComputersWindows Central2021

Desktop machines are some of the most powerful devices in the computing space, and MSI makes plenty of excellent ones that will serve you well for gaming, although they’ll also do perfectly for content creation and other power-hungry activities. Out of all of them, we think that the MSI Infinite X is the best you can get your hands on due to its awesome horsepower, badass aesthetic, and balanced price.

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Gaming Laptop Which One Should I Choose

gk2377 said:Hi there, glad to know you have the chance to get a new one, especially the new GTX 10 series, it almost overwhelm 90% titles in the market. While you raise the issue of streaming, it would mostly rely on processor’s capability, core-i7 would be highly recommended. The VRAM size is somehow the key to detailed image, for example, high FXAA graphics setting or advanced texture mapping. Wish you find your new toy and enjoy using it soon.

princeflorante said:if i were you better go to shop and ask the expert there so you see the difference of what you want.

Thank you! That’s a very good answer to think in which laptop get. In other hand, not all laptops are able to change their GPU, isn’t it?Is there any web site with bechmanrks comparing differents new laptops?

darkhawk said:MSI’s GT series all have an MXM socket for being able to change the GPU. The GS series are their slim laptops and do NOT have an MXM socket. The GX series do not have MXM sockets either, as they tend to be the lower end gaming laptops. That should pretty much explain it.

Buy Msi Laptops In Nigeria By Stardom Services Of Jumia


Each bit of our life includes a certain kind of information technology services. Either you are switching on the electrical fan, driving the car or straightening the hair, technology is everywhere. The major part of this essence is seen in the entertainment and professional fields where the tasks are done digitally, using devices like laptops. Micro-Star International, famously known as MSI, is the Taiwanese organization that has been developing the diverse collection of electronics from 1986. This brand creates the products like computer accessories, industrial computers, servers and tablets with the delivery of global warranty services to the areas like Asia, Europe, Australia, North America, Central America and South America. With the exclusive discount offers on particular occasions and an array of highly affordable MSI laptop price in Nigeria, Jumia is firming its roots in this country. This online mall has the hardworking customer service team that works day and night to guide the existing and new customers. Moreover, Jumia takes the complete responsibility for whatever it delivers to the buyers destination.

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Whats The Best Resolution For A Gaming Laptop

A. While 4K resolution is ideal for watching films and shows on a big TV, it’s not always better on a smaller laptop. The size doesn’t necessarily allow a dramatic increase in quality from FHD or QHD to 4K. What’s more, it requires more power to create the crisp visuals, which sometimes means 4K resolution will be slightly slower and less smooth than lower resolution. Most gamers opt for the middle ground: QHD.

Play All Your Favourite Games On Msi Gaming Laptops

At the time of purchasing a laptop, all of us look for something that comes with all the latest features and best specifications. However, one thing that stops us from getting the best laptop is a budget that needs to be decided prior to buying a laptop. There are a variety of laptops available these days for different types of purposes from gaming to office usage. Deciding on the right laptop can turn out to be a daunting task if you are not sure of the brand and going with a reputed laptop brand can help you get a top quality laptop at reasonable prices. MSI is one of the most preferred computer brands by youngsters mainly because of the exceptional collection of high-performance gaming laptops offered by them.

MSI Laptops are considered to be one of the best in the laptop spectrum for those who love to play different computer games. Choosing MSI Laptops will let you dive deep into the widest range of high-end MSI gaming laptops. All these laptops comprise of all the latest and most intriguing features that include mechanical keyboards eye-tracking sensors and top-notch performance and so on. MSI notebooks are best known for optimizing your gaming experience to the next level.

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Are Gaming Laptops Good For Work

Usually, yes. You dont need a dedicated graphics chip for working, but the fast processors and high-speed RAM that gaming laptops are typically equipped with are just as good at handling spreadsheets and Word documents as they are at crunching the numbers for the latest games.

Then again, a larger, thicker gaming laptop with RGB lighting might not be appropriate for every job setting. A more subdued design, like the Razer Blade or the G-series Dell gaming laptops, fit in much better.

Best Overall: Msi Infinite X

MSI GE76 Raider 17″ Gaming Laptop | Fast & Loud | But can you work with this?

The MSI Infinite X is a perfect combination of power, style, and price. It can be configured with up to an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti graphics card and an Intel Core i9-9900K processor both of which are cutting-edge pieces of hardware that will allow you to run every game out right now at max settings without any issues. This also means that you’ll be able to confidently play games at 4K resolution. In terms of RAM, the computer can be configured with a whopping 32GB, and there’s room for an addition 32 if you want to upgrade in the future. In addition, the storage space is superb, since all configurations come with a 2TB hard drive and an additional 256 or 512GB solid-state hard drive, depending on what you choose. Lastly, the PC comes with a solid keyboard and mouse set if you don’t have your own already.

When it comes to looks, the MSI Infinite X doesn’t disappoint. It features a sleek and angular appearance with RGB lighting accents. The side of the PC that you can open to tinker with the interior is made out of transparent glass so you can display what’s “under the hood” for all to see. The black finish of the tower has a wood-like appearance, which makes it look textured and striking.

Finally, the price, while very high, is completely fair. For power and style like this, the price that MSI is charging is right about where it should be. Overall, the MSI Infinite X is a fantastic desktop that will make any gamer happy, as long as they’re willing to pay a pretty penny.

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Run Games On Budget With Gv And Gf Series Msi Gaming Laptops

Gamers on tight budgets can get decent gaming performance from GV and GF series laptops from MSI. These laptops typically come with Intel® i5 or i7 ninth-generation processors. Single-zone, single-color keyboards offer an intuitive design for simple use. Like with most MSI laptops, gamers have a choice between gaming computer laptops with 15-inch and 17-inch displays from these categories. While GV Series laptops are usually bulky, there are some portable GF Series laptops with a thin bezel design. GV and GF Series laptops come with 1080p graphics cards, including the NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 1050, 1050 Ti and 1060.

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