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What Online Colleges Provide Laptops

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Bethel University Google Chromebook

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Bethel University, U.S. News #22 pick in Best Value Schools, #11 in both Best Colleges for Veterans and Best Undergraduate Teaching, and #17 in Regional Universities in the Midwest, offers Chromebook laptops. Bethel offers 35 undergraduate, graduate, and seminary online degree programs. Depending on the program and concentration, Bethel offers fully online, a mix of face to face and online, and fully online programs with one or two-week on-campus intensives each year. Click on the button below to request more information from Bethel about their laptopprogram.

What Online Colleges Offer Laptops

Over the past few years especially, more and more free laptop programs are cropping up from colleges and universities all over the country. These programs are for traditional students, and distance-learners alike and sound like a fantastic deal in most cases because the student doesnt pay anything. Up front. Sadly, a lot of these programs include pricey fine print. Because of websites, even OnlineCollegePlan, delving deeper and looking into these offers these claims have seemed to dissipate. Several schools make this claim, but if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Online colleges with laptop programs are few and far between now, despite the consistent advertisement. Theyve faded into the background over time as researchers uncovered the financial repercussions of this free laptop. Some of the more popular schools that used to advertise these free laptop programs include Drexel University, Colorado Technical University, Full Sail University, and Purdue University. Colorado Technical University, or CTU, only offers their laptops through a separate program that is called the Wounded Warrior Scholarship. CTU has been voted as one of the best schools for military veterans in light of this program. The scholarship covers the cost of any program at CTU, and provides the veteran with a free laptop the scholarship is also available to spouses and caretakers.

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    St Johns University Choice Of 3 Laptops Apple Macbook Pro Lenovo Thinkpad L380 Lenovo Thinkpad L380 Yoga

    St. Johns University in Queens, NY is a large private, Catholic university. St. Johns offers you the choice of three laptops. Students may keep the laptop if they graduate with at least a Bachelors Degree. This college offers 26 online programs. Popular majors include Psychology, Physician Assistant, and Biology. St. Johns was recently ranked the #31 school for online graduate education programs and #35 for online graduate business programs by US News. Students praise the study abroad programs and passionate professors. Click on the button below to request more information from St. Johns about their loaner laptopprogram.

    Online Schools With Free Laptops

    The 10 Best Online Colleges that Offer Laptops 2020

    Here’s a list of 12 online schools with free laptop and iPad offerings for their students:

    Thanks to the colleges listed here, the cost of a laptop should no longer deter you from enrolling in an online degree program. Whether the online colleges are offering laptops for free, for rent, or at discounts, you shouldnt let the cost of a laptop stop you from improving your life via a college education.

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    Are These Free Laptops For College Really Free

    Okay, heres where it gets just a little tricky. Not that the colleges that offer free laptops are trying to trick you just that you have to read the fine print. Some colleges actually do offer a free laptop for college students students pay nothing. That may be because of a special technology grant that allows the college to get the devices at no cost to them, passing the free laptop on to students. Apple has partnered with many schools to provide an iPad for students or even an iPad Pro for students, free to them and to the school its all part of Apples commitment to transforming education in the digital age.

    In other instances, though, the cost of the laptop or iPad is actually rolled into your tuition and fees its only free because youre not paying for it directly. There are advantages there, though essentially, you pay for the computer in installments, using your student loans or scholarship and grant money, so the cost gets spread out and doesnt hurt quite so much in the short term. In most cases, too, the devices are much cheaper than you would pay buying them on your own.

    Whatever the case, check out the terms for your college to know what youre getting into. Knowing what colleges offer free laptops shouldnt change your mind its just an added incentive, not a deal-maker or deal-breaker.

    Northwest Missouri State University Free Laptop Must Be Returned Upon Graduation

    Northwest Missouri State University is a public university which ranked #86 in the 2019 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities Midwest. Popular majors include Elementary Education, Communications, and Business Administration, and Management. Students praise NMSU for friendly, genuine professors that push their students to excel. In-state graduates can enjoy an average o $161,000 a 20year net ROI. Click on the button below to request more information from NMSU about their laptopprogram.

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    Legit Ways To Get Free Laptops In 2020

  • The OnIt Foundation. The OnIt Foundation is one organization that provides free laptops. To qualify, you must have a child in a K-12 school grade.
  • Komputers 4 R Kids. Komputers 4 R Kids is a non-profit organization that provides free laptops to Southern California kids. The computers they use are donated by businesses or individuals, refurbished and given to underprivileged children.
  • Computers with Causes. Computers with Causes collects donated computers to give to kids and others. According to their websites, they give computers to underprivileged kids, returning military members and households in need.
  • With Causes. With Causes is a charitable organization that accepts donated laptops and other computers to give to those in need. You may be eligible for a free laptop if you
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    Laptop Necessity During Covid

    online colleges that offer laptops

    When many college classes became remote during the COVID 2020 outbreak students were forced to complete coursework at home. For students without a laptop or public computer access, the need for colleges to provide laptops became greater. Some colleges now offer expanded loaner laptop programs that include Wi-Fi hotspots and the option to rent projectors or camera equipment.

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    Laptop Scholarships And Grants

    In addition to discounted and free laptops for college students, some schools also designate scholarships and grants that students can use toward a tech purchase. While some schools like Widener University and Indiana University specify that students use such gift aid for acquiring tech, other schools leave it up to the student to decide. Students can also apply to scholarship programs from manufacturers like Apple and Dell. Many tech sites, blogs, and organizations hold annual competitions where the reward helps budgeting students buy laptops, tablets, and other tech devices for school.

    Laptop Scholarship for College Students

    Description: Teradatariver chooses one essay winner per school year. In their essays, students must make a case for the laptop they wish to purchase with the scholarship money and discuss why its the best computer for them and their college needs. Any student taking higher-education classes may apply.

    Amount: $1,000

    Online Education Is Growing And Is Viable

    As of , 85% of online students said that online distance learning is the same as or better than face to face learning. Students like that they can view lectures at any time they want and learn at their own pace. According to, Institutions have suspended 95% of travel for faculty & staff and have also implemented work-remotely polices for 93% of staff. Employer perceptions of online education continues to change positively and Insperity, a recruiting services firm that serves more than 100,000 small and midsize businesses, reports that 75 percent of their clients have embraced online credentials of prospective employees.

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    What Exactly Does An Online Bachelors Degree Get Me

    It might sound cliche, but a bachelors degree gets you employed. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2016 only 69% of people with just a high school diploma worked full time, year round. Compare this to 79% of people with a bachelors degree. Young adults with a bachelors degree earn an average of $50,000 per year, 57% higher than the average of $31,800 earned by those with a high school diploma. So bachelors degrees help with both reaching your potential of working full time year round, and increasing the rate you are paid for that work. Now, not all majors are created equal. Some earn more on average than others. Well look at that next.

    Most Popular College Laptops For College Students

    Online Colleges that Offer Laptops

    Through partnerships and learning initiatives, online colleges that provide laptops can choose from the most popular models today. These schools can also offer free laptops for college students that meet all the requirements of a particular major. While some schools choose one brand over the other, most schools opt to go with a few models from the two top operating systems: Windows and macOS.

    In general, Apple computers are pricier than PCs, and tend to hold their resale value for longer. Apple fans claim Macs are more user-friendly, citing the fewer updates needed and seeming defense against malware. PC fans, meanwhile, will counter this by pointing to the breadth of software available for Windows. Note that computer science and engineering majors tend to work within Windows or Linux, while design, communications, and creative majors often prefer Mac.

    Before purchasing a laptop, its important to do your research. As noted, your academic major may remove all doubt as to what model you need to buy. However, if you can choose from all Macs and PCs, then you need to ask the right questions as a consumer. Important factors to consider when making your computer purchase include performance, price, size, display, RAM, storage, and battery life.

    Cost and Spec Comparison of Popular Educational Laptops

    Model Name
    Up to 10 hours of wireless usage or audio playback

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    Colleges That Offer Free Laptops Or Ipads

  • Duke University Global Health Institute. Durham, NC. 77.3. College Consensus 76 Publisher Consensus. 78.6. Student Consensus. Last Accessed: December, 2018. Duke Universitys free iPad program is offered to students in the Global Health Institute, in interdisciplinary research and degree-granting center dedicated to global public health.
  • Independence University. Salt Lake City, UT. Independence Universitys free Laptop for College program is billed as a key part of students success. A non-profit, fully online university, Independence offers students a tablet during their first module , and a laptop in their fourth.
  • Wake Forest University. Winston-Salem, NC. 73.4. College Consensus. 68.8. Publisher Consensus 78 Student Consensus. Last Accessed: December, 2018. Wake Forest Universitys Technology Grant program is a crucial way that the university supports students who need financial help, offering free laptops for college students.
  • Dakota State University. Madison, SD. 60.6. College Consensus. 44.5. Publisher Consensus. 76.7. Student Consensus. Last Accessed: December, 2018. Dakota State Universitys tablet program, part of the Wireless Mobile Computing Initiative , provides all incoming freshmen with a free tablet.
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    North Dakota State University

    North Dakota State University offers its two online undergraduate degrees and eleven online graduate degrees through its department of distance and continuing education. The undergraduate degrees are in sociology and human development & family science, which offers concentrations in adult development and aging, child and adolescent development, and family science.

    • Tuition: $20,692

    University of Illinois at Springfield offers 14 undergraduate degrees and 13 graduate degrees. Undergraduate degrees include computer science, communication, healthcare informatics with management concentration, information systems, history, mathematics, and philosophy. Online graduate degrees include computer science, legal studies, public administration, public health, social services administration, and environmental studies.

    • Tuition: $20,938

    Ohio University offers ten online bachelors degrees and six online associates degrees. The bachelors degrees offered online are applied communication, applied management, criminal justice, customer services leadership, human services, integrated healthcare studies, psychology, RN to BSN, technical and applied studies, and technical operations management.

    • Tuition: $21,360
    • Tuition: $21,022
    • Tuition: $22,066
    • Tuition: $22,109
    • Tuition: $22,467
    • Tuition: $23,420
    • Tuition: $23,776
    • Tuition: $25,512
    • Tuition: $25,817
    • Tuition: $25,942
    • Tuition: $26,919

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    Top Five Laptops For College Students

    • Acer Swift 3 : Best for students seeking a powerful, lightweight laptop
    • Apple MacBook Air: Best for students seeking a lighter, more affordable MacBook
    • Apple MacBook Pro : Best for students seeking a powerful MacBook
    • Asus Chromebook Flip C436: Best for students seeking a sleek, lightweight Chromebook
    • Dell XPS 15: Best premium Windows laptop for creative students

    Top 12 Online Colleges Offering Free Laptops For College Students

    Coronavirus: LA Community College District To Give Out 3,000 Laptops Amid Switch To Online Classes

    Free Laptops for College Students

    Over the past few decades, higher education is changing a lot. Most traditional on-campus education is slowly but eventually morphing into online college and distance studies. Now a day, without a laptop, desktop, iPad, and tablet education are almost incomplete. So we have to find online colleges that offer free laptops for college students.

  • Are used laptops good for college Online classes?
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    Alternative Organizations To Contact For A Free Laptop As A Student

    Contact your local Goodwill

    Goodwill is well-known for helping those in need. Get in touch with them to see if they can help you get a laptop for yourself.

    Visit their website to get in touch with Goodwill in your area by clicking here.

    Contact the Department of Social and Health Services

    If you are having trouble applying or are unsure which program will best suit your needs, get in touch with the Department of Social and Health Services. The Department can help you connect with local organizations that can help you get a laptop.

    Visit their website to get in touch with them by clicking here.

    Where Can I Find Schools That Provide Laptops

    You can find a list of online colleges that provide laptops right here on the site. We continually update our list throughout the year, so check back if you dont find a school you like. Alternatively, there are websites like My College Laptop that contain a database of laptop friendly colleges. and websites like it provide real time updated lists that allow you to sort by state or location.

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    What Type Of Laptop Is Best For Online Classes

    Nowadays, the classrooms have shifted to the mobile screen instead of schools. It is hard to attend simultaneous classes on mobile, and the students might feel tired of attending classes. But, a stable laptop can make online classes much easier to handle. To initiate a healthy technological environment, the students must have an internet connection, mobile, and a laptop.

    Apart from classes, teachers and students also require a laptop for browsing lessons and check other important details. It is also used to stay updated with the daily information. It is also efficient for attending classes in Zoom and utilizing the tools in Microsoft Office for creating regular assignments and pdfs. Students can also upload files and create bold presentations. Both students and teachers can do multiple tasks on laptops. Hence, there are online learning accredited online colleges that give laptops.

    The students must choose a laptop with impressive attributes, powerful GPU, great battery backup, extensive display, high RAM, and a good storage capacity. The laptop must have advanced features according to the trend. It is much efficient to buy the most affordable laptops available in the online shop. You can shop according to your budget and requirement.

    Therefore, students who are going to high school or will pursue a degreeprogram and suffer from immense poverty can join online colleges that offer laptops.

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