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What Processor Do I Need For My Laptop

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Which Laptop Should I Get

How Much RAM Should I Get in a New Laptop?

With so many laptops to choose from, selecting the best one to fit your budget can be like navigating a minefield. Even making sense of the ever-changing list of product specifications is no easy feat. Laptops vary greatly by CPU speed, graphics capability, size, drive storage, and RAM, among other things. Whats more, your laptop needs may be completely different to someone elses, only adding to the confusion.

For some, a flashy 4K screen may be important. Others may want a high-performing CPU, like AMDs new Ryzen 5000 processors, to give them a competitive edge in games. Getting value for money can be tricky too, since newer technologies dont always mean better performance. For example, older-generation CPUs can sometimes outperform newer products in benchmark tests. For these reasons it pays to do your homework before you purchase a laptop.

To simplify the process for you weve put together a list of 12 criteria that you can use as a guide for what to look for. It may seem laborious delving into each category, but there are a lot of things to consider. At the end of the day, taking time to research your new device will mean you avoid making a costly mistake and get a laptop thats just right for you.

What Is My Processor

After having used the desktops, laptops, notebooks or tablets for some days, many users will want to know what processor their computer is running. Though many people get to know the processors of their machines when they buy them, there are still some users who dont know that.

Some may forget what their processors are. Or, some might only remember the manufacture of their processors while forgetting the detailed information of the processors. For example, for Intel processors, users may remember their processor is Intel core, but forger what generation is their Intel processor.

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Integrated Gpus: Money For Nothing And Our Pixels For Free

Most motherboards these days come with GPUs integrated into the motherboard or even the CPU itself. For decades now, its been common for motherboard manufacturers to include a serviceable GPU built right into the chipset of the motherboardno extra hardware required. Buy a motherboard, get a simple built-in GPU that can produce an image on your display. Within the last six years or so, that integrated GPU has been integrated into the CPU instead.

Integrated GPUs are great because theyre free . You dont even have to think about themjust combine a consumer class motherboard and CPU and, boom, youve got somewhere to plug in your monitor.

Integrated graphics are also very power efficient, since they use very little power beyond what the CPU was already using in the first place. And, thanks to their standardization, youll rarely run into any issues with drivers or compatibility. On a modern Windows machine, everything will just be taken care of for you.

Of course, integrated graphics have their downsides too. First, theyre weak. Theyre intended for the demands of a desktop user who reads email, browses the web, drafts documents, not users who do more demanding things like games. Throw a modern game at an integrated GPU and it might stutter through it or, worse, just outright fail to load the game.

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Amd Ryzen 7 Vs Ryzen 5

AMDs Ryzen 7 H-class laptops give you up to 8-cores, while the Ryzen 5 H-series maxes out at 6. Wed say that for most gamers and most consumers, the Ryzen 5 is more than enough. So you can put the CPU choice behind the GPU choice, or possibly even the screen choice. For example, wed take a Ryzen 5 laptop with a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti over a Ryzen 7 laptop with a GeForce GTX 1650 Ti.


How Much Memory Do I Need

Question for all of the VR users. What brand VR are you ...

Below is the amount of RAM we recommend for different activities. If youre unsure about whether you need a larger amount or not, more RAM improves the general performance of your PC along with being able to handle more demanding software, so youll never lose anything going for more RAM.

Browsing the web, updating social media, watching video clips

4GB and over

Researching and writing essays, creating spreadsheets, working on presentations and other office work

6GB and over

Streaming HD films, editing photos – hobby, editing videos – hobby, music production – hobby, gaming – casual

8GB and over

Graphic design, editing photos – professional, editing videos – professional, music production – professional, graphic design – professional, gaming – enthusiast, CAD design

16GB and over

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A Powerful Graphics Card Is A Must

Gaming in 4K requires your graphics card to process huge amounts of information in the blink of an eye, and for that, you need to make sure your graphics card has the headroom it needs.

Fortunately, there are more 4K-capable cards today than ever before. Unfortunately, you cant easily buy most of them. Graphics cards are out of stock everywhere, and where you can find them, youll have to pay far above the list price. We dont recommend buying a graphics card right now given the prices, but if youre lucky or determined, here are our recommendations.

Nvidias RTX 3080 is directly targeted at 4K, able to hit 4K at 60 FPS in titles like Assassins Creed Odyssey at max settings. Comparatively, last-gens 2080 Ti hits around 50 FPS in the same benchmark, all while costing nearly twice as much as the 3080: $1,199. For that price, youre in the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3090 range, which is capable of hitting 8K with a little help from DLSS.

For now, though, the RTX 3080 and 3090 continue to be out of stock nearly everywhere. If youre willing to give up a little performance and save a few bucks in the process Nvidias high-end 20-series cards are capable of 4K gaming. Based on our testing, the RTX 2060 Super and 2070 Super can run games like Fortnite and Civilization VI at 4K above 60 fps. More demanding titles, such as the aforementioned Assassins Creed Odyssey and Battlefield V, struggle at 4K.

How Fast Does Your Pc Need To Be

The processor and RAM are the two most important components to look at when accessing a computer’s speed. RAM is typically measured in gigabytes or terabytes while processing speed is measured in gigahertz .

The everyday tasks that most users perform are so minimally hardware-intensive that the lowest-end processors in newer computers are plenty fast enough. For example, 2 to 4 GB of RAM and a 1.3 GHz Intel Core i3 processor would be completely fine for browsing the web, watching Blu-ray movies, and basic productivity tasks.

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Which Screen Size Will Work For Me

If you want a perfect mix between portability and visibility, a laptop with a 14 screen is ideal. Smaller screens, such as 11.6 and 10.6, are even easier to carry around but may be too small if you spend a lot of time typing documents or looking at spread sheets.

Laptops with 15.6 screens are the most common and are great if youre spending more time working at a desk than on the go.

The largest screen size available today is 17.3. While laptops with this screen size can be difficult to carry around, they offer the clearest view of your content and are great for multimedia.

Everyday Work: Home Use Casual Office Work

How to CORRECTLY Upgrade Your CPU, Motherboard, and Graphics Card

For this, you can get a basic Intel Core i3 or a Ryzen 3 processor from U series. You dont quite need to go into the mainstream processor lines for office work that deals with excel sheets, report writing etc.

  • Lower Range: Intel Pentium 10110U 2.10 GHz 4.10 GHz
  • Upper Range: AMD Ryzen 3 4300U 2.7 GHz 3.7 GHz

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Protection Features & Braided Cables

Make sure that the power supply you are getting comes with basic or essential protection features so that it can protect your components against abnormal voltage/current variations or power surge. These protection features include OVP , UVP , OCP , OPP , SCP , and OTP . It is also good to have braided cables as they protect the wires against damage and cuts and also give the PSU a premium touch.

Best Laptop For Cricut

Now that we know those minimum requirements. I have some of my favorite laptops and computers below along with where I like to purchase them. You can definitely take the minimum system requirements we just went over, go out, and shop for your own device. However, if you just want something quick and easy with a link, Im going to drop some really affordable options below. Then you can get the right device at a low price and operate your Cricut machine.

PLEASE check the requirements above before purchasing especially if you are reading this at a later date!

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What Psu Do I Need

. Thank you for supporting the work I put into this site!)

What PSU do I Need is one of the most popular questions asked in the hardware community, especially from the users building their first PC or from beginners in the hardware field. PSU or commonly called as Power Supply is one of the most important components of any computer. It is the only component that provides power to all your internal components, i.e., CPU, motherboard, graphics card, etc.

The proper selection of PSU can be tricky for some users because it is available in different wattages and form factors. Also, there are some other factors involved that can significantly influence your decision in choosing a power supply. If you make a wrong decision in selecting the proper PSU, then you can face compatibility and instability issues with your computer. So, here I am going to tell you how you can choose the right PSU for your computer and what all factors are involved in it.

What Makes A Computer Fast Cache

Which hardware upgrades do I need to speed up my PC?

In computing, the cache is a component of hardware that stores data so that further data request can be served. Because the RAM and hard drive are slower than the CPU, computer processor and motherboard use the cache to transfer data between the processor, memory and other components in the computer.

In general, the cache memory holds the data which will be required next and it can faster access memory than the RAM since it is on the same chip as the processor.

So, the more cache there is, the more data can be stored closely to CPU and the transmission time will be improved greatly.

What makes your computer run faster? Cache memory would be one of the factors.

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What Socket Does My Motherboard Need For This Cpu

Different processors require different socket types. If you already own a motherboard and don’t want to replace it, you’ll need to purchase a CPU that matches your board’s socket. Alternatively, you need to make sure that the motherboard you buy is compatible with your new processor.

For help choosing a motherboard, see our 2021 motherboard buying guide.

With its current-generation Ryzen and Athlon parts , AMD has adopted a single socketAM4. That means you should, with a BIOS update, be able to put a current-generation Ryzen chip into prvious-generation Ryzen motherboard, and vice versa. But due to limitations to the size of available data stored inside BIOS chips and the vast numbers of CPUs AMD has released on AM4, this issue has gotten much morecomplicated lately.

Intel, on the other hand, has a tendency in recent years not to support backward compatibility with its new chips and older motherboards, even if the socket is effectively the same. For instance, Intels socket LGA 1150 and 1151 differ by a single pin, and the version of 1551 designed specifically for 8th Generation Core chips is physically the same as that made for previous 6th and 7th Generation Core processors. But those older 1151-socket motherboards dont work with newer 1151-socket CPUs, because the newer chips have different power delivery subsystem needs. Note that Intel has bucked this trend with socket LGA 1200, which will accept both 10th Gen Intel and upcoming 11th Gen intel CPUs.

Intel Core I5 Vs Core I3

This may sound like a broken record, but most people browsing, using Office, or doing taxes likely wont feel much of a difference between an 11th-gen Core i5 or an 11th-gen Core i3. Intel doesnt currently offer a Core i3 in H-trim, so were talking only the ultra light laptop categories. Where Core i5 does have an advantage is in its integrated graphics. A Core i5-1135G7, for example, gives you the same integrated graphics as Intels best Core i7. If you intend to do anything graphically intense, paying for a Core i5 laptop with G7 graphics will pay a lot of dividends. But for what most consumers do with an ultra light laptop, a Core i3 will work fine.

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How To Install Motherboard Drivers

CPU and GPU go hand in hand, so you cant buy a first-class GPU and a mediocre CPU and expect stunning performance. That wont work. Undoubtedly, you cant be picky if your budget isnt high enough. Depending on how much you can invest in your setup, your options will range. But assume money is not an issue. In that case, we recommend gravitating toward Intel and its Core i7 and i9 and Ryzen 7 and 9. They will provide sufficient resources to power up your streams and secure a good, flat connection.

How To Remove Onedrive From Your Computer

Upgrade your CPU… in four simple steps | Processor install

From the above part, you know that OneDrive is not necessary on your computer. Therefore, you can choose to remove or uninstall OneDrive from your computer.

Now, here is the tutorial.

  • Type Control Panel in the search box of Windows and choose the best-matched one.
  • Then choose the Uninstall a program button under the Programs section.
  • In the pop-up window, choose Microsoft OneDrive and right-click it.
  • Then choose Uninstall to continue.
  • It will start to remove Microsoft OneDrive from your computer.
  • Once all steps are finished, Microsoft OneDrive has been removed from your computer. If you do not want to remove it or just want to disable it, you can read the post: Solved How to Disable or Remove OneDrive in Windows 10.

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    So Do You Need A Dedicated Gpu

    So now you know how a dedicated GPU compares to its integrated cousin, but when should you make the jump to a dedicated graphics card?

    While the process of picking a specific graphics card over any other graphics card is fairly complex and you may spend quite a bit of time comparing stats and wringing your hands hoping youre getting the best possible deal, the process of deciding whether you need an dedicated GPU in the first place is pretty darn simple. Lets look at the two questions that really matter in the decision process.

    How Much Do Business Laptops Generally Cost

    The cost of business laptops ranges from $500 to $3,000 depending on the model, processing power, quality of the screen display, battery life and how much built-in RAM is included.

    Business laptops tend to be more expensive than consumer models. However, for this extra price, you’ll receive a higher-quality product with additional components that can last for years. These components can include stronger batteries, a better graphics processing unit or additional USB ports.

    “You can get solid business laptops that you could use for at least three to four years for $1,200,” Petrova told Business News Daily. “However, when you need more performance, high-end GPU and processing power models can cost anywhere from $2,300 to $3,000. These models will be good for the next four to five years.”

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    The 4 Primary Hardware Concerns For New Computers

    Computer descriptions these days come with a lot of specifications that use a lot of technical jargon. This can be confusing if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for! By following the information listed below, you can look for key words that will help you zero in on the computer that will last for your entire time here at UNI!

    Choosing A Laptop Processor Is Easier Than You Think

    Our school needed a PC to run 2 Vive VR headsets at once ...

    Choosing a laptop is hard enough and the confusion created by the sheer number of processor models and names only makes this a harrowing process. Why cant choosing a laptop based on processors be any simpler? Thats easier said than done, but if youre armed with the right information, you can go from being a clueless laptop buyer to an expert on the subject. This article is dedicated to doing just that demystifying, organizing and telling you just what you need to know whats the processor your next laptop ought to have, what its good for, and what it isnt.

    Why are buying processors so important? As were told repeatedly, they are at the heart of any device so they must be critical. Its true the faster the processor, the better your games and software will run. Rather than getting into the fine details of every processor, it is easier to try and imagine what software and games you wish to run. Depending on what you use the most, you should be able to pinpoint the laptop and processor that suits your needs.This table should give you some idea of what processor you might need at the very least to let software run smoothly. We arent talking about graphics cards in this feature but it is an important part of buying any laptop too. We have a feature around laptops graphics solutions.

    Intel Core i7, Intel Core i9, AMD Ryzen 7

    Faster core speeds doesnt mean a processor is always faster

    What do you get when you spend more on a laptop?Number of cores

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