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What Ram Do I Need For My Laptop

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Finding Your Ram Speed Size And Type In Macos

How To Buy The Correct RAM / Memory for Any Laptop Computer

As with everything Apple, the process for finding necessary details about your hardware is super simple. You can utilize the process to view general information about your RAM.

  • Click the Apple logo and selectAbout This Mac.Your simplistic RAM information gets displayed in the Overview tab.
  • Should you require more in-depth report, a full technical breakdown is available by clicking System Report, which separates components into tabs, including memory, processor, hard drive, and other components.
  • 3. To view the real-time memory usage on your Mac running the latest software, type Activity Monitor in Spotlight,then click on the associated link to open it, and then select the Memory tab.

    4. You can also access real-time memory information by openingFinder, clicking on Applications, then selecting theUtilities Folder, followed by Activity Monitor, and then choosing the Memory tab.

    As youve now seen, there are several choices you can make when finding out the specifications of your RAM, some a little more cumbersome than others. If you prefer a friendly GUI, then stray away from the command line tools and use something like CPU-Z.

    Were you able to find your RAM details? Are you trying to replace or upgrade your PCs memory? Let us know below.

    How To Choose The Correct Ram Upgrade

    Think of Random Access Memory , sometimes referred to simply as memory, as the short-term memory of your computer. RAM data can be recalled without having to access the hard drive, which is why having the right amount of memory in your computer directly correlates with performance. Without diving too deeply into the electrical science behind computer memory, understand that RAM lets your computer run faster and more smoothlyespecially when multi-taskingif you are someone who likes to have several programs open at once.

    View Ram Information Via Windows 10 Command Prompt

    By far, the best method of finding out the details of your computers RAM is using the Windows 10 Command Prompt or Powershell. Other built-in applications like System Information and the Control Panel only show partial information like the size, type, or both. Heres how to view extensive RAM details on your PC.

  • Type cmd in Cortanas search box, then click on Command Prompt in the list.
  • Type the following code into the command prompt and press enter: wmic MemoryChip get MemoryType, Name, Capacity, Configuredclockspeed, DeviceLocator, FormFactor, Manufacturer, Serialnumber, Speed
  • For more advanced details, you can add other aliases: ConfiguredVoltage, DataWidth, MaxVoltage, CreationClassName, InterleavePosition Note that some aliases may not show any information.To see all alias options, type the following and look under the FULL section: WMIC MemoryChip List /?
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    How Much Memory Does Your Computer Have

    Computer manufacturers often fail to fully populate the installed memory capacity in the systems they sell because they want to keep the price down. For example, if a desktop can hold 32GB of RAM, it often comes with 4GB or 8GB. With plenty of space for more memory, an upgrade is not only easy, it will provide a measureable boost in performance. There is almost always room to improve. Let’s see how much RAM is in your system:

    If your computer is a PC, here’s how to find out on Windows® 10:

    • Click the Windows logo or Start button on the taskbar
    • Right-click Computer
    • Click Properties

    If your computer is a Mac® system, here’s how to find out on OS X® Sierra

    • Click the Launchpad icon in the Dock
    • Click Other

    What Is Ram And How Much Memory Do You Need


    Whether youre shopping for a new computer or wondering why your current computer is so slow, you might have come across the term RAM at some point. But what is RAM, and how much memory do you really need? Heres everything you need to know about what RAM does, what the difference between DDR3 vs DDR4 is, and how to find out how much memory you currently have installed on your computer.

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    How Much Ram Do You Need For Music Production

    Music production is another workflow that could need plenty of RAM to run without any hiccups.

    Digital Audio Workstation software RAM requirements do vary a lot.

    For example, FL studio 20 lists a minimum RAM requirement of only 4 GB, whereas Ableton Live 11 needs 8 GB of RAM as a minimum.

    However, if you wish to use Orchestral Tools, youll notice that their recommended specs include 32 GB of RAM with 64 GB being mentioned as the perfect amount.

    In our Best PC for Audio Editing and Music Production article, we list 32 GB as a good starting point, with 16 GB being the bare minimum.

    Finding The Right Ram Upgrade For Your System

    First, note that laptop memory and desktop memory are different and not interchangeable! The same goes for server memory.

    RAM upgrades are sold as modules, or sticks, of memory. Each module has a set capacitymost commonly youll find of 4 GB RAM, 8 GB RAM, and 16 GB RAM sticks.

    It is inadvisable to mix and match RAM modules in your system. Crossing brands might be OK if the modules are the same form factor and voltage, but ideally, you want all your RAM to be from the same kit. You will find RAM modules sold in packs of 2 or 4 which are optimized to work together in the same motherboard.

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    How To Upgrade The Ram On A Laptop

  • If you can upgrade your laptops memory, it wont cost you much money or time.
  • Youll get an even more detailed view by clicking on the Open Resource Monitor option at the bottom of the Task Manager window and navigating to the Memory tab.
  • Crucial also lists memory modules you can buy for your laptop.
  • Why Might You Consider A Ram Upgrade

    How to Upgrade laptop RAM and How to Install laptop Memory 2019 – Faster laptop – Beginners

    Certain applications lean heavily on system RAM. Chrome web browser is notoriously RAM hungry as it treats each open tab as an individual process with its own memory allocation. Sandboxing as this is called, is advantageous in that if one tab crashes it doesnt take down the whole browser. The tradeoff is that it is RAM-intensive.

    If you regularly work with several applications or browser tabs open at once, making a RAM upgrade is a near-surefire way to improve performance. If your PC is running slower than you think it should at any given time, the Task Manager in Windows is a good way to check whether you are overtaxing your available RAM.

    Open the Task Manager in Windows 10 by pressing ALT + CTL + DEL.

    Task Manager showing RAM usage

    A good rule of thumb is that if the Available Memory is less than 25 percent of your Total Memory, a RAM upgrade will provide a tangible performance boost for the end user.

    While in Task Manager, watch RAM performance when you open a new application. If new apps open slower than you would like, and you notice that usage spikes closer to 100 percent of capacity, then a RAM upgrade probably will serve you well.

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    How Many Gb Of Ram Should A Laptop Have

    When it comes to RAM, you should really aim to buy a laptop with at least 8GB.

    Having more RAM allows for more applications to be stored in the faster, short-term memory. This grants you a faster, more responsive laptop that can have more tabs and applications open at once.

    4GB may be enough for the basics, but if you’re wanting to get the most out of your laptop without limiting yourself, 8GB of RAM is better than 4GB.

    Even for browsing the web or watching YouTube, having the option to keep more applications and tabs open with 8GB RAM is worth the price difference. While 8GB options are more expensive, some great budget laptops do offer 8GB.

    It’s also worth noting that 8GB of RAM is the minimum for some PC games.

    If you want to play the likes of Call of Duty: Warzone, or Microsoft Flight Simulator on your laptop, 8GB is the recommended minimum spec.

    How Much Ram Do I Need For Video Editing

    As video editing is a CPU intensive process, the more RAM the better however, this also depends on what type of editing you primarily do. 8GB of RAM is sufficient for normal, non-HD projects, but we recommend at least 16GB for 1080p videos and 32GB if you want to comfortably edit with numerous other programs running in the background.

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    Put Everything In Order

    Researching the question How much RAM do I need for my laptop? is undoubtedly a research task.

    However, I have tried to cover all points related to AMR in my article.

    You have read all the specifications for RAM from 4 GB to 32 GB.

    So without wasting time, I suggest that 16 GB makes the most sense and will meet all your needs.

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    From simple tasks to live streaming and gaming. and you will say: how much RAM do I need for my laptop.

    Remember RAM is not that expensive, it is the easiest component to upgrade in a laptop or desktop computer.

    Buying or allocating RAM is a wise and generous decision, but dont go overboard.

    Make sure the player doesnt exceed the RAM limit of 16 GB, and theres no reason to use more than 8 GB if you only want to watch Netflix.

    Therefore, always choose the working memory according to your use.

    Our latest updates :

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    Upgrading The Ram Memory Of A Notebook Pc

    anybody know what brand RAM this is? i
    • If you can upgrade your laptops memory, it wont cost you much money or time.
    • For an even more detailed view, click on the Open Resource Monitor option at the bottom of the Task Manager window and click on the Memory tab.
    • Crucial also lists the memory modules you can buy for your laptop.

    Check our article on: How To Clean A Motherboard

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    How Much Memory Do I Need On My Laptop

    To help you find the best answer, we have tested five specific use cases that are common but differ in their storage requirements:

    • Office productivity
    • Games

    With different hardware and memory requirements. You want to retouch photos, but you dont have much experience? And how much memory should a laptop have? Lets look at the board:

    Recommendation Aries from minimum to maximum/good to have

    You want to work on documents and surf the web, but you want to be able to do more?

    In other words: Whatever your combination of use, we can give you a very good idea of how much RAM my laptop can hold.

    Normally laptops have built-in memory, but gaming laptops require a lot of RAM.

    Can RAM improve the game? RAM for portable game consoles!

    Well, lets see.

    In our example, these five elements are displayed in a table to determine the memory requirements for simple and heavy use and compare them to the total RAM allocations.

    However, the Chromebook only has 4GB of RAM, which is specifically designed for light tasks and streaming.

    Check out the best collection of Chromebooks if you use them for light functions.

    Case study recommendations for the use of AMR

    My example can help you decide how much RAM you need for your laptop, based on how you use it.

    RAM and processors are without a doubt the two most important elements when approaching a new machine.

    How Do I Check The Ram Manufacturer In Windows 10

    You can check your memorys manufacturer in Windows 10 using the Command Prompt, Powershell, or a third-party tool.

    1. Launch the Command Prompt, type wmic memorychip get manufacturer without quotes, and press Enter.

    2. Alternatively, launch Powershell, type Get-WmiObject win32_physicalmemory | select manufacturer without quotes, and then press Enter.

    3. For third-party tools, search for one or use CPU-Z and click the SPD tab.

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    An Introduction To Ram

    Memory capacity is often confused with the long-term storage offered by a solid-state or mechanical hard drive. Sometimes even manufacturers or retailers will mix up the terms.

    RAM is the same thing, technically, but it serves a very different purpose. Instead of a large amount of slow storage like youd find on a mechanical hard drive RAM is a small amount of extremely fast storage. As you open programs, it stores data that they need access to quickly in system memory.

    Different programs require different amounts of RAM , but regardless of the application, its likely to use at least a little bit of RAM. That adds up over time, and if you dont have enough RAM to go around, the applications youre using will severely slow down. You can still launch them, but if you run out of RAM, the application wont have access to the ultra-fast storage RAM provides to quickly access the data it needs.

    You can also have too much RAM. If, for example, youre only using 12GB of RAM under the most demanding circumstances and you have a 16GB kit, upgrading to a 32GB kit wont impact your performance whatsoever. Its effectively wasted money.

    Because of that, its important to choose a capacity that slightly exceeds your needs without going overboard. You can buy more RAM, and it wont negatively impact performance. But thats a bit like buying a house with four bedrooms and only using two of them.

    DDR6 is in development but not readily available.

    How Much Ram Do You Need For 3d Rendering

    How much ram do i need in my computer

    So weve gone through the active 3D applications workloads, but what about the passive ones like rendering?

    Redshift, Octane, V-Ray

    For Redshift and Octane, both Maxon and Otoy specify 8 GB RAM as a minimum requirement, while 16 GB is recommended. V-Rays 4 GB minimum and 8 GB recommended requirements indicate that it can work with less system memory as well.

    You can find a general guideline for picking the right amount of system memory in our best hardware for GPU rendering article. Here, we recommend that you buy 1.5 to 2 times the VRAM of your GPU, in RAM.

    For example, if you have an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti , we recommend 12-16 GB of RAM.

    Accordingly, if you have an RTX 3090 , we recommend 32-64 GB of RAM as an optimal amount.

    This will also depend heavily on the complexity of your scenes. If your scenes fit into your GPUs VRAM, you wont need that much additional System RAM. If you use out-of-core Features, though, meaning the GPU will have to offload some of the Scenes content into your Systems Memory, be sure to have ample RAM. Otherwise, youll spill Data into even slower storage, namely your permanent storage and thats where things become very slow.


    Despite Autodesk not having a RAM amount listed as a requirement for Arnold, the same rule mentioned above can be used for any GPU render engine.

    If you know youll be using your CPU for rendering, another rule of thumb is installing 1 to 2 GB of RAM per thread of your CPU.

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    How Much Ram Do You Need For Graphic Design

    Graphic design can also be memory hungry, especially when working with high-resolution images and large photo libraries.

    If you want a PC specifically built for graphic design, check out our guide to building the best computer for graphic design, which also includes some sample PC builds for a few popular budgets.

    Adobe Photoshop

    For Adobe Photoshop, youll want a minimum of 8 to 16 GB of RAM, depending on the scale of your work.

    Power users may need up to 32 GB of RAM, especially if background applications are occupying memory.

    This article will tell you what factors to consider when planning the amount of RAM for photo editing using Adobe Photoshop.

    If youre interested in reading about other PC components that are best for photo editing, we have a guide for that as well.

    Adobe Illustrator / Vector Illustration

    Depending on your GPU and monitor resolution, the amount of RAM youll need for Adobe Illustrator will vary. However, for most users, 16 GB of memory will suffice.

    That said, if youre using a 4K display or have limited VRAM , we recommend that you opt for 32 GB. This is especially important if you plan to run software that use technical diagrams, like GIS programs.

    If youre planning on building a workstation PC with vector art in mind, this article will give you a comprehensive rundown of what you need to consider.

    Large Ram Size Is All That Matters

    This is not always the case. RAMs come in clock speeds or frequencies and bigger RAM size isnt always better when the frequencies of the RAMs are put to question. For example, two RAM sizes can have frequencies of 1,333 MHz and 1,600 MHz or 3,466 MHz and 5,000 MHz. In these cases, a higher frequency or clock speed equals better RAM not bigger RAM size.

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    The Perfect Combination Of Features For An Exceptional Experience Anywhere

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