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What Should I Look For In A Gaming Laptop

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Buying Guide For Best Gaming Computers

Which Gaming Laptop Should You Buy in 2018?

When it comes to video games, console platforms like Xbox and Playstation tend to get all of the attention but if youre looking for the absolute cutting edge of gaming technology, youll need to get a gaming PC.

Gaming computers are like gaming consoles on steroids: They can include a faster processor, a better video card, and can even work with headphones that support audio innovations like Dolby Atmos. Top-tier games, and even some exclusive titles, are easy to find for PC, and best of all, gaming computers can be easily upgraded, so you can always customize it to create your perfect gaming setup.

If youre ready to level-up your video gaming experience, or youre ready to take your first step beyond console gaming, youre in luck. Gaming computers are more powerful, and more affordable than ever heres what you need to know to find the ideal one for you.

How Portable Should My Gaming Laptop Be

Gaming laptops are often a little bulkier than the average laptop as the required higher-end hardware, and cooling system is more extensive than what you’d find in a typical laptop.

Look for a system as slim and lightweight as you can afford. Also, keep an eye out for a laptop’s battery life. Often, gaming laptops suffer from relatively low battery life.

If portability is everything, you may need to aim for a lower set of specs to ensure the battery will last more than a couple of hours away from a power source.

So Which Gaming Laptop Should I Buy

Our list of picks is ever-evolving as we test new models. We have organized our choices into our current favorites in the budget , midrange , and high-end categories at each of the two major gaming-laptop screen sizes . Smaller gaming laptops fall into the “ultraportable gaming” class, and we’ve also designated a few additional favorites for areas such as overall value and unusual designs . On occasion, we may designate a model in a different price class than what we tested it at, if the base model starts at a lower price.

Also note that the budget class has seen some price inflation in 2021, given the silicon shortages and supply-chain issues that have plagued the industry since the pandemic began. Before, we’d have set a hard limit of $999 for budget gaming machines, but we are seeing prices rises at the lower end of this market. So we’ve lifted the price ceiling for that class of gaming machines.

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What Kind Of Graphics Card Should A Gaming Laptop Have

As with a gaming PC, the most critical component of a gaming laptop is its graphics card. While you need well-balanced hardware alongside that , a graphics card is the heart of a gaming setup and is vital in ensuring you can play games at high resolutions and the highest detail level possible. It’s typically one of the most expensive components in a gaming laptop, so it’s worth paying for the best one you can afford.

Look for a card capable of playing at 1080p resolution as a minimum with 4K resolution recommended if you can afford it. Also, pick out the most potent GPU processor you can afford and the most GPU RAM you can afford.

External Keyboards And Mice

What Should I look For When Buying A Gaming Laptop?

Casual gamers may not need the accuracy and speeds you can get with an external keyboard and mouse, both of which have options for setting up macros â those are useful for more intensive gamers. A little investment here could also save you some wrist pain in the future. It may not help with pain associated with table-flipping or getting called an “uncouth wilted cabbage barnacle,” though.

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What To Look For When Buying A Gaming Laptop

Choosing and finalizing the purchase of a new gaming laptop has never been an easy task, not for pro gamers even. Plus, with the terrific day-to-day technology elevations, its even more of an add-up in frustrations than delight in thePC gaming industry today. Of course, theres a lot more to think about as regards what to look for when buying a gaming laptop nowadays.

But I literally dont want you to be a part of that baffling buzz. So heres an ultimate gaming laptop buying guide with all the key factors briefly outlined that you should consider getting one perfect machine from all hundreds of thousands out there in the market.

Table of Content

Q1 What Is A Reliable Gaming Laptop

Ans. Any gaming laptop that comes from a significantly biggie and reputed company, easily offers the raw powers you need for all your gaming sessions 24-7, and has great acclaim on different discussion and reviews portals online can be labelled a reliable gaming laptop.

Presently, ASUSs ROG, MSI, Razer, Lenovo Legion, and some Alienware laptops by Dell are ruling the laptop market. So we can safely assume they are reliable laptops as thats why masses are loving them.

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Here Are The Most Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Gaming Laptop To Help You Decide Your Next Gaming Machine

With a number of processor options, screen sizes and other elements, buying a new laptop is hard already, and when youre out looking for a gaming laptop, things get harder. Should you focus on the processor, the GPU, the cooling system or the keyboard? Here are some important pointers to keep in mind when youre out to buy your own gaming laptop.

What To Look For In A Display

Are Gaming Laptops ACTUALLY Worth Buying?

When you go on the market to buy a gaming laptop, you want your money to go toward a good screen for a powerful gaming experience.

  • Size: Gaming laptops can range from 14-inch to 18-inch. You can go for any size according to your preference. But remember, if your screen size is large, your laptop will be heavy.
  • Resolution: The minimum resolution you should get is a 1920 x 1080 display. Even if there are 4K screens, you will need to turn off some settings while playing, especially if you allow ray tracing.
  • Refresh rate: Laptops with 1080p resolution and a 60Hz display are enough for many gamers. But for smoother gaming, you can also go for FHD displays with a 144 Hz, 240 Hz, or even 360 Hz refresh rate.
  • Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync: Some high-end gaming notebooks support techs that sync the display with the graphics cards. With such devices, you wont see screen tearing and ghosting.
  • Dont go for touch screens: Touch screens are pointless for gaming, and they kill battery life. They can also result in excessively glossy displays.
  • Design For portability, you will want to choose lighter laptops. However, more powerful hardware is recommended for playing demanding games, and they tend to be heavier.

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Understanding Minimum Vs Recommended Game Requirements

Minimum requirements are the lowest specs that game developers have confirmed a game will run properly by their standards while recommended requirements are measured based on default values that developers want a game to be played at for the best gaming experience.

If you like to play games at higher settings, go by the recommended settings. Minimum requirements allow you to run games bare-bones or slightly higher but you may not be able to max out the graphics.

Normally, when setting recommended and minimum requirements, game developers dont test their games on outdated or low-end hardware because they assume their customer base will have better/current hardware.

Usually, the minimum and recommended settings are usually listed on the game developers official website. For instance, the system requirements for Call of Duty are listed here.

Sites like Can You Run It, Game-Debate, or PC Games Benchmark help you figure out the minimum and recommended system requirements for a particular game.

Which Is Better For Storage: A Hard Drive Or An Ssd Why Not Combine The Two

Some low-cost gaming laptops include a hard disc . However, most gaming laptops additionally have a tiny SSD that serves as a boot drive. Its not unusual to find a 128GB SSD and a 1TB HDD coexisting. If you upgrade to a bigger SSD, you may observe faster loading speeds, but this will cost you more money. Keep reading this gaming laptop buying guide to know more:

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A computer processor

Because the CPU is a laptops brain, its a vital factor to consider when buying one. All of the games and programs are operated by the CPU. A performance processor is required to play current games that are very demanding hardware. The clock rates are one technique to identify a high-end CPU . The greater the core speed, the better the processors performance. Of course, a low-cost Intel Core i3 processor with a high clock speed wont go you very far. A high-speed Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor might be better. So far the gaming laptop buying guide has provided half of the information. Keep on reading to know more.

Graphics card : how to choose a gaming laptop


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The size of the screen

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Find Your Pc Gaming Goals

The first thing any would-be gaming PC purchaser needs when embarking on this journey is to realize what their actual goals are. Here are some of the most important things to consider.

  • Am I buying a PC just to play one game, or do I intend on playing many?
  • What are these games?
  • Are those games graphically demanding?
  • Do I want to have a future-proofed PC that can play triple-A titles with high-end graphics for years to come?
  • Do I intend to do anything other than play games on my PC, such as streaming or video rendering?
  • Do I want to play games on the go, do I travel often, or will I want a more permanent rig at home?

Each answer to a question will change which type of computer youre looking for. If you intend to primarily play an older game like Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege, you wouldnt need something incredibly powerful to run your game, even at the highest graphical settings. If you want to dive into newer games, like the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, Control, Final Fantasy XXIV, and more, youll need a beefier setup. If you travel a lot, there are strong contenders for gaming laptops. And if you want to multitask to stream or work, youll want a computer with a specific type of processor.

Ask yourself all of these questions, figure out exactly what youll want to do with your new computer, and take note of them all. Once you have your list of notes, move onto the next step.

Does A Gaming Laptop’s Cpu Matter

Alienware M15 R4 Gaming Laptop

Yes, but not always. In general, sims benefit from faster clock speeds and more cores since those are required for the heavy calculations when worlds get complex. More and more AAA games are also starting to balance loads better between the CPU and GPU where possible as well. Still, a lot of games, especially first-person shooters, don’t take advantage of more than six cores.

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The Best Laptop With Flashy Rgb

If youre looking for a traditional premium gaming laptop with colorful, flashy panache, the ROG Strix Scar 15 is for you. The Strixs keyboard isnt just one of the most comfortable that weve ever tested on a gaming laptop it also has some of the coolest per-key RGB lighting weve ever seen with all kinds of effects. Theres also a colorful light strip wrapped around the front of the deck and a colorful glowing logo on the lid. In short: if you use this in public, people will notice.

Of course, the Strix is great on the inside as well, delivering some of the best frame rates youll find from a 15-inch laptop with Intels and Nvidias top chips. Youll get the full benefit of their power with a 300Hz screen option as well. And the Strix comes preloaded with various programs to help customize your gaming experience. You can personalize color profiles, bandwidth allocation, and more based on the type of game youre playing.

What Are The Most Important Specs For A Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are powerful machines, so you need to know which specs to look out for when you buy one.

Entering the world of gaming laptops can be very excitingalongside playing a vast library of games whenever you like, you’ve also got an incredibly powerful machine for everyday tasks.

However, finding the right gaming laptop for yourself can be a little tricky. To help ease your decision, let’s explore some of the most important specs you should look for in a gaming laptop.

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Gaming Laptop Performance For Price

Whether affordability or performance is your priority, the inescapable reality of gaming on a laptop is that you will be paying double or more the price you would for a desktop PC, for the same or sometimes less performance. This extends to the power of the CPU and the GPU, and therefore affects the FPS and max graphics settings you will be able to enjoy whilst playing games, and also the quality and size of the display. As a rough example, a gaming laptop priced at $1,600 would usually have the same or lesser performance than a desktop PC build worth around $800 . Ultimately what you are paying for is portability and cramming all the components from a normal PC case into a laptop sized device is not an easy task. These days the most powerful graphics cards available are of considerable size and mass and will not fit into a laptop, hence more slimline laptop specific components must be made which by necessity must sacrifice performance. Reduced space for PSUs and cooling solutions also mean the CPU and GPU cannot reach the same level of performance.

Best Cheap Gaming Laptop Under $1000 For 2021

10 Tips for Buying a Gaming Laptop! (2021)

Good entry-level graphics chips mean terrific performance for less money.

You can find worthy gaming laptops between $700 and $1,000, but good bargains tend to disappear quickly due to limited stock as a result of the microchip shortage. But, it is holiday shopping season and if you weren’t able to snag a Black Friday or Cyber Monday laptop deal, you can still find reliable gaming laptops with AMD or Intel processors, newer entry-level discrete graphics and displays with faster refresh rates.

That means that you’re not limited to low-res gaming on these machines and can get an immersive experience playing games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Apex Legends, CS: GO and PUBG. It still costs a pretty penny to get what’s considered an affordable gaming laptop, but frugal gamers can save even more money if they look for the best cheap laptop deals on a refurbished or open-box option from the likes of Best Buy, , Micro Center and Woot.

The recommendations below are based on our reviews and testing and aim to help you get your ideal gaming experience on a cheap laptop. And if you want to improve your gaming and work-from-home experience, you may want to look into some inexpensive gaming gear to help you do it. We’ll update this list of the best cheap gaming laptop options as we review new products. Also, if you need help deciphering what specs to look for on a good, cheap gaming laptop, jump to the bottom of the list for our buying advice.

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Inadequate Cooling On A Gaming Laptop Can Render It Useless

Heat is the bane of all computer components . And, while it is important to ensure adequate cooling in a desktop system because desktop computer cases are bigger and have more room inside of them , laptops are much more compact and all of those components working closely together can cause serious issues with excessive amounts of heat.

If your laptop gets too hot, it will force your CPU and GPU to operate at lower speeds in an effort to cool them off. And, when they operate at lower speeds, your in-game performance will suffer as a result.

Depending on how much you have to spend on your gaming laptop, you may not have a lot of options to choose between in terms of cooling. Low-budget and medium-budget gaming laptops generally wont have perfect cooling solutions and it may be necessary to use a stand-alone laptop cooler with them.

Higher-end gaming laptops can come with upgraded cooling solutions, but there are some expensive gaming laptops out there that dont offer great cooling solutions. And, at those higher prices, you might want to avoid gaming laptops that run hotter even if they do come with better hardware.

Research Your Gaming Pc Options

Using the notes you took down earlier, using your PC gaming goals, and keeping your budget in mind, its time to look into your options. There are a ton of great pre-built gaming rigs on Newegg that address different goals, and well share some of them here, while explaining which goals each of them address.

If you dont like any of the computers listed here, dont fret. Using the explainers I include with each gaming PC below, you can take your own notes and go out into the wild blue yonder to find your own options that I may have missed. Either way, the goal is to help.

  • Low budget gaming PC
  • Perfect for older, or less GPU-intensive games
  • Can run most modern games at decent-to-high graphics, but new high-end games at ultra graphics will be too demanding
  • WiFi included

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