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What Specs Should A Good Laptop Have

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Best Specs And Performance

Which Gaming Laptop Should You Buy in 2018?

Are you getting ready to build you’re first gaming computer and don’t know where to start? The Web is filled with guides that can help you build your first rig. Some tutorials explain how to set up the hardware, others describe hot to install an operating system . You might prefer step-by-step videos, or maybe you’d like to go old school and discuss your options in a forum. Those can be great places to get specific advice, but what if you just want to know where to begin? Well get you started in the right direction with these 10 recommendations.

Can Handle More Complex Tasks

Compared to GPU performance, CPUs can handle more complex tasks. GPU is designed to process a large amount of data focused on a single operation. This means that the GPU utilizes all its potential when all the cores work on the same operation.

However, when processing several different tasks, GPUs struggle with syncing them together. This is where CPUs excel, and its very important in processing large and complex 3D scenes.

How Much Does A Good Laptop Cost

Setting a budget is a good place to start when shopping for the best laptop for yourself. The good news is you can get a nice-looking, lightweight laptop with excellent battery life at prices under $500. If you’re shopping for a laptop around $500 or less, check out our top picks here, as well as more specific buying advice for that price range.

Higher-end components like Intel Core i-series and AMD Ryzen processors and premium design touches like thin-display bezels and aluminum or magnesium bodies have made their way to laptops priced between $500 and $1,000. You can also find touchscreens and two-in-one designs that can be used as a tablet or a laptop — and a couple other positions in between. In this price range, you’ll also find faster memory and ssd storage — and more of it — to improve performance.

Above $1,000 is where you’ll find premium laptops and two-in-ones. If you’re looking for the fastest performance, the best battery life, the slimmest, lightest designs and top-notch display quality with an adequate screen size, expect to spend at least $1,000.

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How We Test Laptops

We know that buying a new laptop can be a huge investment, so every laptop in this list has been extensively tested by us. When we test laptops, we use them in our day-to-day lives to see who they perform. We look at their design, including how stylish they are, or if they are thin and light enough to carry around with, and how comfortable they are to work on.

When it comes to performance, we use a mix of real-world tests and synthetic benchmarks to see how powerful these laptops are. This means using Windows 10 and running various apps and seeing how fast they load, noting down any problems.

These days, the webcam and microphone in a laptop is also incredibly important, so we take time to test out these as well. When it comes to gaming laptops, well run more benchmark tests, as well as fire up games to play on them as well

Battery lives are also important, so well keep track on how long we can use the laptop without needing to charge. We also run our own battery life benchmark that plays a looped 1080p movie until the battery dies. We also run the PC Mark 10 battery life benchmark, which replicates real-world usage, such as web browsing and document creation. These tests give us an excellent idea of how long the batteries in these laptops last.

We then take everything weve learned about the laptop and compare it to its price, to see if it offers the best value to customers.

Tips For Buying A Laptop

HP Laptop, very good specs, very fast 2018model

17 November 17

Whether you’re writing a term paper, teaching a class, organizing a research project or just surfing the web, you need the right laptop to suit your needs and budget. At first glance, the laptop shopping process may seem confusing. There are hundreds of different models available in several sizes, with at least three different operating systems and prices ranging from $150 to $5,000.

Fortunately, finding the right notebook is a lot easier and less expensive than detecting the Higgs boson particle. Here are six tips to help you choose the laptop that fits your needs and budget.

1. A smaller screen means better portability. Most laptops come in screen sizes that range from 11 to 17 inches. The entire system is sized to fit the display. That means smaller notebooks are lighter and more compact, and larger ones are bulkier. If you don’t move the laptop much, a 15-inch model is fine. But if you plan to use the laptop on your lap or carry it around, a model with a 13- or 14-inch screen, like the Dell XPS 13, may provide the best balance between screen space and portability. Children under 12 will find it easier to handle a model with an 11.6- or 12.5-inch display. Get a 17-inch laptop only if it’s going to stay on your desk.

For more information, check out the list of best laptops overall and the more detailed laptop buying guide on our sister site Laptop Mag.

Originally published on Live Science.

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Audio: Get A Bark As Loud As The Bite

The sound is just as important as the visuals when it comes to gaming. Yes, you probably have a headset that you’ll use most of the time. But sometimes you just want to let your laptop’s speakers work. The MSI-exclusive, Nahimic audio software is one of our favorites since it offers some of the best surround sound in both headphones and speakers. It also provides several handy presets, Bass Boost and Voice Clarification software. Alienware’s Dell Audio software is a close second, while Dolby Home Theater v4, available in Lenovo notebooks, rounds out our top three.

What Makes A Computer Fast Motherboard

Now, we will show you the sixth factor which can improve the speed of computer. It is the motherboard. The motherboard is also known as the mainboard, main circuit board, and so on. Motherboard is also the main PCB found in general purpose computers and other devices.

Motherboard holds and allows the communication between many of the crucial electronic components of the system such as the CPU, memory or others.

As the carrier of all computer hardware, the specifications of motherboard determine the hardware specifications you can use on the computer and it will not directly affect the speed of the computer. But its configuration such as the interfaces or the types of CPU can affect the performance of the computer. And the motherboard is also related to computer stability.

What makes a computer fast? The motherboard would be one of the factors.

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What Should I Look For When Choosing A Business Laptop

Since many of the best models look similar, use the same operating system and provide some of the same features, buying a new business laptop may seem daunting. To choose the best business laptop for your employees, the first step is to review the specifications each offers.

Sarah Petrova, senior hardware engineer at Intel and, listed these specifications that you should consider when choosing a business laptop:

  • Battery life: A business laptop should have a runtime of at least 10 or 12 hours in the low-budget range. With more expensive models, at least 13 hours of office work should be possible. Make sure you get a laptop that can handle your day-to-day workloads quickly and efficiently. AMD, Nvidia GeForce and Intel are great processor brands to consider and can expedite your daily functions.
  • Hard drive: Modern programs require a lot of performance, so the laptop should have at least 8GB of RAM. There should also be enough memory to ensure fast access and transfer of data. The device should have a solid-state drive instead of a hard disk drive , as SSDs are faster and more durable.
  • Processor: Business laptops should be equipped with the latest Intel Core CPU generation or equivalent AMD processor models for maximum performance and higher speeds. Newer CPUs operate at a higher clock speed than older generations, so they are faster.

What’s The Ideal Weight And Form Factor

Framework Laptop review | How ALL laptops should be

By definition, every laptop is portable, but just how portable does your laptop need to be? If your laptop stays on your desktop most of the time, with only an occasional side trip to a conference room or coffee shop, weight probably isn’t that big a deal. For those who travel regularly, on the other hand, an extra pound or two in your shoulder bag can be physically punishing.

Closely related to weight is your choice of form factor. Do you prefer a traditional clamshell, or will you make good use of a 2-in-1 form factor like the Surface Pro or Lenovo’s Yoga line?

In general, the engineering that goes into a lighter-than-average laptop or one with an exotic form factor tends to drive up the cost. And typically the heaviest component in a modern laptop is the battery, which leads us to the other key variable in the portability equation: battery life.

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What Makes A Computer Fast Software

Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

Software is another factor influencing the computer speed. If you have installed a lot of programs on your computer or there are a lot of pre-installed programs on your computer when buying a computer, the performance of computer will be affected.

In such a situation, you can choose to uninstall unnecessary programs. To do that, you can go to the Control Panel and choose Uninstall a program to continue. Then you can choose to uninstall the unnecessary programs.

Disable Programs Running on Startup

And there is another situation where the computer performance will be affected. If there are too many programs running in the startup process, the speed of the computer would be pretty slow.

Hence, to handle this situation, you need to disable the programs running on startup.

Now, here is the tutorial.

Step 1: Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys together to open the Task Manager.

Step 2: In the pop-up window, go to the Startup section, then select the program you want to disable and choose Disabled from the context menu to continue.

After that, these programs will not start when booting your computer. This action can improve the performance of the computer.


So, how to make computer faster? Choose to uninstall unnecessary programs or disable programs on startup.

Why Should I Add A Care Plan To My Purchase

We want you to get the best from your new PC. Our Care Plan gives you the peace-of-mind to use your laptop wherever and whenever you like.

If your laptop breaks down outside of the manufacturers warranty or through accidental damage, well repair it within 14 days and give you a loan laptop to use in the meantime. If we cant repair it, well give you a brand new one at no additional cost.

You also get a yearly health check, data recovery, virus removal, and 24/7 help and advice from the experts at our UK-based contact centre.

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Best Time To Buy Your Laptop

One of the most common questions about buying a new laptop is when to shop to get the best deals. Theres no strict rule for securing a cheap but good laptop. But there are a few different ways you can time your purchase window to find a good deal. Consider these timelines if youre in the market for a new laptop.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: These two dates in November are probably the most obvious ones for finding amazing deals. However, act fast, as laptop supplies tend to run out quickly. If you wait for the post-Thanksgiving rush, it may be hard to get the laptop you want, so you may not want to wait too long.

You can get ahead by heading online beforehand to see where the best deals and shortest lines will be. Doing your research in advance is a smart strategy.

Back-to-school season: Many retailers offer lower prices to help accommodate students who need new laptops for school. The fall is a great time to shop if you want to get a more affordable device with a steep discount, even if you arent a student heading back to class.

A couple of months after a big release: When a company is preparing to release a new model, they typically lower the price of older generations of laptops. Both manufacturers and retailers do this in an attempt to deplete stock, so there is both physical space to display new releases and customer demand for it.

Editors’ Recommendations

Why Size Is Important

What Features Should A Good Laptop Have? 5 Key Features To ...

Another consideration that is incredibly important for editing on a laptop is the actual size of the hard drive. Typically when you edit on a desktop computer, you will be at a workstation with external hard drives. If youre on the market for a video editing laptop, chances are you want to edit remotely from a location outside of your normal editing bay. That means external hard drives may be difficult to deal with. Its for this reason that you probably want to get a big hard drive.

As a video editing professional, you can never have too much hard drive storage. Video Maker

Odds are you will be dumping footage onto your laptop while on set, so you want to make sure there is at least enough room to backup your footage. Ive made the mistake of thinking that I would simply get a portable hard drive or SSD and carry it around with my laptop. In reality, another device is just one more thing to forget.

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Windows Version: Don’t Go Pro

Some companies will give you a choice of Windows 10 Home or Pro when you’re configuring your laptop. While Windows 10 Pro offers extra features â such as remote desktop, BitLocker encryption and group policy manager â most of these extras are useful only for large businesses with IT departments. So, Pro is not worth an extra $30 or more.

Important Factors To Consider When Buying A New Laptop

Are you ready to start the process of buying a new laptop? With so many devices available, and more coming out each month, its quite difficult to filter out whats important, and whats more-or-less a gimmick.

In this article, well go through seven important factors you should consider when choosing your new laptop.

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She’s Got A Ticket To Drive

Laptop hard drives tend to start at the 64GB point and work their way up to 1TB in size. We’ll say it here: don’t buy a laptop with only 64GB of storage, you’ll be struggling from the moment you start it up. 256GB is a great starting point, although, if you take a lot of digital photos, have an epic iTunes account or download a lot of video, you’ll want to invest in as big a hard drive as you can buy.

Hard drives are split into two different types: solid state drives and mechanical hard disk drives . SSDs are significantly faster, smaller, lighter, quieter and use less energy than HDDs, but tend to come in much lower capacities and cost a lot more per GB. They also have no moving parts, and so are more likely to survive a drop.

With HDDs, it’s all about capacity and bang for buck. If you have a choice, you’ll want to select a drive with a rotational speed of 7200rpm instead of 5400rpm. The faster it spins, the faster you’ll get your files.

In the desktop world, people tend to pair an SSD with an HDD. The operating system and applications are stored on the SSD to allow them to act as quickly and responsively as possible, while the HDD offers the sheer capacity to store their personal files, which often aren’t speed-critical.

What Makes A Computer Fast Gpu

Laptop Buying Guide – The 10 BEST Features to Get in 2021!

GPU, also called Graphics Processing Unit, is a specialized electronic circuit designed to rapidly manipulated and alter memory to accelerate the creation of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display device.

Installing a graphics card can effectively improve the computers performance. In particular, when you are playing the latest computer games, a powerful video card and its own CPU can make the game run faster. The graphics card enables to make the computer run faster through taking on the responsibilities of processing 3D rendering and other complex tasks.

If you want to improve the speed of the computer, try installing a new GPU on your computer.

What makes a computer fast? The answer could be GPU or graphics card.

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What Are The Specifications Of A Good Laptop

There are many things to consider when buying a laptop. Choosing the right product will also depend on different factors. Whether youre using your laptop for school, college, work, gaming, or just daily tasks, there are a wide variety of products available without spending a fortune.

Buying a laptop is a time-consuming process. We should spend our hard-earned money on that satisfying laptop. Most people got confused when buying a new laptop, as there are many manufacturers with the same type of hardware and software configuration for a laptop in a particular price range.

Before buying a laptop, many people research on the web for a particular laptop. But still, they are confused because they are overloaded with information. What they really should need is a laptop buying guide. A guide to buying a laptop will help you decide to buy a laptop.

It will tell you what are the specifications of a good laptop. As there are many components in a portable system, we have examined all the features of a good laptop keep in mind before making a decision.

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