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What To Do When Lenovo Laptop Is Not Starting

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Lenovo Laptop Wont Turn On SOLUTION! UPDATED! Now Works With HP, Asus, Acer,
  • Shut down the laptop and unplug the power cord of the charger from the wall outlet.
  • Disconnect the charger and take out your battery.
  • Hold down the laptops power button for one whole minute. After one minute release the button and put the battery in. Plug the power adapter and turn it on.
  • If the laptop boot up normally, you are good to go otherwise go to next.
  • Now, unplug the charger and remove the battery again from the Lenovo laptop.
  • Second-time press and hold the power button for one minute.
  • Release and start the laptop once again like the above step.
  • Still, having a startup problem, revise the step again for the third time.
  • After releasing the third time power button, do not insert the battery in the laptop.
  • Plug the charger to your laptop only and turn on.
  • If the laptop has turned on, it means the problem is in battery replace it. Otherwise, go to the next step.

Effective Tips To Prevent Your Lenovo Laptop Or Thinkpad Screen Turn Black

Although you can test out all the necessary solutions to save your Lenovo laptop’s black screen, it would be better if youâd know how to prevent it. Black screen issues can get quite fatal in multiple situations thus, it is important for you to understand the importance of the safety of your appliances. To save yourself from such situations, you can look over the following tips.

  • Ensure that your graphic drivers are up-to-date and running properly.
  • Try not to let your laptop get heated up. Preferably, used cooling pads to prevent it from happening.
  • Run frequent virus scans to keep your laptop free from malware.
  • Do not charge your laptop on low voltage or power surges in your home or workplace.

What To Do When Lenovo Is Not Working

  • You can check the power of your PC , see Troubleshooting No Power Issues for more information.
  • You will need to check the logo or BIOS.
  • Make sure cables are not damaged if you are using an external monitor
  • Make sure the Display Settings are correct.
  • You may need to update or roll back your drivers
  • Try different applications
  • Support or warranty assistance is available.
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    Way : Reset The Bios To Default Settings

    If you set the first boot device is other device not the system hard drive, the computer will stuck in boot loop problem. To reset the BIOS, you have to restart your Lenovo computer, tap F2 or other key to enter BIOS, then follow the tips to load default settings. Save your changes and Press ESC to exit the BIOS.

    How To Fix Lenovo Yoga Not Turning On

    Download Driver Touchpad Lenovo

    Hold down the power button for only 15 to 20 seconds, and it should work as one of the Lenovo Yoga 3 users got his laptop not turning on problem resolved by applying this fix.

    We have seen most Lenovo Yoga users complaining about their laptops turning on only for the BIOS updating.

    So, after trying the basic troubleshooting like the power resetting, draining static charge, try the fixes shown here for the Driver problem and the BIOS problem. So, try these fixes when your Lenovo yoga laptop will not turn on.

    However, some Yoga users got their laptops black screen issue solved with only the BIOS update, even for Yoga 2 Pro.

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    Change The Screen Brightness

    In this case, the first thing to check is the brightness settings.

    Sometimes users claim that the excessive brightness causes harm to their view, so they love the set the display brightness settings to the maximum lowest level.

    You may face a Lenovo laptop not starting up black screen when you are in a brightly highlighted room or directly under the sunlight. Issue.

    Oh! How to change display settings if your Lenovo laptop is not turning on at all? You can change it using the keyboard key.

    Try increasing the brightness by pressing-

    Fn + Home key or

    Fn + F6

    Figure 5- Change screen brightness

    If you need, check the entire reference guide for the Lenovo laptop screen brightness settings when the Lenovo Thinkpad laptop not turning on.

    Look Out For Hardware Defect

    Check on your hardware, like in case you are getting any noise while tapping on the power button. This is a sign that there might be some issue with your hard drive. This cannot be fixed like that just visit an expert for it.

    In case you have recently inserted or replaced a RAM package. This can be the reason behind boot up issues. Sometimes incompatibility occurs because of hardware. We advise you to Reinstall the RAM on your Lenovo laptop.

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    Clean The Dust Build Up Inside

    You have not used your laptop for a long time! And so, dirt has permanently made its place inside your laptop.

    What now? Clean, clean, and clean only!

    How to clean the internal hardware in your laptop? Let us guide you with some homely DIY tips.

    • Loosen and take out all the screws from the back of your laptop.
    • Carefully but slowly, take out the back part of your laptop.
    • Now, clean using any cotton bird or small brush with soft, gentle brittle.
    • Pack all the things back into their place correctly and see whether the laptop turns on or not.
    Notes: Make sure you're not rubbing hard or using any liquid or water to clean. Well, it sounds silly, though to err is human, you know!

    Not turning on? Try the following technique. It may work.

    Reset The Laptop Setting

    How To Fix Repair Lenovo Laptop That Wont Turn, No Power, Freezes or Turns Off During Startup
    • Unplug the charger and remove the battery from your laptop.
    • Every laptop has a tiny reset hole on it. It may be below or back of the laptop.
    • Insert a paper clip and press straight in the laptop reset hole.
    • Press the power button along with the paper clip and hold both together for 10 seconds.
    • It will reset the laptop settings as default.
    • Now, plug in the battery and start your Lenovo laptop. Still not turning on go to the next step below.

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    Try These Lenovo Black Screen Fixes

    If your Lenovo laptop has a black screen, there are a few things you can try to get it going again. Try these steps, each in order, until you find the solution that works.

  • Restart your computer. It’s a wonder how much a simple restart can fix on a computer. Restart your computer without any peripherals connected. If your issue resolves, the attached peripheral was likely causing the screen not to turn on correctly.

  • Reset the Display Mode. Press the following keyboard combination: Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B. Press all the keys at once and then release immediately. This refreshes your display connection and may get your display going again.

  • Remove all the peripherals connected to your laptop. This includes any wired or wireless mice, keyboards, USB hubs, cables, etc. If the software or driver for one of those peripherals is corrupted, it could cause your display not to work correctly.

  • Try a hard reset. In this instance, a hard reset is similar to a power cycle. Turn your Lenovo laptop off, unplug from any power, and remove the battery disconnect any peripherals, and let everything sit for 30 seconds to a minute.

    Then, press and hold the Power button for 60 seconds, put the battery back into place, and connect the power cord. Then turn your computer on to see if it powers up properly and the display comes back on.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Escape to open the Task Manager.
  • Tap Details.
  • Locate and select explorer.exe and then click End Task.
  • Reset Bios Settings/cmos Battery

    You checked all the things to ensure the power and battery. And you got nothing in your hand. Then, the fault can be a bit intensive.

    What you have to do is reset the BIOS settings and get back to your factory setup.

    Oh, have you recently changed the BIOS or updated BIOS settings? Then, it might be causing trouble for your laptop no turning on Lenovo.

    To reset the BIOS settings, you have to reset your Lenovo laptop CMOS battery.

    If you are not familiar with CMOS battery, it is a small battery chip inside the laptop motherboard. Generally, CMOS deals with the computer or laptop BIOS .

    So, whenever you try to update or change the preset factory BIOS in your laptop or computer, and it turns out that your computer is not compatible with it or the settings was not installed correctly, you may face such a problem.

    Figure 3-CMOS battery

    The CMOS battery looks like a coin-shaped battery used in watches. And so, the Lenovo Thinkpad T series users mostly know this as coin cell battery.

    This method works most when the Lenovo yoga laptop will not turn on. Lets reset the BIOS locating this CMOS battery.

    Notes: Some Lenovo model's CMOS battery might not be located so easily. For that, you have to remove all other parts in the motherboard and then flip the entire board to find the coin cell battery.
    • Leave it unplugged for about 10 to 15 minutes. And it will just restore all the BIOS settings to its factory mode.
    • Now, reconnect the battery and all other parts on a reverse.

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    Way 4 Reset Bios Settings To Default

    The BIOS can be corrupted due to an failed update or malware attack, causing Lenovo laptop stuck on logo. Thus, resetting BIOS settings may solve the problem. Below are the steps to perform BIOS reset:

    Caution: This process will overwrite any custom BIOS settings.

    • Restart your Lenovo laptop and tap F2 to access the BIOS
    • Press the “F9” key and select Yes

      pic: reset bios settings to fix lenovo laptop stuck on logo

    • Press the “F10” key to save the changes and press ESC to exit the BIOS.

    After that, the Lenovo laptop will restart automatically.

    Lenovo Customer Feedback Program

    Screen Share Lenovo Laptop To Lg Tv

    At a third time in 2015, criticism arose that Lenovo might have installed software that looked suspicious on their commercial Think-PC lines. This was discovered by Computerworld writer Michael Horowitz, who had purchased several Think systems with the Customer Feedback program installed, which seemed to log usage data and metrics. Further analysis by Horowitz revealed however that this was mostly harmless, as it was only logging the usage of some pre-installed Lenovo programs, and not the usage in general, and only if the user allowed the data to be collected. Horowitz also criticized other media for quoting his original article and saying that Lenovo preinstalled spyware, as he himself never used that term in this case and he also said that he does not consider the software he found to be spyware.

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    Fix : Update Your Graphics Card Driver

    See if the graphics driver is to blame for the issue Lenovo screen black.

    Step 1: Press Windows + R to launch the Run dialog box.

    Step 2: Type devmgmt.msc into the Run dialogue box and hit the Enter key to launch Device Manager.

    Step 3: Once inside the Device Manager window, expand the Display adapters category.

    Step 4: Double-click the graphics card under the category. Then, switch to the Drivers tab on the graphics card properties window and click the Update Driver button.

    Step 5: Choose the Search automatically for Updated driver software option.

    Step 6: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete updating the driver.

    Step 7: Once finished, reboot your computer for changes to take effect.

    Check if the issue Lenovo black screen still appears. If the Lenovo laptop screen goes black again, please apply the following solutions.

    Solution : Unplug All The External Devices And Perform A Hard Reset

    The first step is to unplug all the devices from your computer as they might be interfering with the booting process. Devices like printers, card readers, scanners, mp3 players, digital cameras, and USB storage devices can interfere with the boot process.

    Laptop users should remove the laptop’s battery for a few seconds and then plug it in again. In the case of a desktop, you should unplug it and plug it back to the power.

    If you don’t want to remove your laptop’s battery, you can also press the Power key for 10 seconds to activate a forced shutdown. Then press the POWER button again and press the SHIFT key when it turns on. However, doing this is not usually recommended, as it can lead to loss of data.

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    My Lenovo Screen Display Is Off

    If you have reached this step, you can already see that your comparator turns on and you have signs of life . If you see that the screen of your computer remains off, even when you see that the computer is on, try to lower the lid of the laptop, after a few seconds slowly open it again.

    If you do not regain visibility on your screen display or do not see any flickering on the screen, it is very likely that you are dealing with problems with physical components of your laptop. Items like the display flex ribbon, or your screen should need a replacement. In this case, you need the help of an authorized Lenovo dealer.

    Fix : Disable Lenovo Service Engine In Bios

    Lenovo Self-Help – Laptop Doesnât Power On (Updated 2019)

    In some Lenovo laptops or desktops, if you enable Lenovo Service Engine in BIOS, the Lenovo wont boot and get stuck on Lenovo splash screen. It is a utility in BIOS that helps download a program called OneKey Optimizer and it sends non-personally identifiable system data to Lenovo servers.

    However, attackers can use Lenovo Service Engine to perform a buffer overflow attack and an attempted connection to a Lenovo test server. As a result, the issue of Lenovo stuck on boot menu appears. So, disable Lenovo Service Engine in BIOS.

    Step 1: Boot your computer and press F1 or F2 to enter BIOS.

    Step 2: Go to the Security tab, find Lenovo Service Engine, and disable it.

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    Lenovo Laptop Black Screen But The Fan Is Spinning:

    Press the power button, Lenovo laptop is turning on. The motherboard is sounding and hear the spinning fan, but your screen stays black or very dim. Thats Lenovo black screen and nothing works rather spinning fan.

    In this case, you suppose to turn off the laptop by long-pressing the power button or remove the battery. The black screen problem mainly occurs from faulty RAM or dirty RAM.

    It can be fixed easily by changing or cleaning the RAM. Read in detail here how do I know my RAM is faulty? and fix Lenovo black screen problem.

    Check On The Battery And Charging Adapter

    Lets try on checking the power supply and battery. The issue can be here or somewhere else so lets get sure about it.

    Issues can be with a charging adapter like an internally damaged chord. This will interrupt the proper voltage supply. To test this lets try it.

  • Remove the battery of your Lenovo laptop completely.
  • Now connect the AC adapter with your laptop and try to turn it on by pressing the power button.
  • In case it turns on, it means the issue is with your battery.
  • Now just replace your battery with a new one to fix it. Yeah, aff course you can use your laptop using the external outlet till you get a new battery.

    Note: In case it doesnt switch on, then chances are maybe your AC adapter is damaged. We advise you to repeat the above step using other laptops AC adapter of the same voltage specification.

    • Step 3

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    Check Your Hard Drive For Corruption

    It’s possible some data on the drive is corrupt, preventing Windows from booting properly. Thankfully, Microsoft has a few tools that can attempt to fix the problem.

    Head to the Troubleshoot > Advanced Options menu as described above and choose the Command Prompt. Type sfc /scannow and press Enter. Windows will check your drive for corruption and attempt to repair any problems.

    You can also try the chkdsk C: /r command, which will do a broader search for file corruption and bad sectors.

    Fixes For The Bios Issue

    how do i turn on the camera on my lenovo laptop? â Beat ...

    Your Lenovo laptop has no power issue. The battery is also fine you just checked. And still, you are with the thought in your mind why does my Lenovo laptop not turn on!

    Then, if you want to fix it yourself, have some deep dive into the internal parts.

    So, its highly possible that your laptop BIOS settings might have been corrupted somehow. So, it is causing the issue in booting.

    Dont worry. Well be guiding you till the end with every detail and discussion.

    Remember, resetting BIOS will erase all the data inside your laptop. So, make sure you have a backup.

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    Free Up Space And Increase C Drive To Speed Up Lenovo Laptop

    If the hard drive or the system drive of your Lenovo laptop is nearly full, it will definitely lag. You can check for low disk space on your computer and improve performance by freeing disk space or increasing the C drive.

    How to check for low disk space and clean up the disk drive

    To check for low disk space:

    • Select the Start button, and then select “Settings” > “System” > “Storage”.
    • Under Storage, your drives will be listed. Note the amount of free space and total size for each drive.

    If there are a few or even no free space on your hard drive caused by tons of useless junk files, temporary files , large files, or dozens of third-party applications, how to clean them up? Well, it’s natural for you to start manually checking the files and programs stored on the PC. But, that can be way too time intensive.

    EaseUS Partition Master, the partition software, comes with quicker and easier ways to solve the Lenovo laptop running slow problem effectively.

    How to increase C drive to speed up Lenovo laptop windows 11/10

    Except for the system optimization function, EaseUS Partition Master is an ultimate partition manager, which enables you to resize/move partitions, wipe data, clone, merge, create, format, and delete a partition. What’s more, an advanced disk/partition conversion function is also available for you to convert FAT to NTFS, MBR disk to GPT, or GPT disk to MBR. Now, let’s see how to use this tool to increase the C drive on your Lenovo laptop to improve performance.

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