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What To Do When Your Dell Laptop Freezes

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Check For Problematic Programs

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  • Press Esc to launch the Task Manager.
  • Locate programs that are consuming high resources and identify if they are critical. The RAM consumption for each program will be listed under the Memory column.
  • If these arent critical, right-click and select End Task from the context menu.
  • When you have too many programs running in the background, its bound to affect the performance of the computer. With a plethora of programs running, the memory is likely to be occupied all the time. In which case, you can terminate the non-critical ones.

    Also, check for the ones that you dont use anymore and uninstall these apps to clear some storage space and boost the system performance. Once done, verify if Dell XPS 17 still shows signs of freezing. If thats the case, head to the next fix.

    Fix 1 Check Connection On Windows 10 Computer

    There may be connection problems with your Dell computer having Windows 10. Problems with the connection will cause the Dell computer black screen issue and also restrict you from signing into your account. So, check that the established connection is receiving proper signals, the monitor is connected to power, and the output being used is correct. When the same has not been verified, the error may continue to persist.

    Your Computer Could Have A Virus

    Viruses can cause a lot of trouble to your computer. In fact, its not that uncommon for a virus to cause your PC to keep freezing.

    If you dont have an antivirus installed, you really should. I personally use Avirafree version and run occasional scans with MalwareBytesfree version. For other options, check out our post on the best free Windows antivirus.

    To see if viruses could be causing your computer to randomly freeze, try running a scan with the antivirus software you have installed. Heres an example for Avira:

    Also for good measure I would run a scan with Malwarebytes after.

    If your scans turned up clean, keep reading on to Step 7. Otherwise, get rid of those viruses!

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    Incorrect Timezone Set In The Windows Settings That Creates A Conflict

    The time zone that Windows is set to is checked by various programs as they are running. Various programs on computers record what location you are in to verify licenses, and record accurately different timestamps which are used to revert changes such as deleting files.

    If the timezone on Windows is different from the time zone where you are, this can cause a conflict in the background between programs and cause your laptop to freeze. To check and change the timezone click the right mouse button on the time and date at the bottom right of the screen.

    This brings up a menu and one of the options says Adjust date/time. Click on that and some options will come up. It can be set automatically, as well as manually. When set to automatic it will show the time zone below that. If you select set manually, there is a drop down list of timezones, and you can set it to the timezone you are in.

    For example, if you are in California set it to Eastern Time . It can be a bit confusing because in certain cities the timezone can be called one this but has a slightly different name in the dropdown menu. For example, in California the time zone is commonly referred to as Eastern Standard Time . Whereas, in the drop down menu its simply called Eastern Time.

    You should get a good idea of whether youve got the right one or not by seeing what time it sets at the bottom right of your screen after you select an option, and can adjust it if you selected the wrong time.

    Fourth Solution: Check The Current Memory Status

    XPS13 9365 laptop freezing issue

    To rule out the possibility of insufficient memory causing performance degradation on your laptop as manifested by frequent system lock up. Heres how to view the available and used memory on your laptop:

  • Open the Task Manager.
  • Go to the Processes tab. There you will see all various processes running on your computer.
  • If you have opened any program, close it then take a look at the percentage of physical memory used.
  • If it shows a large percentage in use even without any programs running, then thats likely the problem.
  • If the physical memory is mostly free, try to open the last program you have used then open one program at a time. Doing so will let you determine if any of your frequently used programs is taking up all the memory space on your laptop.
  • Alternatively, you can run a memory test through the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool.

    • To launch the tool, open the Start Menu then enter Memory in the search bar.

    Note that running the diagnostic tool involves automatic reboot on your device.

    If your laptop is already running low on memory space, you can remove unnecessary files, uninstall unwanted programs and turn off background processes. You can also transfer some of your important files to an external drive. Defragging the hard drive, cleaning up of the memory, and RAM upgrade will prevent performance issues from occurring on your laptop including sluggishness, frequent crashing, and freezing.

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    Fifth Solution: Boot Into Safe Mode

    Safe mode prevents non-crucial programs and drivers from running. This will let you rule out the software as a possible root cause of the freezing and lock up problems on your laptop.

    Heres how to boot into safe mode:

  • Start your laptop.
  • Tap F8 on the keyboard immediate on every one second until the Dell logo screen is gone. You will then see the Windows Advanced Options menu on the screen.
  • If it doesnt show the Windows Advanced Options menu, restart your laptop then tap F8 again.
  • Select the Safe Modewith Network option and press Enter on the keyboard.
  • Log on to your computer as administrator or as a user with administrative access.
  • Open programs and test your laptop while running in safe mode to see if it still freezes. If the problem does not occur while in safe mode, then it is more likely tied to a faulty driver or buggy software. Identify which driver or software is causing conflict then. Otherwise, check your device for some malware or run a virus scanner.

    Case : Dell Laptop Wont Turn On No Boot

    Sometimes the Dell laptop completes the POST process after pressing the power button and perhaps these symptoms appear:

    • The status of LEDs like power LED, hard drive activity LED, etc. are normal.
    • Fan noise is heard.

    If your Dell laptop wont boot or turn on to the desktop along with one of these symptoms, how can you troubleshoot? Try the following methods now.

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    Force Close The Program

    If your laptop has frozen because of a certain program, you can force your laptop to close this program.

    Press Ctrl+Alt+Del buttons at the same time and select task manager.

    Right-click on the program and select end task.

    If this program continuously causes your laptop to freeze, dump it in the recycle bin.

    If you want to give this program a fighting chance, restart your computer and run it again.

    Second Solution: Forced Restart

    Windows 11 Hanging Problem Solution

    If your laptop wont allow you to open the Task Manager as its totally unresponsive, then you can do a forced restart instead.

  • To do so, press and hold the Power button on your laptop for a few seconds or until it powers off.
  • Or if necessary, you can just unplug the AC connector and remove the battery.
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    Laptop Keeps Freezing: Causes

    Last Updated on June 12, 2022 by Patrick Johnson

    The problem of freezing a computer is never an enjoyable experience. It can keep you hanging while in the middle of an important job or even while you zoom in on a laptop.

    If your computer is fond of freezing, one of the first actions to take is to check laptop specs Windows 10. With this, you will be able to ascertain the major cause of the recurrent freezing and it will hasten the resolution process.

    The top reasons for freezing in windows 7, windows 8, and Windows 10 are itemized below:

    Fix : Restart Your Graphics Drivers

    Whenever you run into a BSOD problem, you can always try the keyboard shortcut: press the Windows logo key + Ctrl + Shift + B at the same time. This hotkey combination will help you restart your PCs graphics drivers.

    In many cases, your Dell laptop black screen error is simply caused by a bad connection between your operating system and monitor. Therefore, you can try the hotkey combination first to reconnect the display.

    If this doesnt fix your black screen problem, please try the next fix.

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    Dell Laptop Freezing After Sleep

    A Dell laptop goes to sleep by pressing the power button, closing the lid, or after a certain amount of time when you open the lid. When you press any key or move the mouse it can freeze, and you need to restart your Dell laptop again. This is a major inconvenience since it should wake up and be instantly usable, so heres how to fix it.

    First check that the drivers for each of the components on your Dell laptop are up to date, uninstall VLC media player, ensure the correct timezone is set for Windows, and if run Diagnostics from the BIOS.

    Step by step instructions for these troubleshooting steps are provided at the top of this article. Go to the top and work through each of the steps until the issue is resolved. Start with step 1, which explains how to uninstall VLC media player.

    Dell Laptop Wont Turn On Faq

    Windows 10 working perfectly on DELL Latitude E5410 laptop

    What is the problem if laptop is not turning on?How do I reset my laptop when it wont turn on?

  • Run a system restore
  • Use Reset this PC in Windows 10
  • Use a USB flash drive to reinstall Windows
  • How do I fix my Dell laptop that wont boot up?

  • Perform a hard reset
  • Check for specific error messages
  • Reset BIOS to default settings
  • Perform a clean boot
  • Run a computer diagnostic
  • Why wont my laptop turn on even when plugged in?

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    Have Some Patience And Wait

    Yes. You read it right. Thats the first thing which you should do when your machine hangs. Actually most of the time when computer hangs, it might be possible that a particular process, application program is taking too much amount of RAM and CPU resources which makes the whole system unresponsive. Waiting for a few minutes is the best solution in such situations.

    When the problematic process completes the task and releases CPU resources, the system becomes responsive again. This is what happened recently with one of my Windows 10 machines. It was freezing for a few minutes and fixing itself automatically. Check out following article for more details:

    Windows 10 Hangs For Few Minutes After Restart

    Many people continuously click and press random keys if their computer hang. Thats completely wrong! Doing this puts extra load on the computer processing unit and makes the things worst.

    So in future if your computer hangs, have some patience, dont press any key or click anywhere. wait for a few minutes and chances are that your computer starts working again without doing anything.

    Errors In Driver Or Corrupt Driver

    The drivers are very important in the computer. They are effective for establishing communication with other hardware as well as the operating system.

    When the driver is corrupt, the computer is bound to develop issues including freezing. To prevent this, outdated drivers should be updated and all errors are removed.

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    Fix 1 Hard Reset/forced Restart Inspiron Laptop

    The Dell Inspiron black screen can be easily corrected by a hard reset or force restart. Push the Power keep and keep on pushing it until you witness the power light going off. When your device turns off, detach the adapter or power cord. In case it is possible, you can try taking off the battery too. Also, detach all the external devices that may be connected to your laptop. After some time, you can connect everything again and start the device using the Power key.

    1. Press the Power button until the power light closes and the Dell Inspiron Laptop gets shut.

    2. Remove its AC adapter/power cord from the power source. You can also remove the battery if possible.

    3. Remove the external devices connected to the Dell Inspiron Laptop.

    4. Now place back the battery and tap the laptops Power button for 20 seconds.

    5. Also, plug in the AC adapter/power cord.

    6. Press the Power button again to turn on the laptop.

    When your device turns on, the Dell laptop screen goes black randomly error on this model will get solved.

    Why Your Computer Keeps Freezing And How To Fix It

    Laptop Startup Stuck on Windows Logo :: Solution

    Are you tired of shouting Why does my computer keep freezing?! into the void? Ive been through this myself several times, and have discovered many reasons why your computer keeps freezing.

    More importantly, Im going to show you how to fix this problem step by step. Ive demonstrated the steps using Windows 10 but they should all work for Windows 7/8 as well.

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    Bonus Tip To Solve Computer Keeps Freezing: Windows Turned Off Your Ssd

    This is yet another power saving option in Windows that could be why your computer keeps freezing. Also, it only seems to affect SSD users.

    To diagnose and fix this, first hit the WindowsKey to bring up your computer search. Then, type in control panel and click on Control Panel.

    Next, click on Power Options.

    Click on Change plan settings beside the plan that is already selected.

    From here, click on Change advanced power settings.

    Finally, navigate to Hard Disk -> Turn off hard disk after -> Setting and change it something ridiculously high like 9999999 minutes .

    Second Method: Scan Your Computer For Some Bugs Or Malware

    Freezes or system lock ups can also be triggered by some bugs or malware that has infiltrated your laptops operating system or a particular application. So if you have installed some security suite or antivirus software on your Dell Inspiron laptop, now is the time to for them to serve their purpose. Open and run your antivirus software then scan for virus and malware. Use your antivirus software or virus scanner/remover application to eliminate any found viruses and malware in your computer system. To do so, just open your virus scanner or remover program then follow the onscreen instructions to scan for and remove all scanned viruses and system bugs.

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    Fix 2 Refresh Connection On Windows 10 Computer

    Refreshing the connection on Dell Computer with Windows 10 will help you settle the Dell monitor black screen problem. This will comprise restarting the video driver. It can be restarted by holding the Windows, Ctrl, Shift, and B keys at once. After using the shortcut, wait for a moment to let the connection refresh.

    Take a look at the steps for this fix to make no mistakes while performing it.

    1. Press the Windows key, Ctrl key, Shift key, and the B letter key at the same time.

    2. The video driver will get restarted. Now, wait for the connection to be refreshed. Soon, the problem will be settled.

    Fix 6 Connect External Display For Laptop

    Fix: Dell Laptop Black Screen Issue

    Connecting your laptop with an external display can help you stop seeing the black screen issue. To connect it, you can open the display list. This list can be viewed using the combination of Windows and P keys on the keyboard. The display can be chosen by browsing through this list.

    Lets now see in detail what you need to do for connecting it.

    1. On your devices keyboard, tap the Windows key and the P letter key at the same time.

    2. The display list will appear. Select a suitable option for your device.

    3. Now, tap the Down arrow key or the P letter key to choose the display.

    4. Finally, press the Enter key.

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    Check The Reliability Monitor

    If you still can’t pinpoint the cause of your lockups, you’ll have to do some extra troubleshooting. In these situations, I recommend checking Windows’ Reliability Monitorit’s a lesser-known, error-reporting tool buried in Windows’ settings. Open the Start menu, search for “reliability,” and click the View reliability history option that appears.

    You’ll see a graph of your PC’s reliability over time, with crash logs and other issues alongside updates and newly installed applications. If you can find an error listed around the same time as your freezing problem began, Reliability Monitor will give you the option to view technical details or check Microsoft’s database for a solution to the problem. These details may have some error codes you can look up for more information. Microsofts database, meanwhile, rarely ever works, but its something to try.

    If those don’t help, you might also use the graph to find out what applications or updates were installed before the freezing started happening. If a new program or update looks to be the cause, try using System Restore to revert your computer to a state before it was installed.

    Errors In Running Software

    Some software is above your computers league. It could require higher processing speeds, RAM, and disk storage that is higher than what was installed in your laptop by the manufacturer.

    If you install and attempt to run this type of software, it will try to access resources that your computer does not have.

    Your laptop will freeze!

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