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What To Do With Old Broken Laptop

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Recover Gold And Other Precious Metals

Things you can make from old, dead laptops

Computers contain measurable amounts of gold and other rare elements. There are videos on YouTube demonstrating the method and chemicals required to recover the gold at home. The process uses dangerous liquids like nitric and other acids. Cyanide is produced as a by-product of the recovery procedure. It is a hazardous and risky project to undertake at home and the financial reward is small.

Eric Limer says that “Gold is an incredible conductor of electricity, which is why it’s used as a coating in a lot of electronics, especially parts where data transfer happens like RAM. What if you could get a handful of this old computer crap and rip the gold right off? Best case scenario might net you $10 and that’s almost certainly less than the cost of refining materials.” He concludes it is better to give your old PCs, Apple Macs and laptops to a commercial company for recycling. They have the facilities to recover the gold and other rare and precious metals in safety and in large enough quantities to make it a viable operation.

How To Get Rid Of Old Gadgets

It’s time to declutter those dated devices. Here’s how…

If you squirrel away old mobile phones and laptops that “might come in useful one day”, youre not alone. Apparently, 60% of Brits admit they have old handsets lying around at home, according to research by Carphone Warehouse, and a quarter of us hang on to laptops we no longer use. In fact, the average UK home harbours unused tech worth around £127.

In many cases, its easier to store your old tech in a cupboard or push it under a bed than it is to sell or recycle it: its a job that can wait for another day. But the sooner you sell it, the better price youll get and, if youre feeling altruistic, donating it to a good cause earlier means theyll feel the benefit for longer.

If that’s inspired you to your old gadgets, there are a range of options open to you. Heres everything you need to know.

Sending Your Laptop And Receiving Payment

Once youve submitted your payment and contact information, well send a prepaid postage label to your email address. Securely pack your laptop and attach the label, then drop the package at your nearest post office when its most convenient.

Upon receipt of your laptop, well inspect it to find out which parts can be salvaged and reused. If we cant purchase your laptop for the quoted price, well return it to your address by 48 hour courier at no additional cost.

After we complete our inspection, youll receive a payment for your laptop via bank transfer, PayPal or cheque within 48 hours. Our expert technical team will erase all of your laptops data to ensure total privacy and data security.

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Use Dual Monitors If The Display Works

Some computers may not function but their monitor or display is still functional. Many people who work on computers enjoy the experience of using a second monitor.;

Most operating systems allow you to configure the second monitor so its not just a duplicate of your original screen. You could have a reference document open on one screen, for instance, while you type an email on the other screen. This doesnt get rid of the rest of the broken computer, but it does give the screen portion a new life.

How To Repurpose Your Old Tech

What Can You Do From Your Old, Broken Laptop?

An aging desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet may be lacking the grunt required to meet your daily demands. But old equipment can still be useful for jobs that require a little less processing power.

Smartphones and tablets often find new life as a universal remote to control smart devices, and their various apps, around the home. You can also use them to play music and video from streaming services or a home server and cast to compatible devices.

It’s not uncommon to see an old iPad attached to the wall as a digital calendar or family planner either, and you can save a bundle on baby monitors by mounting a phone/tablet with a monitoring app above the bassinet instead.

If you have an old Android device with an IR blaster , it can make a fantastic universal remote. Using a free app such as Sure, Peel, or Anymote, you can set up your smartphone to control your TV, media centre, soundbar, even the lights in your home, all from the one app. Alternatively, you can install relevant apps for all your smart devices on an old phone or tablet, provided the operating system is compatible.

An older smartphone can be repurposed as a digital music player, which can save storage and help preserve the battery life of the phone you’re currently using. If you prefer streaming music, throw in a cheap, data-heavy prepaid SIM and stream songs without worrying about going over your limit or use the device as a Wi-Fi hotspot in your car and on the road.

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Deleting Data Before You Recycle

The fear of personal data ending up in the wrong hands is holding people back from recycling, according to a 2017 study by TechCollect. It found the average Australian household has approximately 17 electronic devices in the home, while only 23% of us always recycle them.

The reasons for not recycling included the fear of losing personal data or data getting into the wrong hands, not knowing where to recycle devices, not knowing e-waste could be recycled, and having to pay to have their device properly recycled.

Though there is a corporate responsibility for manufacturers to make greener products, the onus is still on consumers to recycle or repurpose their old tech. Fortunately privacy fears can be allayed by simply wiping the hard drive.

How do you wipe your devices?

Smartphone and tablets can be reset to factory settings with a few simple steps.

  • iPhone and iPads: Settings > General > Reset and then choose ‘Erase All Content and Settings’. Enter Apple ID, if needed.
  • Android devices: System > Reset options > Erase all data > Delete all data. Enter password, if needed.

Windows and macOS methods vary depending on the operating system. You may have an older version of Windows or macOS on the computer you want to recycle, so the steps in these drop down menus cover the last few iterations of each brand.

Use It As A Secondary Monitor

Your old laptop might be slowed down with the latest OS updates, but what many people dont think of is that the screen is still as good as it was the first day.

And if your old laptop is using Windows operating system, youll have a very easy way to turn your old laptop into a secondary monitor for your PC or primary laptop.

Weve written a post that explains everything in details, so we recommend checking it out since it might be a suitable option for many of you out there.

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How Do You Dispose Of A Laptop/computer

You can simply dispose of your old computers and laptops by following the protocols of e-waste management like either donating them to people who need them or to e-waste centers that are mastered to tackle electronics.

Before doing so, you need to check for the following points:

  • Make sure you have deleted all the personal information stored on your computers like bank details, hard drives, any important operating system, and tax documents.
  • Deauthorize your computers and wipe off all programs and browsing history from the PC.
  • Wipe off your hard drive clean and store all the data in an external hard drive to recover data in your new laptop.
  • Consult your retailers about all the data disposal policies beforehand.
  • Time To Upgrade Your Computer Phone Or Other Gadgets Here’s How To Dispose Of The Old Stuff

    What to do with broken or old laptop? Two easy ideas!

    Computers, smartphones, tablets and so on are an integral part of daily life, but as they become obsolete more and more quickly, we’re faced with the growing problem of disposing of all our e-waste properly. Electronic products thrown into landll leak toxic materials into soil and water, resulting in contamination of the food chain, while rare and non-renewable materials are wasted instead of being re-used.

    On this page:

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    Things To Do With An Old Computer: Recycle It

    Did you know that electronic waste, including old computers, is the fastest growing waste stream globally? This is due to both the shortened lifespan of our electronic devices and;societies demands for the newest high-tech products.

    Electronics can be properly recycled at local trusted electronic recyclers. The;E-cycling Central;website allows users to select their state and city to find a trusted recycler nearest them. Additionally, many electronic recyclers offer pick-up services and collection events.

    There are also ways to assure that your old electronic equipment is handled by a reputable recycler. It is important to check to see if your electronics recycler is first looking to see if old equipment can be reused before it is sold for parts.;Reuse is always more environmentally sound;and will give devices an extra couple years of usability.

    If refurbishment is not an option, reputable recyclers will use mechanical shredding and a high-tech separation device to take out the usable metals, which can then be sent to a smelter.

    Disposing Of An Old Laptop

    Laptops are a treasure trove of parts that can live more than one life. Whether they continue a life as spare part or become the subject of a DIY tech project, you can get a lot of extra value out of your old hardware. And at the very least you can give a broken laptop to a recycling facility that will recover valuable materials like gold, copper, aluminum, and many more. Curious to see which parts you can easily extract yourself and re-use in one way or the other?

    Laptops are a treasure trove of parts that can live more than one life. Whether they continue a life as spare part or become the subject of a DIY tech project, you can get a lot of extra value out of your old hardware. And at the very least you can give a broken laptop to a recycling facility that will recover valuable materials like gold, copper, aluminum, and many more. Curious to see which parts you can easily extract yourself and re-use in one way or the other?

    Laptops consist of a standard set of parts, which every manufacturer composes in a unique way. Hence it is almost impossible to give general advice on how to remove specific parts. And it’s often pointless to stock up on old parts for future use, as they won’t fit into newer laptop models. The video below demonstrates the partial dis-assembly of a HP Compaq nw8440 and gives you an idea of the valuables hidden inside a laptop and how to access them.

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    Removing Your Data And Files

  • 1Back up any data you want to keep. Any data left on the hard drive when you dispose of it will be lost forever if you dont back it up. Spend an hour or two looking through everything on your computer to see if there are any files that you need to save.XResearch source Here are a few ways you can back up your data:
  • Purchase an external hard drive to copy your data to. This will connect to the USB port on your computer and let you copy any files you want to save over. If you want to load them onto a new computer, just plug the hard drive in and copy the files over.
  • Back up your files online with a service like Google Drive, iCloud, or Dropbox. All of these should have options for online storage that will give you plenty of room to save your most important files, although some will cost a little money if you have a lot to back up.
  • 2De-authorize any registered programs. A lot of computer programs will have limits on the number of computers that they can be installed on with a single license. Check Microsoft Office, iTunes, Adobe Creative Suite, and anything similar to deauthorize them on your old laptop.XResearch source
  • To deauthorize a computer in iTunes, click on Account in the top bar and then select Deauthorize This Computer.
  • In Adobe products, you should be able to deauthorize your computer by selecting Help, Deactivate, and Deactivate Permanently.
  • If youre on Windows, choose a program such as CCleaner, Eraser, or File Shredder to destroy sensitive files.
  • Turn It Into A Digital Photo Frame

    Sell broken laptop near me THAIPOLICEPLUS.COM

    For the serious DIY-er, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as stripping down a laptop to its bare parts, then turning one of those parts into something cool — in this case a digital photo frame. After all, that big, high-resolution screen should be put to good use, right?

    There are lots of online tutorials devoted to this subject; I recommend the aptly named Digital photo frame from laptop on Instructables. It’s pretty straightforward: take apart the laptop, put the screen into a frame, mount the guts of the PC behind the frame, now running a photo-frame software. But there are many other ways to go, so hit up your favorite search engine for more options.

    Oh, and seeing as you’ve already stripped it for parts, put that hard drive into an external case and use it as a USB drive!

    Do you have any other ideas for repurposing old laptops? Share them in the comments!

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    Heres What To Do With That Old Laptop

    Time to get rid of those old computers you never use.

    Youve probably gotten a few new laptops through the years, but what have you done with the old ones? Many people dont know what to do with their old electronicsthey dont want them anymore, but they also dont feel right tossing them in the trashwhich;means theyve probably left their old laptops to collect dust and take up space in their storage closets.

    Luckily, if you have an old laptop, you have a few options when it comes to deciding what to do with it. Here are some of your best choices:

    Need Help Deciding Which To Check

    Known Defects

    Can your laptop run for an hour without plugging it to the power outlet?

    Defective or missing power adapter. There is no AC Adapter. Power adapter doesn’t work The AC Adapter you use is not the genuine AC Adapter that originally came with your laptop.

    Defective or missing hard drive. Does the operating system Not load after POST? Does the hard drive emit any loud, low, irregular, clicking, or grinding sound? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” – your hard drive is bad, please check the appropriate checkbox.

    Defective or broken screen. Does your screen have any visible cracks? Is the image on the screen Not centered? Does the image on the screen have any lines across? Does your screen remain black after laptop powers on? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions – your screen has a defect, please check the appropriate checkbox.

    Defective motherboard. When a computer powers on you can see running numbers and letters representing the result of several internal tests laptop performs and the image of the operating system interface appearing on the screen. Failure to power on properly or intermediate powering on is more likely a sign of dead or dying motherboard, which is considered a serious problem.

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    Give Old Computers New Life

    You can take the time to evaluate your computers and see what is really functional and non-functional about them. When you do this, you can discover a world of new uses. Make it your New Years Resolution idea to get rid of computers you know you wont use.

    You may be able to repurpose the computer in your own home for something like storing important documents. You can also donate it to a deserving individual or send it somewhere else in the world through a charity program. The longer you extend your computers useful life, the more environmentally friendly youll be.

    Ready to start end-of-life planning and getting more aspects of your affairs in order? Try Cakes many tools and resources.

  • Disposing of Old Computers.Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information.
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    Even Broken Laptops Can Have More In Store For Them Than Just Consignment To A Recycling Pile

    What You Can Make From Old/Broken Laptops

    Top Deals On Great Products

    Picked by Techconnect’s Editors

    So youve upgraded to a brand-new laptop at lastor perhaps youre finally clearing out clutterand now youve got an old laptop to deal with. What to do with it?

    That depends on your circumstances, the age of your laptop, and the amount of time and space you have. But chances are, your old hardware can rise to the challenge of a second lease on life, even if its not with you. You can give it a new, single purpose; donate it to a worthy cause; sell it ; or responsibly lay it to rest. To help you decide on your laptops next act, weve gathered up our top suggestions, with specific project ideas to try if you keep it.

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    Use It For Streaming Services

    Your old computer/laptop can be easily used as a media server for streaming content if it supports good graphics, an operating system, and an internet connection. An old laptop can work well when used just to stream content from various platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Roku or simply to surf the internet or use Youtube.

    Apart from that, you can also mount your laptop/computer to your TV to make your home theatre come alive! All you have to do is install one such program which supports media plays on your laptop to turn it into a streaming big screen. Some of the media players we can mention are Emby, Kodi media player, and Plex media player to store and play media files on your laptop.

    Another easy way to make your streaming sessions cinematic is to install an LED projector hard drive to be able to view cinemas on your projector screen for a great movie night with friends or family.

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