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What To Look For In A Laptop For Music Production

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Learn About Sound Design

What To Look For In a Computer for Music Production

Sound design is the art and practice of creating sounds for various purposes. It includes recording and synthesizing sounds for use in music, television, films, and video games. Sound design is an entire field of its own, and some people work professionally as sound designers.

I highly recommend checking out âThe Beginnerâs Guide to Audio Synthesis.â It walks through various forms of synthesis and explains how they work. Having a general understanding of synthesis will help you create custom sounds within your DAW.

You should own at least one quality software synth that youâre familiar with. Software synths are third-party software that integrate with your DAW standard formats include virtual studio technology and audio units .

Learning how to use a synth can take a while, but just like a DAW, once you know how to use one, it becomes a lot easier to learn how to use other ones. If you want some help picking a software synth, read â5 of the Best Plugin Synths on the Marketâ for a push in the right direction.

Should I Get A Desktop Computer Or A Laptop

Unless you are settingup a mobile recording rig or want to be able to produce music anywhere at anytime, youll definitely want to consider whether you really need the portabilitya laptop provides. As a general rule, a laptop is going to cost more than adesktop computer of comparable power and often will not offer as many ports orupgrade options. Many laptops will make fine music-production machines, but ifyour laptop ends up parked on the desk in your studio, then youre not makingthe most out of it. If youre not sure whether your music-production computerreally needs the portability of a laptop, consider your budget and take a lookat what a desktop computer would offer you in terms of power for the sameprice.

Sweetwater Custom Computing Cs250 2u

Price @ Sweetwater

The Sweetwater Custom Computing CS250 addresses the needs of musicians and producers for a capable system that delivers excellent value for the money. A 2U rack-mountable unit, it has a pretty decent feature set that makes it a respectable audio production workstation.

Basic Specs and useful features

The CS250s Intel 8th Generation Core i5 wont win any awards for performance, with so many blazing-fast processors out on the market. But its 2.8GHz clock speed will definitely get the job done, and you could always kick it up to 4.0GHz via the Turbo Boost feature.

The 8GB of onboard RAM may be a bit disappointing, particularly if you were planning on loading up a huge orchestral sound library. Thankfully, only two of the four RAM slots are occupied, so you can add another pair of memory chips.

Things are more promising on the storage front, with an ultra-fast 240GB SSD paired with a 1TB HDD. The CS250 sports two quiet fans as well, and is acoustically-treated for low noise, making it ideally suited for tracking and mixing duties.


The Sweetwater Custom Computing CS250 for music production comes with a decent enough processor and a serviceable SSD/HDD combo. With a RAM upgrade, this could be quite a capable audio production system.

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Ram : How Much Do You Need For Music Production

Memory is what will let you load up tons of different virtual instruments and effects without collapsing your system.

Now, how much you need will depend on what kind of music you make:

Are you making electronic music and all of the tracks are being created with synthesizers, drum VSTs, etc.?

Or are you using actual audio tracks and just processing them slightly with a couple effects?

In most cases, memory wont be an issue theres no need to get 32GB or even 64GB unless youre working on HUGE projects and loading loads of plugins at the same time.

16GB should be more than enough for 99% of users.

Dell Xps Thin And Light

Best Laptop under 500 for Music Production

This model from the Dell XPS series makes for a superb 16gig, touch display laptop. It would be well suited to audio production use as it is admirably fast. It has 7th generation Intel quad-core processor and a faster memory which together deliver unbelievable speeds.

It is on the slightly bigger side at 15 .6 inches. It has 2 USB 3.0 slots as well as a Thunderbolt 3 multi-use port. This one is a much more versatile choice and will be more compatible with modern audio interfaces. It makes for an exemplary option and is more than capable of dealing with even the busiest workloads in your DAW.

This one has a price tag double that of its 8 gig predecessor we have reviewed but the ram has doubled and the SSD storage alone more than makes up the difference. It also has other fantastic features which make it a great laptop on the whole for a range of general uses.

Pros: + Good I/O options. + Terabyte SSD storage.

Why We Liked It – The response on this one is amazing it boots and resumes in an instant. The terabyte of SSD storage is almost unprecedented and needless to say a highly desirable bonus, ensuring plenty of space for saving works in progress.

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Onboard Storage Hard Disk Drive Or Solid

Your computers hard disk drive or solid-state drive is where youll store your applications and system software. For music production, video editing, graphic design, or anything else media-related, its fairly standard to use external hard drives for your data and also for system backups and many media professionals will advise you that if your data isnt backed up in at least two locations, it doesnt really exist. All that is to say that your computers onboard storage is important, but you dont necessarily need multiple terabytes of onboard storage you should be using external drives for your media and for backups.

A much more importantconsideration for onboard storage, if given the choice, is whether to choose anold-school hard disk drive or a solid-state drive. Solid-state drives are muchfaster when it comes to accessing files your system will boot up quicker,applications will launch faster, and file-management tasks will take less time.And, because solid-state drives have no moving parts, theyre more tolerant ofbumps and drops than hard disk drives are. While hard disk drives arerelatively less expensive and support larger drive capacities, most mediaprofessionals will agree that the performance benefits of solid-state drivesleave hard disk drives in the dust.

Internal hard disk drive.

Best Laptop For Music Production In 2021

As you are here, we believe that you are planning to buying a best Laptop for music production? we understand that it might be the most significant decision in your life.

Its not easy finding the best Laptop for music production, but thats what were here for. Weve tested our fair share of laptops, and weve come across a few that make for excellent candidates. Our pick of the best Laptop for music production to help you make the most of your footage.

whether youre looking for a laptop that you can carry anywhere. Weve compiled a list of the best Laptop for music production and new professionals.

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What Are The Most Essential Cpu

In case you are more into mixing and playing with the presets and samples, a processor with an excellent turbo clock speed limit is necessary. For basic to mid-range requirements the single-core performance or rather the single-core turbo speed is the most important metric. However, if you are invested in more complex tasks including working alongside 30 tracks, multiple audio effects, and sample instruments like Piano roll and synths, additional cores are also necessary.

Which One Is Better For Music Production Laptop Or Desktop

Buyng A Used/ Second-hand Laptop for Music Production – Minimum Specs To Look For

In the end, a desktop is preferable for music production because it can be upgradeable and expandable. Even though they are far more capable but they still have some downsides and one of the downsides is they are not portable. If youre thinking about building up a private studio, that will be a great investment. However, we are sometimes out of home and its necessary to carry your DAW project with you. Therefore, a laptop is preferable if you travel a lot.

If you already have a studio established that is great. A laptop for music-making is a crucial tool for music production. Some great laptops in the market offer a smaller footprint and flexibility. Still, the genuinely capable ones with the optimal set of hardware may cost upwards of $2500. If youre in the store and searching for a new laptop to manage your DAW tasks, you should choose one that has a lot of USB Connectivity options . The laptop must have a powerful engine, quick memory rates, 16+ GB RAM, and a lot of SSD storage.

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So Are Acer Laptops Good For Music Production

Of course, yes. Let alone those flagship machines like Predator, etc., Acer even has a great deal of extremely mid-range laptops that are powerful enough to easily get by all these jobs.

For example, the Acer Aspire 5 and Swift 3 are the two best mid-range yet powerful Acer laptops you can get for music production, etc. Besides, a few other on-budget laptops by Acer for the likes of music production works include Acer Aspire 5 A515 , Swift 5, Acer Aspire VX, and E 15, and Acer Spin 5, etc.

All these laptops feature at least i5 CPUs, 8GB RAMs, and you can easily find up to 1TB SSDs .

Furthermore, almost all of these laptops are priced at under 1000 dollars. Some are less than $700, whereas a few are even below $500 as well.

It shows that you dont anymore need to break your bank to get a laptop for music production jobs. And that you can get one best laptop for music production even for around 500 dollars as well.

What Do Music Recorders Need In A Laptop

The best laptop for recording music has an elite processor, plenty of RAM and storage, and a few the following key features.

The best laptop for recording music has everything you need for a premium track:

  • CPUs with multiple cores that can juggle even the most hardcore programs in a snap ideally, i7 quad-core processor with 16 GB RAM or better
  • At least 512 GB SSD storage, though 1 TB is recommended
  • Lightning-fast wi-fi to upload music files – 802.11ac is the new IEEE standard, which is almost three times the previous standard
  • High-resolution display that is large enough to view multiple windows side-by-side without straining your eyes
  • Lightweight, yet durable enough to withstand inevitable accidents
  • Plenty of inputs for accessory devices
  • Long-lasting battery life of at least 7+ hours most music professionals prefer 10+ hours
  • Excellent graphics card a dedicated GPU or integrated GPU will work, as long as the integrated GPU is a newer version
  • Web cam for online appointments, meetings, and consultations

Its true: you dont need to rent a studio to produce a hot track. Now, you can bring the studio to you .

With a speedy, powerful processor, loads of storage, and all the ports you could need for your accessories, the Lenovo ThinkPad P Series has everything you need for recording music in one lightweight, sturdy, highly efficient workstation.

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Laptop Vs Desktop For Home Audio Production

I personally made the move from my desktop PC to a laptop around 4 years ago. Mainly because of the reasons mentioned above. It just wasnt possible until recently to get a laptop with the spec required for a reasonable price and that wouldnt explode as soon as you tried to open your DAW software.

Dont get me wrong, for the money you can probably get a much better desktop computer, custom fitted with everything you could ever want. But a laptop gives me other things which I find very handy.

The main one is portability. With a laptop, I have a music studio I can effectively take anywhere. If you are as busy as me, this is a great thing to have. It has allowed me to mix and even record parts of songs whilst on the train. Ive even taken it to a church when I wanted to record the acoustics there. I dont have the space for a drum kit at home so I will sometimes take it to a studio to record drums without having to use someone elses setup, I have my tracks ready to go and I just plug in and record.

Before I splashed out on my faithful laptop , I did a tonne of research into what to look for in a laptop for music production.

I read loads of articles from people saying, dont bother, get a desktop bla bla bla. But there was a lot of useful information out there and it lead to me purchasing a laptop with a spec that has never let me down!

How We Selected The Best Laptops For Music Production

8 tips for choosing a laptop for music production

In choosing the best laptops for music production, we focused on computers with fast processors and enough RAM and storage to handle audio work as quickly and efficiently as possible. The best digital audio workstations and music production software can be resource-hungry, so upgrade from the base model accordingly. We also considered the breadth and depth of potential users who might want to buy a computer to make songs. The guide includes recommendations for beginners with no musical experience who may not want to spend four figures to match a few beats and move on, tinkerers who will forever keep their own music private, semi-serious hobbyists who like to share their creations with the world on SoundCloud, Mixcloud, or social media, and professional musicians who need a lifeline of a machine that can stand up to rigorous use. Each laptop highlighted below would be an asset to anyone making music.

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Operating System Mac Or Windows

No, were not here to debate which operating system is better. Rather, when youre looking for a great laptop for music production, you first need to decide which operating system youre going to use.

This decision will usually boil down to which one youre the most familiar with using, and which DAW you intend to use for producing your music. For instance, Logic Pro X is only available for Mac, while others are available on both platforms.

Is The Onboard Soundcard Necessary For Music Production

Short answer no. Music producers do not need to worry about onboard soundcards because it is assumed that you are going to be purchasing a dedicated audio interface, which will take care of that for you.

There is really no excuse these days for not owning a soundcard. They should be one of the main fixtures of your home studio.

If youre just getting started, there are budget-entry audio interfaces that you could pick up dirt cheap. If youre on a tight budget, I recommend the Behringer U-Phoria. or the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 as two prime candidates to start you on your music production quest.

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What Makes A Laptop The Best Laptop For Music Production

So if you are planning to get a laptop for the likes of music production works, you need to do some homework beforehand.

Before going down to are Acer laptops good for music production?, lets first talk about what are the hardware requirements of all the plenty of DAWs and what system is the best for these tasks.

DAWs are those software programs developed for these music recordings and productions. With these programs, you can do everything ranging from recording to the later-on editing, mixing, and finally creating a masterpiece audio file.

Some of the industry-standard recording/production programs are Logic Pro X , Avid Pro Tools, FL Studio, Magixs Acid Pro, Garageband, and Cockos Reaper.

So, by closely looking at the required and recommended specs for all these DAWs, here is what you need to look for in a laptop when getting it for likewise tasks.

Learn About Music Theory

The Best Computer For Music Production – What’s Needed And Why!

Music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music. It concerns itself with the methods and concepts composers use when creating music. Music theory is something that you can continue to learn throughout the entirety of your life, but thereâs some basic music theory thatâs going to help you write songs.

Most music that you hear on the radio is relatively simple from a music theory perspective, so unless youâre trying to create classical music or jazz within your DAW, you can get by with a relatively basic understanding of theory. This is excellent news because it doesnât actually take that long to learn basic music theory.

I recommend reading Music Theory for Computer Musicians by Michael Hewitt it walks you through music theory from the ground up. This book made it into the list of â7 Essential Books Every Music Producer Must Read.â

Check out the following video to learn all the fundamental music theory you need to know as a music producer within 30 minutes.

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The Best Laptop For Unbeatable Battery Life

IF youre recording music, you probably plan on traveling frequently. The average battery life is anywhere from 1-5 hours, but can last for much longer. You should only consider a laptop that has a battery life of at least 7 hours or more. Is a laptop really portable if you have to charge it every three hours?

We dont think so.

Lenovos ThinkPad P Series mobile workstations have up to an impressive 16-hour battery life and are a growing favorite of professionals in the music industry.

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