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What’s The Best Apple Laptop To Buy

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The Best Deals On Macbooks From This Guide

Which Mac to Buy in 2020? MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro!

Apple sets the bar high for modern, fully functional computers, though with a hefty price tag. But, good news Apple products go on sale regularly. Every year, we see all-time lows for our picks during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon last year, for instance, the 16-inch Macbook Pro was discounted by $150 for these events.

From MacBook Airs to Pros, you can find nearly everything from Amazon at a discount if you know where to look. Here are the best discounts we found.

Best Macbook In : Which Apple Laptop Is Best

08 September 2021

From the MacBook Pro to the MacBook Air, we’ll help find the best MacBook for your needs

We now recommend every MacBook in Apple’s arsenal, however, major differences between each model mean there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option. At the end of last year, Apple released a new MacBook Air and entry-level MacBook Pro with a custom ARM-based M1 chip, the company’s first in-house SoC . The processor brought massive performance and battery life improvements to Apple’s least expensive laptops, pushing them ahead of their pricier MacBook Pro comrades and even some top Windows 10 rivals.

So what about the MacBook Pro with four Thunderbolt 3 ports and the premium 16-inch MacBook Pro? They are still stuck on Intel processors until Apple releases a suitable Apple Silicon chip . Apple is expected to launch new 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro models before the end of the year with in-house M1X chips. We recommend, if possible, waiting for those instead of purchasing the current Intel-powered models. If you don’t need the most premium laptop, the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1 are excellent options.

Our MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro face-off will also help you decide which system is right for you, and our Apple Warranty Check instructions will tell you when your AppleCare+ plan expires. You should also read our macOS Big Sur review to determine whether a Mac is right for you in the first place.

When Will Apple Release New Macbooks

It’s probably best to hold off on upgrading your MacBook laptop unless you urgently need a new computer. That’s because Apple is expected to release new laptops this year, with new MacBook Pros launching first, according to Bloomberg.

Apple has already announced macOS Monterey, which is expected to launch this fall. The software update will bring enhancements to Safari, the ability to control both an iPad and a Mac with your Mac’s keyboard and mouse, and the inclusion of the Shortcuts automation application among other new features.

Here’s what we know so far about the new MacBook laptops that we’re expecting to see later this year.

MacBook Pro : Apple was though to launch redesigned versions of the MacBook Pro as early as this summer, reported Bloomberg, but now a fall release ir more likely. These devices would come in 14-inch and 16-inch sizes, making it the first time Apple has released its more compact MacBook Pro in that size option. Other expected improvements include a MagSafe charging system, more ports like an HDMI connector and SD card slot, and new Apple processors that are more powerful than the current M1 processor.

The new processors in the upcoming MacBook Pros are said to have a new 10-core design and 16 or 32 graphics cores, compared to today’s M1 which consists of an 8-core central processing unit and 8-core graphics processing unit. That difference would better distinguish the MacBook Pro from the Air in the future.

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What To Look For In The Best Macs And Macbooks

Whether its the new 16-inch MacBook Pro that just came out or the Mac Pro 2019 thats also just released, its not hard to see why the best Mac and MacBooks are the weapons of choice of creative professionals.

And, even if you dont go for the newest releases, theres already a few excellent options to choose from, especially with Apple recently giving its MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and 15-inch MacBook Pro that much-needed update.

The best part is that the best Mac and MacBooks come in different shapes, sizes and price so that whether you want the cheapest MacBook you could find, a professional workhorse that breezes through all your extensive workloads like a pro, or an all-in-one that saves you space, theres a Mac on the market for you.

Why We Liked The Macbook Pro 16

MacBook Laptop Or Mac Desktop? Which One Is Better ...

The MacBook Pro 16-inch is currently Apples best Mac/laptop, offering one of the best performances seen in a portable yet. If you want to get demanding work done on the go, then theres few alternatives better than this MacBook Pro, either on MacOS or Windows.

Apple has also fixed a slew of issues from previous MacBook models too, with the most noticeable being the switch to Scissor keys for a more satisfying typing experience. The bezel has also been squeezed down to allow for a more elegant design and slightly larger screen at 16 inches.

This isnt a perfect laptop though, with frustrating omissions such as USB-A ports, SD card slots and Wi-Fi 6 support. And since this MacBook Pro has a starting price of £2399, you should only really buy it if youre going to get the most of the super-powered performance. But if you need a laptop for editing video and rendering animations on the fly, then this MacBook Pro is certainly worth the money.

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The Best Laptops In 2021

The best laptops are the ones that help you stay on top of all your different projects and gadgets. Once you’ve equipped yourself with the right one, you’ve acquired the speed to power you through all of your assignments, and the battery life to make it through a day of work without worrying about the nearest power outlet.

Finding the best laptop for you can be tricky, because you’ve never had more choices. There are top rated laptops for basic web surfing, mainstream machines with premium components and attractive designs, and beastly gaming laptops that will let you play the hottest PC games the way they were meant to be played.

The Best Laptops For Going Back To School

Back to school season has arrived, and you may be searching for a new laptop that’s well-suited to the demands of a full day of classes. That means you probably want something that’s light enough to carry all day and efficient enough to last through a full day at school on a single charge.

While you can’t go wrong with the Dell XPS 13, the Asus Zenbook 13 is a slightly better choice when you need a laptop for school. It’s light, has incredible 15-hour battery life, and is speedy enough to handle pretty much any homework you throw at it. Plus, the OLED display is gorgeous, and the Zenbook is reliably a few hundred bucks cheaper than the XPS 13 with OLED.

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Need A Lot Of Storage

Storage is a moveable feast, and something Apple is consistently generous with. Not only can you upgrade all the way to 2TB – with the 15-inch MacBook Pro – but you can use cloud-storage and external hard drives. But when it comes to physical storage you can access directly within a laptop, the 2TB Touch Bar/ID 15-inch Pro beats the others.

Although the good news with Mac laptops is every one of them now comes with SSD memory, which is far more efficient than the memory in older models. It is also less likely to break, since these do not include moving mechanical parts.

Best Option For A Portable Laptop

iPad Pro vs Laptop? – Which Should YOU Buy for University? (Faculty Specific)

When it comes to carrying a laptop around, something that will fit into a backpack, shoulder bag, or even mid-to-large handbag, the MacBook is the lightest and most portable. Most would assume – as the name suggests – the MacBook Air, but the 2015 redesign made it heavier and comes with a lower resolution screen.

Unfortunately, you do make some sacrifices for portability, with only one USB-C and, as the cheapest in the range, it is less powerful than other Mac laptops. But for those who want something easy to carry around, light, portable, and cheap, the MacBook beats the others.

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Who Is The Mac Mini Best For

For anyone who uses their Mac for browsing the web and writing emails, and doing general office work the Mac mini could suffice. It’s powerful enough to do a good job with photo and home video editing. If you are looking for a Mac that will just sit on your desk, or in the study, the Mac mini is a cheap option.

The Mac mini is also a popular choice for a living room Mac. A lot of people plug it into their TV screen via an HDMI cable . And, apparently one reason why Apple, after waiting four years, finally updated the Mac mini was its popularity with developers and server farms.

When the Mac mini stopped featuring a optical drive back in 2011 there was a bit of an outcry from those who though it was an ideal home entertainment centre, but DVDs are far less popular than they were back then thanks to the rise of streaming services. If you want a DVD player for your Mac mini Apple still sells the SuperDrive for £79.

The Mac mini is a popular choice for developers – probably because it’s cheap and they can just plug it into an existing monitor and keyboard. It may also appeal to creatives with more demanding needs, thanks to higher spec build-to-order options – though the lack of a discrete GPU is still a serious limitation . Read about the best Mac for developers here.

Best Macbook And Macs: Top Apple Desktops And Laptops

26 May 2021

Apples best MacBook and Macs in 2021

Its amazing how the best MacBooks and Macs somehow pair cutting edge tech with simple yet striking design in the kind of durable build that will ensure years of use. Its no wonder that Apple fans have much higher expectations of Apple devices compared to Windows fans with their machines. Though Macs do cost a little less than they have in the past, they still come with a premium price tag compared to other computers out there. Still, with the value they offer, theyre worth it.

Its not just that top-notch performance and impeccable design that make the best MacBooks and Macs what they are. The software and hardware are integrated much more closely than in other machines, particularly now that OS macOS 11 Big Sur is out, which you can , as well as the impressive M1 chip. And, even though there are some reasons to consider the best Windows PCs and Chromebooks, theres nothing on par with using an Apple device.

Now is a great time to consider looking into an Apple product with all the leaps that Apple has made to its products. Its just the right time as well since Amazon Prime Day is around the corner the sale event is expected in June and many Macs and MacBooks will likely get decent Prime Day discounts.

Reasons to avoid

Read the full review: MacBook Air

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

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Reasons to avoid

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Reasons to avoid

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Best For Creative Pros Seeking Power And Portability


  • Speedy performance from Apple M1 chip
  • Brilliant Retina display
  • Stingy standard 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM
  • No touch screen

With the powerful Apple MacBook Pro, available in multiple screen sizes, and the slim, efficient MacBook Air, there are two broad Mac laptop families to chose between nowadays. They’re both excellent ones. With similar specs and exterior styling across both the Air and the Pro, deciding which one is best for you largely comes down to which size screen you need and how much processing power your typical computing tasks require.

Picking between the two families is the easy part. Getting down to the nitty gritty within each family is trickier, though. The 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are now available with Apple’s M1 processor, which promises speedy performance but might not be the right choice for everyone. We’ll walk you through the processor choices as well as all the different CPU, memory, storage, and other component options that Apple offers on its latest MacBook laptops.

Better For Video And Coding: 13

MacBook vs MacBook Pro: How to Choose

The M1 version of Apples 13-inch MacBook Pro is better than the MacBook Air for specific kinds of work that benefit from additional processor speed, and it has a larger battery that lasts for a few extra hours. Otherwise, the Pro has most of the same, well, pros and cons as the Air, including its good keyboard and trackpad, great screen, limited port selection, and mediocre webcam.

Most common tasksopening apps and browser windows, playing videos, making a few photo editsneed peak processor performance for only a few seconds at a time, so you wont notice a difference between the Air and the Pro for those things. But the Pro has a fan inside to help it dissipate heat, which means the M1 processor can run at its peak speed pretty much indefinitely, where the Air eventually has to slow down to prevent overheating. In our tests, this made the Pro between 10% and 20% faster at time- and processor-intensive tasks like encoding video, compressing files, and compiling apps for distribution via any of Apples various app stores.

The Pro we recommend comes with 16 GB of memory and 256 GB of storagethe extra memory will help if you open dozens of browser tabs at once, or edit large high-resolution images and videos. If you dont need that extra memory because you dont do that kind of work with your computer, get the Air instead. You can add a larger SSD if you want, but you should still consider external storage before you pay Apples sky-high SSD prices.

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What Is The Best Macbook

From underpowered to one of the fastest ultrathin laptops around, the new MacBook Air with M1 is the best Mac for most people. It takes a familiar design and turbocharges it with record-setting performance and all-day battery life. Along with those speed and endurance boosts, the new M1 chip brings iOS and iPadOS apps to Mac for the first time ever. With M1, there is little reason to skip out on the MacBook Air.

That said, if you need better-sustained performance, you might want to opt for the MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolt 3 ports. Where the MacBook Air is fanless, the MacBook Pro has a traditional cooling system so you can run demanding programs for hours without worrying about overheating. Most people will be fine with the Air, but power users should consider stepping up to the Pro. Like the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro has an incredibly fast SSD and runs on Apple’s gorgeous new Big Sur OS.

What about the Intel-powered MacBooks that weren’t updated to M1 yet? Well, they aren’t completely irrelevant. So far, Apple only refreshed the MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolt 3 ports. If you need an additional pair of inputs, the company still sells the top-tier model with four Thunderbolt 3 connections. Again, it runs on aging Intel chips that don’t get the same performance or endurance as the M1 CPU.

What Do I Need To Know About Macos

MacOS is extra useful for people who own iPads and iPhones, with a host of clever features that lets you share and work on files seamlessly on all your devices. You can also make and receive calls on your computer no need to reach for the phone any more. There’s also the Siri voice assistant that’ll let you ask questions, set reminders and issue other commands with just your voice.

The latest version of MacOS is called Big Sur, which launched in Autumn 2020. This updated added a lot of new features including easier to access notifications, quick access to settings, updated app designs, privacy enhancements and more. You can read the full list of changes on Apple’s website.

And, as ever, MacOS is arguably the best operating system to choose if you already own an iPhone things sync and work together more seamlessly than other combinations of phones and laptops.

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How To Pick The Best Laptop For You

So, what makes a laptop worth buying? First, it needs to offer excellent value for money. That means budget laptops below the $400/£400 price point need to still offer good performance and build quality.

Meanwhile, ultra-expensive devices need to justify their high price tags with best-in-class performance, premium build quality and lengthy battery lives.

If you want something to work on, a laptop with a modern processor, at least 8GB of RAM and a large screen are worth considering.

For gaming, you’ll want a gaming laptop with a dedicated graphics card and fast and responsive screen.

Check out our guide on what you should look for when buying a new laptop at the end of this page for more in-depth advice on buying a laptop.

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