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What’s The Best Refurbished Laptop To Buy

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When Buying Refurbished Laptops

Best budget Windows laptops you can buy in 2020

There are many things you have to guarantee first before you seal a refurbished laptop deal. Often, its less about software problems like preventing computer viruses and more on hardware issues. This is because most refurbished laptops get returned for aesthetic or hardware problems.

Consider looking at seller ratings when you go shopping for refurbished laptops. Never buy from a vendor that is not authorized or certified. It would be smart to check their reputation through feedback and customer ratings.

When buying a refurbished laptop, check the operating system or OS. Its better to go with one that has a pre-installed OS. A refurbished laptop with running OS is a good sign that there are no technical glitches in its system.

Do note that a manufacturer or a third party can rebuild a refurbished laptop. When they got fixed by a third party, theyll use parts available on hand. This means that the parts may not match the original specifications.

If you want a laptop that performs closest to the original, compare their specifications. They should be the same to match up well. If youre unsure, feel free to shoot our experts an email.

If you want to know where you can buy refurbished laptops, Laptops Direct is a good place to start. Its a branch of the Direct company, which sells other refurbished appliances. Its trustworthy and popular, with 10,000 customer reviews and good ratings on its website.

When Buying A Refurbished Laptop Makes Sense

So, should I buy a refurbished laptop then? Well, its something that you should consider, especially if saving is a priority. Many refurbished laptop units come with as much as a 25% discount off of their original price.

More importantly, a high-quality refurbished laptop can be a good-as-new device. Again, these refurbished computers go through a lot of testing and reconditioning. All these ensure that youre getting a laptop thats free of hardware and software issues.

As most of their main hardware components are new, refurbished laptops can last as long as brand new ones. Meaning, theyll give you at least three to five years of average service life.

Moreover, most refurbished units come equipped with the latest operating systems. Whether its a refurbished Dell, HP, or Lenovo, rest assured that it has the latest Microsoft Windows 10 in it.

The Best Refurbished Laptop Deals

Keep more cash in your pocket when you opt for refurb gear, and any respectable retail deal will have a warranty attached to ensure you’re not stuck with a dud.

If you’re looking to save big on your next laptop purchase, checking in on the refurbished stock is a good first step. You can keep more cash in your pocket when you opt for refurb gear, and any respectable retail deal will have a warranty attached to ensure that you’re not stuck with a dud.

To help save you time and money, we found several superb refurbished deals that all include manufacturer warranties. Now let’s dive in, and find your next laptop.

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Dell Inspiron 15 5566 156

With a dual-core Intel Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a comfortable 512GB solid-state drive, this workhorse laptop can deliver great performance for everyday tasks. While the 1366-by-768 display isn’t the top of the line, this laptop is well-suited for business users who plan to stay connected to an external display most of the time.


So Should I Buy A Refurbished Laptop

Whats The Best Laptop I Can Get At A Price Not More Than ...

If you know what youre looking for, there arent many reasons to avoid buying a refurbished product these days – especially if it comes with a warranty included. In many cases, youll get a like-new product with higher performance and a great lifespan. Ready to start your search? Shop the best deals on refurbished laptops at today and get ready to make your next big upgrade a reality.

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The 10 Best Used Laptops & Refurbished Laptops

Last Edited: March 17, 2021Joseph Ashburner

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Welcome to our refurbished laptop guide to the best used laptops based on reliability, hardware performance, ease of use, design and consumer feedback.

The used laptop and refurbished laptop market is growing at an exponential rate thanks to continued advances in PC hardware and technology this is great for us as it means you can pick up serious deals on dirt cheap refurbished laptops and used laptops that can fulfill your basic computing needs such as word processing or browsing the web while also helping ease the environmental pressure of electronic waste. Also, keep in mind that some of these laptops will only perform at their best if you are running an older operating system such as Windows XP or OS X v10.5 Leopard.

Thanks to Windows, backwards compatibility wont be much of a problem and everything you need should work well unless you must use modern or hardware intensive apps, in which case you should save up a few more dollars and visit one of our other guides. In many cases we would strongly recommend saving up a few bucks for a newer machine if you can afford it. If you are still considering a brand new laptop, our guides to the best cheap laptops, the best laptops overall and the best gaming laptops may provide some more options to consider.

Is It Safe To Buy A Refurbished Laptop

Yes, so long as you buy a refurbished unit made by an established computer manufacturer. Refurbished computers are actually a big deal with PC makers like Dell and HP. These companies put their names behind such equipment.

In the process, they choose only highly-experienced refurbishers and reconditioners. This ensures that the product has indeed undergone major tests and appropriate fixes.

So, you dont have to fret about the battery dying in just a couple of hours. Nor do you need to worry that a refurbished laptop will crash in only a matter of several months. Just make sure that you purchase a refurbished laptop from an authorized refurbisher.

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Check For A Warranty When Buying A Refurbished Laptop Or Mac

Best Gaming Laptops Under $500 (That You Can Buy in 2021)

Most new laptops, like MacBooks, come with a one-year warranty, or have the option to purchase an extended warranty, like Apple Care. With refurbished laptops, the warranty becomes even more important because there is the possibility of a faulty repair or hidden issues that werent discovered. Look for sellers who offer a full-coverage warranty for at least 6 months to a year for all devices, like the warranty offered by Back Market. Back Market provides a minimum 1-year warranty with all refurbished products featured on the website, with some even coming with a 2-year warranty.

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What About Buying Secondhand Non

There are numerous issues that can crop up when buying a laptop secondhand. Besides our concerns about criminals selling on stolen laptops to unwitting customers, we should also warn you about battery life. If a laptop is a year to two years old , the maximum battery life will be much shorter than it was when brand new. Across hundreds of charges, batteries run down and if youre not getting a refurbished laptop, you may be purchasing a computer with a battery so knackered that youll never be able to stray far from a plug socket.

If youve resorted to getting a secondhand laptop over a new or refurbished device, you might want to start by looking closer to home. Friends and family may well have a laptop going spare, which they might sell to you for a discount price. Heck, if they like you enough, maybe you could get one for free!

The benefit of acquiring a laptop from a trusted source is that you know where its been whereas, when buying online, you really dont. But lets imagine nobody you know has a laptop to sell below is a list of tips to guide you through purchasing a secondhand, non-refurbished laptop on the internet.

Useful Tips And Resources

Before ever using your laptop, its a good idea to learn all of its features. You might not even know your device is capable of doing certain things until months after owning it. So be sure to check out videos and reviews to make sure youre getting the most out of the device.

Next, you need to be sure to always treat the laptop well. Most laptops cant survive multiple large drops or falls, so you need to be careful. Always hold it securely, and when putting it in a bag, make sure it isnt loose or bouncing around. Also, take time to keep the laptop clean, as that will help it work better for longer. Checking out videos like this one will make it easy to ensure your laptop is kept in the best possible condition.

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Used Is Not Refurbished

The terms used and refurbished can not really be used interchangeably. Refurbished laptops generally come from companies like Dell, as we covered above, and are restored by professionals to as good condition as possible. Steps may include taking units apart to check various components, including the battery, internal storage, power supply, ports, and other parts.

You’ll generally need to go through manufacturers and select retailers for trustworthy refurbished laptops.

Laptops that are classified as “used” are sold by consumers after they’ve upgraded to a better model, decided the laptop wasn’t quite what they need, or they simply need to raise some funds. Used laptops aren’t checked in-depth, and as such, there could potentially be an issue with a component. Platforms like eBay and Craigslist also do not check products prior to listing.

Retailers like offer the best of both worlds. Sellers can list a used laptop, but it’s also possible to locate certified refurbished laptops that come with a limited warranty. It’s recommended you spend significant time doing research. Here are some handy tips to buying a refurbished or used laptop:

  • Check the laptop right away for any defects that weren’t listed by the seller. This includes opening up the devices to have a quick peek inside.
  • Check for any warranties.
  • Read the fine print to see what’s covered by the warranty.
  • Consider using a credit card to pay for used laptops.
  • Check return policies.

Does It Have A Warranty

Buy online Hp Mini 210

Warranty is one of the most critical factors you should look for when purchasing a refurbished gaming laptop since its actual condition is not known to you. A warranty is an assurance that any issue with the laptop will be taken care of or you can request for a replacement/refund if the laptop does not work upon delivery.

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These Are The Best Places To Buy A Refurbished Macbook Air

The latest MacBook Air is still one of the best laptops you can buy today. Mac computers are very different from the best Windows laptops out there, but thats not a bad thing. Being powered by macOS makes it easier to understand for many users, and its one of the best laptops you can get for students or older users alike. Of course, being a premium product means its not cheap, so its not something everyone can buy easily. One thing you can do to help you save money though is buying a refurbished or used MacBook Air.

There are quite a few places where you can buy refurbished Macs, including the MacBook Air. Finding the latest model powered by the Apple M1 chip is a bit challenging, but buying older models can also mean bigger savings. Weve rounded up some of the best places where you can buy a refurbished MacBook Air and save a few bucks while still getting a great product. Weve also included some stores that sell used or open-box Macs, which are also great ways to save some money.

What’s The Difference Between A Refurbished Laptop And A Second

A refurbished, or reconditioned, laptop has usually been professionally restored by a manufacturer or retailer to the closest it can get to as new condition. Refurbished laptops often come with warranties.

The laptops we more commonly think of as ‘second-hand’ are typically used laptops sold as-is by their previous owners, and their condition will be far more variable.

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What Is A Refurbished Laptop

When a computer gets sold as a refurbished product, it might mean a few things. One possibility is that a customer bought the laptop and then later returned it to the company. The computer company cannot package it as brand new so they instead resell it as refurbished.

Another possible history of a refurbished laptop is that it failed to meet the quality test of the original manufacturer. This doesnt mean its getting sold in the same substandard condition. Before a manufacturer re-releases a refurbished product, they rebuild it to their standards.

Other ways for a laptop to get refurbished includes a canceled order and/or opened-box models. Store models and overstock can be the cause for refurbishing models. Having damage like scratches from shipping may also be reasons for refurbishing electronics.

You can be lucky enough to get a laptop that got returned because of canceled orders or light scratches. In essence, its a lot like buying a brand new laptop. A brand new laptop bought for more than a thousand dollars could last 7 years.

Refurbished laptops can be older models traded in for newer ones. In other cases, they can be old laptops from offices or companies that are not needed anymore. Often, the refurbished laptops youll find will be old models.

Don’t Be Seduced By The ‘discount’

Best Budget Gaming Laptop in 2019 | 5 Cheap & Affordable Laptops For Gaming

The £100 ‘discount’ on this refurbished Geo Book 3X is not what it seems. The last time we checked the price of the Geo Book 3X before it went off general sale, it was priced at £199 brand new.

Here, the retailer has compared the price of the refurbed model to that of the £300+ RRP , claiming a £100 discount. In fact, this laptop is £10 more expensive than when we last checked the ‘new’ price. And that’s for a refurbished model in imperfect ‘A2’ condition.

It can be hard to find the original price of laptops that went off sale a long time ago, but in our experience these cheaper models are frequently a false economy when bought refurbished you’d be better off buying a new, cheap model .

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Should You Buy A Refurbished Laptop

A cheap refurbished laptop can be fantastic value for your money, but you need to look out for a few key things to make sure you dont get ripped off. For instance, its vital that the refurbished laptop deals you check out are all factory refurbished, meaning the actual manufacturer repaired them. Youll also want to make sure that the refurbished laptop has at least a 12-month warranty and that the refurbished laptop sales are from a reliable and reputable retailer.

If you stick to these things, then you should be safe. By following such ideals, youll ensure your cheap refurbished laptop has been repaired by a company employee using factory parts, and the warranty means that if the same issue pops up, you can have it repaired for free.

If you come across something that hasnt been reconditioned in the same factory in which it was made but is still listed as certified refurbished, its still good to go. That tends to mean that its been as good as factory repaired by a professional who knows what theyre doing.

Its sensible to stick to trusted retailers with a warranty and some form of guarantee as it avoids any chance of you accidentally buying stolen stock.

As always, remember to use common sense. If the refurbished laptop deals youre checking out look too good to be true, they probably are. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller so you wont be disappointed by your purchase.

Editors’ Recommendations

Tips For Getting Refurbished Laptops

Are you sold into buying refurbished laptops? Thinking about getting a refurbished computer now? Before you start looking for one, allow us to give you some tips.

In case youre wondering, you can still get a warranty on a refurbished laptop. Reputable sellers will offer Grade A Certified Refurbished products with warranties. Remember to ask about warranties before you complete any deal on refurbished products.

If you need a laptop for tasks like web browsing or word processing, get a refurbished laptop. You can save more this way and avoid regretting spending so much on what, in essence, is an office laptop. You get a great cost-performance ratio with refurbished laptops.

It would also be smart to get one when youre looking for a family computer. You can take advantage of the cost-performance ratio to buy a laptop for your kids. They get to do schoolwork and play games on a laptop thats cheaper than brand new but still performs the same.

Sometimes, little accidents love kids. With the warranty these laptops come with, you have a safety net to fall back to in case they drop it by accident. If it survives long enough, they can even bring it all the way to college with them.

If youre already a college student and still without a laptop, get one. The price is reasonable, especially to the typical college student. Even an old model will still work well for note-taking during lectures.

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