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What’s The Difference In A Chromebook And A Laptop

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Chromebook Vs Laptop Full Comparison Faqs

Differences Between a Laptop and a Chromebook

What are the Pros and Cons of Chromebook vs Laptop?

Chromebook Pros:

  • Large amounts of RAM not requied.
  • Powerful processor not required.
  • Excellent security with automatic updates.
  • User friendly
  • Heavily reliant on in cloud services.
  • Not designed for gaming or high-end computing.
  • Unable to connect directly to a printer via Wi-fi or a cable.

What is a Chromebook?

It is a budget-friendly version of a laptop that is designed to operate on the Google OS with an internet connection. The majority of its applications are cloud based.

Which is Better a Chromebook or a Laptop?

A Chromebook is better when it comes to battery life, price, and security. Other than that laptops are better in every other category to include performance, functionality, and storage.

What is the Difference Between a Laptop and Chromebook?

  • The main difference is in the operating systems they use. Chromebooks use Chrome OS while laptops use Windows or Mac.
  • Laptops are not reliant on cloud services or storage.
  • Laptops can download Microsoft Office and a host of applications.
  • Laptops have internal hard drives and more local storage capability.
  • Laptops can connect directly to printers.
  • Laptops can be used for gaming and basically any computing needs.

Can a Chromebook Replace a Laptop?

It cannot because its operating system and design lacks the performance, memory, capability, and functionality.

What are the Disadavantages of a Chromebook?

Chromebook Vs Laptop: Which Should You Get

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs Chrome OS an operating system similar to your computer browser. This means it has most of the capabilities of a regular laptop but with some limitations. A Laptop is a regular, fully functional computer running on Windows or macOS. Some advantages to laptops are storage space and expandability. They typically have better battery life and can be upgraded down the road if necessary.

Send And Receive Text Messages

Unless youre on a Mac, youre probably not texting on your laptop. But the good news is you can do it on a PC and Chromebook, both. If you have an Android phone, anyway .

I use Google Messages for web to send and receive SMS messages on my Chromebook. It works exactly as youd expect nothing tricky.

There may be other web apps that allow you to do the same thing too. Ive never looked, because Ive never needed to.

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Chromebook: Play Store Apps

On a Chromebook, you use internet applications from the Chrome Web Store. These applications work from the Chrome web browser. Think of text editor Google Docs or Google Slides, an alternative to PowerPoint. You can also install Android applications from the Google Play Store. If you’re a Microsoft Office enthusiast, you can install the Office 365 Android application. As a gamer, you can now use Google Stadia, which allows you to play and stream the latest games on your Chromebook, even in 4K.

Can You Use Skype On A Chromebook

Laptop vs. Chromebook: What

Use the Web-Based Version of Skype on Your Chromebook Open the Chrome browser and visit Log in to the service or register for a free account. After you log in, youll see the web interface. From here, you can initiate phone calls, video and text chats, as well as access stored contacts.

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Using Software: Windows Laptops Are A Must

  • Access to both web apps and local apps.

  • Runs any browser you prefer.

  • Can handle processor-intensive tasks.

The single biggest difference between Chromebook vs Windows laptops is the fact that you can’t locally install software on a Chromebook.

For example, if you have a Photoshop license and use it often to do photo editing, Chromebooks just aren’t an option when you replace your Windows laptop. High-end Windows laptops also have the processing power for things like video editing that Chromebooks just can’t come close to matching.

Also, ChromeOS is built upon the Chrome browser itself, so if you prefer Firefox or Edge you’re going to be disappointed with a Chromebook.

With all that said, there are workarounds for Chromebook users. For example, you can install Linux on a Chromebook, which gives you access to full-featured apps like Gimp and other Linux applications. However, doing so voids your warranty and stops ChromeOS security updates so it isn’t recommended for novice users.

Which Can Be Personalized More A Chromebook Or A Pc

Typically, Windows PCs have offered an enormous variety of options to allow you to tweak things as you like, which weve covered in our feature of how to personalize your PC. Most of this is already built into Windows, though there are wallpaper theme packs and even a Bing Wallpaper app to allow further customization.

Chromebooks have generally not offered these capabilities, though theres now an option to personalize your lock screen with either one of your own photos or an image preselected by Google. Music controls are available, too.

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Chromebook Vs Laptop: Operating System

There is a Google operating system, Chrome OS, with a Chromebook, and you can use Android applications with it. Some Chromebook users use their device for gaming on the cloud, and with a large number of apps available, you can get really productive. You can do a lot with a Chromebook for a much lower price.

Updates to the Google operating system happen while you are using your Chromebook, so you can just use your device without even knowing that updates are happening in the background. The latest versions of Chrome OS will run Android apps.

The early Chromebooks only worked if you had an Internet connection. Things have changed and the most modern Chromebooks have limited internal storage, but essentially, the Chrome OS is still designed to function at its best when you are online.

So, if you think that you will do most of your work offline, then a Windows or Mac laptop is probably the better option for you. You will have access to larger internal storage and you can use applications that do not require an internet connection.

Chromebooks Are Different Than Laptops

Chromebook vs Laptop – What Is The Difference? [Simple]

First and foremost, lets set this straight while chromebooks look like a laptop, they are in fact a whole new variation of your typical laptop. They are sometimes compared to tablets. Well take a look at the main differences and similarities, but it is important to know that comparing a laptop and a chromebook is like comparing apples and oranges they are both a fruit, but theyre certainly different.

Photo Credit: BigEasySavings via Compfightcc

Heres a video google released to explain exactly what the logic was behind the Chrome OS and how it works:

You definitely dont get as many options with a chromebook compared to a laptop, but the thing is, some people never use the additional functionality that a laptop offers. This makes chromebooks an especially suited product for those who are less computer savvy and just want to use basic applications and browse the net.

In a nutshell, a chromebook is essentially a stripped back laptop that is designed more for fast internet browsing, but can also handle tasks such as watching videos, and running office applications .

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What Is Difference Between Laptop And Chromebook

Summary of Chromebook vs. Laptop. The main difference between Chromebooks and laptops is of course the operating system While laptops run on the most popular operating system Windows, Chromebooks run on web-based Chrome OS, which is basically a skinned version of the Chrome browser with some added functionalities.

Chromebooks Vs Laptops: Which Should You Pick

On the fence on whether you should get a Chromebook or a laptop? In this post, weve covered the main reasons for getting a Chromebook over a laptop and vice-versa.

Just a couple of years ago, in 2020, Chrome OS devices outsold macOS laptops in market share for the first time. The lightweight OS popular in low-cost laptops soared in market share due to the rise in educational devices during the pandemic.

With this trend of a rise in Chromebook usage expected to continue in 2022, that begs an important question:

What should you get a Chromebook or a traditional laptop?

What are the differences between Chromebooks and laptops? Which should you use for your specific workloads and requirements? Are there any disadvantages to picking a Chromebook over a normal laptop? In this article, well compare Chromebooks to laptops and ultimately help you decide which would work best for you.

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How Are They Related

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs on the Chrome OS. A Chromebook has all the functionality of a laptop, but in the form of a lightweight operating system that doesnt require any applications to be installed. The apps are pre-installed in the system and you can use them just like any other app on your computer.

Before we go into the differences between a Chromebook and a laptop, lets take a look at the similarities between the two.

  • The Operating System
  • The operating system is a part of the hardware of a computer and is responsible for giving it its functionality. The operating system runs all the programs and all the programs can access the hardware. The operating system is very important as it makes the hardware and software work together. Both Chromebook and Laptop are electronic devices that run on an operating system.

  • Storage Capacity
  • The storage capacity is the amount of data that can be stored on a computer. This capacity depends on the hardware that is installed in the computer. Both Chromebook and Laptop can store data in their storage media. The storage capacity can be seen as the amount of RAM and ROM that is installed in the computer.

  • Display
  • The display is the part of a computer that is used to display the images and the graphics. Both Chromebook and Laptop have a display and the screen size depends on the hardware installed in the computer.

    Chromebooks Vs Laptops: The Differences

    Difference Between Chromebook and Laptop

    First of all, a Chromebook is technically a laptop too. Its a portable computer with a desktop OS, just like the options it competes with. Chromebooks have taken on a different name, mostly for marketing reasons, but also because they largely differ in functionality, software, UI, design, and overall philosophy. This gap in how Chromebooks and Windows or macOS laptops operate keeps them in different realms.

    Chromebooks are technically laptops too.Edgar Cervantes

    Chromebooks run Chrome OS, Googles own operating system, which focuses on online usage. Essentially, Chrome OS used to be a glorified Chrome browser. It was more recently that Chromebooks started taking more advantage of specialized software. After gaining access to the , Chromebooks have become much more functional offline and online machines. Furthermore, Chromebooks now have access to Linux apps, which widens their portfolio of desktop apps significantly.

    More:These are the Chromebooks that can run Android and Linux apps

    On the other hand, Windows and macOS laptops are more well-rounded devices. They use traditional desktop operating systems designed to operate independently. These do much more than a Chromebook, especially offline. Because they are more capable, traditional computers require more resources and need more powerful components to keep things running smoothly. A Windows/macOS laptop would do horrible with basic Chromebook specs.

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    Chromebook Vs Laptop Full Comparison

    December 28, 2021 by History Computer Staff

    When it comes to the exterior design, Chromebooks and laptops look basically the same. The differences are primarily in the internal hardware with the main difference being the operating systems. Chromebooks use the Google Chrome operating system, while laptops use either Windows or a Mac operating system. For a detailed breakdown and to see which device is right for you, continue reading below.

    Chromebook Vs Laptop: Photo And Video Editing

    It will not be possible for you to install applications like Photoshop and high-end video editing suites. You can do some basic photo and video editing tasks with a Chromebook, but you are better off investing in a Windows or Mac laptop if you need more than this.

    There are Android apps available for photo and video editing, but they are limited in terms of use. These days there are apps available online to help you with photo and video editing, and you should be fine with a Chromebook if you are only going to want to do this occasionally.

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    Understanding The Difference Between Laptop Ultrabook Notebook And Chromebook

    We are living in an age which likes to name everything. Naming is caring. It helps us identify, refer, describe, symbolize, and most importantly, organize. No wonder then there are almost a dozen different names for different types of gadgets, including laptops. However, most people get lost in the terminologies when looking to purchase a new laptop.

    There are laptops, and there are similar-looking notebooks and ultrabooks. Then theres another new term for a pretty similar-looking machine Chromebook. Which is which? How do you differentiate? Most importantly, how do you know you need a laptop and not an ultrabook? In this article, we explain the key differences to clear the air once and for all.

    Who Will Enjoy Using A Chromebook

    Chromebook VS Laptop – Difference & Which One is Better

    Now that weve covered the basics of what a chromebook is, lets take a closer look at what type of user the chromebook is for. To understand if you will enjoy using a chromebook, you need to have an understanding of what kind of tasks you typically use your computer for.

    If you find that you really only use your computer for browsing the internet, interacting on social media, creating and editing office files, watching videos, webcam chatting and the like, then a chromebook may be all that you need.

    Image Source: Ekaroleski via Wikimedia commonscc

    For the older generation or younger students who dont want to worry about system files and configuring software, chromebooks offer a simple way to get started on a very portable computer with no hassles. They are extremely popular among schools and even college students may prefer chromebooks for their affordability and portability.

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    Chromebook Vs Laptop: Which Is Best For You

    Now that you know the main differences between Chromebooks and laptops, which side are you picking?

    In a nutshell, we would recommend Chromebooks to anyone who uses a computer for web purposes and can live on Android apps for more complex processes. Chrome OS is faster, more affordable, more secure, and much simpler to use. Windows, macOS, and other Linux-based operating systems can run more advanced programs and are more efficient offline. They also have a healthier selection of apps optimized for the laptop form factor.

    Regardless of your preference, we have lists of the best laptops from each realm. Check it out below.

    The best laptops you can get:

    Chromebook Vs Laptop What Are The Differences

    A laptop is usually controlled by a PC operating system for example Microsoft Windows 10 which provides the familiar desktop workspace where you launch programs, write documents, save files, and so on.

    Chromebooks are powered by the lightweight Google Chrome OS, which uses the Chrome web browser as the primary user interface . Nearly everything is done online within the Chrome browser or via the cloud improving system speed and efficiency across the board

    Hundreds of gigabytes of internal storage are provided either by a spinning hard disk drive or a solid-state drive .

    Whereas there is some local storage on a Chromebook, users typically save their documents, photos, music, and other files on the cloud, with convenient features for syncing and storing data across devices .

    A laptop can handle many uses and is able to download software and run applications from any source.

    The Chromebook system is more of a closed environment. All your apps must come from the Google Play Store or Google Web Apps store.

    Those are some of the differences between a Chromebook and a laptop.

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    Laptop Vs Chromebook: Gaming

    This round feels like putting Mario up against a mere Goomba. Windows 10, especially with access to top storefronts like Steam and the rising Xbox Game Pass, is continuing to play a significant role in gaming. Even Apple is dipping its toe in gaming with Apple Arcade, which works on macOS, though that hasn’t been the home run that the Cupertino company probably wants it to be. Many high-profile games work on Macs, and the Steam store is there too.

    In contrast, Chromebooks have well, they have Android games. As someone who once wrote a “best Android games for Chromebooks” list, let me tell you that I would personally never give a Chromebook to a kid who wants to game. It’s like pulling an old NES out of the closet when someone starts asking about the upcoming PS5. You can play Android games on Chromebooks, but few if any are actually designed and customized for the larger screen, as most are still written for phones. That means your Chromebook better have a touch screen and rotate into tablet mode, which is still far from ideal.

    Winner: Laptops

    Should You Buy A Chromebook Or A Laptop

    Windows laptop vs Chromebook: Whatâs the difference, and which is ...

    Picking up a laptop used to be fairly straightforward. It was a choice between a Windows laptop or MacBook, with a well-established tribal loyalty to each. Today, the two are arguably a lot closer than theyve ever been, and a newer challenger has entered the ring the Chromebook.

    With their cheaper prices and simple approach, Chromebooks are becoming a smarter choice than regular laptops. In fact, unless you have to run a certain program that’s only available on Windows , we’d argue a Chromebook is the best purchase. They’re also quite secure, which will help guarantee that you aren’t the victim of a security breach.

    More computing happens online, rather than on your computer itself, these days. Your email account? Synced via the cloud. Your documents? Backed up to Google Drive or Dropbox. Your music and videos? Streamed, not downloaded. Chromebooks are perfect for this always-online approach, and they’re so much cheaper than Mac or Windows alternatives.

    Chromebooks, MacBooks and Windows laptops all have their advantages and disadvantages, and there are tasks that each can achieve better than the others. At their core though, theyre all essentially laptops, and can browse the web, stream video and handle documents.

    Weve broken down what to typically expect from each operating system in the table below:

    Let’s understand a few of those spec differences between Chromebooks, Windows Laptops and MacBooks

    Operating system

    Software on a Chromebook

    Chromebook Processors

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