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What’s The Difference In A Chromebook And A Regular Laptop

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Advantages Of A Laptop

Chromebook vs Laptop – What Is The Difference? [Simple]

Compared to a Chromebook, a laptop has these advantages:

  • Flexibility: A laptop with a full PC operating system, optical drive, and multiple slots and ports will always be more flexible than a Chromebook, which has a relatively limited user interface, fewer port types, and relies more on remote applications and services .
  • Advanced software: Virtually every software program — photo editors, spreadsheets, word processors, games — can run on a laptop, whereas some software makers have yet to release Chrome-compatible versions of their programs. NOTE: Some newer Chromebooks can run Android apps, which could, over time, help them catch up to laptops, software-wise.
  • Processor speed: Laptops typically have faster clock speeds than Chromebooks, as even small models have frame designs that can contain the latest processors, additional RAM, etc. Chromebooks aren’t slow, by any means. But laptops can do more at once.
  • Business use: Most analysts give laptops the edge for business, particularly those with multi-core, multi-thread CPUs and better multi-tasking. A Chomebook’s suitability for business increases for frequently mobile users who put extra value on portability, especially if it’s at a lower cost.
  • Offline time: Laptop users can stay relatively productive even when beyond the range of their home or office wireless, whereas the Chromebook’s “connected-for-everything” approach could make it hard to complete some tasks when out-of-range.

What Is It About Chromebooks That Makes Them So Popular

They are cheap in the first place. Web appliances provide most of the functionality of a laptop but without its expensive memory. Fourth, Chromebooks are popular because they combine the instant-on functionality and battery life of a tablet with virtually all the capabilities of a laptop.


  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Can A Chromebook Replace Your Windows Laptop Most Probably

    Put the group that thinks Chromebooks are just expensive web browsers aside because it’s nonsense. There is a very good chance you can switch to a Chromebook and never miss a beat. Chrome OS has matured so much that it’s now a capable offline and online operating system to use on a laptop.

    Chromebooks aren’t for everyone, but they probably are for you.

    Android apps made a remarkable difference in what a Chromebook can do and, for most people they mean a Chromebook can do everything you currently do on your laptop running Windows. This might not apply if you use a laptop as a portable office or if you have a very expensive gaming laptop or have specific programs and tools you need to connect in a specialized environment.

    But do you need a laptop to do any of these things, or are you using it for simple everyday tasks like shopping, communicating, finances, and all the other “normal” stuff we all do most every day?

    If you are, a Chromebook will serve you well. You’ll spend less money, be more secure while connected, and enjoy a more simple experience that focuses on what you’re doing instead of all the software that keeps a laptop running so you can do it.

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    Chrome Os Is More Stable Than Windows 10

    WIndows, especially lately, has been prone to one update problem after another. The latest example: Microsoft broke Visual Basic programs for many users. I mean, how do you break the Visual Basic 6 code? The language has been part and parcel of the Microsoft family since 1998!

    Windows updates have become a nightmare over the past few years. Today, Windows users hold off for as long as possible before “updating” their PCs. Chrome OS users, on the other hand, have their systems updated every six weeks without a hitch. And, I might add, these updates take a minute or two instead of an hour or two.

    Chrome OS is also more secure than Windows. WIndows security violations pop up every blessed month. Sure, Chrome OS has had security holes, but I can’t think of one that’s been significantly exploited.

    Chromebook Vs Laptop: Performance

    Whats The Difference Between A Laptop A

    Performance is relative. How well a machine operates depends on its specs, workload, and many other factors. If we put the same specs on a Chromebook, a Windows laptop, and a Macbook, the Chromebook will always outperform the others . Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system and doesnt need much power to run smoothly.

    You definitely get more bang for your buck with Chromebooks. Edgar Cervantes

    However, if youre looking for is true performance, you wont find it in a Chromebook. Windows and macOS laptops can be completely specd out, with all the necessary power to run anything you throw at them. On top of that, theyre actually compatible with intensive software. You can get much more raw power out of a regular laptop if you are willing to pay for the beefier specs.

    No matter how much money you throw at a Chromebook, the specs plateau after a certain point. For example, the can be completely specd out for $1,399. This gets you an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and a 4K screen. This is nothing to scoff at, but these are specs you can easily surpass in the Windows and macOS market. Remember, the Google Pixelbook Go, in its top configuration, is one of the most expensive Chromebooks around. You cant really get much better even if you are willing to pay for it.

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    Which Is Better For Web Browsing A Chromebook Or Windows Pc

    Its not quite true to say that Chromebooks and a Windows PC are equivalent in web browsing, but this is probably the closest point of intersection. Browsing the web using Chrome on a Chrome OS device is virtually identical to using Chrome on a PC. A Windows PC will allow other browser options, however, including Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Firefox. However, Microsofts new Edge browser is also based on Chromium, meaning that Edge can use Chrome plug-ins beginning in the . Theyre almost identical!

    Because of the simplicity of Chrome OS, some complex sites simply feel more responsive within a Chromebook. On a Chromebook, with the same ad blockers, the site can actually be more responsive. Chromebooks usually ship with less memory than a PC, however, so youll be able to open fewer tabs. You can use other browsers with Chromebooks, like Opera, but theyre typically the mobile version of the browser running as an Android app.

    What Chromebook Options Are Available

    The most expensive Chromebook you can buy is Googles Pixelbook, with a $1,000 starting price. It represents the high end not only in premium materials and build quality but also performance.

    Overall, youll find Chromebooks ranging from 11-inch 2-in-1s up to 15-inch options for additional screen real estate. HD resolution is the standard, while Full HD, touchscreen, and 4K options are becoming more common. Intel Celeron processors are a popular choice for todays Chromebooks typically, dual-core versions that rarely rise above the 2.0GHz mark although youll find Core i5 and i7 chips as the prices climb.

    Most Chromebooks offer 2GB to 4GB of RAM, which is enough for average laptop tasks but low compared to traditional laptop models that regularly offer 8GB or 16GB of RAM. As for storage, Chromebooks dont have large disk drives, as they depend on the internet for most data purposes. Storage can usually be augmented with an SD card or USB drive if necessary.

    For ports, most Chromebooks are largely comparable to laptops, though fewer in number. USB-A, USB-C, and headphone jacks are common connections.

    Most Chromebooks have a better battery life than the typical laptop. Although about 10 hours is most common, newer models are more likely to have 12-hour battery life. Windows 10 laptops are slowly closing the gap, but on average, Chromebooks last longer.

    Finally, Chrome OS tablets are available, but we wouldnt recommend those without a keyboard.

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    Chromebook Vs Other Laptops

    A laptop is a portable computer with functionality and input devices similar to a desktop computer. By that definition, Chromebook is a laptop that runs the Chrome OS operating system. So, how does Chromebook stack up against a MacBook or a laptop with Windows? Here’s our review of Chromebook versus laptops to help you decide which is the right device for you.

    Can A Chromebook Play Games As Well As A Windows Pc

    Chromebook vs Laptop: How They’re Different, How to Choose

    With the vast history of classic PC games available to Windows machines, the PC is clearly dominant as far as on-the-device gaming is concerned. However, there are also games that are exclusive to Chromebooks, thanks to 2016s Chrome OS 53, and its ability to run Android apps and games. All Chromebooks made since 2019 have this capability. But the distinction is not quite as profound as it once was.

    If you buy a Chromebook that supports Android in tablet mode, then presto! Your Chromebook is now a large tablet.

    While you wont be playing the latest Battlefield game on a Chromebook as a native app, cloud gaming services could come to your rescueand running them is the next best thing to loading and playing them on the Chromebook itself. In addition to the older Parsec cloud gaming service, you now have Nvidia GeForce Now, the Blade Shadow service , and Googles own Stadia, though its had a rocky start, all of which allow you to subscribe to a virtual PC that exists in the cloud, upon which you can play ordinary PC games.

    Google believes strongly in cloud gaming, and as of February 2021 . The service is available as a web app, optimized to get you up and running in no time.

    IDG / Hayden Dingman

    Youll never reach PC levels of graphics quality, like 2018s Kingdom Come, without a cloud-gaming assist.

    In June 2021, Xbox cloud gaming arrived on PCs via the Web browser. Weve already tested Xbox cloud gaming on the Web, and it runs pretty well.

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    What Can A Chromebook Do

    Chromebooks ship with their own operating system called Chrome OS, which is based on Linux and uses the Chrome browser as an interface. It has basic computing elements, such as a file manager and an app launcher, but most of what you use are web-based apps that require no downloading.

    That might sound limiting at first, but many popular apps already offer web-based versions like Spotify, Netflix, Slack, and Evernote. Due to the prevalence of web applications, many people spend the majority of their time in a web browser anyway. If your typical workflow resembles this scenario, transitioning to a Chromebook will be relatively smooth. Just connect to Wi-Fi and proceed with your browsing as normal.

    However, with the addition of the Google Play Store, you can also download Android apps to fill in any software gaps. Their implementation in a laptop setting might be a little funky in some cases some expand full-screen while others remain locked in smartphone screen mode but Android apps are available if you really need them.

    Chromebooks also support Linux software. If you absolutely need desktop applications, setting up Linux is certainly an option. There are Linux versions of Audacity, Firefox, GIMP, OBS Studio, Steam, VirtualBox, and many more, but your favorite application may not offer a Linux-based variant. Check the developers website first before ruling out a Chromebook.

    Differences Between Chromebooks And Traditional Laptops

    Technically, both standard laptops and Chromebooks are laptops, in that each device is portable and can be operated while resting on your lap. Theres more to it, of course. Heres a quick look at how laptops and Chromebooks differ:

    Chromebooks rarely sport the latest, fastest processors because they dont need them. And many features are intentionally absent, such as advanced graphics cards, large storage drives, and so on all to make Chromebooks more lightweight and streamlined compared to regular laptops.

    Of course, Chromebooks are less customizable than laptops. They offer a certain feature set, and thats that.

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    Laptop Vs Chromebook: Whats The Difference And Which Works Better For You

    Acers updated Chromebook Spin 713 two-in-one is the first product to support Thunderbolt 4 and has been Intel Evo validated.

    Josh Goldman / CNET

    Chromebook Is Laptop And Two-in-one Running chromium operating system.The hardware may look like any other LaptopHowever, the minimal web browser-based Chrome OS offers a different experience than the familiar Windows and MacOS laptops. Whether you are considering switching from Windows Laptop Or if youre interested in a MacBook, what your child received from school, or just Chrome OS, heres everything you need to know.

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    For Chromebook First arrived in 2011 They were routinely laughed at because of their limited functionality and their reliance on a consistent internet connection. Operating system celebrates its 10th anniversary this year Also, while the current Chromebook is far from its original state, some havent changed and you may not want to accept the current Chromebook limits. Also, if you dont like reading this and want to experience Chrome OS, click here. How to run temporarily on a laptop using an inexpensive USB flash drive Perhaps you are already lying down.

    HPs Chromebook x2 is a great removable 2 in 1.

    Sarah Tu / CNET

    What Is A Chromebook

    Whats The Difference Between A Laptop A

    A chromebook is a low-cost laptop which exclusively runs the Googles Chrome operating system , instead of another OS like Windows. Chromebooks are typically designed to be extremely portable, have a super fast boot up time taking you straight to your internet browser within around 10 seconds and offer excellent battery life. They are intended to be used with an internet connection, with most of the storage space and programs/applications residing on the cloud .

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    Chromebook Security Vstraditional Laptops

    The difference in security between Chromebooks and most other laptops is something that isnt often discussed. First and foremost is the obvious: Chrome OS has a tiny market share, just 1%, so it isnt a target when it comes to things like trojans, malware, and keyloggers.

    There are some pretty nasty extensions that can get installed on your Google Chrome browser, but malicious software can completely wreck a Windows machine.

    Chromebooks have built-in, automated updatesand virus and malware protection. Furthermore, your entire OS experience issandboxed. This means that if one of your apps or tabs gets infected bysomething dangerous, it wont spread and affect anything else on yourChromebook.

    Lastly, everything on your Chromebook syncs toyour Google account and remains encrypted. You have to be signed in to yourGoogle account to access this data, as well as your Chromebook, and Googleoffers multiple forms of two-factor authentification.

    Chromebooks are slowly gaining market share asbuyers are demanding more affordable solutions to simple access to a webbrowser. They make especially great gifts for less-experienced users and olderfolks! Theres no denying that your standard laptop is tenfold as functionaland flexible, but Chromebooks fill a simple void that many are searching for.If less is more for your laptop needs, consider picking up a Chromebook.

    Our Favorite Budget Windows Laptops

    However, because Chromebooks are so web-focused, the limited amount of local storage should be okay, as your data will be synced and saved within the Google cloud, or in the individual app youre using. Meanwhile, the browser-focused interface means you dont have to worry about installing programs or moving around files on your desktop. Instead, your Google account is your key, allowing you to use Googles most popular programs and download Play apps.

    SCREEN AND BATTERY. Outside of those nitty-gritty component details, Chromebooks are much the same as other laptops. They have displays that come in various sizes , most of which will be full HD . The lowest-end Chromebooks still use 1,366-by-768-pixel panels and are best avoided, at this point, except perhaps at the smallest screen sizes, on the smallest budgets.

    Both laptops and Chromebooks offer varying chassis build qualities and materials by manufacturer and price tier, batteries that can last more than 10 hours to get you through the day, and basic ports like USB and perhaps an HDMI output. Battery life is where independent testers like our own PC Labs come in to gauge it, consult reviews with defensible comparisons, rather than relying just on vendor claims.

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    Chromebooks Vs Laptops: The Differences

    First of all, a Chromebook is technically a laptop too. Its a portable computer with a desktop OS, just like the options it competes with. Chromebooks have taken on a different name mostly for marketing reasons, but also because they largely differ in functionality, software, UI, design, and overall philosophy. This gap in how Chromebooks and Windows or macOS laptops operate keeps them in different realms.

    Chromebooks are technically laptops too.Edgar Cervantes

    Chromebooks run Chrome OS, Googles own operating system, which focuses on online usage. Essentially, Chrome OS used to be a glorified Chrome browser. It was more recently that Chromebooks started taking more advantage of specialized software. After gaining access to the , Chromebooks have become much more functional offline and online machines. Furthermore, Chromebooks now have access to Linux apps, which widens their portfolio of desktop apps significantly.

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    On the other hand, Windows and macOS laptops are more well-rounded devices. They use traditional desktop operating systems designed to operate independently. These do much more than a Chromebook, especially offline. Because they are more capable, traditional computers require more resources and need more powerful components to keep things running smoothly. A Windows/macOS laptop would do horrible with basic Chromebook specs.

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