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When Do Laptops Go On Sale

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When Is The Best Time To Buy New Electronics

Tips for Buying Cheap Laptop Computers on eBay (U.S.)

Bargain hunters everywhere swear by shopping seasonally. Buy when demand is lowest or when retailers are pushing out old inventory in anticipation of new models. Some people think the only best time is during Black Friday . So when is actually the best time to buy a new computer or gadget? Well, heres the lowdown on gadget-buying that you need to know.

Whats The History Of Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the United States, when stores would lower their prices to entice customers.

The exact origin of the term Black Friday isnt known. Apocryphally, its said to mark the point in the year when retailers would start turning a profit coming out of the red and into the black though its more likely to refer to the dense crowds and chaotic traffic jams following the Thanksgiving holiday.

Black Friday became a modern retail phenomenon in the mid-2000s, when footage of impatient shoppers falling over one another to grab discounted electronics went viral. Since 2005, Black Friday has consistently been the busiest shopping day in the United States.

brought the fun to British shores in 2010, and since then Black Friday has become just as hyped in the UK as it is in the US.

When Does Best Buy Black Friday 2021 Start

Best Buys Black Friday 2021 sale will consist of two roll-outs the first wave of deals started . Up next is Best Buy’s official Black Friday sale on Friday, November 19.

Like in previous years, Best Buy locations will be closed on Thanksgiving Day,Thursday, November 25. However, you can still shop on their website or app.

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Last Year’s Black Friday Laptop Deals

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch : $1,299.99$1,199.99 at B& H PhotoB& H Photo is also offering the the new MacBook Pro with M1 chip for $100 off if you don’t want to go with Amazon. Like with Amazon, this deal applies to both the 256GB and 512GB models, so you don’t have to compromise and still save some money. Normally not a saving worth talking about – but this is a hyper-new laptop.

When To Buy A Laptop Ahead Of Black Friday

Gateway NV77H18u 2.4GHz 500GB 17

If you are already looking for Black Friday-level laptop deals, it’s worth keeping in mind the kinds of specs and features you’re after for your cash. There are a few easy to spot hallmarks of a good deal, though, which is helpful considering it’s difficult to work out whether you really are looking at a Black Friday-level offer or not.

If you’re after a cheap Chromebook, for example, we’d recommend waiting for one with at least 4GB RAM and 32GB of storage for under $150 / £150. However, for a Windows machine with a similar entry level spec , you’d be better off aiming for a $299 / £299 price tag to make an early buy worthwhile.

Once you double up your RAM and potentially think about moving up to an Intel i5 processor, $399-$499 / £399-£499 is a strong sales price that we tend to see in official Black Friday laptop deals . However, of course, that is all depending on the price of the actual machine you’re buying – these prices are geared towards more budget-minded models like the Dell Inspiron 3000 or Lenovo IdeaPad 3, as opposed to the MacBook and Dell XPS configurations on offer.

Once you move up beyond this price tag, early Black Friday laptop deals start to become a lot easier to discern. That’s because these models, regardless of the configuration, rarely introduce new record low prices. If you spot a MacBook Air M1 for under $849.99, or a Dell XPS 13 for under $649, for example, you can already assume you’re getting a good deal.

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Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday falls on November 29, 2021. It used to be called Cyber Monday because you could only get the deals online. But now, with more people shopping online than ever before, youre going to find a lot of great deals on both days. Now that were under two months away, its time to take it seriously and keep an eye out for the deals.

Which is the better one for buying a laptop is really up to where you want to buy it from. The manufacturers are likely to be tossing out major electronic deals on Cyber Monday that may be better than Black Friday. For example, HP always has a massive Cyber Monday on laptops after having a big sale on Black Friday. But there are certain laptops they only put on sale on Cyber Monday.

How Much Are The Best Laptop Deals

Shopping for the best budget laptop deals between $50 and $200 will usually have you looking at the excellent range of Chromebooks on sale right now. Running Chrome OS, these budget laptop deals will see you through everyday web browsing, emails, and some light streaming for eye wateringly low prices. You’ll be picking up anything from a 16GB SSD to a 64GB hard drive, but you’ll also be looking to utilize the cloud for more storage.

If you’re punting a bit higher than $200, you’ll be opening yourself up to more RAM, moving from 4GB to 8GB in most models, meaning your cheap laptop will be able to open programs faster, generally retrieving information and multi-task in a more streamlined manner. You’ll also be picking up far more storage for your cash, with prices this week including either a 128GB or 256GB SSD. This SSD further streamlines your storage, acting as a lightning-fast drive to keep everything you need instantly attainable.

Once you search for laptop deals above $400, you may well start to find 16GB of RAM on offer as well as a few models with a 512GB SSD. Along with improved processors, that means exceedingly fast storage potential, keeping your cheap laptop zippy however many programs you have open. Laptops above this price range are also better suited to media editing than cheaper models.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Maybe our other laptop articles will have what you need:

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When Will Black Friday Laptop Deals Start This Year

Black Friday falls on November 26, 2021. That is the day plenty of deals will go live and there will be flash events to cover all of your bases. But you can bet that many of them will start earlier. Plenty of discounts start in the weeks leading up, some of them as early as October, so just a few weeks away. So we expect to start hearing about some of these very shortly. Everyone saw that, at Apples California Streaming event, there were no mentions of a new MacBook. But at Unleashed, we learned more about the M1Pro and M1 Max as well as the 2021 MacBook Pro. This gives you a better update on the display. Because of that, well likely see 2020 MacBook Pros dropping in price.

Last year, the MacBook Pro with an Apple M1 chip was discounted for the first time for Black Friday. You might find some of the best Black Friday laptop deals before Black Friday even comes. There are plenty of deals right now, including some you can find at .

It can be tricky to figure out when they might strike. If youve had your eye on a specific laptop, youre likely going to be following it and its price for months. As the time nears October and November, you may see a drop in that price. How do you know if you should grab it or wait to see if it drops even more? Its really a waiting game and whether or not you feel comfortable getting it at a certain price.

Last Year’s Best Black Friday Laptop Deals

Selling Laptops For Charity!

One of the most effective ways to get a feel for which laptops will be discounted this year is to look back at the best Black Friday laptop deals from last year. So what did we see?

Here you’ll find a roundup of last year’s most exciting Black Friday laptop deals. On each one, we’ve left the price, as well as our opinions on the deal at the time. Use it to build a clear picture of the sorts of products that are discounted over Black Friday, and which retailers were leading the charge.

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Where Will The Best Cyber Monday Laptop Deals Be

In all honesty, the best Cyber Monday laptop deals are likely to be fairly evenly spread through the biggest online retailers first and foremost. This means keeping a watchful eye on not only Amazon and Dell, but also on the big-box stores, such as Walmart and Best Buy, too, as the latter has been catching up in prior years to what’s been offered from the purely online outlets for a while now.

Very:wide range of models but focuses on ultrabooks

Between Labor Day And Thanksgiving

Unless Apple has a big MacBook release ready to announce, these are dead months where your focus should be on upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday instead. If you really want to get a new MacBook, its worth waiting until Black Friday weekend anyway, since some MacBook deals do occur at this time.

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Right After A New Macbook Generation Drops

This rule applies to other new laptops as well, but its especially noticeable when Apple announces a new MacBook or MacBook Pro/Air. Apple likes to make new MacBook announcements in its September events, although this can vary a little. The MacBooks are generally released after the event or a few weeks later. During this key stage, retailers are likely to start discounting older MacBooks to clear room for the new models. Our full guide on MacBook buying goes over the details.

This is also a great time to trade in a MacBook, since Apple is more likely to offer new trade-in deals that can help save even more a popular method of saving if you want to buy from Apple directly.

The Bargain Shopping Rule Of Thumb


To help remember seasonal sale timing, remember this economics rule of thumb: when demand is high, prices are high and when demand is low, prices are low. Most consumers are not planners. This means that they shop for their needs and wants as they arise, which when in sync with other consumers strongly dictates demand. For those seasonal wants, you will see most people shopping at precisely the wrong time in terms of how collective demand drives prices up. But bargain shoppers know better. They are those consumers who buy lawnmowers, gas grills, and other outdoor summer equipment in the winter and buy snow shovels, humidifiers, and other items they’ll need in the winter during the summer months. They may look crazy, but they know something that other shoppers don’t.

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Cheap Laptop Deals Under $400

HP 15.6-inch laptop: $379 $249 at WalmartSave $130 – This 15.6-inch HP laptop is available for just $249 right now. Considering there’s an Intel Celeron N4020 processor, 4GB RAM and a 128GB SSD inside you’re getting a great price here. Plus, a full-sized 15.6-inch display isn’t usually found at this cost either.

$399.99 $299.99 at HPSave $100 – If you’re after a cheap laptop deal but still want the speed and storage of something more substantial, this 14-inch HP machine is well worth a look. For just under $300 you’re getting a 128GB SSD and an AMD 3020e processor, however there’s also 8GB RAM here where we may previously have only seen 4GB.

$379.99 $329.99 at HPSave $50 – This HP is packing an impressive 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD into a $330 price tag in this week’s laptop deals. An AMD Athlon Gold will see you through everyday browsing as well, which makes this an excellent budget buy.

$529.99 $399.99 at DellSave $130 This Dell Inspiron offers excellent value for money if you need an all-purpose laptop for everyday tasks or work. It includes an Intel i3 processor and a 128GB SSD about expected at this price point. What seals it, though, is the 8GB RAM. That’ll give a welcome performance boost when we usually only see 4GB at this price.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 $1800 Was $2300

For a premium experience, you should go for the Microsoft Surface Book 3, which packs the 10th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q graphics card. Geared towards power users and multimedia editing, the Microsoft Surface Book 3 currently costs $1,800, down from its original price of $2,300 after a $500 price cut.

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Buy Old When The New Version Comes Out

Generally, when buying electronics, if you dont need the latest and greatest features, then you should always buy the previous version right after the new model comes out. Youll get your best bang for your buck this way, while still getting the nicest new-to-you device.

Technology retailers like Dell and Apple generally have information on their websites about when their newest model will be released, so check in frequently. New Egg and Tiger Direct offer good price comparisons if youre in the market for computer components.

The Consumer Electronics Show that happens at the beginning of January is a great resource for all info electronics. At this convention, electronics manufacturers announce when their new products that will be released throughout the year, and they demo all the cool new features they will have to offer. If you decide you must have the shiniest new toy, no worries. There are ways to get deals on those too.

Is It Worth Waiting Until Cyber Monday To Buy A Laptop

How to Get The Best Deal On Laptop $20 Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch Ultrabook

Cyber Monday laptop deals might not be quite as thrilling as their Black Friday counterparts, but you’re still likely to save serious money where it matters most. We would personally advise aiming for the Black Friday deals rather than waiting specifically for Cyber Monday, mainly because the day acts as more of an extension to the weekend rather than its own standalone sales event in actuality.

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Deals On Laptops For Students: Sales In September

There are also sales in the back-to-school season in August and September – look out for them at Currys PC World in particular. These are usually on the very latest models that will have launched earlier in the summer, with laptops from £200 to £600 getting some sort of discount.

This is great if youre after the very latest tech, although youll often find better deals on older models if you hold out until Black Friday. Of course, if youre heading to uni and need a computer, this isnt always possible.

See our best laptops for students guide for recommendations, including advice on picking the right model for your needs and budget.

When A Price Tracker Shows An Unfortunate Cost History

Price trackers allow you to check the price history of specific products and create alerts so you know when the latest deals hit. Camelcamelcamel is a popular app for Amazon products, and Hover Hound is a great app for Newegg.

These are useful tools, and not just for finding the right time to buy: Check the price history of a laptop and watch for warning signs like a sudden price spike recently or a gradually increasing price thats now much higher than it used to be. Pricing decisions, inventory levels, and manufacturing issues can all play a role in price fluctuations like this. If you want to really save money while getting a quality laptop, avoid models that have recently risen in price.

Editors’ Recommendations

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The Laptop Release Cycle

When shopping for a laptop, it’s also helpful to have a sense of when new models are released. Many manufacturers like Lenovo, HP, Acer, and Dell debut new laptops at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in early January.

These new releases typically start to hit the retail shelves by February through April, which means that there are some steep discounts on the previous year’s models. The Computex show in June is another time of year when laptop makers like Asus and MSI unveil new devices.

Apple, Microsoft, and Google don’t typically announce major products at these trade shows and instead hold their own events to reveal new laptops.

Apple’s MacBook launch cycle varies greatly from year to year. But in recent years, it’s launched laptops in the spring, summer, and fall. during March and May, the summer in July, and the fall in October and November. Microsoft and Google tend to announce new products, including their respective Surface and Pixelbook laptops, in October.

Buying a laptop around the time that new ones are announced has its pros and cons. For those who don’t need the latest and greatest tech, it can be a great time to score discounts on older models as retailers clear out inventory to account for new releases.

But at the same time, it’s best to at least wait to learn more about what the newest model has to offer so that you can make a more informed buying decision.

Gateway Ultra Slim Laptop $349


If you need the extra screen space of a traditional 15-inch display, the Gateway Ultra Slim series is an excellent choice for a budget-friendly student laptop. It has a 15.6-inch Full HD screen which gives you a little more room to work with as you study. Despite that, it still offers up to 10 hours of battery life which is great for when youre in the library or classroom all day.

An AMD Ryzen 5 3450U processor and full 16GB RAM provides enough power for juggling more than a few tabs and windows, while a 256GB SSD gives you plenty of high-speed storage for your documents, projects, and work programs. Its reasonably lightweight too, weighing just four pounds and measuring less than an inch thick, making it easy to carry around despite it being a full-sized laptop.

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