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When’s The Best Time To Buy A Laptop

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TLDR: When is the Best Time to Buy a Tablet Computer?

While you can usually expect new hardware and good deals around the same times every year, you don’t necessarily have to wait around, especially if you’re in need of a new laptop now.

Specialized deal websites, like Thrifter, are a great place to find impromptu sales on laptops from all manufacturers. Do like we do when we’re hunting for a deal: check Thrifter often, or, better yet, .

If you’re looking for a laptop from Dell, we also have a regularly updated page that rounds up the best deals of the month on both laptops and desktop PCs.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Surface Pro

It’s a dilemma we all face with a major purchase: Do I just buy now or should I wait a while for a new model or a deal? The Surface Pro would classify as a major purchase, with prices starting at $799.

But how do you know when the right time to buy is? Sadly, you don’t, but there are some things you can do to try and help yourself buy at the best time for you.

Just After A New Model Has Been Announced

To be clear, this isn’t starting or passing on any rumors of a new Surface Pro. But when a new model is announced, there are two things you might consider. The first, of course, is that it’s the latest model with the cutting edge internals and any fancy new features that Microsoft might use to tempt people into that year’s refresh.

If you want the latest and greatest, the time to buy is literally any time you’re comfortable after an announcement. It might always be worth waiting for reviews though, as Surface devices have been known to have launch issues with drivers on occasion.

The announcement of a new model will also likely bring discounts on the existing models, either before or after the launch. So if a deal is what you’re looking for primarily over necessarily having the latest model, then this is a good time to go hunting for a bargain.

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Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For The Best Laptops

Browse the top-ranked list of The Best Laptops below along with associated reviews and opinions.

Browse the top-ranked list of The Best Laptops below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars with 276 reviews

    Top comment

    It does everything i need it to do and best of all its my favorite color…Good option for a cheap laptop

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    ASUS E410 Laptop. Enjoy everyday activity with this ASUS notebook PC. The Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of RAM allows you run programs smoothly on the 14-inch HD display. This ASUS notebook PC has 64GB eMMC that shortens load times and offers ample storage.See all PC LaptopsTop comment

    It does everything i need it to do and best of all its my favorite color…Good option for a cheap laptop

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    ASUS E410 Laptop. Enjoy everyday activity with this ASUS notebook PC. The Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of RAM allows you run programs smoothly on the 14-inch HD display. This ASUS notebook PC has 64GB eMMC that shortens load times and offers ample storage.$219.99Your price for this item is $219.99Add to Cart

  • Reasons To Buy A Laptop Now

    These Are The Laptops You Should Buy Right Now

    Since its launch in 2015, major Windows 10 updates have all gone smoothly on any PCs I’ve used or tested. As Windows 11 appears to be a modest overall update, focused in large part on the appearance of menu bars and grouped windows, I — at this moment — have no qualms about buying a Windows 10 laptop now and waiting for the free Windows 11 update later this year.;

    You can also easily stick with Windows 10 for now, if you’d rather. That OS will continue to be supported with updates and patches until at least 2025.;

    The gaming updates coming to Windows 11 are mostly based on the Xbox app, and any updates there should come to Windows 10 as well. And if you upgrade to Windows 11 later, I don’t see any reason it should affect gaming hardware.;

    If you’re thinking of buying a new laptop now, I don’t see any major CPU/GPU updates coming before next year that would change my mind. Nvidia’s latest 3000-series mobile chips started showing up in laptops earlier this year .

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    The Best Time And Place To Buy A Chromebook

    Chromebooks are great, affordable alternatives to personal-use laptops, and money expert Clark Howard is a huge fan.;

    Chromebooks initially were lame, but now theyre fantastic, he says. Theyre simple, fast, and cheap $199 buys you a very good Chromebook. They have decent battery life, you can get on the internet quickly, and theyre easy to travel with.;

    Even if you already have a computer youre happy with, Clark recommends setting up a Financial Chromebook for effective budgeting and additional safety.

    Like most electronics, Chromebooks are available at a range of prices. Knowing when and where to shop for the best deals could help you save big!

    And Even If You Couldnt Care Less

    You should still get excited for Haswell! Even if youve got no use for the new hotness and would rather get your hands on some slightly outdated hotness, the introduction of new laptop kids on the block will shove prices down for previous generations. Apple users will see an influx of heavily discounted refurb store stock, and last years PCs will be on perma-sale at any big box you go to.

    So unless you have no patience and actively hate your money, cooling your jets for just a month or two is the right choice, no matter what you want. It will be worth the wait.

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    The Beginning Of The Year Is The Best Time To Buy A New Laptop

    Most laptop models that come out at the end of the year are comparable to the next year’s new releases.

    New laptops come out all the time, which means you need to be careful about when you pick up the latest machine. Luckily, right now is one of the best times to buy a laptopif you know what to look for.

    Though there are some awesome new laptops coming out this spring and summer, there are actually a bunch of great models that came out at the end of 2019 that are already on sale. One of our favorites is HPs 13-inch Spectre x360. The late-2019 model can easily go toe-to-toe with anything on the market right nowincluding some 2020 models that havent been released yet. It has an attractive metal design that is lightweight and durable, a very satisfying keyboard and trackpad combo, and a hinge that lets it transform into a tablet-style device.

    And we see this pretty frequentlylaptop models released at the end of the year frequently feature some of the best features laptop companies have to offer, so even though it’s technically 2020, you can expect a lot of the innovations making headlines this year to be present in those late-2019 models, too.

    Buy Old When The New Version Comes Out

    Best Time to Buy a Computer?

    Generally, when buying electronics, if you dont need the latest and greatest features, then you should always buy the previous version right after the new model comes out. Youll get your best bang for your buck this way, while still getting the nicest new-to-you device.

    Technology retailers like Dell and Apple generally have information on their websites about when their newest model will be released, so check in frequently. New Egg and Tiger Direct offer good price comparisons if youre in the market for computer components.

    The Consumer Electronics Show that happens at the beginning of January is a great resource for all info electronics. At this convention, electronics manufacturers announce when their new products that will be released throughout the year, and they demo all the cool new features they will have to offer. If you decide you must have the shiniest new toy, no worries. There are ways to get deals on those too.

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    Whens The Best Time To Buy A Laptop

    Besides September, April and May are some of the best times to buy a laptop, Consumer Reports says. Some experts agree that the spring is a good time to start shopping if youre looking for a discount on an older model.

    Others say that youre better off buying a laptop during two specific times of year: the back-to-school shopping season or the holiday season. spoke with an analyst who argued that one of the best times to buy a laptop falls between the end of July and the first few weeks of August. You could also find a great deal on a laptop between the end of November and the end of December.

    But notes that;timing the purchase of a new laptop can be tricky. Prices can fluctuate throughout the year. And it depends on what youre looking for. You may be waiting for a particular PC to go on sale. But the manufacturer may decide not to offer any deals on its products at all during a certain year. In fact, sometimes companies remove older models from stores without having a special promotion.

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    Wait For A Particular Season

    If you have the luxury of holding out on your purchase until you find a decent deal or the exact model you want, the back-to-school and holiday seasons are usually the two times where we consistently see the biggest dips in laptop prices. Students headed back to school can usually find great deals at the end of July and start of August, while holiday shoppers should keep an eye out at the end of November and start of December.

    Laptop manufacturers know that there’s a huge demand for their devices at these times, and a bit of healthy competition drives the prices down. Looking at Amazon sales trends at CamelCamelCamel, we can see that this seasonal trend holds true.

    Using the Dell XPS 13 as an example, the price dropped by about $100 dollars at the end of November 2016, and again by about $100 at the end of July and beginning of August 2017. Following these dips, the price went back to about where it started.

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    Best Time To Buy A Laptop To Save The Most

    Laptops can be expensive, and finding the best time to buy a laptop is important to make sure you get the best deal possible. To help you with this, Ive analyzed the actual price histories of 10 laptops to determine the best time of year to buy a laptop.

    If youre just looking for a quick answer, the data suggests laptops are likely to go on sale during these times:

    • Black Friday

    Additionally, I found that laptop prices are most likely to drop about 6 months to a year after release. Keep reading to find out how I collected and analyzed the data, and for some pretty graphs.

    The Best Times Of Year To Buy Tech Gear

    When Is the Best Time To Buy Airline Tickets?

    Is March the best month for monitors? Q2 the time for cameras? Sometimes the calendar matters, and sometimes it doesn’t.

    I’m often asked if there’s a particular time of year that’s best to buy certain tech items, like tablets or TVs, or laptops.

    My typical response is that it rarely makes sense to delay your purchase in hopes of scoring a better deal, because you can end up waiting forever. The TV you buy today will almost certainly cost less six months down the road — but that’s true of just about everything.

    What’s more, there are great bargains to be found pretty much every day of the year , which dispels the idea that discounts are limited to specific months.

    That said, anyone who studies pricing trends may indeed discover that certain product categories see price drops at certain times of the year. And that’s exactly what Lifehacker documented in “The Best Time to Buy Anything During the Year”. Although their focus ranges from Broadway tickets to wedding supplies , it’s an enlightening source of information on items like monitors, televisions, and computers.

    For example, if you’re in the market for a digital camera, consider this:

    “Digital cameras start going on sale in February, after the new models have been announced at the January Consumer Electronics Show. However, if you’re looking for the best deals, you’ll find it in the second quarter of the year — as long as you’re OK with buying a slightly older model.”

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    Best Laptop : Top Picks For Every User And Every Budget

    The best laptops from Dell, Apple, Razer and more

    If you’re looking for the best laptops you can buy in 2021 then look no futher. Every laptop on this page has been hand-picked and thoroughly tested by us to ensure they represent the very best-of-the-best.

    So, what is the best laptop of 2021 overall? In our view, it remains the excellent MacBook Air . Although it launched last year, it’s yet to be beaten when it comes to design, performance, value and battery life.

    If you’re looking for something more affordable, then the Acer Swift 3 is our choice for the best budget laptop you can buy right now, offering a perfect balance of affordability and performance. If that doesn’t take your fancy then we have a rundown of the best cheap laptop deals to help you pick a device that won’t hurt your wallet.

    No matter what kind of budget you’ve got, or the kind of laptop you’re after, we’ve got top notebooks for you, from budget Chromebooks to powerful gaming laptops, and everything in between.

    Not sure what to look for when buying the best laptop for your needs? Check out our guide on what you should look for when buying a new laptop at the end of this page for in-depth advice on buying a laptop.

    Between Labor Day And Thanksgiving

    Unless Apple has a big MacBook release ready to announce, these are dead months where your focus should be on upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday instead. If you really want to get a new MacBook, its worth waiting until Black Friday weekend anyway, since some MacBook deals do occur at this time.

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    When Should I Buy A New Macbook

    One of the best resources to keep up to date with the latest MacBook rumors is the MacRumors Buyer’s Guide. The site keeps track of all the latest Mac and MacBook rumors and quickly assigns a ‘Buy,’ ‘Neutral,’ or ‘Don’t Buy’ category to each system, so you know what to do. For instance, while the MacBook Pro 13-inch only came out in late 2020, it’s suggested this isn’t the time to buy a new one as improved models should be coming soon.;

    It’s a smart move to buy a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air the moment they’re released. The longer you wait, the more likely you’re not getting the most bang for your buck.;

    When Is The Best Time To Buy A Computer 5 Things To Keep In Mind

    When is the Best Time to Buy an SSD?

    Looking to buy the best new computer for the best lowest price? When is the best time to buy a new laptop or computer?

    It can be expensive to buy a new computer or laptop, so it makes sense to time your purchase for when you can secure a bargain.

    While prices are always subject to change without warning, annual sales or new hardware launches can be the perfect time to get a computer or laptop at a discounted rate. However, you could be waiting for a price drop that never comes. If you need the computer or laptop sooner rather than later, it’s better to buy it while you can.

    Here are the best times to buy a laptop or computer.

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    Holiday Season Is The Best Season

    According to LaptopMag, new laptops release approximately three times a year: Back-to-school season , holiday season , and spring . However, the best deals tend to pop up in the summer and winter. If your laptop isn’t on its deathbed, you’ll definitely want to wait it out.

    Right now we’re heading into back-to-school season, so we’re starting to see some price drops. The entry-level model of the , for example, is now $749 on Amazon. That’s about $250 less than the original price. As you can see in the graph below, the price starts to plummet at the end of May.

    If You Need New Ports Badly For A Project

    Sometimes, the cost isnt as important as getting the capabilities you need right now. A handy example is the recent upgrade to USB-C ports that many laptops went through. USB-C-only accessories arent directly compatible with older USB ports, especially when it comes to charging, so new accessories that you recently bought may not work with older laptops without a clunky adapter workaround. Thats a sign that its time to get a new laptop, sooner rather than later.

    This may be more likely to happen in professional settings, where accessories and devices ordered for business work require certain connections. If your laptop is incompatible with the tools you need to work with, start talking about devoting money to a laptop upgrade.

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