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Where Can I Borrow A Laptop

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Currently there are two laptops that may be borrowed at the Peter F. Bronfman Business Library, five at the Steacie Science & Engineering Library, and 14 at the Frost Library.

The laptop computers are Dell Latitude D400s with 512 MB memory at the Peter F. Bronfman Business Library and the Frost Library.

Steacie Library has 11.6-inch MacBook Airs with 2.2GHz Intel Core i7 processors, 8GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 6000, and 120GB flash storage.

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24-hour laptop loans are available from the Self-Service Laptop Cabinet opposite the JB Priestley Library Enquiry Desk.

Connect to one of our WiFi services to access University services, resources, some network drive stored files and for wireless printing.

In order to protect you and your data, you cannot save your work to the hard drive. Instead, please save your work to your student M: drive or a USB memory stick.

After use, please shut down the laptop and return it to the Self-Service Laptop Cabinet. Please follow the instructions displayed on the Laptop Cabinet.

Fines are charged for late returns. If you find that you are unable to return a laptop please contact us as soon as possible.

Does Nyu Give You A Laptop

at NYU offers computer-related services to faculty and staff, including deferred payment options on purchases and repair service. Additionally, Laptop Insurance is provided through the NYU Insurance and Risk Management Department to members of the community who utilize NYU-provided laptops for work.

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Do Universities Provide Computers For Students

Many higher education institutions offer online college tech perks. These perks can include free academic software and IT help. Most schools expect learners to use their own laptops. However, some colleges offer student laptop programs that provide free, discounted, or loaner devices to eligible students.

Borrow A Laptop Computer

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How to Borrow a Laptop for Use in the Library:

  • Show current Harris County Public Library card or Lone Star College System identification.
  • Show current driver’s license or other government issued identification, which will be held by the library until the device is returned.
  • Read, sign, and date the “Borrower Responsibility Agreement.”
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be in good standing with the library. This means the customer cannot owe over $25 in charges nor have an address block.
  • One device per person may be checked out.
  • Loan Guidelines:

  • Devices must be used in the library.
  • Devices may be borrowed for 2 hours.
  • Devices must be returned to the circulation desk 15 minutes before closing.
  • Renewals are allowed if no other customer is waiting for a device.
  • Failure to return the device on time may result in an hourly fine.
  • Staff will review the Borrower Responsibility Agreement and checklist with the user and give the user a receipt upon return.
  • Fines and Fees

  • Borrower agrees to return the device equipment in the same order and condition as when received and if such equipment is damaged or lost while on loan, agrees to reimburse the library for the cost of the laptop.
  • Fines for in-library use laptops are $2.00 per hour up to a maximum of $100 if the laptop is not returned on time.
  • Removal of a library device from the lending�library will result in a replacement charge for the laptop, tablet, or other device.
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    Can You Get Free Laptop From The Government

    Freecycle is an online-only platform that you can use to get free computers and laptops from the government. It is a Non-Profit Organization that gives recycles items for use. You can fill the application form online if you are a needy one and this local organization will give you recycle items for use.

    Borrowing Laptops From The Libraries

    The UNT Libraries provides laptop checkouts to currently enrolled UNT students.Laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students shouldvisit the library in person with their UNT ID card to checkout a laptop.Laptops must be returned to the service desk from where they were originallychecked out.

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    Who Is Responsible For Theft Or Damage

    As borrower of a laptop, you will be responsible for any damage to the laptop or for its theft. For your own security, please DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LEAVE A LAPTOP UNATTENDED. You are responsible for the full repair or replacement cost of up to $1,800 for the laptop checked out to you, and the replacement cost for damage to peripheral equipment, which will be the cost of replacement, plus associated service fees .

    Question: Can You Borrow Laptop From University

    Use your Laptop as a Monitor. HDMI input. Xbox series S/X through Windows or Mac. £9 Capture device

    If you dont have a computer of your own, or just want to work on campus, you can use a University computer or laptop. This includes using one of the 600 computers available across campus in IT access areas, or borrowing a University laptop from a laptop locker for up to 12 hours.

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    Who Is Eligible For Laptop Scheme

    Educational Qualification: Students who have passed the class 10th and 12th examination with at least 65 or 70% marks can apply online form for this scheme. Candidates who should have passed the matric and Inter class exam from UPMSP Board, Madarasa Board, ICSE, and CBSE board are eligible for this scheme.8 hours ago.

    Borrowing A Laptop From Atkins:

    • Only currently enrolled UNC Charlotte students may borrow laptops.
    • Students must present their UNC Charlotte ID to borrow a laptop. The library doesn’t accept temporary UNC Charlotte IDs.
    • For Spring 2022, students can borrow laptops for seven days beginning on . You can renew your laptop loan two times for a total of 21 days. After you return your laptop you’ll have to wait 24 hours before you can check out another laptop. Students may contact the Information and Research Desk with questions.
    • As a courtesy to other students, please return borrowed laptops as soon as you are finished with them.
    • Laptops can be renewed in person, over the phone , by email , or through your My Library Account.
    • Students may borrow only one laptop at a time. For example, you can’t check out a laptop from the Atkins library and another from the self-service kiosk simultaneously.
    • Your library account must be in good standing to check out a laptop
    • Laptops checked out from the Information and Research Desk must be returned to the Information and Research Desk.

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    Borrow A Computer And Use It At Home

    Lisa C.

    Need a laptop to work on your resume or take online courses? You can still borrow a computer and use it at home! Our amazing staff at the Calgary Public Library locations have made it an easy process for you!

    How to request to borrow a computer?
    • Visit: with your smartphone and at the upper right corner Log In your account with Username and Password.
    • Click on Search, type in Chromebook and hit the search icon.
    • Place a hold on the listing for Chromebook.
    • You will receive an email when your computer is available for pickup at your selected Library location.

    You may use the computer at home for up to eight weeks.

    Chromebooks cannot be renewed and must be returned on or before the due date.

    New in Calgary and do not have a Library card?
    • Get one online today. Visit , click on Sign up online today! and fill out the form.

    What Exactly Happens When I Borrow A Laptop

    How to clean your PC monitor

    When you come to the circulation desk to borrow a laptop, you will be asked to provide a library card. For York students, your YU-card is your library card. The circulation attendant will scan your library card, and see if you have been registered to use laptops, and if it is still current. If it is, they will sign out a laptop to you . If it isnt, you will be required to sign a Laptop Computer Liability Agreement and Registration Form. This agreement will be kept on file, and they will enter a note in your library account stating that you can sign out laptops, so that you will only be asked to fill in the form once per year.

    Laptops can only be checked out by current York students, faculty, and staff in good standing with York University Libraries . York students must present their YU-card, no exceptions. Faculty and staff, in the absence of a YU-card, may present a current library card and an additional piece of photo ID , no exceptions.

    Once you have completed and signed our Laptop Computer User Registration Form, we will sign out the laptop to you.

    Before the end of your loan period, you must return the items that you have signed out to the circulation desk in person. The staff there will ensure that all components have been returned, and that they are intact.

    If everything is intact, the laptop will be checked in through the library circulation system.

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    What Kind Of Laptop Does Strayer University Give You

    Strayer provides a free brand-new laptop to students pursuing online bachelors programs. You need to complete three of the first four quarters of enrollment in order to keep the laptop permanently. Also, the device comes preinstalled with Microsoft applications and other software based on your specific course.

    When Where And For How Long Can I Borrow A Laptop

    Laptops are available on a first come, first served basis: it is not possible to reserve them . You can, however, check availability by searching for the title Laptop computer or MacBook in the catalogue.

    Laptops may be borrowed for up to three hours at a time, except at Frost, where they are due at the end of the day on which they are borrowed.

    Renewals: laptops may be borrowed again by a patron, if there is another one available. If there are no other laptops available, the patron will have to return the laptop they have used, and wait thirty minutes after its return to sign it out again.

    You may not take the laptop you borrowed out of the library in which you borrowed it .

    The laptop must be returned in person to the circulation desk.

    The laptop is due 30 minutes prior to the library closing time, even if your three-hour loan period will not have expired by then.

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    Computers And Related Items

    $1600 replacement cost plus $30 processing fee $10/hr up to a maximun of $50
    $1600 replacement cost plus $30 processing fee $10/hr up to a maximun of $50
    $15 replacement cost plus $15 processing fee No Fine
    $30 replacement cost plus $15 processing fee No Fine Building Use Only
    HDMI Cables $10 replacement cost plus $15 processing fee No Fine
    $25 replacement cost plus $15 processing fee No Fine
    $60 replacement cost plus $15 processing fee No Fine
    $550 replacement cost plus $30 processing fee $10/hr up to a maximun of $50.
    $100 replacement cost plus $15 processing fee No Fine
    $10 replacement cost plus $15 processing fee No Fine
    $20 replacement cost plus $15 processing fee No Fine
    $20 replacement cost plus $15 processing fee No Fine
    $15 replacement cost plus $15 processing fee $1.50/hr up to $20 maximum Building Use Only
    $15 replacement cost plus $5 processing fee $1.50/hr up to $20 maximum Building Use Only
    $20 replacement cost plus $15 processing fee No Fine
    • A current, validated LSU Student ID is required for check-out.
    • Circulation is limited to students with current check-out privileges.
    • Students who routinely return electronic items late or who have checked out items and never returned them may lose their electronic checkout privileges.

    General Information On Gear 2 Geaux

    How to Use a Desktop or Laptop as a Wireless Second Monitor

    The LSU Student Technology Fee funds the purchase of mobile computing devices available for check-out at the LSU Library Access Services Desk. Any items not returned will be charged to your fee bill. You must be an LSU STUDENT with a student ID to be eligible for Gear 2 Geaux. You can request in person to be put on a waiting list for a laptop. Access Services will contact you via email or text message if one becomes available. If you have problems with the laptop while it is checked out to you, please put in a ticket using this link Gear 2 Geaux Support

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    What Is Laptop Loan Scheme

    What is the COVID Laptop Loan Scheme? The government has introduced a scheme whereby undergraduate or postgraduate students may be eligible to receive a laptop, on long-term loan, in order to assist with their online learning. Eligible students may retain the laptop for the duration of their academic studies only.

    How To Borrow A Laptop

    • STEP 1: Call one of the participating library locations to check availability.
    • STEP 2: When you pick up your laptop, you will fill out an intake form and survey. This will take 5-10 minutes to complete. Staff will also review the Device Policy and User Agreement before you sign the document. Here is the agreement if you want to look at it before picking up your laptop: English | Español | Ting Vit.

    Please Note:

    • The checkout period is 90 days with one auto-renewal of 30 days if there are no other requests on the item.
    • Library members ages 17 and under need to be accompanied by an adult to pick up their laptop.

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    How To Return Your Laptop

    • We do not take appointments to return devices. When you arrive at the library where you checked out your device, hand your device to a staff member.
    • When you return your laptop, you will fill out a post-checkout survey. This will take about 5 minutes to complete.
    • Do not return your laptop in the book drop.

    What Is A Laptop

    Did You Know You Can Use Your Mac Laptop Closed with an ...

    Laptops are battery-powered computers that are more portable than desktop computers. This means you can use them almost anywhere. These Windows laptops come with a charger and Wi-Fi hotspot so you can use the internet almost anywhere for free.

    Here are some things to know before you request a laptop:

    • There is overwhelming demand for a limited number of laptops. It is not possible to place a hold on them.
    • You might be able to borrow a Chromebook sooner. You can place a hold on a Chromebook. If you don’t have internet access, you might also want to borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot since these Chromebooks don’t come with internet.
    • These laptops come with Digital Literacy curriculum. They are free, self-paced computer classes. They cover how to use the internet, laptops, and more.

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    How Can I Get Cheap Laptops

    Here are some good sources for laptops: The manufacturer itself. You can buy refurbished laptops from Apple, Dell and so on. Other reputable retailers. Websites like Overstock, Best Buy, TigerDirect and Newegg also offer warranty protections and guarantees. General secondary markets. Government websites.

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    You can borrow a Laptop at any of the Laptop vending machines found at Fisher and SciTech libraries, on Level 4 of the Susan Wakil Health Building, and in the 24/7 space at Westmead.

    The standard period for borrowing laptops is eight hours and the due for return time & date will be aligned with each locations standard opening hours.

    For example:

    • If a laptop is borrowed from Fisher Library on Monday at 1pm, the due for return date is 1pm the following day.
    • If a laptop is borrowed from Susan Wakil Health Building on Friday at 1pm, the due for return date is 1pm on the following Monday.

    You will need your student card to borrow a laptop and all Terms & Conditions and FAQs are available next to each laptop vending machine.

    All technical questions relating to borrowed laptops or concerns regarding laptop vending machines can be referred to ICT by:

    • Phone: 02 9351 2000
    • In person: ICT Student Computing staff member at Fisher

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    University/College Library

    Go to the ASC desk on the 2nd floor

    • Current BC or FAU student ID card and an additional photo ID is required
    • Laptops can be borrowed for 3 hours
    • Use within the building

    *Printing is available from the laptop and print jobs can be picked up in the ASC when you return the laptop.

    See the Laptop Computer Loan Policy for more info

    Central Campus ASC phone number is 954-201-6660

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    How to use a Windows laptop or tablet as a 2nd screen

    PC laptops and Chromebooks are available to borrow for 4 hours and must stay in the library. Please see our Tech Tools page linked below for additional information about laptops and other electronic devices available to borrow.

    If you are struggling to gain access to the required technology resources, please see the BITS Service page for information about a Student Technology Resources Request and other options available to you. If you are having trouble paying for a laptop for college, consider applying for the Golden Eagle Opportunity Fund or speaking with your financial aid advisor.

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