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Where Can I Borrow Laptop

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How Long Can I Borrow The Laptop

How to Use your Old Laptop as an External Monitor

The loan period for laptops in the library is 2 hours. Laptops must be returned 15 minutes before closing. Renewals are allowed if no other customer is waiting for a laptop. You will be charged a fine if you do not return the laptop on time. Staff will go over the checklist with you and give you a receipt upon return.

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24-hour laptop loans are available from the Self-Service Laptop Cabinet opposite the JB Priestley Library Enquiry Desk.

Connect to one of our WiFi services to access University services, resources, some network drive stored files and for wireless printing.

In order to protect you and your data, you cannot save your work to the hard drive. Instead, please save your work to your student M: drive or a USB memory stick.

After use, please shut down the laptop and return it to the Self-Service Laptop Cabinet. Please follow the instructions displayed on the Laptop Cabinet.

Fines are charged for late returns. If you find that you are unable to return a laptop please contact us as soon as possible.

Borrowing Equipment From The Library During The College Closure


If you have questions, please contact: .

Please note that if returns were not received by the due date, you will receive overdue notices for items due, and fines will be incurred for outstanding equipment loans.

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Are There Any Other Rules For Checking Out Laptops

Laptops should not be left unattended. Leaving laptops unattended will result in loss of laptop checkout privileges. Users are responsible for the laptop while it is checked out. The Library is not responsible for loss while checked out to the user. Do not tamper with the security features of the laptop. Doing so will result in suspension of borrowing privileges and fines. No user files will be retained on the hard disk.

How To Return Your Laptop

How To Use Your Laptop As A Monitor With Xbox One ...
  • We do not take appointments to return devices. When you arrive at the library where you checked out your device, hand your device to a staff member.
  • When you return your laptop, you will fill out a post-checkout survey. This will take about 5 minutes to complete.
  • Do not return your laptop in the book drop.

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Select Ebooks To Download

Search the book you want or browse the tabs to choose the products from the given list. It has categorized in the age group.

These categories are adults young adults, and children. You can click on them to choose any book.

It shows a small list of featured tabs like top download all releases and new releases. You can choose all releases to select any audiobook.

The items which are available for free have a borrow option with them. The items which are on loan have reserved options with them. Now, this depends upon you what you want.

Can I Borrow A Charger For My Laptop Phone Or Tablet

Technology loans are available at some libraries for 2021/2022 more information coming soon.

These libraries will loan out chargers for various devices, and other accessories with a TCard. Some restrict borrowing to faculty, staff, and students affiliated with that college or faculty.

  • Phone and tablet chargers and accessories
  • Laptop power cables
  • Computer mouse
  • Headphones

Items can be borrowed from the 3rd floor Media Commons Desk, Robarts Library for 24 hours. Late fees are $0.50 / hour.

  • Phone and tablet chargers
  • Laptop chargers
  • Laptop security cables

Items can be borrowed from the Short Terms Loans Desk on the 1st floor for 24 hours. Late fees are $1 / hour.

  • MacBook Air
  • Generic PC Laptop Chargers

The checkout period for all items is until the end of the librarys operating hours on that day.

  • Dentistry student, staff, and faculty only
  • Variety of portable chargers for phones, tablets, and laptops

Items can be borrowed from the Service Desk for 3 hours. Late fees are 50 cents / hour.

  • Various charger kits with 4-way and 3-way cables, which include: Apple 30-pin plug, and newer Apple “lightning” style 8-pin plugs, micro-USB plug , older-style mini-USB plug

Items can be signed out for 2 hours. Late fees are 50 cents / hour. No renewals.

  • Phone charger kits available
  • Kit includes: micro-USB plug, lightening style 8-pin plug, one older-style Apple 30-pin plug

Items can be signed out for 3 hours. Late fees are 50 cents / hour. No renewals.

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How Many Laptops Are Available And What Kind Are They

Currently there are two laptops that may be borrowed at the Peter F. Bronfman Business Library, five at the Steacie Science & Engineering Library, and 14 at the Frost Library.

The laptop computers are Dell Latitude D400s with 512 MB memory at the Peter F. Bronfman Business Library and the Frost Library.

Steacie Library has 11.6-inch MacBook Airs with 2.2GHz Intel Core i7 processors, 8GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 6000, and 120GB flash storage.

Failure To Return Borrowed Item

How to use laptop or computer as a screen for your PS4 / PS5
  • If the loaner laptop is not returned by the agreed date and time, the borrowers student account will be encumbered for the full replacement price of the laptop. The encumbrance will be removed once the laptop is returned in good working order to ITS or the cost of replacing/repairing it has been paid.
  • The file will be transferred to a Collection Agency 1 week after the due date if the borrower has not returned the laptop.

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You can borrow a Laptop at any of the Laptop vending machines found at Fisher and SciTech libraries, on Level 4 of the Susan Wakil Health Building, and in the 24/7 space at Westmead.

The standard period for borrowing laptops is eight hours and the due for return time & date will be aligned with each locations standard opening hours.

For example:

  • If a laptop is borrowed from Fisher Library on Monday at 1pm, the due for return date is 1pm the following day.
  • If a laptop is borrowed from Susan Wakil Health Building on Friday at 1pm, the due for return date is 1pm on the following Monday.

You will need your student card to borrow a laptop and all Terms & Conditions and FAQs are available next to each laptop vending machine.

All technical questions relating to borrowed laptops or concerns regarding laptop vending machines can be referred to ICT by:

  • Phone: 02 9351 2000
  • In person: ICT Student Computing staff member at Fisher

How To Borrow A Laptop

  • STEP 1: Call one of the participating library locations to check availability.
  • STEP 2: When you pick up your laptop, you will fill out an intake form and survey. This will take 5-10 minutes to complete. Staff will also review the Device Policy and User Agreement before you sign the document. Here is the agreement if you want to look at it before picking up your laptop: English | Español | Ting Vit.

Please Note:

  • The checkout period is 90 days with one auto-renewal of 30 days if there are no other requests on the item.
  • Library members ages 17 and under need to be accompanied by an adult to pick up their laptop.

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What Exactly Happens When I Borrow A Laptop

When you come to the circulation desk to borrow a laptop, you will be asked to provide a library card. For York students, your YU-card is your library card. The circulation attendant will scan your library card, and see if you have been registered to use laptops, and if it is still current. If it is, they will sign out a laptop to you . If it isnt, you will be required to sign a Laptop Computer Liability Agreement and Registration Form. This agreement will be kept on file, and they will enter a note in your library account stating that you can sign out laptops, so that you will only be asked to fill in the form once per year.

Laptops can only be checked out by current York students, faculty, and staff in good standing with York University Libraries . York students must present their YU-card, no exceptions. Faculty and staff, in the absence of a YU-card, may present a current library card and an additional piece of photo ID , no exceptions.

Once you have completed and signed our Laptop Computer User Registration Form, we will sign out the laptop to you.

Before the end of your loan period, you must return the items that you have signed out to the circulation desk in person. The staff there will ensure that all components have been returned, and that they are intact.

If everything is intact, the laptop will be checked in through the library circulation system.

What Is A Laptop

How can I use my laptop to create a home office ...

Laptops are battery-powered computers that are more portable than desktop computers. This means you can use them almost anywhere. These Windows laptops come with a charger and Wi-Fi hotspot so you can use the internet almost anywhere for free.

Here are some things to know before you request a laptop:

  • There is overwhelming demand for a limited number of laptops. It is not possible to place a hold on them.
  • You might be able to borrow a Chromebook sooner. You can place a hold on a Chromebook. If you don’t have internet access, you might also want to borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot since these Chromebooks don’t come with internet.
  • These laptops come with Digital Literacy curriculum. They are free, self-paced computer classes. They cover how to use the internet, laptops, and more.

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Laptop Lending Service At The Scott Memorial Library

You may check out a Macbook from the Scott Library 2nd floor Service Desk for a single day .Using your student wireless account, the laptop computers will provide access to the Internet from the library and most classrooms on campus. If you need assistance with your wireless setup, please call the IS& T Solution Center at 215-955-7975.

Laptops are available for lending to individuals or for reservation to support courses and workshops.

To check out a laptop computer, you will need your Jefferson photo ID card and you will be required to sign an agreement stating that you understand the policies for use of the laptop computers.

The Learning Resources Laptop Agreement

Laptop computers are available for loan to members of the Jefferson community . A Jefferson photo ID card is required to check out a laptop computer, and the borrower is expected to follow the following policies. The borrower will be held financially responsible for the laptop computer and will be fined for any repairs or replacement of the computer or its components.

  • Keep all food and drink away from the laptop computer.
  • Keep the laptop computer with you at all times. The borrower of the laptop computer is responsible for its replacement cost if it is stolen. Therefore, it is critical that the laptop never be out of sight of the person who borrowed it.
  • Do not install software. Anyone found to have installed software will lose future laptop borrowing privileges. Copying software from this computer is prohibited.
  • Re: Can I Borrow Your Laptop For One Day Please

    Originally posted by AlexP I want to know how you would react in such a request from a close friend to your family.I would say quite simply.”You buy me one and you can borrow it for one day. “I have never had a laptop but I would not let anyone “borrow” it if I did.

    Unlimited Space & Bandwidth

  • Knogle said:04-18-2003 10:42 AM

    Frankly, I don’t really like it even when people come over to my house and use my desktop. I don’t blame you for thinking that way. But on the other hand.. you should learn to trust people, especially if he/she is a close friend of yours.You make the decision.

    Have you Floble‘d today?

  • said:04-18-2003 10:46 AM

    It would kind of be a no. Remind me of what my father says if you ask to ride his Harley”I dont ask to fu** your wife, dont ask to ride my bike”

    Sometimes life seems like a dream, especially when I look down and see that I forgot to put on my pants

  • projo said:04-18-2003 10:58 AM

    You might say that you value your relationship too much and it would probably not survive the stress of replacement by them or the loss of data by you.You might even say that they would need to buy short-term insurance and provide a new harddrive so you could secure yours. I do not consider a data backup sufficient. Some of my sw installations are profile specific .Or you might just pat them on the back and say that you would be a nervous wreck until it came back.

  • RajanUrs said:04-18-2003 04:14 PM

    its like asking: can i borrow your condom for a day

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    Can I Plug In The Laptop

    The laptops will be charged out together with a power cord. Borrowers are encouraged to use the power cord as the Libraries will not guarantee that there is any power in the battery at time of lending. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PLUG IN A LAPTOP WITH YOUR OWN POWER ADAPTER, AS THIS WILL DAMAGE THE BATTERY AND THE LAPTOP.

    Listen To Audiobooks On The Laptop

    2 Free Ways To Use A Laptop As A Monitor

    You can listen to the audiobooks on your laptop while online. You can also download the audiobook and, after downloading, locate the file in any folder of your device.

    Now when you want to listen, open the file with any media player files. When the file is unzipped, you can drag the file in either windows media player or iTunes to listen to them.

    The time to return them is nearly two weeks. Before finishing your time limit, you will receive an email to remind you of all returns or deletion.

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    Can I Borrow Your Laptop For One Day Please

    Don’t worry. I am not asking you. But somebody asked me!!I want to know how you would react in such a request from a close friend to your family or relative.Lets say you had personal documents in your laptop, e-mails, etc.Would you lend your invaluable laptop?Am I stingy??? Am I matterialist to feel like my laptop is part of myself???Thanks!!

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    Laptops Peripherals & Calculators

    IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no temporary storage on Olin & Uris laptops. Once a library laptop is shut down, restarted, loses power, or becomes unresponsive for any reason it will reset to a default state and there is no way to retrieve lost work. Practice safe computing by saving your work to your own personal USB flash drive, to a library-owned USB drive, to cloud storage such as Cornell Box, or by e-mailing your work to yourself as an attachment. Always remember to save your work often!

    Laptop Loan Policies

    • Mac or PC laptops can be borrowed at the Olin circulation desk by anyone with a valid Cornell ID.
    • The laptop loan period is three hours. Two hours before closing, hourly laptops can be checked out overnight and are due back two hours after opening.
    • Extended Loan Laptops are also available with a 2-week borrowing period.
    • Laptops and peripherals may be used outside of Olin, Kroch, and Uris Libraries, but must be renewed in person at the Olin circulation desk. No phone or e-mail renewals will be accepted.
    • Laptops and peripherals should be returned to the library they were checked out from.
    • Laptop and peripheral late fees are $.04 per minute per item with a $150.00 maximum late fee per item. Laptops also carry a damage/replacement cost of $2,200.
    • Do not leave laptops unattended for any length of time! You are responsible for any equipment lost, damaged or stolen.

    Laptop Software

    Olin Laptops come with a number of programs preinstalled:

    List of Olin Mac Laptop Applications

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    Borrow Laptops And Accessories

    • UCSF personnel and students with a current Library Borrower Account are eligible to borrow laptops, headphones, and device chargers from the Parnassus Library service desk
    • All equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis
    • Borrowers agree to assume responsibility for borrowed equipment, and are responsible for any fees incurred for damages sustained while laptop is in their possession

    Borrow A Laptop For An Academic Year

    Mom: can I borrow your laptop real quick *goes on search ...

    In partnership with Student Affairs and Information Technology Services, the Cline Library is now piloting a long term laptop loan program.

    Students who are interested in the program can apply for one of 200 Dell Latitude PCs which are loaned for an academic year and have a due date of May 30th.

    Applications are reviewed and approved through the Office of Student affairs. Applicants will be selected based on individual circumstance and/or financial need. Once approved, students will check out laptops at the Librarys Ask Us! desk and then get their long term laptops set up by the Student Technology Center. Students can also request to pick up their laptops at the NAU North Valley Campus in Phoenix.

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