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Where Can I Buy Ram For My Laptop

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Introduction To Computer Ram

How To Buy The Correct RAM / Memory for Any Laptop Computer

Random Access Memory, or RAM, is the unsung hero of the computing world. Computer manufacturers love to boast about CPU power, or the size and resolution of the display, or even more commonly in the case of laptops, how thin the computer is. Now dont get us wrong, these are all important specs, but savvy computer shoppers know to also pay attention to a lesser-promoted spec: How much RAM the machine has.

Why does this matter and how can you know what numbers you should be looking for? Read on, and we will tell you everything you need to know and it wont feel random at all.

How To Upgrade Ram On A Laptop

Is there a way to increase RAM on a laptop? As long as you havent reached your systems maximum RAM, then yes! The same considerations that apply to desktop RAM also determine how much RAM your laptop can handle.

Additionally, some laptops may not be eligible at all for RAM upgrades. Sometimes, the RAM modules are soldered directly onto the motherboard, meaning that you cant remove them yourself. Check online to see whether your laptop has replaceable RAM.

Assuming your laptop can handle more RAM, heres how to add it:

  • Shut down your laptop, close it, and let it cool down.

  • Unplug all cords, cables, and accessories.

  • Flip it over and place it face-down on your work surface.

  • Open the bottom casing, or remove the portion that covers your RAM. The specifics here will depend on the type of laptop you have. If you need to unscrew the case, remember which screws go into which holes, as sizes may vary from one screw to the next.

  • Touch an unpainted metal surface in your laptop to discharge any static electricity from your body. This will help protect your laptops sensitive internal components.

  • Remove your current RAM modules by gently pushing aside the clips that hold them in place. Each RAM module should pop up and out at an angle. Then you can pull it out of the RAM slot.

  • Pick up your new RAM modules by the edges or corners. Do not touch the gold connectors or any components on top of the module!

  • How Much Ram Do You Need For Gaming

    16GB of RAM is the best place to start for a gaming PC. Although 8GB was enough for many years, new AAA PC games like Cyberpunk 2077;have an 8GB of RAM requirement, though up to 16GB is recommended. Few games, even the latest ones, will actually take advantage of a full 16GB of RAM. Instead, the extra capacity gives you some wiggle room in running other applications while your games are running.

    For the vast majority of gamers, 16GB is enough. However, if you plan on streaming or running multiple applications while your games are running OBS Studio, a web browser, etc. 32GB will give you a little more room. You wont notice any performance benefits between 16GB and 32GB solely in games, however, so prioritize buying fast RAM if youre only interested in gaming.

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    So About Memory Specs: Is High Frequency Better Than Low Latency

    This is where we start to get into the geeky stuff. Lets start with the short answer: While a higher data rate usually has a greater impact on measured performance, optimally timed memory kits such as DDR4-3200 CAS 14 can often outperform poorly timed kits such as DDR4-3600 CAS 20despite the optimized kits lower data rate.

    At the most basic level, frequency is the number of times anything happens over a certain period, while latency is the time it takes to catch up. Increasing the frequency of a data transfer will always increase the bandwidth of a continuous transfer, but because memory data is transferred in small packets, the delay between packets pushes bandwidth in the opposite direction. Latency is measured in nanoseconds but specified in clock cycles. Called primary timings, the four most significant of these are often indicated on a sticker on the memory module, or in its specifications list.

    Memory timings: Sometimes, they’re right on the sticker.

    Memory cells are organized in rows and columns in a similar fashion to spreadsheets:

    • CAS Latency refers to the number of cycles required to access the cell in the correct column, when the correct row is already open.

    • RAS to CAS Delay refers to the amount of time it takes to open the correct row.

    • Row Precharge refers to the amount of time it takes to close the incorrect row.

    • Row Active Time refers to the combined time required to close the incorrect row and open the correct row.

    How Much Ram Do You Currently Have

    Tutorials: How Can I Check What Kind Of RAM My Computer ...

    Your first step is to check the current RAM on your computer. Remember that youre not looking for your computers overall storage space thats your hard drive but for your computers available memory.

    If youre using Windows 10, right-click your taskbar along the bottom of your desktop and select Task Manager. You can also open it by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Select the Performance tab and find your Memory. Youll see your current RAM displayed in gigabytes .

    For a more comprehensive overview of this process, take a look at our guide to checking your RAM on PC.

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    Find Out How Much Ram Your Computer Has

    It is quite easy to find out the amount of RAM in your computer. In Windows 10, you can learn your installed RAM by using the keyboard shortcut Win. This will also provide your processor name and operating system type .

    After this, use + ESC to open the taskbar and size up your RAM limits. It gives the number of slots you have, the clock speed per slot, the kind of RAM you have , and how much is available.

    Mac users can select About This Mac from the Apple menu to know their chipset information and RAM memory values.

    Linux users can make use of the software hardinfo to get detailed information about the system, including memory information.

    What Laptop Components Can You Upgrade

    In the best-case scenario, you can replace both your RAM and storage drive. Upgrading from a mechanical hard drive to an SSD will have an enormous impact on your performance, allowing you to boot, open applications and files, or switch tasks three to four times faster. Adding more memory, particularly going from 2GB or 4GB to 8GB, can make multitasking or working on large media files easier.

    Forget about swapping out the CPU, the graphics chip or display. And while it may be possible to replace the Wi-Fi card on some systems, doing so is difficult and probably not worth the effort. If you really want better wireless connectivity, consider a USB Wi-Fi dongle.

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    How To Upgrade Ram On Laptop

    Laptop RAM upgrade is the most effective way to increase RAM on laptop. But you should determine first whether you should add RAM, and whether you can do that.

    Check whether you should add RAM:

    • Type “system info” into the Windows search box.
    • Click System Information App from the result list.
    • Scroll down to find Installed Physical Memory and you can know the RAM size in your laptop.

    If the RAM is below 8GB, I recommend you to upgrade it. If the RAM equals or is more than 8GB, you can choose to free up the RAM.

    Check whether you can add RAM:

    Step 1: Check OS version.

    • Open File Explorer.
    • Right click This PC and choose Properties. In the System window, you can check whether the OS is 32-bit or 64-bit. If it is 32-bit, you can’t upgrade the RAM to more than 4GB.

    Step 2: Check whether the RAM is sealed in the motherboard or there is an extra RAM slot. This needs you to open the panel.

    Purchase a RAM:

    If you are sure you can upgrade RAM, you then should purchase a RAM. If there is only one RAM slot, you should replace the old RAM with a larger one. If there are two RAM slots, you should buy a RAM same to the old one, otherwise the old and new RAMs may be incompatible. Anyway, you may want to know the model of the old RAM. Here is the way:

    How to add RAM to a laptop:

    Upgrading Memory For Improved Performance

    Can I upgrade my laptops RAM?

    As software grows increasingly complex, youll discover your PC may not be working as quickly and efficiently as it used to. While you might be tempted to purchase a new, , you can dramatically enhance your current computers performance simply by upgrading your memory. For far less than what youd pay for a new computer, a new RAM stick will have your PC working faster than ever before.

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    For Starters: How Much Memory Do I Really Need

    Weve been pushing 8GB of memory as the bare minimum for use under Windows 10 for a while now. Its easy to find mainstream-priced and even budget Windows 10 laptops and desktops shipping with just 8GB of DRAM. Indeed, thats the norm, and thats fine for workaday productivity tasks, light gaming, and minimal multitasking. But thats not a great starting point for an experienced user.

    Even browsing the internet can push memory usage over 50% on such systems, leaving little capacity for any remaining programs, such as PC games or . And while modern web browsers typically lighten the load when other programs demand more memory capacity, that process can make the machine feel sluggish.

    That leads to our general capacity guidelines. We recommend 16GB of main system memory for most users who want to multitask without incurring the above-mentioned slowdown, and 32GB for heavy multi-taskers or those running memory-hogging programs such as video editors.

    Beyond that is overkill for most folks. Programs that run optimally with 64GB or more are generally designed for experienced or professional users who already know how much they needor at least, who know that they need all they can get.

    Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Ram For Laptops

    Browse the top-ranked list of Ram For Laptops below along with associated reviews and opinions.

    Browse the top-ranked list of Ram For Laptops below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars with 1499 reviews

    Top comment

    It’s laptopRam…It’s low capacity laptopRAM for entry-level laptops. Gets the job done….Great Value laptopram for older laptops…Great value Ram that fits most older laptops .

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    Product Description

    Give your computer a much-needed upgrade with this PNY 8GB DDR3 RAM. It’s designed to fit in a compatible notebook or laptop, and the 1600MHz frequency speed ensures data can quickly be transferred to the stick to reduce or even eliminate delays. This PNY 8GB DDR3 RAM is compatible with 1.35-volt motherboard RAM slots.See all Laptop MemoryTop comment

    It’s laptopRam…It’s low capacity laptopRAM for entry-level laptops. Gets the job done….Great Value laptopram for older laptops…Great value Ram that fits most older laptops .

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Give your computer a much-needed upgrade with this PNY 8GB DDR3 RAM. It’s designed to fit in a compatible notebook or laptop, and the 1600MHz frequency speed ensures data can quickly be transferred to the stick to reduce or even eliminate delays. This PNY 8GB DDR3 RAM is compatible with 1.35-volt motherboard RAM slots.

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    How Much Ram Can Your Pc Accommodate

    You cant just add more RAM to your computer without confirming a few things in advance. Every PC has two limits on its maximum RAM: its motherboard and its operating system . Whichever limit is lower is the maximum RAM for your PC.

    Finding your motherboards maximum RAM

    Your motherboard has a maximum amount of RAM that it can handle and a fixed quantity of RAM slots the physical spaces where the RAM modules are located. Keep these factors in mind when assessing how to select RAM for your motherboard.

    See the four slots in the top-left corner of this motherboard? Thats where your RAM goes. On this specific motherboard, there are four slots available, which is common today.

    First, identify the type of motherboard you have. To avoid taking things apart, you can use a third-party tool like Speccy by CCleaner, which will display all your computers core information without you having to dig around for it. Identify your motherboard manufacturer and model, then look up its maximum RAM capacity online or in your ownership manual.

    RAM modules come in a range of capacities, so even if you have only a few RAM slots, you can meet your motherboards RAM maximum by purchasing higher-capacity RAM modules. For example, if your motherboard has four RAM slots and maxes out at 32 GB of RAM, you can install four 8 GB RAM modules.

    Finding your operating systems maximum RAM

    What Is Ram And What Does It Do For Your Computer

    How to find out how much RAM my laptop supports ...

    At a very basic level, a computer is comprised of three main components.

  • The CPU: The CPU is the part that actually does the computing.
  • The Hard Drive: The hard drive contains everything the CPU is going to need to do its job, including the operating system, apps, and files.
  • The RAM: RAM, the memory, stores just the portion of the of data from the hard drive that the CPU needs at any given moment.
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    Find Currently Installed Memory Specifications

    specificationsmaintenance and service guideIn the Maintenance and Service GuideMemoryIn the notebook specifications documentMemory

    • Amount of memory installed: Check the current amount of memory installed on your computer, and then go to the Verify how much memory you can add section in this document.
    • Maximum memory supported: Subtract the amount of memory already installed from the maximum amount supported by the system to determine how much memory to purchase. You can also buy the maximum amount allowed and replace the currently installed memory. Then go to the Confirm the maximum memory supported by your Windows version section in this document. Use the lower of these two numbers as your maximum memory.
    • Type of memory : HP recommends purchasing the same type of memory for each slot. For the best performance, purchase the fastest memory the motherboard supports.

      ;caution:Some motherboards are not able to configure memory modules with different manufacturers, or different CAS or density values. To ensure your memory is compatible, make sure all SO-DIMMs have the same part number.

    Determine If Memory Needs To Be Removed Before Installing Additional Memory In Your Desktop Computer

  • Look inside the computer and locate the memory modules on the motherboard. Memory modules are long thin boards, short in height, that stick up from the motherboard at a 90-degree angle.

    note: On many Slimline computers, you may have to temporarily remove a case fan and/or slide out the CD/DVD drive in order to view the memory slots.

  • Do one of the following, depending on the socket configuration.
  • If the computer has an open socket, continue to add an additional memory module into the open socket.
  • If the computer does not have an empty socket, skip to the next step to remove a memory or continuity module. This has to be done before adding a new memory module. Account for how much memory will be removed before purchasing your upgraded memory module.
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    Installing Memory In Your Desktop Computer

    note:If someone other than HP installs or upgrades the memory, any damage caused by the memory and/or by a person trying to install or upgrade the memory is excluded from coverage under the product warranty. The customer assumes all risk and liability for damages for any such installation or upgrade.

    note:Important! You might find that your HP or Compaq computer is able to support a physical installation of 4 GB or more memory. However, this maximum memory might be further limited by the operating system not being able to address the full range of physical memory. 32-bit operating systems, such as 32-bit types of Windows;7, Vista, and XP, can address approximately 3.3 GB. This limitation is present on all 32-bit hardware and 32-bit operating systems and is not limited to HP and Compaq PC systems or Microsoft software operating systems. See Maximum memory supported by operating system for more information.

    Crucial 16gb Kit Memory For Mac

    Windows 10 – How to check RAM/Memory – System Specs – Free & Easy

    The most affordable way to upgrade your Mac systems

    Speed: 1,600 MHz | Timing: NA | Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM | Voltage: 1.4V | Dimms: 8GBx2

    Adding extra memory to any Mac is notoriously expensive. Instead of throwing Apple a few extra hundred bucks, you could simply double or even triple the amount of RAM on your system with an inexpensive kit. Crucial is another proven RAM maker, and youll definitely want to check out its 16GB or 32GB memory kits that will cost far less than the corresponding upgrades provided through the Apple Store.

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    How Does Ram Work

    RAMs purpose is to store the short term data that a PC requires to properly operate. But unlike a hard disc drive or SSD , which store data indefinitely, RAM resets every time the system is rebooted.

    RAM is volatile memory, meaning it only stores data when it has power, as opposed to a non-volatile HDD or SSD. Programs are loaded into RAM temporarily while in use, but reside on a storage drive permanently .

    Computers need quick access to temporary data in order to run programs or execute tasks. Modern PC games, for example, need to rapidly retrieve art assets. Games read and write data to RAM because its orders of magnitudes faster than accessing data on a storage device.

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