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Where Can I Donate My Old Laptop

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Check All Drives And Trays

How to Delete Personal Information From Old Computer Before Selling or Donating

Its probably easier to live with forgetting your copy of Home Alone in the disc drive than some of the other issues that might arise with lost files, etc., but still something to check for nonetheless. Check CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drives, and make sure USB flash drives are removed. How about that floppy disk drive?

Donate Or Recycle Computers And Electronics

reBOOT Canada is a non-profit organization providing computer hardware, training and technical support to charities, non-profits and people with limited access to technology. reBOOT Canada accepts donations of computer equipment from companies and individuals. They refurbish as much of the equipment as possible. The equipment is then made available for distribution to organizations across Canada.;

Computers for Schools Ontario is a non-profit agency that refurbishes equipment for donation to Toronto area schools first, and then to other schools in Ontario.;

The Community Environment Alliance has a Share-IT program. The mandate of Share-IT program is to collect obsolete/discarded/unused computers and peripherals from household and business storage to distribute the reusable equipment to newcomers and low-income families. Unusable equipment and components are recycled in an environmentally safe way ensuring 100% diversion from landfills. Equipment donations are accepted between: Monday and Friday 10 am – 3:30 pm. Call to arrange a drop-off time.

Electronic Recycling Association accepts televisions, non-cellular telephones, home audio/video systems, desktop computers, floor-standing photocopiers/multi-function devices, and more for donation and recycling.

How To Donate A Device

Please DO NOT bring donations to BBC sites as we are unable to accept them.

If you have something youd like to donate and that could be a laptop; computer; mobile phone or tablet please click on a link below to find out more about the campaigns weve been informed about.

The websites below will provide information on how to donate; what equipment is required and whether they can help with removing your data. If they can remove your data, make sure you’re happy with their process before you donate.

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How To Recycle Your Old Laptop For Good Causes

Here in the UK, we have a huge issue with electronic waste discarding a staggering 155,000 tonnes of electricals every year.;;As consumers of electrical devices such as computers and laptops, we can all do our bit to tackle this problem by thinking about how we can best recycle and reuse our old equipment.

As a charity reuse organisation, we make your computer recycling really straightforward by;giving your unwanted PCs and laptops a new lease of life before donating them to charity causes across the UK.

We actively encourage individuals and families to donate their unwanted computers by promoting socially and ethically responsible reuse to help us to support charities to make more of a positive impact in their local communities and improve the lives of many vulnerable people who desperately need help

Your computer will go on to support causes such as bereaved children, provide support to hospices, empower volunteers to make even more impact, enable veterans to get back on their feet after military service, provide computers for schools, help the homeless and unemployed and much more.

Deauthorize Software And Programs

The how to sell my old laptop deal

Computer applications such as iTunes, Adobe Creative, and Office365 limit the number of registered users and devices associated with a valid subscription. Therefore, ensure to deauthorize your accounts and other services from your old laptop before uninstalling them. Although some apps such as Adobe allow the installation on two registered devices, theres no point in retaining your account in an old laptop that youll eventually recycle.

To deactivate the Adobe app from your old laptop, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that your old laptop with the Adobe app is connected to the internet.
  • Navigate to Help.
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    Ready To Give Computers Now

    We can help you to save money on your e-waste management costs. We offer a free data destruction service as standard to all our donors, providing a cost effective solution whilst achieving compliance with all local and international data security, environmental and industry regulations.

    We can offer a free collection service UK-wide for large volume donations. Although please note that for smaller donations a collection would be chargeable. Alternatively, you’re welcome to arrange your own collection and send your equipment with a courier or drop your equipment at our workshop.;

    Yes, we provide social and environmental impact reporting through our donation tracking that can be incorporated into your end of year sustainability report.

    Yes, we are fully compliant with legal obligations under the Environmental Agency regulations, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive, Data Protection , Hazardous Waste and Duty of Care. Process audits are performed to ensure complete compliance.

    Yes. We have over 10 years of expertise in IT asset management, including data destruction, computer refurbishment, reuse, and recycling and can meet any of your specific requirements. Please contact us with any queries and to donate PCs from your company today.

    Recondition The Laptop Yourself

    The other alternative is to recondition the laptop yourself and give it to a family that you know are in need of equipment for home schooling.;

    If youre going down this route, youve got an old Windows laptop and youre reasonably tech savvy, Id recommend installing Neverwares CloudReady software.

    This software effectively turns the laptop into a Chromebook. That means the new owner wont be bogged down with Windows updates, wont have to worry about security software, and has a lightweight operating system that should allow their kids to do the vast majority of their online homework. The only potential problem could be installing apps, such as Microsoft Teams, which isnt supported by CloudReady although kids should be able to use the browser-based version of the apps.

    If the receiving family definitely want Windows, make sure to fully reset the PC before donating, following Microsofts instructions here.

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    Established Sources Of Donated Tech

    Of course there are plenty of charities and organisations that have accepted donated tech products for years in order to refurbish them and distribute them to other charities or individuals. In general it is far better to use a specialist service like these rather than dropping off donated used technology products to schools which are not qualified to store, process and handle them.;

    Keep those unwanted tech donations coming thanks to everyone for a great response.

    Erica Purvis

    Other sources include:

    • Charity Digital Exchange part of the TechSoup global initiative, they offer software and some hardware to charities, and have helped 32,000 charities in this way since 2001.
    • In Kind Direct accepts donated goods from companies and delivers them to charities that need them. It covers all kinds of products, and sometimes this can include technology products.

    Wondering What To Do With Your Old Computer

    Things you can make from old, dead laptops

    Has your household got old computers or laptops lying around at home that could be put to good use? Why not consider donating it and we’ll do the rest for you!

    When you donate you are reducing demand for raw materials and doing your bit for the planet by reducing C02 emissions.

    What’s more your old computer will be safely and securely refurbished and then passed on to help support charities across the UK.

    You’ll be making a real difference to those that need it most and making a positive contribution and impact to people’s lives.

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    Schools Fundraising For Digital Equipment

    We’ve launched a GoFund me campaign to tackle the #digitaldivide, alleviate #digitalpoverty and provide ALL students with #onlinelearning during #schoolclosures. If you can help with any small amount, it will be gratefully received. You can donate here:

    Cotham School

    Some schools and their PTA have set up fundraising campaigns specifically to fund technology donations for all their pupils.

    Some, like Cotham School, have experienced not only financial donations but donations of new equipment:;

    One of our most touching donations today from a member of the public who anonymously dropped off a brand-new laptop with this powerful message for one lucky recipient. It did bring a tear to the eye of some of our staff!#digitalpoverty#onlinelearning#digitaldivide#inspiring

    Cotham School

    How To Donate Your Old Laptop Computer

    | Nov 27, 2015 4:11 PM

    Youve decided to donate your old laptop computer. Perhaps you’ll be getting a new machine as a gift or will soon be making a purchase. Or, you simply want to help out those in need. Either way, that’s great!

    Question is, how do you go about doing so?

    Ill admit, I have at least a couple of old laptops sitting in the back closet of a spare bedroom.

    I never knew what to do with themI felt bad recycling them because I knew in my gut they could probably be put to good use if someone was able to diagnose and fix the issues I was experiencing.

    And, think about how extending a computer’s lifespan increases the return on the environmental cost .

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    How To Donate Your Computer To Charity

    The fast pace of computer innovation has provided us with more powerful systems at lower prices. This leaves many of us with a dilemma. Every time we upgrade one of our computers to gain more speed, more storage or more bells and whistles, we’re left with an older computer that no longer meets our needs.

    For most of us, the easiest thing to do is to put the old computer system in a closet, the basement or some other out-of-sight, out-of-mind location. There are, however, better solutions, particularly if the computer in question is still operable and less than five years old.

    The worst choice you can make is to put the computer in the trash. Landfills are no place for the harmful chemicals, including lead, cadmium, beryllium and mercury, found in virtually all digital equipment. With many other solutions available, there’s no reason to simply throw an old computer away.

    You might find someone else to whom you can give your old computer. Nonprofit organizations are good choices, mainly because they often have to use their funding for priorities other than purchasing new technology. But that’s where the five-year limit comes in.

    Generally speaking, if your computer is more than five years old, or in the case of a Windows system, has a pre-Pentium processor, it’s unlikely most charities can make use of it. It’s difficult to find software for these systems and, given the number of computers being donated, many charities no longer need to accept slower machines.

    How To Donate Laptops For Home Learning Amid Covid19 Lockdown

    Where Can I Sell My Laptop? Online For Better Deals

    Howard Lake| 12 January 2021 | News

    Ten months after the first national lockdown, with schools across England once again closed due to the pandemic, it is clear that many students still do not have access to a computer, laptop or data. Here are some of the initiatives that have been launched, or re-launched, to tackle this as a matter of urgency.

    The lack of access to digital technology for all pupils is demonstrating existing inequalities in households. Now that the government has agreed that children in England without access to sufficient technology at home may now attend school, school numbers have gone up in many places, and these children and their families face the further disadvantage of being exposed to coronavirus in a way in which more affluent families are not.

    One point to make early on: please do not turn up to a school to drop off donated technology. Apart from COVID-19 safety issues, they will not be set up to accept, handle, store, refurbish and distribute technology equipment. You should use some of the services featured here.;

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    Where Are We Based

    Our workshop is at Unit 7C, Pentland Industrial Estate, Loanhead, EH20 9QH.

    Sending equipment: If you would like to send us your equipment, please first;give us details of your donation using the form below and follow our instructions as to how best send; your donation to our workshop.;

    Local drop-off: donations can be dropped-off only by prior arrangement.;Drop-off times are typically Monday-Friday 10:00am-4:30pm.;Please use the donation form below so we can contact you to confirm a drop-off time.;

    Donate Your Old Computer Equipment

    Donating old computers is a great way to support a nonprofit organization in your community. It’s also an environmentally responsible alternative to sending electronic equipment that you no longer have a use for to a landfill. There are also financial benefits, since donations of equipment to recognized 501 nonprofit organizations are tax deductible. Remember when you donate your computers to make sure that you have cleared all of your private information and data from the hard drives. Many organizations offer to do this for you as well, so it’s important to ask before you finalize your donation.

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    Send It To A Reuse Scheme

    There are loads of different computer reuse schemes across the UK where you can donate old equipment. These organisations are set up to securely wipe and recondition hardware before donating it to local people in need, which is a much better option than simply dropping it off at a local school, for example.;

    The Restart Project has a list of local schemes on its website. Its by no means exhaustive and largely focused on major cities, but its a good starting point.;

    Theres another list at the IT For Charities site, which includes both reuse and recycling schemes.

    If you cant find one local to you on the lists, try typing the name of your town and city into Google along with the term computer reuse scheme and see what pops up. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of these schemes running across the UK.;

    Clean And Reset Your Hard Drive

    How to Recycle Your Computer

    Cleaning/wiping all your data isnt just dragging them to the Recycle Bin or Trash. Before recycling your old laptop, make sure you have completely erased or wiped off all its hard drive permanently. To make sure that no sensitive data can be compromised by thieves, here are some of the recommendations:

    • Erase All Files

    As mentioned, deleting them from the Trash or Recycle Bin isnt enough. Your files are deleted from the structure. However, they can still be retrieved from the hard drive until they are entirely wiped off.

    • Uninstall and Unlink All Apps

    Most apps automatically sync with cloud storage platforms. It is a great advantage in theres something unexpected happens to your laptop. However, you cant retain these apps from your computer, especially if it connects to your account.

    • Clear Browser Cache/History

    Its not just about your browser history. Most of us automatically save passwords, data, and other credentials on our web browsers to access our online accounts quicker and more conveniently.;

    • Restore To Factory Settings

    Once youve completed the processes, restore your old laptop to its default factory settings. You can also wipe all data using a hard drive disk cleaner, overwriting the deleted files. Some apps will overwrite your old data once, but some programs overwrite multiple times for a more secure cleanup. Alternatively, you can erase the hard disk and current OS and reinstall using the installation disk, if available.

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    Places To Donate Cars

    Before you donate: Make sure to search every inch of the car for receipts or papers marked with any identifying information. Give your car a good cleaning, either by hand or via a car wash.

    Where To Donate Used Cellphones

    As with computers, before donating your cellphone, protect your personal data by backing it up and wiping your phone of all contacts, passwords, notes, and content settings.

    Sign out of all accounts, such as Google and iCloud. Then do a factory reset. If youre not sure how, follow Readers Digests instructions.

    Note: If youre donating an iPhone, you must also remove the iCloud account lock before donating. Charitable organizations cant do it for you. Secure the Call has a guide.

    9. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

    The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence ;provides services to survivors of domestic abuse. The charity collects donated cellphones as well as old laptops and video game consoles. Their partner, Cellular Recycler, refurbishes and sells them. A portion of the proceeds goes toward NCADVs programs.

    NCADVs programs and projects support those whove survived domestic abuse as well as the advocates and allies who work on their behalf. Its mission is to change the cultural conditions that lead to domestic violence: patriarchy, privilege, racism, sexism, and classism.

    To donate, package your device for shipping. Then, visit the donation page on the NCADV website. Print the special label for your package and mail it to:

    Cellular Recycler3131 N. 75th St.Boulder, CO 80301

    If youre shipping more than three devices, you qualify for free shipping and can fill out a label to have your donation shipped through FedEx.

    10. Secure the Call

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    Laptop Recycling Improves Peoples Lives One Computer At A Time

    Home » Blog » Laptop Recycling Improves Peoples Lives One Computer at a Time

    Laptop Recycling Improves Peoples Lives One Computer at a Time

    When it comes time to upgrade your laptop, you are probably asking, Where can I recycle old laptops? Its good to think of your plan for the older equipment that you will replace. You have a responsibility to both yourself, and Mother Earth, to ensure that your retired IT assets are disposed of in a secure, and environmentally ethical fashion. Throwing your tired old laptop into the garbage may seem like a quick solution, but to do so puts both the environment, and your personal data security at risk. For those with scruples , there is a smarter solution that is both convenient, and remarkably simple.

    Laptop Recycling is Better for the Environment

    Laptop recycling is a profoundly effective way to help stem the flow of e-waste to Canadian landfills. According to the Brussels-based Bureau of International Recycling, Canada generated 638,300 tonnes of e-scrap electronic and electrical equipment in 2017, and that amount is expected to climb. The BIR estimates that, by 2025, Canada and the U.S. generate a cumulative total of 9.25 million metric tons of e-scrap in that year alone. The impact that these volumes of e-waste will have on our environment is both staggering, and frightening.

    Laptop Recycling Helps Your Community

    Dont Forget About Your Personal Data

    Laptop Recycling with reBOOT Canada

    About reBOOT Canada

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