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Where Can I Get My Laptop Fixed For Cheap

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Get A Complimentary Or Discounted Laptop From World Computer Exchange


The World Computer Exchange aims to provide computers to those who live in developing countries.

If you live in a developing country, then you may be able to get a complimentary or low cost laptop. This organization is designed for youth groups, rather than individuals, below the age of 24. Learn more by visiting the website.

  • Where to apply:

Take Surveys And Use The Cash To Get A Complimentary Laptop

This is such an easy way to get your hands on a laptop without paying a cent for it.

Sign up for a few survey websites, take a few surveys each week, and then use your earnings to get a laptop at no cost!

Heres how to do it

Step 1: Sign up for the following websites

Step 2: Take multiple surveys per week and make $200+ a month

  • At MySurvey, take a few $20 surveys each month and youll make $60.
  • Take two surveys a week at Pinecone Research and earn $3 per survey, and youll make around $24 a month.
  • Do the same at QuickThoughts, which also pays $3 a survey and make $24 a month.
  • You take a few $10 surveys at SurveySavvy each month and earn around $30 a month from the site.
  • Take three surveys a month at Darwins Data, and make $75 a month.

Step 3: Use your earnings to get a laptop

In total, youd make $213 a month, so in a few months, youd have enough cash to buy a laptop. Essentially, you get free money to spend on a laptop.

Whether youre looking for a free dell laptop or one from HP, give this method a try!

Best Laptop Under $500 For 2021

Here are some recommendations and buying advice so you can find the best budget-friendly laptop from Lenovo, Acer and others.

Parts-supply shortages and high demand for cheap Windows and Chrome OS laptops spurred on by the pandemic have made it a bit more challenging to find the best laptop under $500. There are a lot of cheap laptops that are just not worth it, so we urge you to consult our picks to help you sort through the competition and not make rash decisions when you’re shopping. You’ll also find some straightforward buying advice based on our years of testing and review experience to help you understand just what to expect from a laptop priced under $500, as well as what to look for if you want to continue your budget laptop hunt on your own.

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Get A Refurbished Dell Laptop At A Discount From Dell Refurbished

If youre looking to save money on a Dell laptop, then consider buying one from

As the name suggests, Dell Refurbished provides refurbished Dell laptops. Since refurbished computers are much cheaper, this is a good way to get your hands on a laptop from a big brand, but at a much lower cost.

Anyone can buy these computers, so if youre not on a low income and want a cheap laptop, then this is a good place to shop.

Check The Bezel And Damage

Does best buy take broken laptops.

Now after you have removed the external covers, you can easily see the screws. These screws are keeping the screen fix to the laptop. With the help of a magnetic head screwdriver, you can remove these screws easily.

Carefully pull away from the bezel from the screen, now check the crack carefully. If the crack is small, it can easily be fixed. Place any thin object at the crack on the screen and with a little bit of force and moving it up and down the screen, you can get it free. This is an important step for How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It.

Once you observe that the bezel if free, now LCD screen are normally fixed with a metallic frame. Use the screwdriver to remove all the screws that are keeping it fixed. Do not use aggressive force at this stage or it can damage.

Remove all the cables attached to the screen and secure it. The screen should be facedown at the keyboard. If the crack is big and cant be fixed. Then remove the old screen carefully and add the new screen while keeping it towards the keyboard.

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Visit Computers With Causes

You can get a free laptop from non-profit organization Computers with Causes if youre a student or military veteran or have a financial need.

Of course, youll need to meet certain eligibility requirements.

You can visit the website to see if you qualify for a free laptop and to apply for one.

  • Get assistance here:

How Do We Do That

  • We repair everything that can be fixed. The majority of big service centers persuade customers that the laptop is dead and sell them a new one – usually, the one on sale. Others may charge an astronomical price to replace broken parts. We repair the parts to save your money.
  • We wont leave you without your gadget during the repairing time. Many service centers have regulations to follow. Or you have to mail them a device. It takes much time, while a repair can be done the same/next day. Thats what we do. We strive to buy the necessary parts for a repair as fast as possible – overnight if needed. While we are waiting, we can provide you, for instance, a USB keyboard for you to use your laptop.

Continuous development was a part of our mission even when the market wasnt oversaturated. We are already famous for providing computer repair in Morristown and the whole state for more than twenty years. Our extensive expertise and experience make us true professionals. You can read all the reviews from our happy customers since 1999 on Citysearch.

We have seen the development of modern smartphones and computers firsthand and upgraded our skills and technology accordingly. Whether youre looking for an iPhone repair shop or computer repair services Jersey City NJ, we are the right choice!

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Ways To Get A Free Laptop From The Government

by Lauren Bennett – Last Updated January 15, 2020

Ever wondered, how can I get a free laptop from the government?

If so, in this post well show you how all the legit ways you can get a laptop computer for free from the government, whether you need it for school, work, or whatever else.

Nowadays, a computer is pretty much a necessity.

Thankfully, there are many programs in place to help people in such situations. There are even program where the government gives you free money.

If youre struggling to afford one, then you may be able to get a free laptop from the government.

Need Easy Extra $300+/Month for Free?InboxDollarsPanda ResearchDaily Goodie BoxPinecone ResearchKashKickSwagbucks

Lets take a look at how.

Look For Giveaways On Social Media

How To Fix Any Laptop – Screen Doesnt Work, Stays Black, No Display, LCD Stays Off

Sometimes brands and stores have sweepstakes and giveaways, where you can win prizes, like laptops.

Of course, only enter giveaways from legitimate companies.

Follow stores that sell tech items, and tech brands to ensure you dont miss out on any giveaways or sweepstakes. A quick search for #laptop giveaway can also generate results.

Check out for a list of companies you should follow on Twitter to get free stuff and exclusive discounts.

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Our High Standards Of Service

We pride ourselves on offering the highest standards of service together with expert IT skills:-

  • Affordable diagnosis fee . This service is for those who prior to having their laptop fixed, ask us to find out the accurate price of repair. You only pay the $75 if you decide you would rather buy a new laptop and not have your current laptop repaired. This service is only available when done at our Coorparoo workshop in Brisbanes inner south.
  • Approachable, friendly and very knowledgeable staff.
  • No call out fees for residents and businesses within our mobile service area.
  • Expert laptop repairs and solutions, read our customer reviews.

Get A Huge Discount From The Jump On It Program

The Jump On It! Program is part of the On It Foundation, which we mentioned above. So if you arent eligible to receive a complimentary laptop from the On It Foundation, then you may be able to get one from the Jump On It! program.

With this program, you can get a laptop for as low as $99 and you can get one through a layaway plan starting at just $15.

Learn more about this program here.

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Set Up Home Network 1 Desktop 2 Laptops

Kangaroo Flat VIC, Australia

3rd Oct 2021

1 large desktop connected by Ethernet cable to TP-link wireless router, 2 laptops connected wirelessly to router, all 3 are Windows 10 but I can’t get the laptops to connect to the desktop so as to access folders on the desktop. Totally unsure why. I need them to be able to keep documents etc. synched on the desktop which gets backed up regularly.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix My Computer

Fix Up an Old Laptop! : 6 Steps (with Pictures ...

Homeowners pay an average of $145 to repair a computer network.

If you have technical issues with your computer or laptop, separate from the network, you’ll need to check on price with a local computer repair pro. They’ll typically charge per hour to fix laptop or computer problems, plus the cost of parts.

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The Screen Has Dead Pixels

Dead pixels on a laptop screen look like dots that dont change color no matter what they should display. Usually they are stuck fully white, black, red, green, or blue. You can sometimes ignore these screen pimples , but a large group can be super distracting. Use this dead-pixel checker webpage to find a stuck pixel.

This WikiHow guide provides some useful strategies for fixing a dead pixel, including flashing static on the screen via the JScreenFix website or applying slight pressure or heat to the stuck pixel area. If none of these fixes work, you can replace your display with some guides here on iFixit.

Join Reward Sites & Use Your Earnings To Get A Complimentary Laptop

Above, we mentioned how you can use the money you get from survey websites to get free cash to spend on a laptop.

Well, you can also do the same thing with reward websites.

Reward websites, which are also known as get paid to, or GPT websites, pay you to do a whole host of easy tasks, like:

  • Playing games

Step 2: Complete tasks on all three websites and earn $200+ a month

On each of the sites above, make sure that you complete tasks.

As people have reported on Reddit, lets say that you make:

  • $50 a month on TreasureTrooper.
  • $115 a month from Swagbucks.
  • $35 a month from Perk.

In total, youd make $200 a month, meaning that in just a few months, youd have enough to buy yourself a laptop. Again, just as with survey websites, with reward websites, you get free money to spend on a laptop.

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Contact Computers With Causes

Computers with Causes provides refurbished computers at no cost to those with financial need, and to students and returning military veterans. Visit the website to see if youre eligible for a laptop from the organization, and to learn how to apply for a free laptop.

  • Where to apply:

Your Pc Shop: Hardware Software And Everything In Between

Fix Slow Laptop, Speed Up Old Laptop

We are a technology-driven society. Our computers, tablets, software, and accessories propel us through our days. From working to gaming, you need computing equipment to meet your needs no matter where you are. Explore our PC shop to find exactly what you need for maximum productivity and entertainment.

Before you spend your hard earned money here are some critical elements to guide you towards the perfect machine for your needs.

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Build Your Own Computer

If youre in the market for a new desktop computer , you dont have to buy a prebuilt computer. Its surprisingly easy to build your own computer from components you can order online. This is generally cheaper than building a new computer you can get better hardware and choose exactly the hardware you want.

For step-by-step instructions for everything from choosing components to assembling your new machine, check out our guides:

Low Cost Apple Macbook Repair And 90

Customer satisfaction drives a lot of what we do, and we want to be sure you are happy with our Mac repair services. You can count on a high-quality MacBook Pro repairs done quickly, but you can also count on getting the lowest price in town. If you find a lower advertised price on the same Apple MacBook repair, we can match it or beat it. We guarantee it, and back all of our services with a 90-day warranty. We promise fast, affordable, and high-quality repair at uBreakiFix in DC.

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Laptop Screen Man = Expert Laptop Repairs

  • Laptop Screen Man are expert laptop repair technicians
  • Laptop Repair is our specialty with focus on Laptop Screens
  • Repair shops with all tools and repair parts to service the laptop
  • Helpful IT support partner specialising in LCD screens
  • Hardware screen replacement experts
  • Stock, supply and fit all models of laptop LCD LED screens.
  • Glossy, Glare, Matte, Anti-Glare, High shine and Low shine laptop screen panels available
  • We help determine the correct resolution, size, surface and other screen specifications so you get the correct replacement screen for your exact model of laptop
Ready to get your laptop screen repaired?

What are you waiting for? Simply locate the model number, which is should be on the bottom of your laptop.

Put this information in the quote form, and we will get back to you with a written fixed price quotation for the repair of your laptop screen.

How To Service Your Own Computer: 7 Easy Things Computer Repair Places Do

Cheap Tablet Repair

Chris Hoffman is Editor-in-Chief of How-To Geek. He’s written about technology for over a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years. Chris has written for The New York Times, been interviewed as a technology expert on TV stations like Miami’s NBC 6, and had his work covered by news outlets like the BBC. Since 2011, Chris has written over 2,000 articles that have been read nearly one billion times—and that’s just here at How-To Geek. Read more…

Computer repair places like Best Buys Geek Squad do a lot of things that you can easily do yourself. Instead of paying for a pricy malware removal or computer tune-up, you can do it yourself.

This guide wont walk you through identifying a failing component and repairing it by hand. Its focused on the easy stuff although its easy, people pay hundreds of dollars to have it done for them.

Image Credit: Fort Meade on Flickr

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What Are The Trade

As long as you manage your expectations when it comes to options and specs, you can still get quite a bit from a budget laptop model, including good battery life and a reasonably lightweight laptop body.

A bright spot is you don’t have to settle for a traditional clamshell laptop with a fixed display and keyboard. You can also get a convertible laptop , which has a screen that flips around to turn the screen into a tablet, to position it for comfortable streaming or to do a presentation. Keep in mind that all convertibles have a touchscreen, which is a prerequisite for tablet operation, and many support styluses for handwritten and sketched input. Don’t assume a stylus is included, though.

One thing you won’t find at these prices: a MacBook or any other Apple laptop. An iPad will run you more than $500 once you buy the optional keyboard , which is above our budget here. A base-model iPad with an inexpensive Bluetooth keyboard and cheap stand for the iPad might suffice.

Read more: Laptop vs. Chromebook: Which portable computer is best in 2021

You’ll see a lot of cheap laptops listed as coming with Windows 10 S, a stripped-down and locked-down version of the operating system intended for use by schools — it only allows you to install applications from the Windows Store, forces you to use Microsoft’s Edge browser and includes a subset of the administrative tools in Windows 10 Pro. You can upgrade to the full version for free, though.

Computer And Laptop Repairers

As I was looking for a laptop repair near me I could take advantage of it really was hard to pick out who could help. When I searched for something like laptop screen repair in my city, I wasnt sure who I could turn to that could be trusted. The directory website was the best thing for me to work with because it gave me a comprehensive list that I could go through and call each person one at a time to learn more.

One thing I would like to say is that I have a lot of bad luck and need a screen repair done fairly often. Recently I even needed a tablet screen repair for a family member so our home goes through a lot of devices fast! Now, I can just pay for a computer screen repair or one for a tablet that I find on this website instead of paying to get a replacement. Screens are cheaper now than ever, so its not too costly for them to get replaced.

A lot of computer services have a good reputation but there are also those that dont. When I want to learn more about what to expect, I just take a look at this website and make a list of each of the companies that I think would be a good fit for me. Then I call with my computer help query and find a review or two on them to see if they are nice and if they are known for being good at what they are paid to do.

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