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Where Can I Recycle Laptop Batteries

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Why Do Laptop Batteries Have To Be Recycled Properly

How to recycle 18650 laptop batteries

The lithium that is contained in laptop batteries is a reactive element, meaning that, under the wrong conditions, lithium-ion batteries can combust and potentially cause a fire. That being said, these batteries are generally much less toxic than other types of batteries, therefore can be recycled fairly easily, with lots of reputable waste handlers being able to do so.

Its important not to put them in with your general recycling as they may be around flammable materials like cardboard and paper which could ignite if the battery was to catch fire under pressure.

Do Not Throw Batteries In The Trashcan Use A Local Battery Recycle Facility

Batteries are a huge part of our society. You can find them in phones, hand-held video games, cameras, razors, iPads, etc. They have also become a large issue for the environment by their ending up in landfills, and polluting the ground with their toxic chemicals. Batteries are considered toxic waste, and contain heavy metals like mercury, zinc, silver, nickel, lithium, cadmium, and lead. When storing them, make sure they are sorted in a safe, dry place, and certainly out of the reach of children. Plastic containers with lids or zip lock bags are great for storing them until you drop off at a battery recycling center near you.

Preparing Your Batteries For Recycling

Once you find a way to recycle your old batteries, take a few minutes to prep your batteries for safe and convenient recycling.

Prepping single-use batteries for recycling:

  • Place a piece of non-conductive clear tape over the ends to prevent any current transfer. You can also bag each battery individually instead of taping the ends.
  • Store the batteries in a plastic or cardboard container that doesnt conduct electricity in case there is a spark.

Prepping rechargeable batteries for recycling:

  • Remove batteries from their electronics. Dead laptops must be recycled separately from dead laptop batteries. This is not required for small electronics like cellphones or iPods, which can be accepted by most battery recyclers.
  • Cover the terminals with non-conductive tape clear tape.

If you are mailing your batteries to a recycling facility, check for any additional safety steps required for shipping.

Batteries and any other types of waste that could potentially contribute chemicals to the environment should be handled with care, especially when it comes to disposal. If you have other items to get rid of, take a look at the Reuse and Recycle section of our blog for disposal options before tossing them in your dumpster.

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    Other Battery Recycling Programs

    Mobile phone batteries are accepted by MobileMuster including at Officeworks and Woolworths. Find recycling options for mobile phones.

    Computer batteries are accepted in some Battery World stores. They can also be recycled through an accredited recycler of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. Find recycling options for computers.

    Car batteries can be recycled at many garages, transfer stations and waste management centres. Find recycling options for car batteries.

    What Happens To The Batteries When I Recycle Them

    Recycle Your Dead Old Laptop Battery : 6 Steps (with ...

    Batteries that are recycled are processed to recover the plastics and metals, some of which are used to manufacture new batteries.

    Envirostream, Australias first onshore lithium, nickel metal and alkaline battery processor, is able to recover 95% of the materials in the batteries for recycling. Any steel, copper and aluminium recovered is returned to the manufacturing sector for recycling, while the active components of lithium-ion batteries are used to produce a valuable product called mixed metal dust, which is used to produce new lithium-ion batteries.

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    Where To Recycle Or Safely Dispose Batteries

  • Other Solutions
  • The Big Green Box. The Big Green Box is a national program that offers companies, consumers, municipalities, and other generators, a low-cost, easy, and flexible way to recycle batteries and portable electronic devices. Once The Big Green Box is purchased, all shipping, handling, and recycling fees are included. The Big Green Box includes a UN-approved, pre-labeled container, pre-paid shipping to and from the recycling facility, and of course, all recycling fees.
  • Battery Solutions. Battery recycling solutions for businesses, governmental agencies, and consumers.
  • Retriev Technologies Inc. This company recycles most types and sizes of batteries including alkaline, lithium, mercury, NiCd, lead, and others.
  • Kinsbursky Brothers Inc. A U.S. EPA-permitted battery-recycling facility in California.
  • Aqua Metals. This company recycles lead acid batteries via aqua refining.
  • NOTE: CalRecycle provides this list of battery recycling options for informational purposes only. Neither CalRecycle nor the state of California endorses the companies listed or the technologies they employ in recycling batteries.

    Where To Recycle All Sorts Of Batteries

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got a drawer harboring dozens of worn-out batteries that you don’t know what to do with. Today, that confusion ends.

    Here’s all you need to know about recycling batteries and cordless gadgets.

    TL DR – check out this chart.

    There are two main categories of batteries: single-use batteries which are batteries that can only hold one charge before they are useless, and rechargeable batteries which can be charged again and again. Rechargeable batteries are becoming much more common as cellphones, laptops, tablets, and cordless tools become more popular.

    Disposal options vary by battery type, so let’s break them down.

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    How To Dispose Of Rechargeable Batteries

    The types of rechargeable batteries in use include lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, nickel-zinc and small sealed lead batteries. The toxic metals that generate energy in these batteries can be harmful to the environment if discarded improperly.

    Rechargeable 9-volt batteries, AA and AAA batteries and D cells for household use look like alkaline batteries but fit into compatible plug-in chargers. Rechargeable batteries are recycled. Look for the battery recycling seals on rechargeable batteries.

    Tip: Remove batteries from broken cordless phones, smartphones and laptops before you give away, throw away or recycle the device.

    Advantages Of Battery Recycling

    How To Recycle Dead Laptop Batteries, My Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Station

    You should know how to recycle laptop battery to help protect our planet. Doing so will not only make the process of treating harmful materials safer but will also help with the recovery of precious resources.

    Like I said at the start of this blog, companies now use lithium-ion batteries in new laptops. However, the old laptops mostly had nickel-metal hydride or nickel-cadmium batteries. These materials can end up contaminating waterways and land if they end up leaking in some landfill.

    Recycling laptop batteries will help you recover many valuable materials and metals like:

    • Nickel-cadmium
    • Cobalt
    • Steel

    The energy required to make these metals reusable is much less than the energy required to mine them out of the ground.

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    Recycling Is The Right Way To Discard An Old Battery

    • Beloit College
    • Western Governors University
    • Use Call2Recycles locator tool to find a battery recycling center near you.
    • You can dispose of undamaged laptop batteries at a recycling center for free.
    • Putting old laptop batteries in the trash could cause harm to the environment.

    This article outlines how to dispose of or recycle a laptop battery.

    You Can Recycle Your Old Laptops Phones Cameras And Batteries For Free Here’s How

    Don’t throw away your old electronics if you’ve upgraded to new devices this holiday season. Here’s what to do.

    What do you do with your phone when it’s served its purpose? We’ll give you some options.

    Gadgets can pile up over the years — new ones are gifted during the holidays, old ones become obsolete and break. You probably have a drawer full of old batteries and cables, and some old phones, laptops and desktops lying around, which may only be growing larger if you replaced any electronics over the holidays. Perhaps you keep them for nostalgic reasons or because you thought you might be able to use them again.

    Whatever the tech, when it’s finally time to say goodbye, there’s a right way to dispose of your old gadgets — and a lot of wrong ways.

    Learn smart gadget and internet tips and tricks with CNET’s How To newsletter.

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    Why Is It Important To Safely Dispose Of Laptop Batteries

    Safe disposal of old laptop batteries is highly essential to ensure no one gets harmed by the chemicals inside these batteries.

    The lithium in laptop batteries can be reactive and pose a severe fire hazard when there is improper disposal.

    Throwing away laptop batteries in the trash is also not legal in some states and countries as they are considered a serious environmental hazard.

    Consequently, improper disposal of laptop batteries in such states means you have to pay heavy fines and ruin your image as a responsible citizen.

    To save your rapport and money both, it is best to safely dispose of laptop batteries, as stated by law.

    When it comes to disposing of laptop batteries, it is best to look for alternative solutions where laptop battery disposal is less damaging for the environment.

    Whats In Your Battery

    Recycling/Salvaging Lithium Ion (Li

    Whether cylindrical , rectangular or round, household batteries often contain flammable or toxic substances. Although cylindrical and rectangular batteries typically list the chemicals theyre made from, this is rarer on button-shaped varieties.

    And dont forget your glasses of batteries that list their substances, this is typically in very small print.

    Heres our guide to the contents:

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    How To Properly Dispose Of An Old Laptop Battery

    Disposing of old lithium laptop batteries correctly is important. Not only can you suffer legal consequences like fines if you do not dispose of your laptop batteries correctly, but it can also be incredibly detrimental to the environment.

    Once your battery is truly dead and no longer holds charge it is best to dispose of it properly and safely. Most people tend to throw them away with their regular waste, not realising how damaging this can be.

    This is why you should take a little time to understand how to properly dispose of lithium batteries and the implications you may face if your old laptop batteries.

    How To Recycle Old Laptop Battery

    Welcome everybody. In this instructable I will show you how you can recycle old laptop battery pack. If you are using a laptop then after few years of usage the battery performance decreases and a time comes when your battery pack is no longer supplying power. Actually this happened to me. That’s why I thought it would be nice to share what I did to that battery pack.

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    Why Recycle Batteries And Electronics

    You may not know it, but batteries and electronics are full of toxic waste products. When they are in good working order and are simply in use these products arent dangerous. Theyre inside the case of the electronics and are unlikely to come into contact with humans or animals in any harmful way.

    Once they enter a landfill these toxins can start leaching into our soil and water. Some also go to incinerators, which means these toxins enter our our supply. Every time you throw away a battery instead of recycling it you increase the chances of these toxins making their way back into the bodies of you and your loved ones.

    Get In Touch With A Local Recycling Centre

    Recycle your old laptop battery into a Powerbank

    Taking your old laptops to a local computer recycling centre is probably the safest way of recycling lithium-ion batteries. Their staff will know how to recycle laptop battery in a way that is both safe and legal.

    Some facilities might not show interest in picking up old batteries. Therefore, you will have to get in contact with quite a few to find the one that does.

    The task of finding such a facility is not as laborious as one may think. All you have to do is type IT recycling centres near me in Google and all the required information will be at your fingertips.

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    Seal The Ends Of The Laptop Battery

    As discussed earlier, dead or damaged batteries can easily leak if not handled with care.

    Therefore, to avoid any lithium reaction or other accidents, it is best that you seal both ends of the laptop battery with a sturdy masking tape to block all leaks.

    You can also place your laptop battery in a sealed plastic bag to keep it separate and protected from getting in contact with other reactants.

    How Do I Dispose Of A Dead Laptop Battery

    Alternatively, you can drop off used laptop batteries at retailers such as Battery World. Most laptop manufacturers offer take-back programs for computer parts as well. Businesses and organizations can partner with specialist companies like Ecocycle for large-scale recycling, even though these options are primarily for households.

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    Information For Building Managers

    • Place electronics in a visible and accessible area at your buildings regular collection point designated for oversized items.
    • Please avoid setting out items in bad weather unless the collection point is covered.
    • Place large items, such as computer monitors and televisions, on the ground, and small items, such as cell phones, in a clear plastic bag, open cardboard box or open-top reusable bin. The bag/box/bin must not weigh more than 20 kilograms.
    • Electronics will be collected by the truck designated for oversized items.

    How To Dispose Of Household Batteries

    Battery bucket recycling solutions

    Getting Rid of Single-Use Batteries

    Single-use batteries, of any size, are some of the most common household batteries. Single-use batteries can be found throughout the home in a variety of sizes including AA, AAA, 9V, D-cell and others. These are the batteries inside your TV remotes, flashlights, childrens toys and other small electronics. If the battery is not rechargeable, it falls into this category.

    Can single-use batteries be thrown in the trash?

    Yes, single-use batteries are now made of common metals deemed non-hazardous by the federal government and can be disposed of in your regular trash in all states except California, where it is illegal to throw away all types of batteries. Prior to 1996, single-use batteries contained mercury and were treated as hazardous waste. One exception is a button cell battery found in a watch, which is hazardous and should be disposed of like a rechargeable battery.

    Can single-use batteries be recycled?

    Yes, it is possible to recycle single-use batteries, but there is a fee associated with recycling them in most cases.

    Its important to remember that every battery can be recycled, turned into a secondary commodity and have a productive life beyond powering our favorite devices. Melissa Kelley | Director, Marketing Communications at Battery Solutions

    How to recycle single-use batteries:

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    How To Dispose Of Alkaline Batteries

    Alkaline batteries are the AA, AAA, 9 volt and D cells that power remote controls, clocks, flashlights, smoke detectors and wireless consumer devices. Even when the cells no longer run devices, the batteries are still capable of producing electricity. They can be hazardous if discarded improperly. Follow these precautions before throwing them out:

    • Collect used household batteries in a safe container such as a cardboard box or plastic tub.
    • Prevent any fire risk by taping 9-volt battery terminals before tossing.

    Where To Recycle Batteries

    Recycling companies dispose of the components of rechargeable batteries responsibly and properly so the metals and chemicals dont end up in streams and landfills. Here are some options for recycling:

    • The Home Depot Store has partnered with , a nonprofit battery recycling program. Rechargeable batteries can be dropped off in Call2Recycle bins at the store. Any rechargeable battery that weighs up to 11 pounds and is under 300 watt hours is accepted. There is no charge for recycling.
    • Many local solid waste districts host collection events for residents to drop off batteries.
    • Some battery manufacturers and recycling facilities have mail-in programs. Before mailing batteries, be sure to follow postal shipping precautions.
    • Most auto care retailers accept car batteries for recycling.

    Common types of recyclable batteries:

    • Lithium-Ion battery: Commonly used in personal electronics such as smartphones, laptop computers and tablets, and cordless power tools.
    • Nickel Cadmium Batteries: These rechargeable cells are used in power tools, communication devices and devices that require high current draw but are not in constant use.
    • Nickel Metal Hydride battery: Available in AA, AAA, 9 volt and D cells, these rechargeable batteries are used in digital cameras and other devices that drain power quickly.
    • Small Sealed Lead Acid Battery: These rechargeable batteries are used in motor vehicles, lawn mowers, medical devices and telecommunications.

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    Use Recycling Programs Of Manufacturers

    Many laptop manufacturers have their very own recycling programs in place. Both Apple Inc. and IBM offer recycling services. You can carry Mac batteries to any of their closest retail stores and they will take care of them for you.

    IBM runs a mail-in program and it can prove to be a great recycling option for you if you have to dispose of batteries every now and then. For example, if you run an IT company and use many laptops with lithium-ion batteries.

    Charging Of Lithium Cells

    How to Recycle â»ï¸? Li-ion 18650Batteries from old laptop batteries and reuse them ð

    Charging of lithium cells are quite different from all other types of batteries. The charging process has two main stages – constant current and constant voltage . In order to charge a cell in the two stages we need some special types of chargers. The most widely used charger is the Balance charger. The name itself suggests that its balances the charge. What it actually means is it balances the charge of each cell.

    Another widely used charging method is by using TP4056 modules. These are very much cheap then the balance chargers. you can use any 5V supply to charge the cells. But the main problem is you can charge only one cell at a time or you may connect multiple cells in parallel. .

    Well there are many other types of charger available in the market. Finally its upto you which charger to choose. I am going to use Skyrc imax B6 mini charger.

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