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Where Can I Repair My Laptop

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Battery Won’t Hold A Charge

How To Fix / Troubleshoot Laptop Computer Key, Keys, or Keyboard Not Working

Symptom: Your notebook runs only a few minutes when unplugged

Solution: Battery replacement

Over their lifespans, lithium-ion batteries can lose the ability to hold a charge. After a few years, some batteries will last only a fraction of the rated runtime. Replacing a battery is relatively simple most pop out from the bottom or back of the laptop.

Many retailers, however, charge hundreds of dollars for a new battery. Sites like batteries.com specialize in discount laptop batteries and can save you money on a brand new battery for your laptop. For example, a Dell Latitude D620 Li-ion battery costs $139 on Dell’s Web site and $83.99 on batteries.com, as of press time.

Laptop Repair Problems Geeks2u Provides Expert Laptop Repairs And Support Services We Can Repair Or Service Your Toshiba Acer Hewlett Packard Ibm Compaq Nec Sony Asus Dell Or Any Other Brand Of Laptop Today

Laptop and notebook computers have evolved at an unbelievable rate over the past 10 years. While businesses have enjoyed the benefits of mobile computing for many years, the increased popularity and affordability of laptops has now seen them become commonplace in the home and school environment.

Whether you require assistance with laptop computer repairs, wireless networking, Internet or print and file sharing, system speed issues, virus/spyware removal or any other issue, Geeks2U technicians have the experience in all aspects of notebook computer technology to get the repair job done pronto.

They can fix any laptop problem with the majority able to be fixed onsite right there at your home or office.

Our laptop repair services include help with any of the following:

  • Software problems

Reset Pc With Windows 10 Recovery Drive Or Installation Media

If your Windows 10 PC is not working correctly and you cant get into the sign-in screen, then you may need to use a Windows 10 repair/recovery disk, drive or installation media to reset the PC.

If your Windows 10 PC cant start and you havent created a recovery drive before, then you can learn how to create a Windows 10 repair/recovery disk/drive first. And then plug in the Windows 10 recovery disk or drive to boot your Windows 10 PC from it.

After you enter into WinRE, you can click Troubleshoot -> Reset this PC to start resetting your Windows 10 PC to repair Windows 10 boot, black/blue screen, or other issues.

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No Solution Worked Try This Bonus Tip

If none of the above methods fixed the “Automatic Repair” issue on your system, you’ll need third-party software to get the job done. Restoro is a dedicated Advanced System Repair tool that’s specifically designed to troubleshoot a wide variety of Windows errors.

Whether your system is stuck in the “Startup Repair” loop or it’s simply causing an occasional booting issue, you can use Restoro to repair your system in different situations.

Fix 1 Extend The System Partition

Can I Repair My Laptop Battery : Shopprice is a largest ...

Windows and some applications require enough space to work correctly. If the system drive on your computer is almost full, you may encounter problems like “Your PC ran into a problem” or Windows stuck at “Preparing Automatic Repair”.

To make more free space for the system and applications, professional partition tool – EaseUS Partition Master can extend the system partition from a bootable disk and rescue the computer from a blue screen of Automatic Repair error:

#1. Create a Bootable Disk on Another Healthy PC

Step 1. To create a bootable disk of EaseUS Partition Master, you should prepare a storage media, like a USB drive, flash drive or a CD/DVD disc. Then, correctly connect the drive to your computer.

Step 2. Launch EaseUS Partition Master, find the “WinPE Creator” feature on the top. Click on it.

Step 3. You can choose the USB or CD/DVD when the drive is available. However, if you do not have a storage device at hand, you can also save the ISO file to a local drive, and later burn it to a storage media. Once made the option, click the “Proceed” button to begin.

When the process finishes, you have successfully created an EaseUS Partition Master WinPE bootable disk. Now, you can manage your hard disks and partitions through the bootable drive whenever the computer fails to boot normally.

#2. Extend System Partition from Bootable Disk

Option 1. Extend System C drive with unallocated space

  • 1. Right-click on the System C: drive and select “Resize/Move”.
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    Fix 10 Troubleshoot Network Problems

    You can troubleshoot your problem with Windows troubleshooter. The troubleshooter will not only detect the problem of your network adapter will also attempt fixes for those problems. Follow these steps to troubleshoot your network adapter driver problem-

    1. Type troubleshoot network in the search box beside the Windows icon and click on Troubleshoot network.

    2. Now, click on Network troubleshooter.

    3. Now, follow on-screen instructions and it will automatically attempt fixes to your problem. When the process is complete click on Close.

    Reboot your computer and check if you can find your network adapter driver on your computer. Your problem should be solved.

    The Following Are Guidelines And Limitations:

    • Price matching is only available for repair services listed on uBreakiFix.com
    • The price in question must be published by a local retailer with a brick and mortar store front within 10 miles of the uBreakiFix location
    • If the device you are seeking to repair is a repair service that uBreakiFix provides as an authorized service provider for an original equipment manufacturer, the local competitor must also be an authorized service provider and use original equipment manufacturer parts to repair the device
    • We reserve the right to verify the price of the identical, in-stock repair components at the retailer location .
    • We do limit quantities to one-per-customer, per repair, per day

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    Now The Question Is How To Check The Graphics Card

    Let me explain here:

    Take out the graphics card and fit it to any other computer and check the screen functionality. If it is working fine at other desktop or laptop computer then this is a sign that your laptop screen is at fault.

    Now you observe the blank screen, check for all the short keys that can be responsible for this. There are few short keys that if pressed can lead to a blank screen.

    Questions To Ask A Repairman


    Before you hand your computer over to a computer repair expert, there are a few questions you need to ask.

    • What are your qualifications and experience? You need to know that the repair person is capable of fixing your issue. You can take a look at locally rated and reviewed computer repair services in your area to find one you can trust.
    • Can you save my files? Even if you never lost access to your photos and documents, the repair person should still make a backup, just in case something goes wrong during the repair process.
    • How much will it cost? It’s important to get an estimate of your final cost up front. You don’t want to be surprised with any hidden fees. You should also ask about a minimum charge, because some computer issues might only take a few minutes to fix.
    • When will it be done? You’ve got to get back to work, so ask for a timeline and hold your repair person to it.

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    Changing Entry Permission To Fix Google Chrome

    Step 1: Right click on Chrome shortcut from desktop, select “Open file location“.

    Step 2: Right-click on Chrome application, select Send toDesktop to create a new shortcut.

    Step 3: Now right click on new Chrome shortcut then choose Properties. In the Google Chrome Properties dialog, go to Security tab and tap on Advanced.

    Step 4: When the “Advanced Security Settings for Google Chrome” window pop up, tap Change button.

    Step 5: Type your username in the box under Enter the object name to select, click on Check NamesOK button.

    Step 6: While you have done the operation above, it will automatically return to the window in step 4. Here you need to click on Effective Access tab and tap on Select a user.

    Step 7: To do the same as step 5, hit the OK button until exit all windows. Thus you have saved all your changed above.

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    Enter Into Windows Recovery Environment

    Normally you have three ways to access the Windows 10 recovery environment.

    1. You can turn your Windows 10 computer on and off three times to enter into the Windows recovery environment.

    You can turn on the PC, when the Windows logo appears on the screen, immediately turn off the computer. Repeat this operation three times.

    When it comes to the third time, the PC should boot into WinRE mode. Windows 10 Automatic Repair will try to diagnose and fix Windows 10 PC booting issues. However, if it fails, you can also press Advanced options to access Advanced Startup options.

    2. The second way to access Windows Re is to click Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery -> Restart now .

    These two ways allow you to repair Windows 10 without CD.

    3. The third way to enter Windows Recovery Environment is to use Windows 10 recovery bootable media like a DVD/USB bootable drive.

    • You can plug-in the Windows installation CD/DVD or USB bootable drive to computer, and start the Windows 10 PC.
    • Next press Esc, Delete, F8, F2 or other required keys to access the BIOS.
    • Then press the right arrow key to select the Boot menu, and press up or down arrow key on the keyboard to choose the DVD or USB flash drive as the boot device, and press + on the keyboard to move the selected boot device on the top of the boot list. Hit Enter to boot the Windows 10 PC.
    • Click Repair your computer to enter into Advanced options, so as to use Startup Repair tool to fix Windows 10 boot issues later.

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    Repairing Your Own Gadgets Can Void The Warranty

    Before getting started in, lets get one thing out of the way. You can open the back of most laptops without voiding your warranty, but that doesnt apply to phones and tablets. And once you start altering or removing things on the inside, youll almost certainly void your warrantyif youre unsure, check the warranty of your specific device for more information.

    Take this example from Apples Mac warranty::

    This Warranty does not apply: to damage caused by service performed by anyone who is not a representative of Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to an Apple Product that has been modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of Apple.

    In theory, if you leave things exactly as you found them, the manufacturer is unlikely to know that youve done anything to your computer, but most warranties makes it clear that modifying things can void your warranty. If its still covered, you probably shouldnt take the risk. Which leads us to our first situation.

    Fix 2 Disable Early Launch Anti


    Another way to get out of the Windows Automatic Repair loop is to disable early launch anti-malware protection. You can do this from Command Prompt with the following steps:

    Step 1. Restart PC and click “Advanced options” on the Automatic Repair blue screen.

    Step 2. Click “Troubleshoot” > “Advanced Options” > “Startup Settings”.

    Your computer will restart then present you with a list of options.

    Step 3. Choose “Disable early launch anti-malware protection”.

    After this, restart your PC and check if you can boot into Windows.

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    Know Your Service Flaps

    Understandably enough, most laptopusers spend all their time looking at the keyboard and the screen.But if you spend a moment looking at the underside of your machine,you’ll find there are maybe half-a-dozen little plastic flaps,secured with one or two screw or slide clips, giving access to thecomponents most likely to go wrong and need replacing. Generally, youcan remove the battery, the hard drive, and add extra memory, and youmay also be able to replace the CPU fanâall without going into theinnards of the machine.

    A few years ago, when I crashed thehard-drive on my nearly new laptop, I took it into a dealer for avery expensive repair, which would have involved unplugging thebroken drive and swapping it for a completely new one and probablytook about a minute. Shortly afterward, I discovered I could havedone the same job myself by removing a couple of screws on the baseof my machine. It would have been easy to look up the part number onGoogle or eBay and order myself a new drive at a fraction the price Iwas charged.

    Take a few moments to look through the manual that came with your machine. Find out what flaps it hasunderneath and what you can easily gain access to and repair.

    Book Your Laptop Computer Repair

    To book your laptop repair and ensure that your machine is back up and running within no time, contact us today. We’ve assisted hundreds of both personal and business laptops and we’re sure that we can help to repair any fault that you may be experiencing.

    • Your inquiry was submitted and will be responded as soon as possible. Thank you.

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    Fix 2 Reset Winsock From Cmd

    If any of the above fixes didnt work out for you, resetting the winsock may help you out.

    1. Open the Command Prompt with administrative rights.

    2. In the Command Prompt window, type or copypaste this command in Command Prompt window and hit Enter.

    netsh winsock reset

    Close Command Prompt window on your computer.

    Reboot your computer to save the changes. After rebooting check if you can discover the missing network adapter again on your computer.

    Fix 2 How To Repair Windows 10 With Sfc /scannow Windows 10

    How to use System Restore to fix your Windows 10 computer

    If your Windows 10 PC has issues during boot or the Windows 10 PC isnt working correctly, there is a chance that some system files may be lost or corrupted.

    As for how to repair Windows 10 using command prompt, one way is to use Windows 10 SFC /Scannow.

    SFC is a Windows built-in command line utility which is designed to help users repair missing or corrupted system files. Check the detailed steps below.

    Case 1: Windows 10 has a good Windows image

    If your Windows 10 PC has a good Windows image, you can directly run SFC command utility to repair common problems that prevent Windows 10 from working smoothly.

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    Recover Data From Automatic Repair Computer With Bootable Data Recovery Software

    Reliable bootable data recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard with bootable media can help you boot up the computer with the “Automatic Repair” loop error from a created bootable disk.

    Then you can scan and recover all data from the “unbootable” or “dead” computer.

    Step 1. Create a bootable disk

    Prepare an empty USB. If you have important data on it, copy the data to another device. When you create a bootable disk, the data on the USB will be erased. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard WinPE Edition will help you create a bootable disk.

    Connect the USB drive to PC, launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard WinPE Edition. Select the USB drive and click “Create” to create a bootable disk.

    Step 2. Boot from the bootable USB

    Connect the bootable disk to PC that won’t boot and change your computer boot sequence in BIOS. For most users, it works well when they restart their computer and press F2 at the same time to enter BIOS. Set to boot the PC from “Removable Devices” or “CD-ROM Drive” beyond Hard Drive. Press “F10” to save and exit.

    Step 3. Recover files/data from a PC/laptop hard drive that won’t boot

    When you boot from the USB, you can run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard from the WinPE bootable disk. Select the drive you want to scan to find all your lost files.

    Remove Laptop Battery And External Covers

    Now that you are sure that it is a laptop screen that is at fault. Turn off the laptop and also remove the battery. You do not want to interfere with the electric circuit of the laptop while fixing this problem. Once the laptop is disconnected from any source of power, you will need to closely monitor the screen.

    Check for any screws that are keeping it attach to the laptop. There are hidden small screws at the four corners of the laptop screen, and they ensure that the screen is fixed properly. Screws on the bezel can be removed easily.

    I recommend using this tool kit when you are doing this procedure. This laptop kit is .

    You will need a sharp object to safely remove the stickers hiding these small screws. You must not lose focus at this point otherwise you can damage the laptop. Carefully remove the cover and place it in a safe place to be used later.

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    Restarting Your Computer To Repair Google Chrome On Windows 10

    Step 1: Restart your computer and make sure all your files have been saved.

    Step 2: If your Google Chrome launches in this way, press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open Task Manager. Click on Details tab and right click on the process of Google Chrome and select End process tree. Launch again after that you have exited every instance of Chrome.

    We Fix All Models Of Dell Laptops Including:

    Repair center of Lenovo has broken my laptop!!!

    Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series 2-in-1

    Dell Inspiron 1764

    Inspiron 1010, 1011, 1012, 1018

    Inspiron 910

    Inspiron 1210

    Inspiron 11 3000 Series 2-in-1

    Inspiron 11 3000

    Inspiron 14 3000 Non-Touch

    Inspiron 15 3000

    Inspiron 15 3000 Series

    Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1

    Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 Laptop

    Inspiron 15 7000 2-in-1

    Inspiron 15 Gaming/Inspiron 15 7000

    Inspiron M101z

    Inspiron 20 3000 All-in-One Desktop

    Inspiron 20 3000 All-in-One

    Inspiron 24 3000 All-in-One

    Inspiron 24 5000 All-in-One

    Inspiron 23 7000 All-in-One Touch Screen Desktop

    Inspiron 24 7000 All-in-One

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